Tuesday, March 31, 2009

He's SEVEN...

DCar is 7 years old.

The kid is a boy...and everyday he gets closer and closer to being a *shudder* man.

My MIL always says, "Oh they are so cute when their young...then they grow up and become a (insert disgusted face here) MAN."

I would smile and nod like I knew what she was talking about...but I couldn't imagine it. Not MY little guy. Not the one that wants me when he's scraped his knee or holds my hand and looks up to me with his ENORMOUS blue eyes and says, "Mom you are SO pretty!"

No...I couldn't wrap my head around him actually growing up.

Well a few weeks ago he turned 7. S-E-V-E-N.

Remember I'm having a hard time with turning 30. He's seven guys. He might as well be doing donut holes in his old pick up truck with is hormonal teenage thrill seeking friends. He seems that old to me.

He completely gets himself off to school. He's responsible enough to come home and do his homework and make sure his room is clean so he can play. No one FORCES him to...he just does it, when I'm not there.

He has an old soul I think. He's chill, he's sensitive, and he's super funny. He throws out witty comments like he's been doing it for a career...

We threw him a party. We asked him if he would like a Mom/Dad Date this year again or a party with his friends. He chose friends...it's all beginning...soon we will be wondering when the last time we saw his face was.

This is his old girlfriend from Kindergarten!

PeePs LOVING that she could come with us! She kept the girl happy during the party! :)

My husband tends to avoid signs like these...or thinks they don't apply to him! :)

And after it was over he said, "Mom and Dad, thanks for my party, you are the GREATEST parents ever!" See how smart he is...he butters us up...he KNOWS already that words like that melt our hearts and gets him whatever he wants.

Today...for the first time since he was 2 years old I heard him SCREAM in pain! I dropped everything and ran outside because I knew from that sound something was wrong. My kid hardly EVER shows pain...he will laugh before he cries.

But today...while roughing around on the trampoline(his friends like to beat each other up, wrestle/grapple, and play WWF) he fell in the hole-with-springs-missing-that-we-need-to-repair-before-some-gets-hurts and rammed his face right into the pole bar with the missing spring and his VAMPIRE tooth speared his lip. IT is a pretty big gaping hole.

After a good cry and a few deep breaths he was calm and almost asleep with the ice pack on his lip.

When he woke up MSM and I informed him that him and his friends won't be allowed to play on the tramp because we can't afford for something like what happened to him happen to his friends...we don't want to get sued.

His eyes opened wide and he said, "My lip will grow back...I don't even feel any pain anymore."

He's definitely growing up. He doesn't even want me to hold him and purr in his ear that everything is okay...he tells ME it is all right. *sigh*

I saved you from viewing the picture...because it's gross...

DCar: I love you big guy. Sorry you got hurt today. You are happy you are older...I am happy for you. But I want you to know that I'll always remember you with your BIG adoring eyes, smiling at me while you squeeze my hand three times, silently telling me you love me. Just don't ever grow out of that!



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Monday, March 30, 2009

You should have been in my pilates class with me yesterday!

You guys so wish you went to Pilates with me yesterday!

Pilates is one of those classes that you have to find your inner Zen.

You sweat...no DOUBT you sweat, but you also try and breathe through the movement so that you can find a relaxing, meditative state...it's not quite as strict as YOGA...but it's suppose to build your core as you breathe and strengthen your muscles.

If you've done it...you know what I mean.

My pilates instructor is one you envy. She has a killer body and she's a NAZI when it comes to making it BURN--she breaks a sweat like the rest of us, but she glows with inner health...you know what I mean, one of THOSE girls.

She is the only pilates instructor I have come upon that talks to us while we suffer!

She will say, "Do you feel it burning yet?" and if we don't answer she just keeps going thinking we aren't hurting...so SOMEONE in the class has to yell, "YES! It burns it hurts I'm SUFFERING!" (it's usually me) to which she will reply, "Then we have 8 more!"

My thing is...I'm in pain right? I can barely BREATHE right?...let alone get out a coherent WHINE or COMPLAIN!

SO when I go to this class...I'm ready to work and I am at my UPMOST maturity level. (Just cause the movement can be kind of funny and dirty if you have one of those minds...so it use to make me giggle, but NOT anymore!)

Except for yesterday. I got in late to class. So I take the back row like a respectful late person would do and arrange my mats.

I join in leg circles with the class.

I'm minding my own business...letting my mind wander...wondering what ZEN even means? Then I spot something that made me chuckle a little...

There was a girl, who let me just say...has more of a pear shaped body, whose spandex pants had slipped down...somehow...and was showing her THONG. Not the ones you wear on your feet either...and it was showing just enough, with dimples all around it, so that the first thing that popped in my head when I saw it was something MountainSport Man said once, "It looks like her butt is eating her underwear".

Now I know that sounds mean...and I'm really not a mean person, but sometimes I can't help what I think.

For some reason...at that moment...in that class...while I was finding my inner Zen...that thought struck me as funny...and I started to laugh. I couldn't stop.

Mind you, other people are trying to drift to WHO KNOWS WHERE to relax and I'm making gulping, hiccuping, breathing sounds trying NOT to laugh...and right when I would get myself under control...I would glance over there and start laughing again.

Soon it was a FULL belly gut laugh.

I tried to play it off that I was in so much pain that I was laughing about it...and PHEW they believed me and just smiled...while tears are streaming down my face and I'm feeling like I'm going to die because I can't breathe from laughing so hard.

So we go into our next move. You begin by lying flat on your back with your arms above your head. Then you slowly and controlled bring your arms and legs in to a tuck position and then unfold keeping your head, arms, shoulders, and feet above the ground contracting your stomach. It HURTS like a mother...and we seem to do it forever!!!

