Monday, June 6, 2011

Is it abnormal that I pay attention to that?

I've been gone.

I know.

It's been an absolute crazy, however long I've been gone, time.

I have posts to write. Things have happened. One of the biggests things is my Brother-in-Law passed away. The one with Lou Gehrigs Disease. I loved him, my husband loved his brother, everyone that knew him loves and misses him, especially his wife and children. He was the epitome of a family man. I have a post to write. And pictures to share.

Speaking of pictures, I've been super busy getting my new website up, which makes me sort of an official photographer because the website is kickin. I haven't quite got it all finished... but it's there. And I have a blog that I will be updating tons and tons with pictures and with just things about my life. I'm not sure if I'm going to just convert to that blog... or make this my thoughts blog and that my picture--heres-my-life blog. It's all up in the air. Right now it's just posts of sessions I've done and how I've felt about them. I'm kinda all excited.

All of this just means I've been working... ALOT. And it's bitter sweet. Because I need this blog as a release, yet sometimes, this blog creates pressure--if you blog, ya know what I'm talking about. So I've kinda made this a not so high priority anymore. But I still read on my reader and keep up to date with ya'll.

I did, however, want my first post back to tell you of a small experience. It's in the bathroom, at work, AGAIN.

I've told you time and time again, that I think going to the bathroom is a colossal waste of time. I hate it. It's boring.

So I hold it until the last possible minute. Well when you are trying to eat Healthy... which is not a consistent thing for me yet, but I work on it everyday of my FREAKING life, you tend to drink more water. The more water you drink, the less bloated you feel (true story), which is an AWESOME feeling... less bloated... so I was on my gotta-drink-80 oz-of-water kick and as you can imagine, when it was time to finally get up and pee, it was TIME. Well I rushed to the bathroom. Jump around getting things unzipped and pulled down. Then I start to pee. And pee. And pee. Then someone walks into the bathroom, gets in their stall, unzips and pulls down and starts peeing also.

I'm still peeing.

They finish.

I'm still peeing.

After they zip and pull everything up, open the stall door, wash their hands, and leave the bathroom.

I FINALLY finish peeing.

It HAD to be a guiness book of world records sort of record!

So question is: Is it abnormal that I even paid attention to that?

Love ya guys,

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