Sunday, January 11, 2009

Next time Peeps Is staying with the RENTS!

I wanna lie and tell everyone that I'm a REALLY active person and I LOVE to be outdoors being really ACTIVE.

But that would be a lie.

And although I like to stretch the truth once in a while if it is going to benefit me...I don't lie.

Like the year 2007 where I practically ran 4 days a week because someone said I would eventually become addicted. Let me just say...every day, STILL, I hate running.


I'm not really that ACTIVE of a person. I exercise...but then I'm done being active for the day.

My husband and kids...they LOVE to be active. MountainSport Man right NOW as I am typing this post, is out riding bikes with the kids and kicking soccer balls at the school. They LOVE that type of stuff.

They are always ganging up on me to be a MORE active participant in these kinds of break away activities. You see...I have planned it out REALLY well...

They all have bikes...

I don't.

Not EVEN an old one that can be fixed. We just have MSM's UBER expensive bike and the kids' bikes.

No bike for me.

ahhhh...too bad. hehe

So I always just say, "Sorry, Mom doesn't have a bike...can't go with you guys. You go ahead and I'll just sit here and find something else to do...won't be as FUN as what you guys are doing...but I'll manage. Now go have fun!"

And I push them out the door on their merry way!

I think my husband has caught on...because he is always on KSL looking for bikes that are for sale. I'm running out of excuses, besides the price--I can always fall back on the price, why I don't want the particular bike. SHHHH...

Yesterday I got COERCED into driving an hour to find snow on a mountain to PAY to snow tube. That's right...PAY. Because there isn't enough snow in the city to tube down a hill on.

Let's just say I had a LITTLE fit. Pouted the WHOLE way. Didn't want to spend my Saturday, wasting it, by being active.

But my kids and husband REALLY wanted to go...and I'll have to admit...when they all give me the look...I simply can't refuse, it would be blasphemous if I did...I would be struck by LIGHTING!

So I that I could maintain my quality of silky hair and not get fried by lighting.

We drove, we got there, we paid...and then HELK if MSM was going to get the first ride...even though the mountain TUBING courses were HIGH and I was terrified...I wasn't going to let HIM get the first I went. And to be honest, you don't have to be that active...a line PULLS you up the mountain and you ROLL off the tube when you get to the top and a person unhitches your tube and then you ride down the mountian and leave your worries, and your stomach at the top!

If you look really close...Yep, I have a smile!

Totally was enjoying myself.

No...the snow stuff wasn't long enough for me, and my hat kept riding up my head because I wore a dang pony tail...but I did remember the sun glasses so the wind wouldn't hurt my eyes...I'm smart like that!

And so was MSM, having a good time...

He forgot his sunglasses...SUCKA!

and DCar, he LOVED it...

even though they gave him a warning for hitting the tubes at the top, apparently that is a NO, NO, but he didn't mean to, he wasn't quite sure how to control his speed, his poor little feet had a hard time slowing him down, couldn't reach the snow when he was trying to hold onto the tube!!! lol!...

PeePs however, decided she wasn't old enough to go on the MASSIVE mountain. So she sat in the tube and was freezing. She gave me this smile:

But then when I told her I wanted another one, she wouldn't give it to me the BRAT!

See what I mean!

Or maybe she was just REALLY cold...either way.

Then when I asked if she wanted to try the mountain yet...this is what she did!

Then you know what she did?

After my SECOND time down the mountain...she informed me that she PEED in her snow suit!

That's right...PEED. After the big fit I had...I decided I would help PeePs out instead of making MSM do it...WHAT THE WHAT? I must have had Altitude sickness...I mean, I'll NEVER be that dumb again...but I was then.

Of course at the lodge they don't carry under wear...or emergency toddler peeing essentials. So I drove around looking for a store of some kind, found her some DIAPERS and a $32.00 pair of sweats (the cheapest around) to change into.

By the time I got back...our two hours had 5 MINUTES left. So I went one more time...raced MSM...we tied. JERK! Couldn't even let me WIN after all I missed out on!

Then headed home.

AAAHHH...good times with the FAM. Seriously can't beat them.

No really...I had a good time. Next time, and I vow there will be a next time... (anyone want to come and race me?), PeePs is staying with the Grandparents!



How was your weekend?

P.S. If you have wanted to follow my PHOTOGRAPHY blog I FINALLY put up a follower thing. Like anyone really WANTS to...but thought I would put it up because I know how much easier it is to follow someone then to have to keep checking to see if they UPDATED :)


Kristina P. said...

I don't do snow stuff. Perhaps that will change once I have children.

Here's looking forward to having to deel with pee filled snow suits!

T said...

yet again we return to bodily functions on your blog... too funny :)

and really - I think we must be secretly related or something - because I have to be dragged out to be "active" as well... and ManOfTheHouse also has an uber-expensive bike... of course, that doesn't keep him from looking for another, better one ;)

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

I was thinking of the Target poo story today and started to laugh a little inside...and now it's the pee story! HYSTERICAL!
Those moments are priceless!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

I hate how hard it is to pee when you are all bundled up. And the cold always seems to make me need to pee really really bad. So it always exciting to see if I will actually make it to the bathroom. I have to admit to coming very close tp peeps perdicament.
Sorry it ruined your day. Totally unfair. And now you have recorded it some day you can remind you of how much she owes you.