On our second to last tuck I hear a human-whoppee-cushion sound...

Oh! That was TOO much. I began laughing again...All I could think was...

"Hmmmm...that thong must have been good!"

I just wish there would have been someone there to share it with...



P.S. I dish on WHY Facebook has saved my marriage so click Real World Venus vs. Mars!

Video: They are walking towards you, you are walking towards them...

Here's what you get when you mix Shelle, with a nap, and then a late night following a nap because she can't fall asleep because of the blessed NAP!

Video Blog 2 from Shelle Blok on Vimeo.

I honestly want to know what you would do, or what you DO do in that type of situation... because it happens quite often to me and I just want to do the NORMAL or RIGHT thing! :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Especially while you struggle to keep your own...

I know most of you don't wander over here on Sundays. Which is why I like to post something a little more serious and personal. That sounds a little mean...but all I'm saying is that I don't expect much on the weekends...I don't really expect to hear back from ya'll or take time out of your day to rush over to my blog to read what I have done for the day...

Of course I expect that throughout the week though...*this is dripping with sarcasm if you didn't know that*

Since I'm somewhat awkward being serious, I would just rather laugh or find humor in any situation.

But since I'm human, I do have a serious side...

I LOVE quotes. If I could COLLAGE them all over the walls in my house I would.

Since I don't have a home, that is impossible right now.

I love books of quotes, I search the internet for quotes, and I love a quote that puts my feelings into words.

My MIL gave me a Mother's Day gift...I've already opened it even though I KNOW it's not even CLOSE to mother's day.

It's a BOOK full of Mother's quotes.

And I think I found a new life quote for parenting. Because in a few words these two women said exactly how I feel about it...so I thought I would share.

"Motherhood (I think we could change that to PARENTHOOD) brings as much joy as ever, but it still brings boredom, exhaustion, and sorrw too. Nothing else ever will make you as happy or as sad, as proud or as tired, for nothing is quite as hard as helping a person develop his own individuality especially while you struggle to keep your own."--Marguerite Kelly and Elia Parsons

I adore that last part. I find myself all the time LOSING who I am because I am engrossed in my children. Definitely not a BAD thing, but it is funny how you struggle to remember that before kids you HAD a life and that you are your OWN person without your kids defining you. It's hard though because the line is so thin. Because if you think about it, once you have kids, they definitely DO define a little of who you are...and they teach us a lot of qualities that we would otherwise pass up if we didn't have them.

You definitely can't be selfish and ONLY think about yourself if you have kids...okay you can, but I'm not talking about exceptions here. You learn to be patient, you learn to negotiate, you learn you heart has a MAJOR capacity for love...and anger...and heartache.

Well that's it.



Friday, March 27, 2009

Could this get any closer to my REAL life experiences?

OKay...remember this post where I told you that disgusting Bathroom incident...but I had to break it up into two parts? Yea, someone made a video about it...well not MY personal experience...but pretty close right? LOL!

Yea...Purple Diva had this video on her blog...HELLO, did someone read my biography?

Welcome to MY life guys! :)


Venus vs Mars

The Real World Venus vs. Mars has now officially begun. We have some GREAT contributors and are ALREADY full with as many female REGULAR contributors that we can take right now!


We still have some openings left for male contributors...but that is to be EXPECTED, since they are more hesitant to share what may be lethal information about their significant others to a bunch of strangers!!! :) Pansies!

I kid...

..so if you are interested let us know either by email realworldvenusmars@gmail.com or momof2squirts@yahoo.com or blokthoughts@gmail.com or leave me a comment!

We ALWAYS welcome Guest contributors and anonymous posts written by YOU guys, if you would like to write your opinion but don't want to commit to writing on the blog. Just email us your post and we will post it in lieu of you! :)

NOW...tell me how you really feel? Is that video close to what you imagined my life was like? Full of embarrassing bathroom experiences???



Thursday, March 26, 2009

Death Defying, Heart Stopping, Adrenaline Pumping ACTION!

Let me just start by saying...when watching the video BELOW...what part of "you can make fun of my little girl voice BEHIND my back" did you people NOT understand?


I can't hear ya...speak up ya pansies!!!

Okay, you're right, I DON'T really care...its the PRINCIPAL of the matter...if you guys are to be GOOD little followers you are suppose to adhere to EVERYTHING I tell you! :)

Thank you for those of you who lied to my face, LIKE GOOD BLOG FRIENDS WOULD, and told me my voice sounded fine or normal...for you, I will have you endure another video of me soon.

Your. Welcome.

Did I just hear someone whisper that that is punishment not reward?

LOL...love ya guys...honestly, the wit is what keeps me coming back for more abuse!!!

I was surfing along on the internet yesterday and came upon Dadhouse's blog...he's holding a giveaway and all I have to do is write about Spring Fever and hope it fits into ONE of these categories:

  • Spring romance
  • Spring dating
  • Spring fling
  • Spring as a season for renewal
  • Spring break Fortune Cookie Telling (As CRASH would call it...but the rest of the world knows it as, let me spell it out for all my LDS friends, S.E.X.) Since I never even had a one night stand with ANY guy, cause...HELLO...they all came back for more (kissing that is), and I was a virgin when I got married...this category I have NOTHING for. Although there was that ONE time after I was married...NO, I'll spare you the details... *sigh*
Spring Break where I grew up starts around the end of February, beginning of March. In fact, when I was going through High School people would come down to St. George where I lived and, honestly, walk the Boulevard...(the main street in our town). Lame right? But it was HOT and that is why people came down...to get away from the cold.

There were literally HUNDREDS of teenage/college kids making trouble, Pool Hopping, and getting tans. And the BASEBALL tournament would coincidentally land on that same week? So we had HORDS of male testosterone roaming about.

