Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What we discussed in my comment box yesterday...you totally missed out!


WOW...what a big day in history!

I mean, I CAN'T believe it actually happened...that this is ALL for real!!!

That I can actually live and be a part of something so EXTREMELY big...

My first day sober from feeling guilty about food I eat.

What? You thought I was talking about our 44th president of the United States being sworn in?

Yea, guess that is pretty monumental also.

But anyway, I put HONEY on my Raisan Bran today and almost felt guilty about it...but if you have seen the BEE movie. You will KNOW...honey is good for the WHOLE earth...and I contributed to that today. I feel SO good about myself!

Now...I haven't eaten anything else today. But already I'm off to a good start.

My gym pass, as I found out yesterday on my way in to Pilates, has expired. That puts a MINOR dent into my NEW self, because I went home and ate some leftover Halloween Candy, because thanks to HER(Shannon) and her comment in my comments, I remembered where it was...but that should be easily fixed and I can be on my way to a better me!

It was nice to read everybody else's vices...I mean, I'm not going to lie, it made me REALLY hungry, but I endured. Annette and Heidi both have my Donuts vice...and Kristina P. and Wixom Zoo have a problem because ANYTHING with sugar makes them feel guilty...poor things, they must feel guilty ALL THE TIME. Not April though, she allows herself two TWIX's a night. Yea, ummm, my body wouldn't allow me to do that...lucky girl!

STEPH--she has a good thing going, she gets a WHOLE bag of CHOCOLATE CHIPS and eats a few here and a few there...does it count if I eat a few here and a few there and finish the bag a FEW hours later? HMMM...Sara doesn't even THINK chocolate is a guilt food, she believes SALAD is...a girl from my own heart!

Amanda, Nutty Hamster Chick, Kelly, and This Mom--all have something in common...they LOVE In-N-Out (Not April, she doesn't really even like hamburgers...what the what?) and I am going to venture and say they all at one time lived near an In-N-Out and then moved far away from one. I guess I take those things for granted...suckas!!! But it helps me in a way that I WON'T feel guilty eating one for the sake of THEM! Love ya GUYS! Tiff well she just likes anything FAST food...I feel her pain..she also hides the evidence and so does BINKS' "friend" (totally funniest comment of the day!).

Aubrey loves her some McD French Fries...I mean, WHO DOESN'T, Mama Belle and Wendy (who thinks skinny people are on cocaine) doesn't even specify...they just likes French Fries period, but I have to agree with Aubs...I like the McD ones and the ones from Red Robin, just saying!!!

Clan of Cave Hair and Crash--they both agree that pop is the thing to feel guilty over...it just hurts my throat. Crash admits though that she doesn't really eat a lot of crap! Hello, we are trying to be supportive of one another, NOT try to one up each other Crash...you are lucky you are my twin or I would have to do what I did to BLOGGING MAMA and cyber space DROP kick you because she stood up and ADMITTED she was skinny and could eat ANYTHING she wanted!!! Can you believe? I mean...social etiquette is clear on this one, that you SYMPATHIZE with the majority...sheesh!!!

Don't worry you two...I don't think you are on cocaine...I just am jealous and envious of you guys behind your back...I do the same with my friend in REAL life, Brooke...she's WAY skinny, but healthy...crazy!

Now Kritta--she has to go and mention a guilty food that I have never heard of...which is UNHEARD of...Muddy Buddies? Anyway, I expect when I meet her in Real Life that she has a bunch of those ready for me to try...did you write that down Kritta? Don't want to chance you forgetting or something!

Well, I'm one day down, and can't believe how GREAT it feels to get all of my addictions out on cyber space. I mean, I even helped Kate and her sister (Shannon) have something to talk about for the day...how helpful am I? I have to say that Melinda was quite the lady during our group discussion...she made sure to raise her hand and announce herself...thanks Melinda!

T. brought up something TOTALLY off the subject...as she is want to do...but she made a good point and something I need to clarify. Any story I write...feel free to spread it around...I consider you ALL close friends and when I am talking to MY husband...I always say, "guess what happened to my friend?" or "Can you believe she EATS that?"...so I expect the same from you guys!!!

