Friday, February 27, 2009

A mom can NEVER brag enough!

This is DCAR my oldest child.

I know its been a while since I have posted about my kids, this kid especially...but I'm going to do that now.

And I always say, "A Mom can NEVER brag enough" can they?

I'm sure there are exceptions, don't rain on my parade all right!

I am HEAD Room Mom for DCAR's class. (I was coerced people...COERCED into being the room Mom...and the fact that NOBODY else signed up for being a parent volunteer probably had something to do with it.) Anyway, that means that I am in charge of a few parties throughout the year. Well TWO to be exact. The Halloween Party and the Valentine's Party.

Back when I went to elementary school we made our very OWN mailboxes!!! I LOVED making my own mailbox.

I would tenderly wrap it in tin foil...cut out cute hearts of pinks and purples and write all sorts of fun love stuff on it...and maybe, "Shelle is going to be the BEST dancer in the WORLD"...ya know, stuff like that!

I wanted DCARs class to have the same we decided to do a valentine exchange and have them bring their own Valentine boxes.

My son and my husband had the job of decorating the shoe box. My Husband wrapped it in these random wrapping papers we had. Then let my son have at it. Let's just son wasn't AS into it as I was.

Here he is passing out his invitations. He spent more time on his Valentines. He wanted to make sure that the girls KNEW that he didn't LOVE them. So he gave neutral valentine's to them.

This was the best part for the kids...going through the LOOT!!! See that girl next to DCAR? She got a BLUE plastic looking gem in her Valentine...and was DCAR found a purple one that another kid had and asked if they would trade with her. Cute huh? I did warn you that this was a BRAGGING post right?
This is the game I had them play. For one minute they are suppose to try and stack SMARTIES...whoever stacks the most wins. We played like 10 rounds of it!

Let's just say, this isn't DCARS best game!!! :)

Okay...just to finish with the bragging post.

I went to Parent/Teacher Conference for DCAR on Monday and the teacher told me this, "DCAR is one of my BEST kids in class. Whenever I pair the kids up I always put DCAR with those kids that are more shy and reserved and alone because DCAR always makes them feel good about themselves."

Honestly guys, my eyes teared up, bad...

So I had to share...I had to brag...I'm a little proud of the kid.

SO now I would like to give ALL of you the opportunity to brag away about whatever you want in my comment box...because I'm feeling in that kind of mood today! Anything you need to brag about?

Have a great weekend!!! And go over to Candid Carrie's to see who else played this week for FRIDAY FOTO FINISH FIESTA!!!



CONGRATS NannyBird for winning February's Don't You Hate It When contest!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

DIRTY LITTLE SECRET TIME...also, don't forget to vote!

Freak! IT was WAY hard for us to choose the TOP two.

First of all, I have a panel so THEY can make the decision...but I get in the emails, "It's your are the ones I can choose" and stuff like that...

COME ON PEOPLE...I have a hard time choosing between soft soap for my kids or the foam stuff...which they love.

So anyway...there were TWO posts that were in EVERY email...EVERY they are my top TWO for this contest...

NANNYBIRD CRAFTS and BINKS! SO GO OVER TO THE POLL ON MY RIGHT HAND SIDE BAR AND VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE!!! (Yes, I'm yelling that in my head when I type it) NO as many times as you want and for whomever you want!

Now...I had two others that tied in the emails for third...and just because I laughed my butt off at them...I'm going to give them BOTH $5.00 Amazon gift cards...not much, but SOMETHIN' for making me laugh, they are:
BLOG IS MY CO-PILOT and APRIL HAMILTON! (Can you guys send me your email please?)

So that means...whoever DOESN'T win out of the TOP two...still gets something...even if it's only a $5.00 gift card to AMAZON! :)

It was cool though...everyone got at least one mention out of the thanks guys for entertaining me yesterday...I totally needed it!

And I stick my tongue out at all you and "spit in your general direction" for not entering...PHOO on YOU!

OKAY it's spill you DIRTY LITTLE SECRET time...and I have added over on my side bar just for today the THEME song for you can get in TELL ALL mode.

It's the non-professional THERAPIST in me that indulges myself in hearing about other people's secrets.

So do you need an avenue to get out your deepest darkest thought...consider yourself in good company. Because I know there are things I think about that I want nobody to know or find out...but it's always good to get it out, it releases pressure and build up from holding it in.

Consider it your Healthy MOJO for the day-Cancel YOGA /PILATES and come over here and divulge for the day...
LOVE SACS are strategically placed around my blog for your comfort.

Feel free to be Anonymous. In fact it's probably better...but of course, do what you want! :)

I want to do this like once a month...because I need it!

Love ya and HAVE FUN getting this stuff off of your chest!



P.S. This is for those of you who didn't read this two days ago! :)

I like to comment via email to some of your feels more personal that way...but some of you are not LINKED up to your in order for me to email you back about something you commented about and you have a blogger account...just go into your
*Then under PRIVACY there is a box next to "Show my email address"-just click on that box. (Make sure and check under IDENTITY that you have an email put in there, any email you want people to have access to)

What it means is that when you make a comment on my blog...I can then click on your comment in my email box and reply back to your email and we can converse!!!