It was a glorious few days...let me just say.

And there is nothing better than a guy who plays baseball. They are all rogues. Or all the ones I met.

I hated to watch baseball...but BOY did I love to watch guys who PLAYED baseball.

Does it surprise you that that was MountainSport Man's sport of choice?

Well I became a seasoned Spring Breaker in St. George. Which just means, I avoided the Boulevard, scratched tanning because it was useless with my skin, but made sure to go Pool Hopping whenever the time arose.

My first year of college, which was the local college in my town, a guy met me. I say he "met me" because he went OUT of his way to introduce himself to me, TWICE, the first time I said "hi" and "nice to meet you" like any good person would.

The second time he caught me right before a slow dance was coming at one of the College Dances. We became INSTANT friends after that. He was funny, charming, and incredibly smart with numbers and writing...and there is just SOMETHING about a guy who can put his mind on paper. He soon became one of my very BEST friends and we were together a lot.

But I'll never forget our first date, SPRING BREAK week. Our first date he, we will call him TREY, introduced me to Cafe Rio and he almost killed me.

To this day...Cafe Rio is one of my FAVORITE mexican restaurants.

Now to the part about almost killing me.

We had just picked up our Cafe Rio. And we were headed to some secluded spot to eat it in peace, so we could talk, because honestly we could talk about anything, and we laughed a lot together...it was kinda fun and a very romantic thought.

Let me preface this by saying...I have a knack for talking to people while they are driving. Like REALLY talking to people...Trey had a knack for looking at people talking to him while he was driving.

We were heading on a street called, BLUFF, and were curving around a slight bend, and at the end of this bend was a red light.

Trey and I were flirting back and forth...because a date wouldn't be worth it if there wasn't a bunch of flirting right? He was looking at me...I was laughing at him.

All of a sudden I had a feeling to look forward. So I did...I looked forward...and we were coming up on a Red light. I looked over at Trey, his mouth was still moving and he was still looking at me, but at that time everything started to go in SLOW MOTION. I looked forward again and saw that the cars waiting to turn left were rolling out to turn LEFT onto BLUFF...meaning they were headed right toward us.

I actually smiled...I specifically remember that, and said, "Trey...red light".

He looked forward, but at first it was like he didn't see...what seemed like MINUTES was actually only a few seconds...and then he realized he was running a red light...he sped up, and then swerved to miss the oncoming traffic.

I SWEAR the car that ALMOST hit us...I could feel the HEAT of the headlights it was so close.

Then...after about a minute of dead silence, as we both waited for our hearts to slow down, I turned to him and said, "That was flattering...you are so IN to me that you almost killed me because you couldn't tear your eyes away from me."

His eyes widened with surprise...and then slowly his face relaxed and we both laughed.

One of the best dates I have EVER been on. Comedy, good conversation, and some death defying, heart stopping, adrenaline pumping ACTION, and I was almost hit be a car. Okay I kid, I was talking about the Almost Accident death defying, heart stopping, adrenaline pumping action.

And for the record...Pool Hopping after eating Cafe Rio and almost dying...is really REALLY fun!!!

Just saying...

Now go over to the RealWorldVenusMars and check it out! We will start posting pretty much daily starting on Friday. We just want everyone to get a feel of what it's all about. Grab the button if you feel so inclined and don't forget to follow!!! OH and let us know if you want to contribute!



Tuesday, March 24, 2009

LIVE: Oh NO! Not another BLOG to add to my blog reader Shelle!

I want you to know...this video took me like an hour and a half!  CRICKEY...I thought it would be easy peasy...but uh...NO it wasn't!

Anyway...here I am...in REAL TIME.

After you stop laughing and making fun...make sure you leave a comment and go check out the links below!

Video Blog 1 from Shelle Blok on Vimeo.

So go check out The Real World Venus vs. Mars and let us know if you would like to be a regular contributor...or send us an email (realworldvenusmars@gmail.com) of stuff you have written that you would like for us to post for you!

Blogging Mama came up with the genius title and we both thought it could be a blog for people to discuss relationship in's and outs, MEN/WOMEN "discussions", and plain problems that you would like advice on!

My hope is that this blog will make you laugh, cry, and think!  Discuss what works and what doesn't...discuss why MEN are so DIFFERENT from us women...(okay, or VICE a VERSA)...

We also would like people to guest post and you can always post Anonymously!

Anyway...the blog post over on
the site tells you in more detail what it's all about. 

And if you feel so inclined, COMMENT and/or FOLLOW us because if you don't do that in less then 10 minutes after reading this post...bad things will happen to you...(Fine, I'm lying, but do you REALLY want to risk it?)

Men welcome, dating singles welcome, and couples welcome. (Women...it is assumed that you are welcome of course!!!)

Relationships are hard to define, but extremely fun to peek into!!! :)

We are open to all suggestions...but be warned, we might ignore them...okay I kid...a little.



Say Hamburger!!!

It's funny...with my first child DCAR...it just seems that he knew how to speak well as soon as he figured out how to talk.

I've stated before how different my two children are.  They endear me each in a different way...and I can honestly say I love them differently.

I love the little personalities that make up who they are...

I feel bad sometimes as a parent because I feel I squash some of their innocence when I expect maybe too much out of them...

But then...you realize that they learn conniving and getting around things at a young age...that even though they look completely innocent of any wrong doing...that they IN FACT do get into trouble and are SMART about it...

They are little geniuses inside small compacted bodies.

In fact, sometimes, they stump me by their sheer GENIUS of getting away with things.

Me: "DCAR why did you color all over this white rocking chair that I use for photography sessions?"

Without missing a beat the boy had concocted a WHOLE story.