Now question...how many days do I have to be a sober no guilty food person to start giving seminars on it and making millions and millions of dollars helping other people?

Think on that and let me know! Thanks.



P.S. I'm off to make chocolate chip cookies to give to my "friend" right out of the oven...thanks for the reminder McEwens!!!

P.P.S. How cute...Sandi didn't believe that I have lost readers over posts...seriously sweet...but uh...yea, it's sad but totally true!


Rance Wright said...

Rachelle...you crack me up...seriously. Thanks for the message you left on my blog. I love having you as my sister...you make everything beautiful.


Kristina P. said...

Yeah, I bought a giant bag of different Hershey's candy today for my anger management class, but I may have been snacking on them already.

T said...

Since I was so far OFF topic yesterday I'll own up today:

When there were white chocolate M&M's (when Curse of the Black Pearl was released) I bought a bag... partly because it had a picture of Orlando Bloom on the bag and partly because I hate chocolate of the regular type and I needed my own little fix. My parents were visiting and I got that "are you sure you should be eating it" lecture from my Dad who KNEW I was trying to lose weight. I snipped a corner of the bag - tossed it in the freezer, and limited myself to 5 little M&Ms twice a day... for three days. Then Mom and Dad went to Vegas for two days... before they came back I had to run to the store, buy a new bag, snip an identical corner and eat a few...


McEwens said...

WAHOO~ Cookies straight from the oven! Life doesnt get any better! I have theglasses in the freezer chillin for milk!!!!

And to think I was having a bad day!!! Not any more!!!!!!

You still had halloween candy? That my friend, is WILL POWER!

April said...

Congrats for getting on the wagon!!!

I want to like hamburgers and fit in, really I do!!! I promise I will eat an extra twix tonight to make up for it!

BTW Muddy Buddies are YUMMY!!!

binks said...


Two days and then you can be a sober, no guilty food person to start giving seminars.

Wait.... maybe that was the number of licks to get to the center of a tootsie-pop.

Helk! I need a Snickers.

clan of the cave hair said...

i don't think you have to wait any time at all...just so long as you can give an awesome speech that somebody else wrote for you and you can hire a ghost-writer to write your super-awesome-guilt-free-but-not-so-guilt-free-that-you-wont-need-a-sequel self-help book!

Melinda said...



Okay, I'm up! WOW! Thanks for the link, I'm feeling a little dizzy right now, but in a 'I feel so cool!' kind of way! hehehehehehehehe(I'm giddy)

p.s. I've never heard of Muddy Buddies either, now I really want to try them!

(thanks for the link, you're awesome!):)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

OH TAMN, my commet didn't make it. I have to type it all over again.


I just said that I'm sending you a hug right now, girlfriend because that post was a whole lot of work. Link love is time love.

And can't believe you haven't heard of MUDDY BUDDY's. Just don't make them with wheat chex. YUCK-O!

Kritta22 YAY! Muddy Buddy high five!

And for the record I do eat some junk. I just can't remember the last time I drank a Code Red or inhaled whip cream.

Oh, last month. never mind.

Sandi said...

Aw shucks you think I'm sweet! But seriously, how do you know someone quits reading you...did they leave you a nasty comment and say they were outta here? you KNOW they are still reading...you are kind of addicting you know, kind of like all that sugar and donuts and pop and the good stuff. I completely agree that skinny people are on drugs. There is simply no other explanation!

Barbaloot said...

Ah! I really did miss out. What a bummer!! I was so busy trying to keep Alyson from giving me bad dreams over at Crash's that I didn't make it anywhere else. It's all your crazy-somehow-cousin's fault. Blame her.

And also, I've already made it clear on my blog that I broke up with my guilty foods; PB and chocolate. I usually have to re-break up with them once a week. Bother.

T said...

I make muddy-buddies (with the white chocolate) here and they're GONE in minutes... wouldn't be able to get through the year without them :)

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Shelle, just for the record I still have In N Out in Vegas. It was one of the conditions that I move here. And a new one just opened up close to me, dang. Not good for the waiste line.

wendy said...