I LOVE talking to you guys on a more one on one basis.

*Make sure to hit SAVE PROFILE and VIOLA! You've done it!!!

Thanks guys!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


***Times up!!! Two finalist will be posted in a few hours and then the poll will be UP for vote!!! THANKS for PLAYING guys!!!


Your walking through your office with a Styrofoam cup to fill up with some quality H2O when you see your boss who sees you and says, "Hello Sunshine!"--(No lie...that's what the guy calls me...I don't know if I should be flattered or scared)...and you trip, stumble over some imaginary thing in the carpet, and drop the cup in the process? Making it look like you went all DOE eyes for the boss and tripped over your feet because he said HI to you?

Totally embarrassing...because I honestly just tripped, on NOTHING, and the cup fell to the floor.

On top of between us were short-walled cubicles...meaning about 8 people saw the WHOLE exchange.

I picked up the cup and said...and I'm being completely honest...I said, "What? I tripped! I promise!"

I'm totally LAME!


Ready to WIN free stuff? YAY for FREE STUFF!!!

This Beautiful 16X20 painting entitled "Free as a Bird" done by the talented Emily from Art-n-Sewl. You need to check out her other stuff on ETSY you will be obsessed!!!

AND a $25.00 gift card from AMAZON!!!

So link UP and enter your post here...then grab a drink, some peanut butter M&M's,and Movie Popcorn and enjoy these cell pics I took of me and my daughter (don't try this at home people, I'm a professional)...

...STAY as long as you want...because EVERYONE is welcomed here at BlokThoughts, we don't discriminate, unless you don't follow bathroom/courtesy flush or airline etiquette OR poo in Target and don't clean it up! But other than that...we except EVERYONE!!! :)




I am having a moment of silence for my LOST followers.


...I hope they are all okay and that there life just got TOO busy to involve my small and humble blog to their high demands.

I hold no grudge. I understand. It's a 'I scratch your back you scratch my back', kinda world...and lets just say I haven't done a lot of scratching lately. I've wanted to. But it's just not my fault. I blame the economy and lost lap top time and no time to go COVERT at the library.

But when I get my new phone...I will scratch all the time...if not first! And when I say scratch I mean comment.

I say this in the name of all holy blogs...Amen or Awomen or Apeople to keep it equal.

OKAY! Now...DON'T YOU HATE IT WHEN contest going on TOMORROW!!!

That's right. So SPREAD the word and get those posts ready because look at what you get to win, IF you win...

Emily from Art-n-Sewl is DONATING this beautiful 16X20 art piece!!! Here are pictures of it!

I'm not going to lie...I WANT THIS SO BAD. But I'm a giver...and I'm going to allow it to be won, instead of going through with the contest and then announcing that I WON anyway...

With this Beautiful art work you will receive a $25.00 gift card from AMAZON...because I feel that I should donate as well...and I love me some AMAZON!

Click here for the rules, examples, and the lowdown of what will go on tomorrow!

Remember a panel of highly qualified funny bloggers, whom I trust, pick the top two entries (posted tomorrow on MR. LINKY) and place them for a vote on Thursday morning...then by Friday Morning we find out who the WINNER is! Easy, fast, and FUN!

Seriously guys...thanks for reading me day in and day out. I love ya


P.S. I like to comment via email to some of your feels more personal that way...but some of you are not LINKED up to your in order for me to email you back about something you commented about and you have a blogger account...just go into your
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I LOVE talking to you guys on a more one on one basis.
*Make sure to hit SAVE PROFILE and VIOLA! You've done it!!!
Thanks guys!

Monday, February 23, 2009

I think I'm taping into my inner testosterone...and I'm scared!

Okay all you boogers...coming out of your lurking corners to comment on my predicament! It was SOOOO good to hear from ya'll...even if you were laughing at me, but honestly it was WITH me...because I'm sure it won't get on the show...especially after ALL the photo's that are turned in...ya know?


I'm a little worried about myself.

I think some kind of testosterone personality is invading my petite womanly personality!

Remember a few weeks ago where I watched the WHOLE Super Bowl...even though I've NEVER done that before?

And what about a few months ago where my husband forced me (in a nice but totally cheat way) to watch UFC with him...there was a like a Marathon of it going on...and I got PULLED in? I didn't tell you about that because I am somewhat ashamed, I mean its not something ladies usually sit around and talk about during tea or anything..really, I can't stop watching IT!!! The BLOOD...the TENSION...the ANGER...the COURAGE...and the HONOR.

I want to be appalled by it, but I just can't. Instead I find myself picking who I want to win...and then taking great satisfaction when that person pounds the other person into submission or by TKO!!! It's crazy!

So not two weeks ago I was surfing channels because there was nothing on and got up into the SPORTS channels and landed on BULL RIDING.


And I was hooked like a hungry FISH!

Right now they are in the Built Ford Tough Series (BFTS) and there are Professional Bull Riders competing to be in the BIG ONE...which I have gathered is in VEGAS...I still know next to nothing...but found that I watch the last hour and a half of it.