Dcar:  "Well I was coloring on it and then accidentally colored off the page...tried to wipe it off...started coloring and accidentally did again..." and on and on and on.


I'm totally off topic here.  That is how I roll.

Tomorrow you are in a for a treat because I've decided I want to start doing a few VIDEO blog posts...so you can see my idiosyncrasies when I talk, so that when I write you might be able to see how I would actually be saying things...you picking up what I'm putting down guys?



Oh well.

What I was trying to say in this WHOLE post is that my daughter has funny ways she says things.  I'm not quite sure if it is bad speech...or her own accent?  But I love it...sorry, I do.
Until tomorrow, when you see me LIVE and IN PERSON!

Question:  Is it okay to go into Abercrombie and Fitch stores to look at the pictures...um...from a photographers point of view :)

Love Shelle

Monday, March 23, 2009

Are you spying on me through my Webcam?

Etiquette Lessons: I had someone suggest I give more etiquette lessons (after I finished laughing and breathing deeply I thought it might be fun)...the person said they learned a lot from the Courtesy Flush, Cell Phones in the Bathroom, and Airplane Seatbelts. (Sarcastic little thing aren't they?)

I would LOVE to tell you ALL that I know...but I want to KNOW what you want me to TEACH you about? Cause believe it or not...I only know about people not knowing the right etiquette when it happens to me personally and then feel like I have a job to let the rest of the world know!

SO...if you are stumped with certain etiquette whether it has to do with Bedroom Etiquette, Bathroom Etiquette, heck ANY ROOM etiquette or just plain WHATEVER you want to know about...leave it in the comment section on any post and make sure you mention Etiquette in it so I know to answer that question...or email it to me if you want to be Anonymous!!! blokthoughts@gmail.com :) Cause I'll understand if you are embarrassed for not following the right Etiquette! lol!


The best part about meeting new people is you never know what to expect!

I love that part!

Which is why I call myself a people person, because some people just don't appreciate the unexpected like I do.

Depending on my mood...sometimes I think I attract the weird.

And I mean that how it sounds...I meet weird people.

Mostly when I travel...

This is one of those times.

Now when I travel by myself, I like to bring a long novel along just in case. That way, I can read it if I want to look like I'm not interested in conversation...

...because there is nothing like getting on a plane and sitting next to a chatter box when you absolutely don't feel like talking, or the persons breath stinks... *shudder*

But sometimes...I like to sit and look like I'm open to conversation, especially if the person I sit next to looks interesting. Whether they are male of female...sometimes I feel like chatting, and I feel I can read body language enough to know if people are up to it or not.

So...I met this guy on the plane.


OHMYGADNESS this guy was a WEIRDO. I'm not being rude as much as I am stating fact. He was a nerd in the most stereotypical way...and...I fell in love with him instantly!

Don't think into this...I "fall in love" with people a lot...not the love I feel for my husband where I want to jump his bones or rip his head off or tell them my deepest darkest secrets...but the kinda love that I just automatically bond and feel comfortable with them, the love I feel for an instant friend!

Well this guy, will call him Harry, was a TALKER! Which was great because I was in one of THOSE moods. So I put my book away.

After we got through the "where are you from" and "what do you do" and "what is your name?" conversation we proceed onto a conversation about computers and web cams...OHMYGOSH I haven't tried to keep in laughter like that for the LONGEST time!:

Harry: "Do you have a webcam?"

Me: "Yea...they came with both of my computers. You know built in or whatever."

Harry: Shocked face of horror..."Do you know people can stalk you through your webcam?"

Me: "No I did not." Eyes wide, and loving that I sat by a crazy!

Harry: "Well, the government uses them to spy on enemies that infiltrate the country...but people can also do it, and I believe people from other WORLDS...those that know how anyway! Blah...blah...blah..."

Me: "Do YOU know how?"

Harry: "Uh...no...I'm still trying to figure it out."

Me: "Then how do you know FOR SURE that this stuff really happens?"

Harry: "I can't tell you that...it's classified." If I had a dollar for everytime a guy used THAT excuse! :)

Me: I smile...then in the most level voice I could I said,"I understand...I won't push you to tell me anything else...but should I be worried? Can I talk to the people on the other side...or is there not any sound, just video?"

Now this is important so pay attention...

Harry: "As far as I know...they have SOUND and VIDEO...it's just another way for the government to be involved in our lives...that's why I don't have a webcam on ANY of my computers."

Then he talked on an on about how we are traced and like robots and all that jazz. Don't be surprised when I tell you I actually have had similar conversations with other people like that (not the webcam, but the other stuff)...the first one being when I was like 12 and riding home with a friend and her Dad...the guy creeped me out and I was scared to death of being kidnapped by someone in the government for years.


I took what Harry said to heart.

I now make sure that every once in a while I walk by my WebCam nekked showing off my after child birth body, so that I scare the stalkers, aliens, or govenment workers away!

I don't want them hanging around in MY webcam ya know?

And I think I've been successful!

So tell me...are YOU a people person? And do you believe Harry? And remember...if you have anthing you want to know about Etiquette...please, don't hesitate to ask me...



Cottage Chic Cooking Apron Tutorial

Cottage Chic Cooking Apron Tutorial

I honestly have to have one of these! :) Go check them out!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

10 things I learned IN the Okanagan Valley, Canada--Long post but LOTS of pictures!

10 things I learned in the Okanagan Valley, Canada...

I know most of you come to my blog to educate yourself. So I like to make sure that once in a while I relate to you my knowledge of life...and the things I learn from it.

In this case...Canada.

Get your pens and pencils and paper out because you will want to remember this stuff.