Man, food sober and giving seminars -----I am not sure about the time limit there. For ANY credibility has to be at least 24 hours I think. I'll book your speaking dates for the left over treat rations they serve at the seminars.

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Yes, I meant to say McDonald's fries are the best. They really are.

wenderful said...

Just visiting from Mormon Mommy Blogs. Man, it looks like I missed a great question post. I'll chime in now anyway.
Ice Cream! It doesn't count if I eat it from the carton while dishing it out to my boys, right? Right? That's what I thought.
I'll be back!

clan of the cave hair said...

I have to say, I love me an In-n-out burger, they really are the best, but there is one across the parking lot from my work and even though ( or maybe BECAUSE) I smell it every day, and it always smells good, its not the major temptation that I thought it would be. In 6 months I've probably been there 4 6 times.

T said...

cave hair... was that 4 TO 6 times or 46 times? because maybe we define temptation differently :)

(I haven't been to In 'n Out since leaving Cali 17 years ago... yes I know they're here now, less than 5 minutes away... there's just always that big long LINE!)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

hehe--T. I was also wondering if she meant 46 times instead of 4 to 6! lol! The line goes fast so don't let that stop you!!! Oh and that story about the M&M's Classic!

Rance--I love me some brother!!! So glad you could stop by my humble blog!

Kristina P--haha, are you kidding, I buy one for the "fam" and one for whatever class I'm teaching!

McEwens--see I'm not so much a milk person...I take calcium pills...but it's not WILL POWER...what I meant to say in this post is I threatened my husbands LIFE if he didn't pull out the Halloween Candy!

April--thanks for taking one for the team...and extra Twix is a good make-up for not liking burgers...

BINKS--I think you're right...TWO DAYS, I'm looking forward to that. Then I will be a BILLIONAIRE...I like to think BIG!

Clan of the Cave Hair--was that innuendo talk for President speeches? lol!

Melinda--you and me both want to try Muddy Buddies now that everyone is talking about them. You should feel totally cool because I checked your blog out and you already gave me Linky LURVE which I was so honored! Thanks!

Crash--Thanks for the hug...it took some time because I had to do it on my POP's UBER slow computer that is LIKE SOOOO 2006!

One person wrote me and email to tell me she wasn't following me...and then others, they just up and STOP following me...it's crazy stuff!!! :) That's such a great compliment being addicting...I mean, the stuff I'm addicted to are only GREAT things...wow, I think I'm going to use that word more for things I like :)

Barbaloot--breaking up is hard to do, so I understand, but you stand firm for a WEEK, I give you props for that, I have only lasted 1 day. *crosses fingers* You did miss out, but my cool and crazy cuz Alyson passes the OKAY to miss my blog person...so free pass! You and hers dreams are both CRAZY...just saying...it was hard reading through all those comments over at CRASHES though!

NHC--YOU ARE IN VEGAS...why and HOW did I miss that? Crazy...so you have like IN-N-OUT's everywhere! Glad you have your priorities straight!

Wendy--okay I'm totally hiring you as my manager for the seminars...and treats, if they are not first priority are at least first and a half...let's just get that straight from the beginning!

Mama Belle--glad you cleared that up...it's a sickness right?

Wenderful--WELCOME GIRL...you are holding a digital SLR camera...so I automatically like you! I can't even find my OWN blog on MMB...so way to be one step smarter than me...but HEY, that's not really that hard to do! :)

K--well, my husband needs the computer again because he has homework and we only have this ONE laptop...and Heaven FORBID I walk upstairs to get on the Desk top...

I'll check in with you guys laterz!

Sandi said...

So now I need everyone to tell me exactly what to order at in and out- because I have only been there a few times and I'm thinking maybe I don't know what to order because I didn't think it was all that great...?

nick said...