Then Saturday lie guys...I spent 3 HOURS watching BULL RIDING!!! 3 HOURS!!! I have NO idea how the points system works...but I do know they need to stay on for 8 seconds to get ANYWHERE...and they don't only have to ride ONCE but a couple of times...

Every time they fell it was like watching someone go through some kind of initiation. EVEN when they reach 8 seconds...they still have to get off a BUCKING bull! What the What?

I'm not going to lie...some of those bull riders are down right NOT cute, but some of them, SOME of them...ARE. So that helps in the watching! Does that make me more feminine now?

And I learned the bulls have their OWN following and groupies...

Now this is where it gets scary. After 3 HOURS of watching Bull Riding...I found myself putting on my DVR to record ANY bull riding when it comes on AND


I want tickets to the FINALS in VEGAS...that's right.

Don't Judge me.

I might even find a baby doll dress to wear with cute boots and tan myself...but the BIG hair is out. I watched Bull Riding 101--here you guys go in case anyone wants to go to VEGAS with me...I want people around me to know what they are talking about and watching! :) I taping into my inner testosterone?

Should I be worried?

How was your weekend?

I'm so sad I missed Kristina P.'s get together, I actually would have been there had I been able to get a hold of my lap top the last few husband has been needing it for if! Annette was there and so was SHERRIE...not to mention Kristina's sad I missed it, never again ladies...NEVER AGAIN!!!



Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where my sister just might have won the WAR...

Okay...a while back I wrote how my sister and I were having a war because she was mad that I put up this picture of her...

Where I think she looks amazing...I mean look at her legs!!! :)

Anyway, she said that she would get me back...I thought she meant on her blog...but OH NO guys...not my devious younger sister...

She went BIG...she thought OUT of the box.

Not 10 minutes ago she called me laughing her head off...

Devious Younger Sister: "Shelle, do you know on the Ellen DeGeneres Show they have that "Bad Paid For Photos" segment?"

Me: "What? No, I don't."

Devious Younger Sister: "Well" laughing where I can barely understand her, "I sent in your soccer photo!"

Me: "There was a soccer photo like mine?"

Devious Younger Sister: "NO! I sent YOUR soccer photo in and if it's good enough or bad enough, she shows it on her show".

Me: Mouthing twitching, "You didn't!"

My sister has out done me...

And if that picture is actually shown on Ellen...then my sister not only laid siege on me, but she Massacred me! How do I top that?

Don't know what photo I'm talking about?, I don't mind sharing that photo with the few of you that come to my blog and I consider my friends...but if that photo makes it on the show...that POPULAR show...

I might just have to hold up the white flag...because I can't beat that...

Okay, I admit, it's funny!

Because I'm lazy today, Friday, Go read some of these other posts I entered this post in at Friday Finish Foto Fiesta and Friday (funny funny)!



Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Communication is KEY!

I think this is a classic case of how my husband and I communicate.

No lie. (Got this in an email).

A man was sitting on the edge of the bed, observing his wife, looking at herself in the mirror. Since her birthday was not far off he asked what she'd like to have for her Birthday.

'I'd like to be six again', she replied, still looking in the

On the morning of her
Birthday, he arose early, made her a nice big bowl of Lucky Charms, and then took her to Six Flags theme park. What a day!

He put he r on every ride in the park; the Death Slide, the Wall of Fear, the Screaming Monster Roller Coaster, everything
there was.

Five hours later they
staggered out of the theme park.
Her head was reeling and her stomach felt upside down.

He then took her to a McDonald's where he ordered her
a Happy Meal with extra fries and a chocolate shake.

Then it was off to a movie, popcorn, a soda pop, and her favorite candy, M&M's. What a fabulous adventure! Finally she wobbled home with her husband and collapsed into bed exhausted. He leaned over his wife with a big smile and lovingly asked, 'Well Dear,
what was it like being six again?'

Her eyes slowly opened and her expression suddenly changed. 'I meant my dress size, you retard!!!!'

The moral of the story:
Even when a man is listening,
he is gonna get it

Getting my degree in Family Science, focusing on Marriage, they pound in you CONSTANTLY that communication is VERY important in a relationship.

In fact, TOP 3...depending on who you ask it may be put first or third, but always in the top 3...along with sex and finances.

To me, you need to communicate about finances in order for them to work...and you need communication to get the most out of itimacy also...right?

So communication is key right? I mean to a healthy, happy relationship.

So if I ask for him to make this birthday a little special this actually acknowledge it, I tell him that POINT BLANK so there is no questions...(because I'm hitting one of those bumps in the road where you look back and say...HOLY COW HOW DID I GET SO OLD)...and I want for ONCE for my birthday to be more than just another day.

I've even given him some GREAT ideas on what would be a perfect celebration of me getting yet ONE YEAR older...I started about a month that he wouldn't have any excuse of NOT being prepared...

And then today he asks me, "Now what are you doing for your birthday?"

Would you say that is bad communication and should I be worried?



Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm going to give someone a stupid sign today...

You know Bill Engvall's comedy line "Here's your sign"...

Here's an example if you don't:

Well sometimes, because I love stand-up comedy, and I love the WHOLE Blue-Comedy Tour men...I throw that phrase out every once in a while..."Where's your sign" or "Here's your sign".