1. I learned that Canadian apples TASTE like American apples. Being my third time in Canada...I was determined to find out which country hosted the better apple...and I'll be darned, they tasted the same. (Except they don't sale the WASHINGTON apples in Canada where I was at, that I LOVE so much from COSTCO, and they are my FAVORITE. But I can't honestly say they are BETTER.)

2. Deer eat in your back yard...and when you go to the park around the corner of your house...carry BEAR spray...just in case you come upon a bear. Bear spray say WHAT?

My BIL and SIL punished asked to take a WALK up this mountain...like a honest to goodness mountain..."Oh it's just a short walk up this hill and you can see the lakes in the Okanagan Valley...our little 4 year old daughter did it...you can do it and you'll LOVE the view"
The ONLY thing they were correct on...I loved the view--next time, I'm renting a scooter to take me up there!

That...OR...I'm kicking my daughter out of the stroller! Heck she's younger, she doesn't need to be pushed like an invalid on a UPMOUNTAIN not UPHILL climb...that should be reserved for MOMMIES!

3. Canadians like to kiss also. Who knew?

4. Red heads are worshiped in Canada. So my little niece is treated like a princess wherever she goes...and my BIL thinks he's KING of the WORLD...not because he's worshiped for being a red head...but because that is JUST HOW MY HUSBANDS FAMILY was raised! Just saying!

5. Ice Skating in Canada on Sunday is like FAMILY HOME EVENING on Monday's in the states. Loved that!!! :) (Okay, that might just be my BIL and SIL trying to appease a certain someone's who are visiting and only have a limited time to visit and wants to try ice skating on a frozen pond...maybe that had a little bit to do with it?)

6. Rated R movies...are NC-17 rated in Canada. Or so my BIL tells me, I have yet to be convinced!!! :)

7. LULU Lemon...is the THING in workout wear in BC Canada. You don't have a LuLu Lemon, you might as well NOT show up to the gym. HOW EMBARRASSING. So I brought the trend to Utah...

I bought a head band.

So THERE...I am IN on the IN before the IN is even HERE! Take THAT! You fashion chauvinists!!!

8. There is a Diet out there for IDIOTS.

I'm an idiot!

So glad I went to Canada to find THAT out!

My BIL looks like he's in high school again..it's funny and I'm jealous! :) My SIL is skinny when she thinks she is fat...so no surprise that she looked great also!

9. Redheads love DCAR. I learned that in America also with his other girl cousin...it's just funny it's the same in Canada! :)

10. In Canada I have a new boyfriend that tells me he loves me...and MountainSport Man...and DCAR...and PeePs...so his love wasn't ONLY for me...but he's got to be the NICEST guy I know. Nead Laup everyone...I love him!!! :) Have a postum on me big guy! ;)

10 1/2: I learned that my husband STILL doesn't know my good picture-taking-side in Canada!

Here's my excuse...I was mid sentence talking to my camera explaining what I was videoing...I can't help my genetics people!!!

Well remember THIS post where I begged you for advice on how to get my STUBBORN husband to cut is hair? Well I set an appointment for me to get a color...needed a change...and set an appointment up for him.

Told him about it the day before...and he said, "I'll see if I show up".

Well HE DID IT guys...and let's just say, I tingled all over just looking at him...aaahhh he's SOOO HOT (to me anyway)!

Long Hair...


I think writing stuff on my blog to get my husband to do things I otherwise would have to drag him to do, is working...it's like MAGIC!

Love ya babe...you seriously look SOOOO good!

Did YOU learn anything new? :)



Now go and Check out others at Candid Carrie's F X 4!

Modern Pirate Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Modern Pirate Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

This Girl is by far one of the MOST talented designer/creators I've seen around the blog!

She is amazing...if you have a little girl...you MUST check her out!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Typical 3 year old Dance Recital...I LOVE throwing my money away!

Okay...I have a post about what I learned in Canada coming probably later in the day...BUT...I FINALLY figured out how to do video and upload it from my BRAND NEW MAC computer...

So...I had to show you this from December.

It's PeeP's first Dance Recital!

You guys...it's so funny (okay it's probably MORE funny to me because she's MINE...but)...the WHOLE time she just watches everyone because the girl during dance was too occupied looking in the mirror at herself she didn't have TIME to learn a dance...and it shows...

AND She is relishing in the attention the stage brings...she sees her dad filming and shrugs her shoulders like, "Hey...I have KNOW idea what I'm doing here"...and then waves at him and continues to try to follow the dance.

PLUS...her skirt is CLINGING to her Leotard...lol...she is TOTALLY my daughter, poor thing...that stuff ONLY happens to us, I SWEAR!!!

THen at the end...NOBODY remembers what they are suppose to do...so one of the girls brings it upon herself to do her OWN thing...

Oh...it's like watching my money throw itself into a shredder...

Priceless right?

PeePs First Dance Recital from Shelle Blok on Vimeo.

Monday, March 16, 2009

To the Lady who Fluffed in my Face

Dear Lady Who Fluffed in my Face--

I was a little creeped out anyway when you were right next to me as I was getting all of our stuff on the security belt.

Then standing so close to me as I was waiting to go through the security gate that I could feel your breath on my neck.

But while I was getting all of my stuff back on and tucked in and laced up...did you HAVE to crowd me then?

And then...THEN...when I bent down to put my shoes on...did you HAVE to wait and FLUFF just at that exact moment? It wasn't even a silent fluff...

OH.MY.GASH....it was HORRIBLE. In fact I coughed because it was like getting slapped in the face with the most horrible rotten-egg-smell EVER to whaft through and up my nose!!!

I looked up at you SURPRISED...

But ALL you did was look the complete innocent to the crime I FULL on knew you committed.

I lost it when my son, DCAR,said, "EEEWWWW!!! What is that smell Mom?"

