Monday, March 2, 2009

Yes, I DO feel a DECADE older...What the What?

Okay, CRASH let the cat out of the bag and told everyone is was my 30th Birthday on Saturday.

First of all, someone once told me that you know when you are old when you stop wanting to tell people how old you are...


With that reasoning...I feel old.

I don't know how or when I told Crash my age...but I was going to try and let it slide this year...not announce it. Which is SOOOO unlike me if you know me at all! I LOVE letting everyone know that they need to shower me with gifts and make the WHOLE week leading up to my birthday as SPECIAL as possible.

But turning 30...kinda wanted to let it slide. Why this birthday is harder I don't know? I think Crash nailed it on the head though when she said something like you feel a DECADE older even though you are only a YEAR's probably because you go to 2 something, into 3 something! Goes UPHILL, yet DOWNHILL from there. But I still LOVE Crash...and deep down I really really loved all the attention! Thanks!

I think Facebook also likes to tell secrets...because it let people know my birthday also even though I TRIED to figure out how to keep that info private! Someday I tell you why Facebook is from the Angel and the DEVIL.

Anyhow...I'll be my sweet attention grabbing self next year...

I did have one of the BEST birthdays ever...which made the transition MUCH, MUCH easier.

My sisters and Mom--pictured below:

Took me to LA for the DAY, or I took them!!! Wasn't that nice? We were celebrating My birthday, My older sisters birthday, and My Mom's birthday...who selfishly has hers the day AFTER mine...that is NOT enough time to relish in my BIRTHDAY wonderness before she stomps on my parade EVERY year except for a LEAP year...

I know, my life is rough...I take donations.

I am going to do a BIG OL boring picture post and tell you the highlights of that fun trip...going from SKANKY motel to falling asleep before 10:00pm. If that doesn't say OLD I don't know WHAT does!

But I just wanted to mention ONE highlight now...Mariah from MANICMARIAH took time out of her day to come say HI and meet me!!! Guess what is cool about that besides the fact that I DID meet her and her oldest daughter? was that is was HER BIRTHDAY also! We share the same birthday!
And she is as FUN as she writes, and her and her daughter have some of the most gorgeous eyes.

I felt robbed of time with her because I had to continue on with my sisters and NEXT time MARIAH...I'm taking you out and we are going to talk about all our DIRTY secrets...seriously THANKS! (P.S. And next time bring your Grandma...for the LOVE!) :) OH! And did Chris cook a good dinner? And did you get really FATTENING Ice Cream? Because you are way skinny and you need it! :) lol!

I should mention that Alyson also had her birthday on Saturday, (but it's hard because I envy how hot she is)...even though she is my BLOG cousin and we share the same birthday, Crash is my BLOG twin and we DON'T share the same birthday... so figure that one out? Happy Birthday Alyson...who is WAY hotter than me and lives in a WAY cooler place than me...literally...and whom I've become very good friends with. HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT DAY!

More On my birthday in LA...later...LOVE YA'LL and thanks for the HAPPY BIRTHDAY makes a girl feel good about herself ya know?

And P.S.--Evidence from the TWO photos above...but I'm sick of having HOT friends and HOT family if I meet anybody else from other blogs...make sure you have been hit with the UGLY stick

Thanks...I would appreciate that!



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