Monday, January 19, 2009

I think I'm an addict

YOU GUYS!!! Is it pathetic to feel like I am included in a great group of BBFF's? I'm rarely serious, but it doesn't mean I'm not seriously passionate about things. A few times I like to express things that I am absolutely passionate about and get somewhat serious.

Every time I go to click that PUBLISH POST button I get nervous about what replies I might get or how many FOLLOWERS I might lose...

But reading your comments to yesterdays post, seriously, you made me cry. I love that people FEEL the same way as I do...I LOVE that!

I use to blog because I LOVE to write. I blogged because it was an out for me to express things that I had a hard time expressing out loud and in REAL life. I blogged because I wanted to write down experiences, like a journal, for my kids to read later.

And I still blog for those things...

But I also blog now, and find myself getting on my computer over and over again because, I like the PEOPLE I'm connecting with. Like long lost friends that have been missing from my life!


Okay, enough blubbery, blubbery...

I have something extremely important to address.

Do you have GUILT foods in your life?

I do.

Food is my VICE. I love it. But I also have food that makes me feel GUILTY, like I've done something extremely EVIL. And not in a GOOD way.

So here is my guilt food...Donuts and Hamburgers...I instantly feel bad after I've eaten a really GUILTY CONSCIENCE sort of thing.

No lie...

And I was just wondering if I was the only one?

Or is it just "soft people with extra layers of fat to protect their perfectly skinny body, who have been dieting for more years than their 3 year old can count, even when they WERE skinny"? It's like if I give in, I feel that I have NO self that how a addict feels?

Does that mean I'm an addict? Oh my HELK and TAMNATION...I bet it does...I'm a total addict!

Do skinny people have food guilt?

Not skinny people that throw up or starve themselves, because I don't even begin to understand that...I love FOOD way to much!

But always-been-skinny-carry-a-hamburger-in-their-purse skinny, do they have guilt food?

I can't imagine they do? What does that say about me? Is that totally pathetic or what? Am I NORMAL?

So many questions...

Well, had farking (thanks binks) IN-N-OUT the other day and can't get over my SHAME. So I have to blog about talk about it.

Thanks for being there in this time of need and support... :)




PJ - Our life said...

Your normal! I think everyone has quilt foods, bean-poles and curvy people alike. My quilt food is candy. I can't stop after just one, I want the whole dang bag and I don't mean the small bag - the family sized! So cheer up it's life!

The Wixom Zoo said...

Yep, right now my guilt food is anything with sugar in it because I'm trying to quit eating it... (confession: I'm not very good at it yet.) Today is a new day, though. Start over again! :)

Amanda said...

Dude! Never feel guilty about IN-N-OUT. That is a special privilege not many people (me) get to indulge in. Please take advantage of it every once in while for my sake and the sake of my children.

Tiff said...

Nope, I think you're pretty normal. My guilty food is anything from a drive-thru. I always feel like I have to hide the wrappers and stuff so my husband doesn't see that I ate greasy fast food AGAIN!

T said...

I've been feeling great over the fact that I've been doing things with my kids more this weekend... and then guilty because some of the "things" we've been doing is baking cookies & sweet rolls... and this morning I got up even though it was a day off and made a big breakfast with homemade hashbrowns

So yeah - serious food guilt going on here... Of course, I'm not sure that will stop the downward spiral... I'll work on that!

And the BBFFs are making my life so much more fun - though it is awkward to tell the ManOfTheHouse a story I read that day... "oh Honey, I heard a funny story today about my friend... ermmm... well yeah - a friend I've never met... yeah, a bloggy friend... Shut up and listen already - it was Hi Lar EE Us!"

Heidi Ashworth said...

Er, excuse me, hamburgers are perfectly decent food! Donuts, on the other hand, are the food of the devil and I feel guilty even thinking about it. It doesn't always stop me, though . . .

Annette Lyon said...

Donuts make my list too. Also chocolate mousse pie and ice cream. All of which I know for a fact I've gained weight on. Likely the source of the guilt.

(She typed as she swallowed a donut. Whoops.)

Kristina P. said...

My guilt food is anything that involves sugar.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

My guilt food is a Sam's club sized bag of hershey's milk chocolate chips because then I think I can get a chocolate fix in *small* quanities, like a pinch of chips, but then find myself dismayed and ashamed when a week or two later, the WHOLE thing is gone. (Hangs head in defeat.)