I didn't even feel bad when I laughed and laughed and laughed...you know, when you HAVE to laugh but your not suppose to, so it makes NOT laughing even HARDER??? Like in Church?

Yea...well, at least I reacted that way...instead of turning around and drop kicking you for making me smell you!

I mean...

It wasn't ME crowding your space...YOU were crowding mine!

Forgive me if it took a minute to get Me, my boy, AND my daughter all undressed to go through security and then RE-dressed after we got through security!

And now that I think about it...so HELP me if you fluffed by my face on PURPOSE!

I just hope...what GOES around...comes AROUND, in your instance!



Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mormon Myths and Reality...so if you have a few minutes...

Found this video while searching through Facebook... someone else had posted it!

I love how it uncovers the myths that so many believe about us throughout the world. Traveling makes it more apparent that people REALLY do believe lots of what they hear about us...that is untrue...

There are exceptions to everything...I understand...but this video is great!

The very end of this video is my favorite...President Hinckley states exactly how I feel about my Lord and Savior!

Have a great SUNDAY guys...



Saturday, March 14, 2009

Excuses...Excuses, but here you go NOW!

So here's my excuse...

I know I promised you one silly picture a day.

But we got into our destination later than we wanted...and so...didn't get a picture posted of us being silly wanna-be Canadians...

So here's a few to tide you over for at least a day...or two...

Meet Paul-Old Skool...
Here's Paul in REAL color--He's top of the line SILLY face...right here. You can always count on Paul for an excellent silly/scary face.

This is my BIL and SIL's job. They take care of Paul and get paid for it. Paul's parents are originally from England...both have passed away, so Paul lives now with My Canandian IN-Laws...eh?

If you ask me...they are hooked up with an incredible job. Paul is a dear...and we love to hang around him because you never know what the guy is going to say...it's great!

PeePs had to do her silly face...she hates being left out of anything!

This is my dear Canadian niece...we don't hold that against her...we love her still!!! :) Don't you just LOVE LOVE the color of her hair? I would LOVE to try that color, but with my freckles...I've decided that MIGHT not be a good choice! :)

Oh DCAR...how is it possible that someone so handsome can look so...NOT handsome. Some of the faces he comes up with scares me...lol!

K-guys...since you have helped me so much throughout the past year...I need you guys to help me out...see my husbands hair...


He won't cut it. He says it keeps him warm for the winter...but HONESTLY...it's gettin' scraggly. The guy needs to cut it.

I like him best with a FO Hawk...but my man is stubborn...and when he's using that stubborn force against me...I pretty much don't have a CHANCE of getting my way...

and I want to take family pictures...with out the 70's style feathered long hair!

So any suggestions on how to convince him that MY way is the BEST way?

This is MY BIL and my husbands BLOOD Brother...see the similarities??? Nah...either did I when I met him...but they actually came from the same mother and father...it boggles the mind!

Sorry...I just had to sneak this one in...it's not silly or scary...it's sweet.

Sometimes you just need something sweet to top your day off.


Signing off from Canada...



Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beware you might Scream Out Loud at the end of this post...you've been warned!

I'm high tail'n it outta here for a few days...getting lost outside of the country!!!


Have I ever told you guys how much I LOVE Canada?

Probably not...but I do.

I love going there to visit...and since hubby's brother lives there, it's so fun to go there and hang out and just inhale the culture...and by that I mean marijuana!

See they have this BIG Festival on July first because July first is THEIR fourth of July...so we like to visit Canada on their Independence day because they let people smoke marijuana...that and where my BIL and SIL live there are lakes EVERYWHERE...it's gorgeous!

Don't worry, I don't smoke marijuana...come on guys, I'm totally responsible...I just pretend I have a cold and drink Nyquil...

So maybe I won't be inhaling anything in February besides the BRRRR cold...but we might go tubing and eat at a Greek restaurant...and read everything in the metric system...and feel like we are paying a TON for things, but really we aren't...and say EH? Every 5 minutes...because my Brother and Sister in Law love it...and wear our PROUD to BE an American shirts, pants, beanies, scarves, and earrings...

And they love when we come to visit because we ransack their house and then leave...it's so FUN!

Thanks GUYS...

Don't worry...Canada gets internet...so I'm going to update this blog with one random silly picture a DAY...if I can swing it!

I've been trying to show you video because I have some funny videos...but I can't figure out how to download the video that is on my MAC computer to YOUTUBE or VIMEO, it's not recognizing the file, but I swear it is a .mov file? ...once I figure that out it's ON!!! You guys will be able to view us in REAL time...

Bet ya can't wait for that?

So what are you going to do for Spring Break?

My family DID have some fun with PhotoBooth on the Mac computer...so here's ONE for the Road!!!
Okay...I lied...here's ANOTHER one for the road...

bbbwwwaaahhhhaaaa!!! Wasn't that scary? Did you SOL (Scream Out Loud)...because even though I was present for this picture...I scream everytime I see it...

It kinda reminds me of someone I know...it creeps me out! And I LOVE it! :)



Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Do YOU still like to kiss?

Something is WHACKED out with Blogger! I did this great post yesterday...trying to make up for my HORRIBLE person...and it didn't update in Google Reader until like midnight and I wrote the post earlier in the morning that day?

Something is against me!

Oh well...

On to MY favorite topic...KISSING!!!
I know this is a weird subject to be bringing up right now…or ever

But I am anyway! :)

I like to reminisce my kisses…because...
I LOVE kissing. Now do you see the importance of this topic?