But it only works if I time it right, and also, if they know what they HELK I'm talking about.

So for the sake of those that DIDN'T know what I am going to be talking about in this next story...NOW YOU DO


I had to give someone their STUPID sign today.

There are huge, gray, full of rain clouds roaming around outside today. It FEELS like rain...but because of where I live, you REALLY never know if it is ACTUALLY going to rain.

But it has lately, all week, on and off and on again.

And the BRIGHT blue sky always pokes it's head through those clouds and plays with your brain cells.

That being said.

I walk out of work into the parking lot.

I see a guy, RIGHT NEXT TO MY VAN, getting into his truck and pulling a piece of luggage out to put in the OPEN back of his truck...

Sue me, I'm not sure what they call that...THE TRUCK BED?

Anyhow...He pulls out not ONE, but TWO pieces of luggage and throws them in the back.

Me: You going on a trip today?

Him: Yea...just getting everything ready.

Me: Leaving on the next flight then?

Him: No, my wife gets off in a couple of hours.

Me: "fun" mumbles under my breath, "Here's Your sign!"

The guy was putting luggage into the back of a truck with all the open air and a Chance of rain and then was going to leave it there in the parking lot for a couple of hours while his wife works? Out in the OPEN...

And that's my stupid sign for the day!

Hope you all had a good President's Weekend!



Friday, February 13, 2009

Warm, Fuzzy, and Giddy Feelings...

Is it weird if watching my husband do this:

And This...

Makes me get butterflies and a warm, fuzzy, giddy feelings inside?

Seriously look at his hands...SOOOO Beautiful...You know I had a second date with him just solely on his hands...

Anyway...I hope you all have a GREAT Valentine's Day...and eat ALL the Guilty Foods that you can on me! :)

Join Candid Carrie for Friday Foto Finish Fiesta!



Thursday, February 12, 2009

I really should be a would make MY life easier...

I'm not one to complain...really I'm not.

But the last couple of years I have been forced out of Friendly obligation and co-worker pressure from MY co-workers and MountainSport Man's co-workers (who are all women btw) to watch American Idol.

Usually MSM and I watch some of the auditions and then skip watching until the top 20 or something like that. And then, I'm not gonna lie, we get way caught up in it and our sometimes worse critics then Simon...

This year we decided we were going to watch it all the way through. From beginning until bitter end.

Well I have an opinion! Shocking huh!

I try to keep my Reality TV comments between Me, Myself, and my husband...and then, of course, my Co-Workers...BUT

I'm pissed/mad/discouraged/disgusted/out of my mind perturbed...and my voice and opinion want OUT! Who am I to stop it? Really.

They picked the TOP 36 last night.

I had my top 2 favorites and then the list went down the line. Through what they showed on TV and from what we heard in the auditions during LA...they were both a SHOO in, in my opinion...which is the only opinion that SHOULD matter.

It's two friends that tried out together, of course they are guys (Nothing against the girls...there is just nothing like a guy who has that deep seedy sexy voice when he sings), and one of them Danny Gokey had a tragic experience where is wife passed away...his voice is amazing...scratchy and edgy--yet soft, seriously mesmerizing...

Then there was his friend, Jamal Rogers. Who supported Danny through the WHOLE tragic experience, they are as close as brothers, who also sings as incredible as the other one...I love how he mixed up "Delilah" here:

And yet he didn't make it...

But HE did...

I call him DRAMA guy...kid gots some baggage, I mean he can sing, but between both of them, Jamal and Drama Guy...Jamal should have made it in FOR SURE.


Okay, I'm good...thanks for listening!!! Just want until SO YOU THINK YOU CAN opinion seems to get the best of me!


I want to know who would like to contribute to HOT VENUS MINDS (aka Hot MOM's) site if I put it up. Anyone want to help monitor it and stuff like that? like CO-OWNER or whatever?

Anyway...if you want to contribute...if you have ideas or a better title for us let me know. Email me at or leave a comment, but I like email then I can invite you all proper like!

I think I'm just going to put up a generic blogger template for now...after I get down to the business of who will be contributing and stuff like that.

I think it would be fun to have a bunch of us so we are contributing once a month or so? And then just chatting about it all...there is nothing like finding out that YOU feel and are going through the same thing as SOMEONE else in a relationship whether good, bad, or just plain fun and wicked (but in a good way) :)



Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I was ONLY joking around...

There is NOTHING I like more than something that honestly makes me laugh out loud! It just makes my WHOLE day go a lot smoother...ya know?

So seeing as I got this in an email...I HAD to post it:

A woman came home, screeching her car into the driveway, and ran into the house. She slammed the door and shouted at the top of her lungs, 'Honey, pack your bags. I won the lottery!'

The husband said, 'Oh my GOSH! What should I pack, beach stuff or mountain stuff?'

'Doesn't matter,' she said. 'Just get out.'


Loved it!


In light of that...I should probably save this post for my MAYBE new site I'm working on...but I can't.

Because I have no patience.

So when you are talking with your husband...and he starts making you mad by goading you about something...HELK anything...and keeps at ya until your sweet personality has taken enough and you EXPLODE on him telling him what a body-part-that-rhymes-with-pass he is and he just stares at you and says, "I was only joking around...sweetheart (drips with sarcasm) need to go postal on me!"