Snow Gear: $200
Lift ticket and tube rental: $100
Something to blog about: priceless

ps I dont' live near snow and so I am only guessing on those prices. But you get the idea, right?

brooken'dus said...

I think I went tubing once.....I would race you! We could probably go to PV and go for free, if there is still snow!

clan of the cave hair said...

Sooo, If I read PeePs as Pee-P's, I wouldn't really be that far off?
We learned a lesson this weekend about when to hire babysitters too. Oh well, who can blame them, they are just little girls. ( who really seem to know just exactly how to get out of anything they don't want to do by peeing-good thing it eventually becomes un-cool to pee your pants, eh?)

April said...

And THAT is why boys are easier! Just find a tree and plant their body behind it and off they go. Girls are so much more complicated!

Even you...being so complicated with your side-stepping the bike rides. I would just tell the hubby it was too hot outside, no matter what the temp was outside! ;)

PS- I said "What the what" are catchy sista!

Shannon said...

ACK! I can't believe she peed in her suit! But, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go...

Looks like fun! I have not been sledding in forever... seriously, it's probably been almost 25 years.

nick said...

Its a bummer that she peed in her suit. But I'm glad you still had fun. By the way, I love your pics from the blog before!

Heidi Ashworth said...

Oh dear, aren't kids just the best? But it wouldn't be a family activity without 'em. When my daughter was about 7 and had been potty trained for eons, she started pooping in her swimsuit, but not logs or anything like that, Oh, no, somehow she knew how to order up this really dry flaky diarrhea so when I helped her peel off her swimsuit, all unawares, there it would be all up her back. Good times.

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Peeps is quite the appropriate name. Poor thing!

Proud of you for getting out there. However, now that your husband knows you had a good time, he'll be more likely to push you to do more ACTIVE things. AHHHH!!! Beware!

Kritta22 said...

poor time you'll just have to whip out the diaper bag.

Where was your 72 hour kit in the car? You are suppose to have a change of clothes just for this reason.

Listen to the prophet, you being stuck by lightning girl!

I kid, I kid.

The clothes I have inthe truck for Connor are probably 6 months...not gonna work anymore!

I love that you remembered go girl!

Where's your Sunday post? I haven't been spiritual uplifted over here in a few.

binks said...

Wow! That looks like so much fun. Oh wait....
there is snow involved... never mind.

As far as the Peeps incident, just be glad it wasn't the water poop and then MSM would've totally been the dealer with the Peeps or the Poops as it would have been.

Ahem - I have been following that "other" blog for a while now. But I'm a stalker (not that you didn't already know that).

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh you funny cute twin of mine.

I've got a notebook and I'm keeping a tally of how many times you post without saying the word peep or poop. So far I've got nothin.

hee hee

Oh, I am so much like you, minus the silky hair. Biking is the hardest sport in the world.

And running. What's so addicting about running? High Five, girlfriend. High Five on the at one.

Okay, I did get addicted to running once for like a month, but seriously, you have to be in some major emotional pain AND you have to have demons to run from and you have to run from them for like 6 months before you can get addicted to running from them.

YES, let's invite everyone to the OLIVE Garden party! So UBER fun!

McEwens said...

Looks like a ton of fun!!

♥georgie♥ said...

Shelle you are so funny! I also dont own a bike while all the other mini me's do and snow tubing!!! wow I loose my tummy on the elevator
LOVED the pics!

Shannon said...

parker peed in his snow suit too. wer were lucky enough to be staying at a cabin nearby so he could change. there must be something in the air!

Melissa said...

I hate being active!

You're a much better woman than I because you couldn't pay me to do anything in the snow!

But I do have a bike, I think. The last place I saw it was in the garage, three houses ago.


Mariah said...

I peed in my snowsuit when I was younger and almost froze to death when it turned into pee ice.

Mother Goose said...

how did you know that the Curtis' were in our ward? Or that we even knew Chad and Linda? LOL

Linda and chad aRe on my face book too!

Mother Goose said...

oh my goodness, the internet makes this a very small world.

Darcie said...

That looks like so much fun. Even for couch potatoes. :)

I wish we had something similar here. No luck in that department though. The best we got is a cacti filled national park.

We planned a trip to the snow for this weekend though. Only I should say we planned it to the mountains where snow was promised. The forecast? Dry. No snow. At least I don't have to look forward to pee in the snow pants. That doesn't sound even a bit fun.

Susan said...

Ok I have to admit, I hate the snow even though I live in Upstate NY and hate to ski -but that looks so much fun and we've talked about taking the kids this winter... Your pics may have convinced me to do it! Yeah!

Sher said...

I guess I'm the opposite of you, because I (used to) love this kind of stuff. I came from a family who always did outdoors-y stuff, went on long bike rides.
I married a man whose hobbies include watching football, and wathcing football.
Thus the end of my active lifestyle.
That's why I run, so I can still burn off all my energy. Just wish I could get my family to do it with me.

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

hilarious- and I don't do snow - I probably would have peed my snow suit too(wait I don't even own snow boots let alone a suit!)

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