Monday, January 12, 2009

I have the SIGHT or the Sixth Sense or...

I have THE SIGHT. I've always thought I might have the sight, but nothing I have ever seen or dreamed have really ever come to pass, that I remember anyway, and I THINK I would remember.

But I was immature when I was young and dreamed that I was a princess who ruled the land and everybody loved me because I let them eat ice cream after 4pm. *Gasp*

Then I realized that as I became an adult that I could eat ice cream anytime I that doesn't really count.

So my SIGHT back then was a little of but I've always had somewhat of a sixth sense.

Like, when I was in YOUNG WOMEN'S and they were giving away this SUPER cool craft with all the YOUNG WOMEN's themes and colors on it...and I wanted it REALLY bad...and she was drawing the name from the vase in the OTHER WARDS closet, I had a VERY strong feeling that she was going to draw my as she began to pull out the paper with the name on it and said, "The lucky girl is..." and I shouted, "SHELLE BLOK!" and she looked at the paper and smiled and said, "Shelle Blok!"

And they all laughed and giggled and said things like, "what a coincidence."

And I would smile and look at them, but smugly, in the back of my mind, I would KNOW that I KNEW that I would get my name drawn because...I'M IN TUNE!

Well, recently, and I think because I watched all episodes and seasons of MEDIUM...which, by the way, freaky-freaks me out, but I feel as if I'm starting to get the SIGHT and the SIXTH sense thing down.

We had our Stake Conference this last Sunday. And our Stake Presidency is being re-vamped.

And if MountainSport Man and I are consistent at is missing Stake Conference. I mean someone was bound to say they MISSED me and call me to let me know who the NEWLY beloved presidency was. Or my Rent's would tell me because...well...we live in their basement.

So knowing I was going to miss Stake Conference on Sunday, I stayed up WAY late to read my UBER special and intense book, which I cannot name because I don't want people to sin and judge me.

That Morning, as I laid my head to sleep I had a VERY vivid dream.

All kidding aside.

I honestly dreamed of a certain person, we'll call him, Joe Stake President (JSP), being IN the Stake Presidency.

It was SO real and so vivid that when I woke up the next morning I instantly had to roll over to tell MSM.

But he wasn't there...he was up, making breakfast for the kids, and letting me sleep. What the What?

How insensitive that he would be up there making them breakfast when I had serious things to tell him.

So, I got up and found him to tell him that I SAW a certain someone, JSP, in my dreams being announced as someone on the Stake Presidency.

MSM: "Sweet." Raised eyebrows. *Crickets chirping*

*TWO HOURS later*

My Rent's come home from Stake Conference and announce who was on the new stake presidency. That's right...JSP was!

I totally CALLED it!

But I wasn't surprised...just honored that I finally honed my SIGHT Seeing, Sixth Sense skills.

Although, I always have dreams of being instantly rich and my husband wakes up to have an original Austrailian accent...

I don't just seems like someone's trying to tell me something. :)


Question real fast.

Talking about SIGHT, or lack thereof, why when you go to a DRIVE-UP ATM do they have braille lettering?




Kristina P. said...

What am I wearing right now?

Annette Lyon said...

If you ever dream of me, you'd better tell me. Like ASAP.

Beth & Mark said...

Ok so who is in the new Stake Presidency?

Heidi Ashworth said...

You are my twin (in the sixth sense way) which means you and I and Crash are triplets and which also means my real true and actual twin sister is out in the cold right now which suits me to a T since she is being a petty, jealous, immature jerk! There! I feel so much better now!

Stephen said...

Hey Shelle, quickly tell me which way the market is going tomorrow.??????

Barbaloot said...

Can you please dream of me winning a million dollars?

♥georgie♥ said...

LOL...I really enjoyed this post cuz well i have the same thing goin on...for example say i think of a song I really wanna hear if i turn on the radio it will be playing...ok ok deedodeedo deedo DEEDO...but us CRAZIES gotta stick together...right?

Kate said...

wow, i was thinking the same exact thing at the ATM the other day... Maybe the guide dog is driving. :)

McEwens said...

Seeing any lotto numbers you want to tell me about??

