Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Public Bathroom Etiquette Lesson 2

I've come upon something that needs to be addressed.

I have filled you in before about certain etiquette's. In the bathroom where I talked about the "courtesy flush" and on an airplane where I talked about the "length of a seatbelt".

But this weeks seems to somehow have a theme that has to do with things pertaining to going to the restroom...or at least TRYING to go to the restroom but NOT QUITE MAKING IT! *shudder*

On top of all of that...my sister and brother-in-law, Suns Fans #1 and #2, tried to be nice yesterday and made CHILI in a bread bowl. Talk about doing something CRAZY to your bowels...Seriously, there is nothing like reminding your stomach that it doesn't like CHILI by eating a BREAD bowl of it!

Next time I venture to eat Chili...will someone remind me that it is a BAD idea?

Yea, Thanks much!


Really fast we need to go over another PUBLIC RESTROOM Etiquette lesson.

I'm going to admit that I didn't feel the need to strain this particular lesson BEFORE the other day...but I've had enough...it's happen 1 to many times...and when I say one to many times I mean once!

I was appalled and embarrassed enough that I felt I needed to tell the masses!


Here is the rule...

No talking on your cell phone in the bathroom!


Not kidding!

Here's me the other day in the bathroom...I mean you KNOW I think going to the bathroom is a WASTE of time...I abhor it!

But I couldn't hold it any longer and HAD to go...I was NOT going to be another Target Lady! Ya know what I mean?

So I rushed to the bathroom and proceeded to get over my Public Bathroom Stage Fright and try to relieve myself.

***In walks co-worker***

She goes in the stall, not next time mine (must have read my Courtesy Flush post), and you hear her doing what she needs to do in order to sit on the toilet.



Co-Worker: "Hello?"

Me: Why in the heck is she talking to me? I don't recognize her shoes? I don't think I know her? Maybe she needs toilet paper? "Hello"? ...I respond.

Co-Worker: "Hey! How are you?"

Me: What the What? Feeling somewhat awkward now I say, "I'm fine" chuckle, "how are you?"

Co-Worker: "Are you kidding me? He did that last NIGHT?!!!"

Me: UH-OH--she isn't talking to me...she is talking on her CELL PHONE!

Now I'm HUMILIATED. How was I to get OUT of there without her noticing who I WAS??? I was going to have to run home and change my shoes...because if I got out of there without her seeing me through the bathroom crack in the stall...she was definitely going to notice MY shoes!

And you KNOW she heard me answering her questions while she was talking to the OTHER person on the phone! You KNOW she did!

I SOOOOO hate public restrooms!

Can't you for 1-5 minutes NOT talk on your cell phone? Is that lady SO important that she HAS to have her phone while doing her business in the bathroom?

I mean COME ON guys!

I am making it a RULE...an etiquette of the bathroom if you will!

Please spread the word...because after I got over my embarrassment of the episode, I had to share it with my co-workers who sat around me, and we LAUGHED until I couldn't breathe...

So it was good for something....BUT...

For the sake of others. Keep your cell phones put away while on the toilet.

I mean, my MIL totally flushed hers down the toilet, so it can be dangerous to cell phones also!

Your.Welcome and Thank.You!!!




Nan said...

OMGOSH! You are too funny, it just keeps getting better and better. [this reading about your adventures I mean] I have to laugh and wonder, "how boring am I?" I mean, I must lead a very boring life because hardly ANY thing good ever happens to me!

Annette Lyon said...

On the up side, she didn't leave you a log . . .

Kristina P. said...

I HATE when people talk to me while they're doing their business. I can tell by the echo they are in there!!!

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I would die and probably never come out of the stall.

Momma Trish said...

No one wants to talk on the phone with a person who is peeing!!

T said...

that tell-tale echo one the other end of a conversation is SO off-putting... I have been know to ask the person if I can call them back in 10 minutes... for some reason I always want to ring back and say "did you wash your hands?"

Anjeny said...

Too bad you were following your own bathroom etiquette, you couldn't pretend you were talking on a cell phone when you come out of your stall. I mean she could only see one side of you from the crack in the door so you could pretend that the cell phone is on the other side, you know? But yeah, I agree with ya, it's totally rude not to mention embarrassing to talk on the phone while using the toilet.

devri said...

I refuse to go to public bathrooms.. And I can't stand it when I am on the phone talking to people who......

Natalie said...

Hahaha! I hate stuff like that! As soon as you left she probably told her friend. tee hee.

Sher said...

I just about died laughing. Seriously, all the weird stuff really DOES happen to you!

Marie said...

I mean outside of the "hollowness" of the conversation that is annoying...who wants to hear someone else pee-ing or poo-ing. I mean...really.

Aubrey said...

OMG! I can't help it! I'm laughing at...oops..I mean WITH you! That is pretty funny!
BUTT (heehee) You are absolutely right! Please, no cell phones in the potty room!

April said...

hahahahaha!!! been there! done that! hahahahaha!!! glad to know I am not the only ding dong in the rest room not answering my phone. It has to be unhygienic!

Kritta22 said...

My Mom does it ALL the time!!! It's stinking gross! I've asked her why she does it. She said...if I don't call them then, I'll forget why. I'm sorry...can you just write it down. Have a pen and paper next to the toliet. It's stinking gross!!

I think they should have a person standing in all public bathrooms to enforce these rules.

"Umm Ma'am...you are going to have to check your phone here. You can get it as soon as your wash and dry your hands."

"Umm...Ma'am...you can NOT use that stall as there is someone in the stall next to it. Please move to the stall for everyone's comfort."

Umm... Ma'am in the three stall, you are going to have to do a courtsey flush, please. We have other people here."

Just think of all the jobs this could make it our time of money-crisis.

Seriously though, if I have to go tinkle while on the phone, I say...can I call you back in a sec...I gotta tinkle! People are fine with that...really!!

Much better than hearing the toliet flush AFTER they have done their business!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Ok so what do you think of my son who takes the lap top into the bathroom with him? What rule does that break? I know people like to read but it seems ridiculous.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Ok so what do you think of my son who takes the lap top into the bathroom with him? What rule does that break? I know people like to read but it seems ridiculous.

Blogging Mama said...

Yeah, I think I can cross that off on my etiquette list. Why would you want the person on the phone to hear you doing your business? I'm sorry no one it that good of a friend! That's just Ew!

But it was funny :)

binks said...

Totally tacky. I don't speak to people in public restrooms unless I know them.
The real public bathroom etiquette lesson needs to be: don't pee on the seat and if you do, wipe it off. Or how about: wash your hands when your done.
Double yuck!

♥georgie♥ said...

I just spit my water all over my monitor LMAO!!!!

hey maybe she was wearing her bluetooth so no chance of her flushing it...

sara said...

I'm de-lurking to say that I don't think I've laughed so hard ever. Seriously. Not only do I totally agree with you and lecture anyone I know who does this, but the fact that you were talking back totally made my day! Thanks for sharing!

Annie Valentine said...

Trust me, she did not check out your shoes, but she did laugh her head off after you left.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

HA HAH AHAHAHAH Okay, I'm totally ROTFLOL right now. hee hee hee hee.

ha hahahahahahah

I love the image of you answering back to the next stall while you're doing your business.


Alyson (New England Living) said...

Too funny! I love when you share your public humilation with the bloggy-blog world!

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