This Mom said...

First as a former California girl I have to say, YOU SUCK. I LOVE IN & OUT!!!!. Living in SLC the closest one is in ST George and I think my kids would hate me if I made them drive 7 hours for a burger.

I have so many guilty foods I would not know where to start. I guess the worst is Jack in the Box Tacos. YUMMY. Not a healthy thing about them. Again I can not get them here so when we drive to California I eat my way there and HOME.

Kate said...

thanks for posting this. My sister and I have 2 main topics of discussion now. 1. the reason we blog, and 2. why we eat crap and feel guilty about it.
(i will be directing her to your post today so she knows we are not the only ones who do this.)

guilt foods? chocolate chips, starburst, auntie ann's pretzels (at the mall), and 99 cent chicken sandwiches from wendy's. if i had all of those in one day, it would be the best day ever. until the eaters remorse kicked in.

nick said...

I think everyone, including the always skinny people, have their guilt foods. So you are normal. I am jealous that you have an In n Out by you. I love In n Out but the weird thing is, I never crave hamburgers. I don't know why I just don't. But I love In n Out, so go figure that there is not one restaurant remotely close to me. But my guilt food: almost any dessert! I have to keep it out of the house or I could eat all of it in one day. Oh I absolutely LOVE El Pollo Loco and now it is finally in Utah! Yay!

April said...

First of all I am still LOL'ing because of T's comment!! I said the same thing the other day too!! hahahaha!!! My guilt food but not so guilt food are the mini Twix bars. I allow myself 2 of them at the end of the day. If I eat more than that, then I feel guilty. That way I know I am going to have some chocolate and sugar EVERY DAY!!! It is sooooo liberating!!!

Sorry but I am not a big hamburger person. I can't relate. I've been to In-n-Out once and that was to eat for free during their grand opening.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

YES! I do have guilt over food too, even though I pretend I eat a bunch of crap, here's my secret confession . . . I don't. Pizza does it for me. And soda. Every time I drink soda I feel guilty (and gross).

Ah Shelle, see how you pulled that outta me!

What the what?

Ooooh, and I know exactly how you feel about the BBFF's and the cringing when you hit publish. I lost 2 followers this week. sniff

Melinda said...

Raises hand.

I'm a food guilt addict, and I'm here to admit I have a problem.

I like eating crap to much to stop, but of course I feel guilty about it. But I like it SO MUCH... :)

(p.s. to "This Mom" there's a Chatter's in American Fork--it's a knock off of In N Out, and if that doesn't do it for you, they are building one around this way soon! YAY!)

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I'd like to stand up and say (since you called me out) that I am one of the always been skinny even after having a baby people. I've been the same skinny weight since college. And I eat, it's not like I eat salad and drink water only. (Well I do drink a lot of water.) I eat ice cream, I eat second of cream laden pasta.
My skinny guilty pleasures are: Milka Caramel chocolate and Balsamic and Vinegar chips.

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

French fries ... that's mine, especially chili-cheese fries. And ice cream.

I'm sure there are others, but I'd say those are my top two. Don't feel bad.

brooken'dus said...

you know, I would rather have food any day over candy and stuff, but i LOVE stuff like cinnamon rolls.......YYYYYUUUUMMMMM I could eat so many of those!!! Ok I would like to stop typing about yummy food now.....

binks said...

Does eating a whole bag of buffalo spicy pretzels and stuffing the evidence under the seat of your car so your husband doesn't find it count as guilt. Well, that wasn't ME, but my "friend" did that.

McEwens said...

Warm cookies..... out of the oven.... OG YEAH

binks said...

Now you see, my dear friend, Shelle, that I was once one of those skinny, 100 pound, girls that could eat anything - with not one ounce of guilt. Apparently, I thought that would last forever and now I am pushing maximum density.
See, maybe guilt is a good thing. Stops us from eating an entire bag of Reeses and hiding all the wrappers.
Again, not that I ever did that.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

First of all don't cha know that In N Out burgers are guilt free and should only be eaten that way.

And to T, I call my blog friends "friends" because they are my real friends and I refuse to refer to them in any other way. I love my BBFFs.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

OH MY GOSH you guys...I love that you are all guilt ridden also!!! YAY!!!