April said...

What the what???? You crack me up!!! That has now kept me from swearing (almost) all day! I wish you would have dreamt about my doctor's office being jerks and given me a heads up about it today..that would have helped out and saved me a cuss word or two. BTW, why do they have braille on some restroom signs and not others? How do the blind people know when to touch the signs and when not to? Or when to drive to an ATM or when to leave the car at home and just walk in and ask the teller for help?

T said...

I'd never really considered the braille on the drive ups... and I honestly can't come up with a logical reason - which leaves me with only the funny answers (you know I actually had a prof at BYU give me points for my funny answers when I could make her laugh... only way I passed that class!)

hmmm... here is where we're all going to pretend I HAD a funny answer, because frankly it's getting late and my brain is DONE for the day!

binks said...

The braille is for when the blind guy is the designated driver and needs to stop for more beer money. Shheeeesshhh, I thought everyone knew.

Jessica said...

I have the sight too. Once in a while the things I dream actually do come true. But that makes me super freaked out when I dream scary things. I have to wake up and call the people right away to make sure they are OK.
Well.... actually I only remember having the sight once and it was about something really stupid. I had this dream that I was going through a bag of old clothes in my grandma's garage and this guy named Andy was my boyfriend. He was sitting next to me as I went through this bag. The dream was really strange because Andy wasn't my boyfriend and I didn't think he would be so when I woke up I told my mom about it.
A couple of months later I was sitting in my grandma's garage going through a bag of old clothes with Andy (who was now my boyfriend) sitting next to me. All of a sudden I realized that I had dreamed this scenario so I ran upstairs to find my mom and asked her if she remembered when I told her about my dream. She did and I told her it just happened.
Ever since then I believe I have the sight but nothing has really come of it. I keep hoping that one day it will...

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

That is pretty creepy. The thing I hate is when I dream about something happening which makes me mad and then I wake up and feel mad at that person, and it wasn't even real.

April sorry to hear about the doctors office. Such a necessary evil. Bummer.

Kritta22 said...

You are too funny! I thought you were going to say that you or MSM were getting called and you weren't there!!

(Not that you wouldn't know before but if it didn't happen like that.)

Do you wanna know the real reason for the brillie things on the drive up ATM's.

If you don't, don't read further.

The company that makes the buttons for the drive up ATM's also makes the button for the regular ATM's. Saving money and ability to change broken ones out, they are all the same.

I am totally lame that I know that but I do.

Have you ever read "Why do men have nipples?" All kinds of goodness!

What book are you reading? I won't judge. I'm reading Harry Potter from the beginning because I have to read it before the movie comes out in June.

brooken'dus said...

I have also maybe a partial 6th sense......except I've never had a dream like that...pretty awesome! But one time I was at D's christmas work party and they were drawing names to win things and I already knew they were going to draw my name I could FEEL it and 2 seconds later I won a brand new nice toaster oven.....ya it was cool

roy/elisabeth dean said...

I just found your blog, it is hilarious! I have wondered about the braile at the ATM also. I am heading to work now and will read more when I get home....good stuff~

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hey! What'd you say? Your ad is in the way of your punch line. And now I'm totally dying to know what you said there at end about the ATM.

WOW! I'm impressed. And I just got chicken skin after what you said in my comment box about your sixth sense prediction. WAHOO!

But don't covet me behind my back anymore or I will covet your photos behind your back instead of in front of your face.

I just have to reiterate that we are so twins. The one thing I am consistant at is NOT going to stake conference too. And I also think it's rude when my husband is up making breakfast for the kids when I want to tell him about my dream.

But WOW. That's freaky freak that you called the new JSP. What the what?

Please tell me if you have any dreams about me. (Unless you see me being called to be the new stake president).

P.S. can't wait for the Olive Garden party.

Marinka said...

Wow, that's weird. I have a draft post about how awkward it is for me when people tell me that they have psychic abilities. How did you know? good question about the braille on drive through ATM machines!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Ok with your 6th sense and my ghost sight, we should really form a ghost hunting group!

By the way, when are you coming out to NYC? Or Boston?

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