I started late with the art of kissing…but I consider myself a fast learner, and never had a complaint…

Okay...maybe the first person that kissed me might have complained? But I didn't KNOW what I was doing, so that doesn't count…but I was taught well and used those abilities to enjoy what I feel is the BEST form of exercise for your mouth...which is an important muscle to exercise...

you KNOW you burn 26 calories per kiss? Nice...

There's definitely an art to it right? I love what
THIS article says about kissing.

I mean…a REALLY good kiss, to me, can be JUST as intimate as anything else that goes on AFTER a kiss…in the HOLY bonds of matrimony that is :)

I mean…I only had ONE person whom I didn't want to kiss more than the first time we kissed…and that is because he sucked all of my breath out in ONE kiss…and not because I was breathless in a good way, but I was breathless in a I'M GOING TO DIE way…
ya know what I mean?

And then there was this guy with GIRL fingers…and since
I’m not into GIRL on GIRL that WEIRDED me out. Anytime he touched me I was aware of it…he liked to hold onto my wrists and elbows when we kiss, and I would get creeped out because it felt like a girl was touching me.

But his KISS was Marvelous! He always started his kisses out soft…barely toucing my lips…then he would kiss again with more determination ending it with a little tug of my bottom lip with his teeth (If you have NEVER had someone do that to you while you kiss them, you should, it's amazing! Gives me the chills and BUTTEREFLIES just THINKING about it!). As long as his girl hands didn't creep up to my face, I was good…he would even make me FORGET his girly finger touch


Then there was JIMBO, that is not even REMOTELY close to his name, but JIMBO was a really GOOD friend with benefits!

He was one of those guys that I would NEVER had been interested in as a boyfriend, but we were really good hang out buddies and then one day he just KISSED me…and I was like WHOA…STOP THE TRAIN…the guy was an INCREDIBLE kisser.

I was evil when I think back on it…
because I made sure I laid down the rules. I told him straight out that ALL we would ever be is friends because I wasn't interested in anything more than that, and I was saying that as I was breathless in a good way from his kiss and our very first kiss together. He said he didn't mind that…in fact, he said something like, "I can work with that…"

Either way…we kissed…
a lot. And I probably initiated more than he did…who knows…all I remember is just loving every second of it. In fact, he was my first and only BACK SEAT make-out while our two friends we were doubling with were in the front seat! LOL! Totally embarrassing…and they still give me crap about that. It's okay…it was totally worth it.

Okay…I won't BORE you with each guy I kissed and rating each one of them…but I must say...

...when I combined be completely attracted to the guy in mind
AND body…then having our first kiss…THAT combination is explosive! THAT experience I only had with my husband!

Sure I kissed other very attractive men…but their personalites wouldn't be up to par. Or their personalities were DYNAMITE but they weren't that attractive.

But my husband, for me, had BOTH.

One day I'll tell you about it,
in detail, because I LOVE remembering.

But for now…how do or did YOU feel about kissing? I still have friends who tell me they could do without it…
and I'm SHOCKED…there is NO WAY I could do without it.

Not even after being married for 9 years. I am still trying out new tricks when we kiss…and it's necessary to kiss longer than a second…a lot of people just peck each other now and then…but I'm telling you, try to kiss your significant other LONGER than a second and don't allow it to be CHASTE…

KISS them like you mean it!!! Carry breath mints or gum around. Kissing should be fun.

who's boringwho doesn't like to kiss?

I kid…I'll only be horrified
BEHIND your back…but you can tell me…I'm a good listener.



P.S. I got all these images off of Google Images searching "kissing"...just so you know!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm a terrible, horrible, person!

Winner of the BOOK Giveaway Tower of Strength was Loralee and the Gang! she wrote: "Wow- I am honored to be the first to comment and to enter the book giveaway! I need a book that is caramel-popcorn worthy! (When I was a child, my grandma would make us a GARBAGE BAG full of it for a Christmas treat for the family - and I would spend all of Christmas break reading really great books and eating her yummy popcorn!) :~D"--

I read between the lines...what she is saying is, if Annette wrote a book about ME, she would have her Grandma make her caramel popcorn and she would READ my book and then be my BIGGEST FAN! Thanks Loralee!

First commenter won this time! That like NEVER happens right?

I told you guys I would never use that Random Integer thing...but I did, so I lied, and I'm not sorry about it...even if that makes me terrible and horrible!
Because it took me like 3.2 seconds to get the random number...

So I realize why people use it...not because they are against ME and the UNIVERSE that holds me...but because they are lazy. L.A.Z.Y! It takes NO time at all to get an answer, no writing on papers people's name, no making video's of who the winner is, no nothing, just a few types of the keys on the computer and there is your winner...it's awesome! :)

So it chose Random number 1...does that mean the Random Integer thing is lazy? Cause it just threw out the first number...1...how anti-climatic! But I'm way happy for Loralee!!! You will love the book! So just email me your address where we can ship it...then viola...you'll get it in the mail!

Love how that works!

I'm a totally, horrible, terrible person...and today I need to rectify that.

I won this giveaway on Lilly's site. Lilly is this incredible, fun, woman who just writes her life out there in the open for all to read. Her husband is battling cancer...and you don't hear on her site a lot of whining and complaining, in fact, I read more of her looking at the bright side of things...

Anyway, she is awesome.

And so a few weeks ago, that's right--you read it right--a FEW weeks ago I get this BIG, I mean BIG box in the mail. And I opened it and it was FILLED with so much stuff!

I honestly felt like I was opening my favorite gift on Christmas...let me just list the ways:

Burberry for MEN and WOMEN, along with a cute bear that came along with it...my daughter has already claimed it for her own--little stealer--AND a circle of heart broach or pin or whatever it's called when you wear it on a sweater.

Ed Hardy--tote bag! K, I need to take a picture of my purse so you know how much I love that kind of stuff!