This MOm--I live in ST. George, so next time I come up...I will bring a burger for you...uh...I'll have to figure that out!!! :)

Wixom Zoo...that is literally the first thing out of my mouth!

Okay AManda...but I'll only do it for do I transfer the calories over to you??? Need to work on that! lol!

LOL Tiff--hehe, I guess hiding the wrappers after going through the drive-thru does SEEM guilty, but it's just be polite so other people won't feel bad...right?

T--I say that ALL the time!!! I am always saying, my friend, she did this, or she is going through this. At first it felt awkward...but YOU ARE MY FRIENDS!!! So now I've gotten over the awkwardness! :) SWEET ROLLS...yum!

Heidi--I know, it's like the guilt is strong enough to stop you from eating it...DANG IT ALL!

Annette--hehe "typed as you swallowed a donut" so funny! Was it the old-fashioned kind or glazed or the ones that have the Raspberry filling inside?

WOW Kristina P...I would be feeling guilty over 80 percent of what I eat!!!

Steph-hehehe--isn't that the TRUTH...I had this plan to put everything BAD in small quantities and only allow myself ONE bag...but somehow...I'm still EATING the whole bag evenutally right? lol!

Kate--when I was pregnant I use to have a Jr. Cheesburger Deluxe practically everyday...there was a Wendy's on my way to work and a Wendy's on my way home, and a Wendy's right by BYU...I ate them ALL THE TIME...but then the took them off the dollar menu...and guess what, 99cent chicken sandwhiches come REALLY close to being my next WENDY's Vice. And I'm here for you and your sister if you EVER need a topic of discussion!lol!

Kelly--El Poco Loco is right by In-N-Out...and no wonder you are so beautiful and don't crave HAMBURGERS! HOw are we even FRIENDS...but I still love ya!!! You are one of my BEST friends in real life and so won't hold such a small grudge!!! lol! Same with you April, even though I don't know you in REAL life...I love you too much to hold a grudge! :)

But April...I loved T.'s comment because it was absolutely SO true!!! But I love that about blogging!

Crash--were those TWO people INSANE??? They must have pushed a wrong are too addicting and sweet and beautiful and funny to leave? That is WAY crazy...maybe they had BLOG envy...that happens to you types of people!!! :) Yea...and I don't eat crap food either, I'm just saying for OTHER people! I don't drink SODA either...truly I don't! :) glad to see you were the only NICE one and raised your hand first! :) lol! But from your profile are one of the SKINNIES...but I still love you and love to know that you have GUILT foods also! I've been to That wannabe be honest, wasn't bad!

Blogging Mama-we accept all people, even skinny people, in this group. But I'm not going to lie, I want to drop kick you! Whew, now that I got that out I can move past my jealousy and say...Ice cream is another VICE of mine!!! :)

Mama Belle--Ummm...Chili does scary things to me...but I love fries! I'm feeling better now because of everyone else spilling their guts all over my blog!

Brooke-- I know you and your SKINIness...EAT all the CINNAMON ROLLS you would like, in fact, let me make you some EVERYDAY if you promise to eat them all...I'm sweet like that, really sweet like that. If you gain a few, I'll still love ya! :)

BINKS--lol!hahahaha! Funny comment of the NIGHT...that was so funny, I KNOW you would never eat ANYTHING and stuff it under the seat or eat a WHOLE bag of Reese's...but your POOR "friend", like I said above, she was just making sure that others didn't feel bad!!!

McEwens...thanks alot for making me go to my oven and put in a batch of my PreMade Chocolate chip cookies...that DOES sound good! :) I'll start up again more SUGAR...cough, cough

NHC-I knew you would say something like that about the PRECIOUS IN-N_out...but I can't help myself...they ARE good, but I still feel guilty...please send help!

Sandi said...

I can eat so much ice cream that it is scary. I definitely have guilt when I stay up late at night and indulge in some rocky road!
Do you really LOSE readers? what the what?