Is it OKAY then, for the sake of your sanity, to ACTUALLY go postal on them?

Or is the wife UPTIGHT because she won't just laugh or shrug it off? (Because she knows...SHE KNOWS...that he wasn't joking around, but he saw that he was in trouble so COPED out and used the JUST JOKING excuse?)

Just wondering...Guys feel free to respond...



Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stuff, ideas, and links...and stuff...and ideas...and links...

Yea! My internet is back up! Thank goodness!

And it never found out I cheated on it...because if it had, I'm pretty sure I would be covert again today out of spite from it...

Either way, YEA FOR ME!!!

Okay well I have so many things running through my brain that I don't know where to start so I'll just start. These are upcoming things and things I want to tell you one of those posts.

First of all...I haven't ABANDONED the Don't you Hate It When contest...I just took a break. Thanks Nan for still having faith in it! lol! And even April Showers did a Don't You Hate It when posts, but I don't think she did it in honor of my contest or anything, but it was still a good read!

I am going to do one in a couple of weeks, but I need some more STUFF to give away! I have a few things...which I'm stoked about, but I want people to feel like they are getting a haul from posting something embarrassing...ya know? So if you want to DONATE something to the contest and have me SHOUT your praises, please email me @ would LOVE to hear from you, and so would the contestants!!! :)

If you have never heard of my DON'T YOU HATE IT WHEN contest then...WAKE UP!!! Okay I kid...then read here, and then it has a link for the rules on there also... its great fun, and everyone can do what I do almost EVERY TIME I post...embarrass themselves!!! :) Seriously, how fun is that?

Next on the Agenda is about the HOT MOMS BLOG...I'm pretty sure I'm going to do it, but I'm still looking for someone to design it. Then I'm going to allow so many contributors and we will just have a fun HE said SHE said sort of duel with the HOTDADS blog...which they most likely won't even KNOW about...hahahahaha...OH I LOVE IT!

But it won't ONLY be for that. I think it would be fun to just hear what WOMEN have to say about ALL kinds of stuff that we don't have to HOLD back on because it's a certain rating of blog, like PG or PG-13, and that we don't feel we can talk about on our OWN blogs...but that we can talk about ANYTHING!!! I mean there will be rules, like you still need to be classy when you talk (language and that sort of thing), but I mean more the SUBJECT you talk about it...ANYTHING goes!

I KNOW it could be a great RELEASE for me sometimes. Although, I don't hold TOO much back on this blog...I'll give you that.

So anybody know a great designer that I can pay millions of bucks to to design our great new blog? And when I say millions I mean the FAMILY discount...FREE.

Oh!oh! and I wanted to thank everyone for voting for me for HOTTEST MOMMY BLOGGER of 2009 and that have voted for me so far (You had to make a login and everything to vote...I get the strain on your time, extra hugs)!

A 107 of YOU...minus 100!!!

Thanks so's definitely helping my self-esteem one vote at a time. I mean, before this nomination my self-esteem was in RUINS...cried every night about it I did, but NOW, NOW I can LIVE again...I can walk down the street with my HOTTEST MOMMY BLOGGER badge (homemade by PeePs) and feel like a REAL person again...ya know? (sarcasm is very heavy in this paragraph...but get what you want from it).


Now I just want to end by telling you about a GREAT website that Crash has started, being her cyberspace twin and all it makes me SO's called THE MAGIC QUILT! Talk about a GREAT cause and bawling your eyes out!!! You have to check it neat! I have every intention of sending a fabric and a story...wanted to be first, but I'm somewhat of a procrastinator...and will do it, and hopefully soon, but ya know what I mean...

But honestly ladies and gents...check it out! You won't be sorry!


I've recently been on a HEALTH food kick since that last post about Guilt FOODS!!!

Guess what I had last night...keep in mind I am NOT a fish person...

Sweet Potato's and SHRIMP Kabobs!

Since I proclaim to be an addict to food that is NOT good for me...

You might as well call it MONKEY BRAINS and ELEPHANT TESTICLES...because that is how foreign the stuff is to me.

It wasn't bad though...and my stomach hasn't been protruding OUT all the time like I'm one step away from 3 months pregnant. It's fabulous!

More about that tomorrow...because i want to get some ideas on how to combine good foods together to make some more tastey meals!



Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm going covert...

Okay guys you totally won't believe this but I am covert today...NO LIE!

The internet at my house is on strike. Won't let me on...

So I'm cheating on it. I have to, I don't want you to think my husband did anything wrong or get the wrong impression that we ACTUALLY did anything for our Anniversary besides go to a movie and share a popcorn. So NO, we didn't go on some extravagant trip that my husband showed up at my work and whisked me away to...(That was in my dreams and in the books I read, not REAL life, and NOBODY say different or I'll knock you to the ground, just let me live in my non-romantic REAL life and dream that everybody else lives the same)

The reality was that on THURSDAY, our ANNIVERSARY, we went to a movie and shared a popcorn.

The reason why I haven't blogged is because my INTERNET is down. Sometimes I repeat myself, get use to it.