I cannot believe you still have Halloween candy!!! You should not be a guilty person. I polished off the Halloween candy AT Halloween. So I do not like fast food (except in n out burger) but I have been known to pound a whole package of candy in a day, its just that dang sugar! By the way, I think we are going to be visiting your neck of the woods in a couple of weeks, hopefully we can get together!

Kritta22 said...

I also heard that if you make treats for your Visiting Teaching'ees...the calories don't count and the fat doesn't stay.

So if you bring your VT's In-&-Out and Muddy Buddies and chocolate and McD's fries...they will love you lots and you can eat all your want.

I'm just saying...it's for service, you know.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I'd just like to add to my skinny complex - it ISN'T everything people like to think it is. My dh's family watch me like I have an eating disorder or something. I had to wear clothes from the jr's section into my 20's, so not cool. And now that I've passed the big 3-0 I still have to dress like the 2-0's cause that's all that fits.
I don't know if its genetics (both my sis and mom have struggled with losing weight) I've always been this way. I'm trying to gain weight. It hasn't given me a good body self image. I always think I look a goofball with my long skinny arms.

You can drop kick me if you like, it's okay. I'm still going to come back to read (and eat ice cream).

Ashley said...

ALL things sugar are on the list for me right now. Especially since I'm pregnant (at least it's a good excuse!) I've just been gobbling up the sugar and the chocolate. I hope I'll be able to break the habit gently after the baby comes!

TuTu's Bliss said...

LOL I can top that..The ladies from Idabel shared a craving for chocolate dipped matthew maconahay and even gave a teaser on their blog(innocent enough). I like "Wolverine" myself. You should come join in on your favorite eye candy, it's never too late!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Sandi--Unfortunately I think In-n-out is an aquired taste...really, because only people that have grown up with it tend to be ADDICTED to it...I just learned that! :)

KELLY--Yea! Can't wait to see you guys...please let me know exactly when...we will hang out if you have time!!! :)

Kritta...Great point! I will remember that in the act of service and charity! Who can resist that kind of logical thinking? lol!

Blogging Mama--OKay okay I won't drop kick you...I am going to hug you...I actually understand that, just a little, because when I was in high school I was totally chicken legs and skin and bones always wore bigger clothes to hide it! :)

Ashley--YOUR PREGNANT! Congrats again!...SUGAR is one of those things that the baby REALLY needs right?

TUTU--oooohhh Matthew dipped in CHOCOLATE??? Who could resist...I'm going to have to check that out later!!! Thanks for letting me know! :)

Annette Lyon said...

Steph must be my new best friend. I do the bag of chocolate chips things too. Only it has to be the silver bag of jumbo chips that Guittard makes. My kids learned early on in life that those aren't for baking with--they're for EATING straight from the bag. Or from the dish hiding in my cupboard right now.

springrose said...

How is it I mised two great blog days in a row, probably all the sickness going around my home. So I will now post my weakness, chocolate, pasta, icecream, doughnuts (especially the maple bars!..YUM!), peanutbutter chocolate chip cookies..(I may have to make some now for my VTing sisters! ps..ssshhh..I'm a cookie snob, I only like my cookies..is that bad?) Any way my list could go on forever!
So the other day I almost said Uber out loud to my husband. He would have thought I had offically lost my mind! Maybe I have and I just don't know it because it is lost.
My neighbor is one of the super skinny girls. Seriously NO boobs! Only when she is prego, then she is maybe a AAA seriously, her husband thinks she is fat when she is pregnant! She looks like Olive Oile (SP) with a half of a basket ball under her clothes just before delivery. Not me, take a beach ball, you know the big ones then all some padding and put that under my too tight of shirt and add some more padding on the but, thighs, and hips then you might get the picture, NOT cute or pretty!
I guess I better go figure out what N stands for, preschool starts in 1 hour!! April H

Natalie Sue said...

What a funny coincidence that I just chowed down on way too many oatmeal pies last night, and then log onto your blog this morning. Made me laugh. Now I don't feel so guilty...at least I'm not the only one in the world who does things like that...look at all the commenters. Wahoo! And I hid all the remainings so no one would ever know.. except for you...and anyone else who passes by this comment.

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