A clinique make-up bag full of clinique product. A cute Valentine's pen A bunch of valentine-ey note pads--I LOVE notepads...but she didn't know that, makes it all the better!

Two mugs full of candies...ummm yea, don't have to explain why I would like that do I?

And the cutest card with the nicest things to say on them...THANKS!

It was all set in this cute red box...then placed in the BIG box I was talking about!

Thank you LILLY...thanks SOOOOO very much. I enjoy each and every gift!

Lilly is trying to raise money for RELAY 4 LIFE--you guys, SUCH a good CAUSE and she needs help with donations! Her Team name is BELK...so if you can, go over there and DONATE, let's see if we can't help her raise money!

So I'm SORRY I was rude and horrible not to post my sincere thanks when I got the stuff...but I'm trying to redeem myself now!

LILLY...thanks for being my blog friend!

TOMORROW--let's talk about kissing...I feel like it's time for that! :)



Monday, March 9, 2009

Tower of Strength and GIVEAWAY!!!

Most of you already probably KNOW Annette Lyon...she runs around in my same crowd...or THIS crowd...or you might know her from her INCREDIBLE writing talent because she is a published LDS author, just check THIS out and THIS out and MORE!

And she is my FRIEND...blog friend right now, but I fully expect to meet her in Real life also...so I consider her one of my close friends.  I say that mainly because she has this quirky fascination with words (I love how she corrects Mormon missteps, for those of you that don't understand how we SAY things )and grammar, and although I SUCK at grammar, I LOVE words and the dictionary and everything nerdy to go along with that!

Annette gave me the honor of reading her new book that just came out and are in stores now entitled, "Tower of Strength" and giving my honest opinion and review about it!  Then she made the mistake of putting me on her BLOG tour...I'm humbled, but I honestly DON'T FEEL WORTHY!

Here is a video done of the book that has Sher THE Love playing her piano arrangement of "Come Thou Font" in the background...but I love it because it got me really excited to read the book. 

But I have always dreamed of being a BOOK critique if you must know!  So I really am glad that Annette let me preview the book before release so that I might be able to be a part of her FUN blog tour! 

Here is a run down of how a professional might write what the book is about straight from Deseret Book's website so go read it there...

because I'm far from a professional and you're here to hear what I have to say...not some professional right?  

But if I confuse you and cause you distress because I'm NOT a professional...then you can click on that link and get the REAL low down or summary of the book!  K!

I'm going to be honest...that summary is pretty good and sums up nicely what you will get from the book...

But I'm still going to tell you a little of what I got out of it...because when I read a book I get wrapped entirely in it! Which is why, since I was a young girl, reading books has been the one thing in life that has been consistent. It's what I do when I'm happy, sad, or angry! It's my escape!

And before blogging, it was my ONLY escape!

I still read at least three to four books a week...ranging from romance to self-help...

SO you get it right? I LOVE to read.

And Annette's book is about two people, Tabitha and Samuel, who you immediately fall in love with because they are so easily relatable. They are at different points in grieving their loved spouses...but they BOTH rely heavily on their faith in the Gospel as they continue on and find something in EACH other that they need and want.

Tabitha is a single MOM...trying to make it in a time when women didn't have a lot of choices to support themselves, yet Annette finds a way for Tabitha to support herself, although she does have to overcome some challenges along the way, you understand her strength and need as a woman and you can easily see yourself in Tabitha.

I don't want to give too much away, but I LOVE this part and it shows the strength in Annette's writing because I latched on to this paragraph it made me feel something, I just loved it, she writes:

"Life wasn't safe. It wasn't peaceful or predictable or any such nonsense. She had had to be on guard, ready to withstand whatever blows the world had to offer. Allowing herself to feel secure would only erode those walls she had built up to protect herself.
But now...now she wanted those walls to crumble. not entirely--just a chink here and there."

K-I don't want to give away what this leads to...but I totally related to Tabitha's train of thought, her sorrow, her happiness, her as a mother.

Samuel is from London...need I say more? You guys KNOW how I feel about that accent? lol! But his character is everything charming and gentlemanly, in my mind the accent helps all of that, but it was nice to delve into his character...he's not a VAMPIRE, but he has the OLD WORLD charm about him that makes him desirable all the same in my mind.

Her last chapter of the book is Brilliant because if you aren't LDS or even if you are, she explains the history of some of the places she talks about in the book...great added stories and insights.

So to sum it up...it's an EXCELLENT and intriguing book.  It's got a little of everything in it..but MY favorite part is the romance! :)

Here is a little bit about Annette, even when she writes about herself she adds humor, which is why I liked her from the beginning:

Annette Lyon, Utah’s 2007 Best of State medalist for fiction, has been 

writing for most of her life. While she’s found success in freelance 

magazine work and editing, her true passion is fiction. In 1995, she 

graduated cum laude from BYU with a BA in English. Her university 

focus on 19th-century literature proved beneficial years later while 

writing historical temple novels. Her fifth novel, Spires of Stone, was a 

2007 Whitney Award finalist. 

When she’s not writing, Annette enjoys spending time with her 

husband and their four children. She also loves reading, knitting, and 

chocolate—not necessarily in that order. 

Readers may contact her via her website, www.annettelyon.com.

Not only is she a fabulous writer and BLOG friend, she is also allowing me to give ONE OF YOU a FREE copy of this book!!!

***All I'm asking you to do is comment about one thing...how can she include ME in her next NOVEL?

Honestly...I was thinking she needs to write me up as a raving beauty where every man wants me and I'm totally popular yet humble and sweet and my life is full of adventure and riches...yet I'm still humble, and did I mention POPULAR?


I'll randomly choose who gets the book and Giveaway ends tomorrow morning around 9:00am MST.



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