So you guys *leans in and whispers*

I am totally at the Library writing this post! I've got Grandpa one and Grandpa two on either side of me and Sister LDS Missionaries in front of me...I'm sitting here with my Navy Blue Hoodie up over my head because I'm under the air and it's blowing COLD air...looking like I've got something to hide! It's GREAT!!!

OHMYGOSH and GADNESS how desperate right?

I'm laughing at myself right now... so completely funny.

But the cool things is, I have the time to myself anyway...and the library computers only allow me an HOUR to surf the I'm on a time limit, because if you are a dedicated MOMMY or DADDY blogger such as myself, you know that an hour in BLOG time is literally like 10.2 minutes.

So I really don't have much time. Without further ado...


I'm sorry this is another bathroom story for me...I wanted to hold off on this, but since my internet is on strike and I have little time to post's all I got right now...and I really need to know your's been killing me to hold back, but I thought you might be getting sick of toilet stories and I was going to wait a few more weeks, but here it goes.

Don't you hate it when you walk into a COSTCO public bathroom and all the stall doors are closed, so you have to lean down, LOW, to check to see where the feet are and if they are all full. While you are leaning over, and then over some more, you spot ONE stall left with NO feet...and of course, someone walks in...then you straighten up as quick as you can and rush into the stall so you don't have to look those people in the face.

Of course the person before you didn't flush so you make a disgusted face and flush the toilet...then the toilet seat covers are gone and you have water splash from flushing on the you grab toilet paper...wipe off the toilet seat, grab some MORE toilet paper and precariously lay the toilet paper down on the seat so you feel SAFER from germs and such and then sit down to go to the bathroom...only to find out the stall door doesn't lock because it SUCKS...

Slowly the door starts to you shut it and try to hold it but the TWISTER moves aren't you let go of the door to hurry and pee, when some OLDER lady comes walking in and comes RIGHT to your stall and proceeds to shove the door OPEN!!!


Older lady who doesn't do the check for feet procedure: "OOPS! Sorry...thought that was empty!"

Me: TOTALLY embarrassed and just wishing that I could be done and over with. When she proceeds to say...

Older lady who doesn't do the check for feet procedure: "You should LOCK your stall door dear!"

Me: Is she KIDDING ME!!! Who in their right mind DOESN'T TRY TO LOCK THE STALL DOOR!!! WHAT the FREAKING WHAT? Give me a break already...I held on to this pee until it was stabbing my bladder for release...she thinks I WANT TO BE SITTING THERE in a public bathroom with a won't lock stall door? Or that I just didn't lock because...because...WHO the HELK knows? Holding in my sarcastic nature, I say, "It doesn't lock".

By that time I was finished peeing. I go to wipe...guess who used all but two squares of toilet paper to clean the toilet seat before she sat down?

Yea...that would be me.

So I cleverly scraped that toilet paper off and tried to wipe the most sanitary way I could...did my pants up and got out of there!

No worries...the older lady was already in the stall so I didn't have to see her.

Yea...hate that when that tell me, what in the WORLD do you say to something like that? HONESTLY? Because if it ever happens again I don't know if I could hold my tongue like I did, because I'm pretty sure if there is a next time and I am not prepared I'll come back with some kind of sarcastic remark that is MORE in my nature, but WAY less mature!

Gotta run...



Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Because I got lucky!

(We didn't have enough money for a REAL thing I will always regret...what kind of even AMATEUR photographer gets red eyes???)

For my husbands birthday I wrote this HUGE post about all the things he does for me. (Really good read...)

And honestly...going back and reading it...I cried.

Now though, is a different scenario. It's our Anniversary!

9 FREAKING years people!!! Honestly...I feel should definitely win an award or something? I's not a DECADE yet, but it's the year BEFORE the decade...which counts for something right?

From the favorite thing about him is that to the outside world he seems laid back and an easy going guy...which he is--

But for ME(And close friends and Family)...he will get little boy silly...and do crazy things with me. I LOVE it. I married him because he pretty much made me smile everyday over something.

(Engagement Pic...on of the many, but the only one I could find that was half way decent!!! :)

( These are some more fun pics I found of us...the BEFORE years!!!)

(And the AFTER marriage years!!! or more likely the NOW...because I didn't have enough time to rummage through old totes to find stupid film pics!!!)

All I'm saying is that 9 years and two kids later...I still feel like I'm getting to know him. He's my VERY best friend, my confidant, my lover, my co-conspirator, my happy place, aggravating, stubborn, prideful, and the love of my life for this one and the next.

Here's to a Happy, Sad, Crazy, Fun, stressful, and Emotional, yet incredible 9 year ride...

Gosh I'm glad it never ends!!! :)



Surfing the Sites...

Okay...I've been blog surfing...

Which I haven't done in a REALLY long time. Because I'm happy with finding blogs through comments.

I LOVE witty comments. I use to NEVER read comments, but then decided to, and it's funny when the blog owner comments back to the comments and other people are commenting about other people's comments...kinda like over at Crash's Place. It's one big comment party everytime.

But there is no way to find a better blogger than a witty comment. Honestly.