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Hey, friend! I just gave you an award over at my blog. :)

wendy said...

ok, FINE , I hate Anna Jolie-Pitt --hate her skinng butt-o-la. Hate all boney skinny people who say they are never hungry or never want the "hamburger" (yeah, whatever cause you have cocaine and whatever to fill the void you skinny wenches) I LOVE FRIES, lots and lots of FRIES. Salt and Vinegar Potatoe Chips. I want to eat. I like to eat. DANG - but I want to be skinny. Can't do cocaine. What is a middle aged woman to do??????????????

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Oh WEndy, don't you know that cocaine is what filleth the soul? LOL! You are too funny!

And Sandi..tell me what it is about staying up LATE at NIGHT eating ice cream that makes it so deliciously wicked!!! :) And I hear you...WHAT THE WHAT? I don't understand it either!!!

Alyson...heading right over!!! :)

shannon said...

My name is Shannon and I am a food and comment whore. :)

My sister, Kate and I are totally addicted to blogging and eating as well!

Favorite blogging foods: spray whipped cream (it's fast, easy and can be contained within the confines of your mouth--no silverware is needed); chips and salsa; egg rolls; chocolate covered almonds; cheez-its; and leftover Halloween candy (yes! there's still some left...even though it looks more like a harlem halloween candy stash).

I get so insecure every time I hit the "post" button too! After I do it, I go back onto my blog, and fiddle around with editing and then look at it again...I'm obsessed with comments! What is wrong with me? Why do I feel like I need the validation of complete strangers. It's not like I have no friends, or family...there's just something about having someone peek into your life and find it noteworthy enough to comment.

You're not alone, my friend...

Aubrey said...

Guilt food? Lamar's Donuts, McD french fries and chocolate shakes with whipped topping. *hang my head in shame*

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Shannon--HELLO anD welcome! You will make a perfect fit here at seem just my and KATE! lol!

I like that your efficient with the spray can of whip cream!!! And I LOVE left over Halloween candy!!!

That IS exactly what I'm doing getting my feelings validated...I have friends, I have family...but I LOVE COMMENTS and I know you understand since you are a COMMENT WHORE!!! Have you checked out Kristina P?

Aubrey--Lamars Donuts? Never heard of them? But McD French you are talking! :)

sara said...

Is it bad that I don't consider chocolate a guilt food? I'm pretty sure I'm not in denial either.
Now salad...definately a guilt food. I try to avoid it at all costs cuz I just feel wrong afterwards.

clan of the cave hair said...

lately my guilt food is caffeinated pop. I feel so much better when I don't have it, and yet, sometimes I want pop and I don't want the calories of regular pop and diet lemon-lime anything tastes like crap, so what's left? Caffeinated. Oh well. at least its not the calories that make me feel bad, its just the fact that I know I feel physically better when I don't have it.

Kritta22 said...

My totally guilt food is Muddy buddy...Chex mix that is peanut butter, chocolate chips and butter all melted together and stirred in chex cereal and shaken with powdered sugar.

I make it every month.

And feel bad every time but it's SOOOOOOOO good.

I feel bad with other food too but this is the worst. I can't find a single justification for it.

Burgers- proteins, dinner, maybe a veggie with ketchup and mustard... see where I'm going with this.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

I LOVE muddy buddies, if it wasn't 2:00 am I think I would go make some right now.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Sara--I haven't thought of Chocolate as a guilt food either...heheh on the salad though...

Clan of the Cave Hair- I use to drink caffinated drinks all.the.time...but then decided for a while that I was going to see how long I could go without when I have a drink that is hurts my throat...But i feel your pain...really I DO!

Kritta--NEVER had a muddy buddy before...NEVER! So ummm when we meet, just bring a bag of those for me to try!

NHC--what are you doing UP at 2 am!!! :) Thanks for coming by though! :)

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Shelle, I was having a heart to heart with Kritta over at Crash's place. I am having problems in the sleep department, but I am sure sitting in bed with my lap top is not conducive to going to sleep.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I can't sleep when I have so much going on in my head I hear ya, I understand! Laptops are DEFINITELY bitter sweet that way! :)

Aleisha said...

Well, I am sure you know very well that I have many guilty pleasures that involves food. URGH! I hate it. I feel out of control so much. This post was very interesting to me because I also wondered the same thing... If you are skinny, do you feel guilty for eating bad??? Hmmm interesting. I feel guilty only because it is going to show on my butt in the morning. (In other words...I can't hide my addictions in my purse because they show up eventually) hahaha

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