But I've been blogging around, surfing if you will and came upon some fun and funny and heart wrenching finds. But all have one thing in common...they are COMPLETELY HONEST!!!

I'll just post a few today because I have little time...but

First of all,

I found Roy's Progress, I think because she came over and commented on my site...or she could have commented on someone else's site and caught my attention...either way. I LOVE her complete HONESTY and openess about what is going ON in her life and her husband's.

What a GREAT journal for those that follow in their stead! Honestly. Such a GREAT site AND she give's away and good stuff...I'm captivated and completely happy when things are going good, and my heart turns over on a bad day.

Anyway...I like her.

Then I found this site. Hot Dads.

A guy I follow and think to be an EXCELLENT writer, writes for it, so I naturally surfed my way over there and read some of the posts. It's relatively new...and it's not for the faint of heart.

Talk about CRUDE humor and posts...these guys are all male, married or completely involved, and very OPEN about how they feel. Some swear, they talk about sex, yet they give you a look into the FATHERLY, male psyche. So my PG friends...I'm not telling you to go check it out...because it's probably not for you, and I like to keep my site PG to PG-13 rated...but...I mention this site because...

It brought something to my mind.

Maybe I need to start a HOT MOMS site just to counteract their posts? I mean, I did beg my way into being nominated as HOTTEST MOMMY BLOGGER (that's a subliminal message to vote for me, because I'm WAY to shy to shout it out, but I am on page 6 now of like I'm movin up!!!) I think that gives me apt experience to begin the site...(LOL...okay, I'm kidding). But I do think it would be hilarious, because I'm sick like that, but don't know if THEY would think it was funny...but the more I think about it the MORE I want to...

None of them really read my site so it's not like they would catch on for a while...but it would be funny to read the male perspective and then have a female's perspective counter what they said. The guy that I follow has a He said/She said sort of thing already on his blog...very fun to read.

I don't know. Sort of funny.

Anyway...I can't REALLY tell if any of them are Hot either? Because you can only really judge from their profile pics...and since its WAY tiny (That's what She Said...hehehe) I can't really tell.

Maybe I should ask TAMN??? She would know.

But they have minds and indulge in blogging which makes them blog hot...and they love fatherhood, and you know how I feel about Dad's and their kids.

So anybody want to write for a HOT MOM'S site? lol!

Last but not least is a good Blog Friend of Mine who I found MONTHS ago. She's younger and smarter than me...which you can see from her writing...but she's hilarious and has a sense of humor to BOOT. It's Barbalootsuit! Talk about HONESTY...she is totally open about her dating life. Well if she tells us her experiences anyway! But the girl is WITTY in her posts and WITTY in her comments...I LOVE reading her...

She doesn't write enough in my point of view...but she comments all the time and that is almost better! :)

Okay...sharing what I find.



Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I use to be ignorant...but my husband won't let me.

I blame my crude sense of humor on my husband. Before I met him I was the INNOCENT of innocence...if you catch my drift.

I was appalled when someone talked about anything with naked or sex in it...even though the devil on my shoulder would chuckle, a little, I never let it known.

People would laugh at me because you can't cover up an actual SHOCKED face...I would always get, "Shelle you are SO ignorant or Shelle you are SO niave!"

Which I hated and loved all at the same time. Because in a sense, when people tell you, you are ignorant they mean it in a non-offensive, nice way, but they are essentially telling you that you are stupid. And slap me with a popsicle but I don't particularly like being called stupid.

But I got over it...when I met my husband. He thought it was "cute" that I essentially didn't know what he was talking about when he made a somewhat crude innuendo or joke...and because I thought he was CUTE/SEXY/HOTTER than HADES I took that "cute" as a compliment!

But I WANTED to know what he there was a LOT of explaining on his part...and a lot of "OH! WOW! REALLY?" from me.

Don't get me husbands a good church going guy...but he's human, and well, he's a GUY, ya know?

Anyway, I think this video is funny. It's rated PG-13 if you can see the picture...and PG if you can't...hehehe

Come judging, except for Kristina P., because its one of her resolutions and I don't want to be the failure for ANYBODY'S resolution!

Now THAT video is the perfect example of my UNWORD of the day...TOTALLY Nastola!!!



Monday, February 2, 2009

Back Combing, Big Hair, without a cute southern accent is just not ME!

Okay, the only thing I want to say about The OFFICE is Dwight, knife, dummy, and using it on his face! lol!!! I'm STILL laughing!!! Yuck with Jack Black kissing the old lady...bleh!

Don't You Hate It When you go to a Hair Salon walking in with you hair done how you are use to...but walking out with your hair ratted up like the sixties and wishing you had a southern drawl?

Let me just tell you. I'm not a BIG hair person. It doesn't look good on fact, I've tried it, and when I try and rat my hair to give it some volume...I end up driving around on the SHORT bus...

no lie...

It just doesn't look good on me.

I go and get my hair done because I love getting it washed, feeling it cut and dried, and laying just how it's suppose to.

With my regular hair lady who retired a year ago, I always walked away fromt he salon looking like and feeling like a million dollars...I have been flouncing around desperate to find another one that I trust and love just as much as her.

I found a really cute girl here where I live...but couldn't get in to see her and the highlights of gray by my ears were shouting 911!

So I decided to throw caution to the wind and try another hair dresser, who knows, maybe she would be better than the other one? I have been having problems with my bangs, so maybe the NEW lady would cut them better and they would lay normal?

It wasn't my OTHER hair dresser's bangs are finicky and I feel that they miss my retired hair they are having a rebellious streak where anyone else attempting to cut them is in for it... *shakes head*

So I walk into the hair salon, with the NEW hair dresser, and things are going nicely. The 6 degrees of separation play a hand in our conversation and it turns out I taught her daughter a dance piece in high school a few years ago and her daughter is also marrying a guy that I grew up with.

We picked a color...goes GREAT with my eyes BTW...and she cut my hair...did a fabulous job.

Then it came to the styling part of it all. The part I cringe and hope that I walk out feeling like a model and not like an alien.

But such wasn't my luck that day.

As I'm talking with the hair stylist and she has me turned away from the mirror, I FEEL her begin to rat or back comb my hair.

OH NO, I do I tell her nicely that I'm not a back comber? Can I tell her I'm allergic to ratted hair? Will she go for it? What to do?

Me: "Yea, well, ummm...I should have probably said this since we barely know each other...but I"m not a BIG hair kind of a nice round brush and a straightener and I'm good to go."

Back Combing Hair Dresser: Laughs..."Oh I don't like Big Hair either...I'm just going to back comb it and then I'll tame it down. The other Hair Dresser here, Kim, She LOVES big hair...she is from Tremonton, UT, they ALL like big hair's so funny because everyone goes walking out of here looking like her with BIG hair." She laughs again, as she continues to rat, spray hair spray, and rat again.

Me: I'm getting really queasy at this point so I say, "Oh my GOSH...totally forgot I have to be somewhere in like 3 just go ahead and comb it through and I'll just go however I am...sorry, I'm so dumb sometimes" looks at her sheepishly. I totally lied for the sake of not throwing up!

Back Combing Hair Dresser: "Oh!....Okay. Just let me finish this, it will just take a second." Rat, Rat, Comb, Spray, Rat, Comb, Spray. "Okay, I'm done." During that time, my husband stopped by to grab the keys he needed for the van to get his sunglasses. I knew it was bad when he stopped, looked up at me, and then his jaw hit the floor. He recovered quickly enough, but that meant one of two things.

Either I looked WAY HOT!

Or I didn't.

I'm going to venture...I didn't.

So when she turned me around to look in the mirror...My imagination of how it looked at how it REALLY looked was too kind. It was monstorous!!! I would have screamed if my etiquette of human communication would have allowed me to. My hair was not just was HUGE!!! I felt like one of those women who had big hair and a southern drawal. Not the charming, classy, beautiful big hair southern women...but the ones that TRY to be charming and classy with BIG hair...

Instead when she asked, "How do you like it?"

I replied, "The color is beautiful"...I believe I might have even slipped in a sarcastic drawal when I said that, paid her, and ran out the door!!!

I jumped in my Van and tried with all my might to undo the snarls with my fingers. It was like trying to dig at a cement wall.

Yea...I hate it when that happens. What's worse was having to face my all to can't-wait-to-make-fun-of-Shelle spouse when I saw him next. Lets not even go INTO the bangs people...think 80's and feathers...

Let's just time, my 911 gray hairs will just have to WAIT!!!

What about you? Ever had a similar experience? Or do you not mind because BIG HAIR is fabulous on you and you were blessed with being charming, classy, and have a cute southern drawal?



Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Office one FULL hour!!!

All I want to say is that I am not a real big Football-watching-on-TV fan, and can you believe, NEITHER is my husband...because he'd rather be boarding down a mountain with snow on it at the fastest speed he can...but I have to tell you, I have sat riveted to this stupid television for the WHOLE SuperBowl. I even watched Bruce Springstein's half time...

I knew NONE of the songs...

But I still watched it.

I'm sorry, but I had to chuckle at the fan base average age...

I'm not going to say it, but ya'll know what I mean!!! :)

MountainSport Man told me NOT to make a habit out of it...but I don't know, I think I'm beginning to understand why PEOPLE like it so much...but only when the game is as close as this one was!

Anyway, what I really wanted to say is HAPPY ONE HOUR EPISODE OF:

I hope you will all be watching and laughing and crying because you are laughing at it! I mean, Jessica Alba will be on tonight...and she is the only woman I would allow my husband to cheat on me long as it was only physical :)

So everyone, besides Crash's MIL, ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY!!!

Oh and just so everyone is officially invited...Alyson and I are having a blogger sleepover in July at HER if you want to come along and eat your heart out and swap silly high school stories than let me know! :) And she was nominated HOTTEST MOMMY BLOGGER...which I totally covet (come on guys, have you seen my picture underwater? Doesn't that qualify as being WAY HOT :), go and vote for at least someone I am virtually related to can win!!! :) And while you are over there voting...swing over to BEST ENTERTAINMENT BLOG and BEST BLOG of ALL TIME and vote for Crash...because it is all about the little people!

Don't let THE MAN control us.

Okay...until I write again.



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