Wednesday, January 21, 2009

MY first kiss/french kiss/make-out!

Crash and the rest of the girls over at her place who are blogging across America totally PEER PRESSURED me to tell my First Kiss story…so I'm totally blushing right now, but I don't want to be the Party Pooper…

So this is going to be a longer post than usual...feel FREE to skip this one…I'm anything if not completely THOROUGH in my telling of important life events…and believe me, this definitely falls into that category…so HONESTLY…you don't have to read ANY further!

It's funny, first kisses…

When I met the guy that was to be my first kiss I was 12.

I was infatuated/obsessed/admired/looked up to my older sister Dance Masta, for as long as I can remember. I wanted to be EXACTLY like her. I remember sitting in the bathroom while she got ready to go out…I thought she was the PRETTIEST most BEAUTIFUL person EVER!

So when she introduced us to her boyfriend, now husband, we will call him Trey, (Pat you would of loved him, he played for BYU Football until he did something awful to his spine!), of course, I thought he was the most PERFECT guy in the world. I just KNEW I was going to find someone EXACTLY like him…my 11-12 year old heart wouldn't think any different.

So who better than his younger brother who was my age? Kevy Jay.

I met him at one of Trey's Football games. I fell for him and I fell hard!

I just KNEW he was going to be THE ONE (like I knew I was suppose to marry him! ). I was way into boys at the time and TOTALLY appreciated the male body at a very young age, and KJ had a great body…even for a 12 year old because his GIGANTIC Norseman looking brothers had him lifting weights as soon as he could walk, I'm sure.

As long as I had known KJ he always had a girlfriend and she was usually a blonde.

That didn't deter me.

Growing up with 3 brothers to surround me I was one of THOSE girls that were thought of as a FRIEND more than a girlfriend. I didn't mind…truly I didn't, guys were SO much easier to get a long with and a lot less drama. I didn't want to really get serious with any guy and since KJ lived 5 hours away from me, he was put somewhat on a pedastal and I put all my crushing on him…so I was never really tempted to even WANT to be a girlfriend…if that makes ANY sense at all.

When I was 13 I had an experience were I was dared to go in a closet with another boy, that I didn't know, to kiss. He was more than willing, but for SOME reason, in that moment, I didn't want to give my lip viginity up to just anybody, and within that closet, at the YOUNG age of 13…I decided I only wanted ONE guy to be my first kiss.

So I turned my cheek to the guy in the closet (who always held a grudge after that…sheesh…if I would have known kissing was SO MUCH FUN…I would have let that guy kiss me…a lot!)

So after that I just kept myself a FRIEND to all the guys I hung out with, and made sure to keep just enough distance between me and any guy so I would be just that…a FRIEND. I did have some guys profess their NEED to kiss me…but I never did…I waited for KJ, to drop his blonde girlfriend!

FREAK it took a long time! But we WERE really good friends. Any chance I got to go and see him, I did.

I definitely liked him more than he liked me(you have to know I HATE admitting that)…and I never EVER told him I liked him…but everyone KNEW I did. How embarrassing right?

SO 5 terrible, horrible, unkissed years later it was New Year's Day, or it could have been New Year's Eve Eve…I honestly can't remember…and UNLIKE Crash…I couldn't find my Journal.

I was 18.

KJ was blonde girlfriend-less-ness…and we were both at my Sister's and BIL house…

We had slept in the same room MANY times because we were "Just Friends". I was going to take the couch and he was going to take the floor.

I don't know HOW I ended up on the floor next to him, which was again pretty common we WERE friends, but all I know is he turned off the T.V. and we just started talking…I had snuggled up to him, because we did that, and we just talked.

I looked up to him because all I remember is he had said something to make me laugh and I wanted to see his face…and then he said something similar to, "I think I'm going to teach you how to kiss…" or something like that. I'm sure it was WAY more Romantic like, "I've been DYING to kiss you for at LEAST 6 years…" lol.

And then he just did…kiss me…I didn't even have time to say YES or NO…which told me later that he KNEW I wouldn't say NO. But who cares about PRIDE when you are kissing for the first time?

I do remember the instant butterflies in my stomach and that his thumb was rubbing my cheek in small circles which gave me GOOSE BUMPS everywhere...and I DO remember that his first kiss was tenative and soft, yet strong, like he was very sure of himself, which he had every RIGHT to be, but he wasn't quite sure what I would do as a reflex :) I don't remember details after couldn't ask me to remember my name!

You guys, it was absolutely worth waiting for!

Of course I had NO idea what I was doing, POOR GUY, but I enjoyed my lesson in kissing immensely and he didn't just teach me to kiss but to FRENCH kiss also…and one kiss turned into TWO and TWO turned into THREE and you get where I'm going.

We honestly kissed for hours. I couldn't get enough. We would kiss and then talk and snuggle and kiss and talk and learn, there was a lot of learning…he taught me quite a bit, and there was a lot of laughing because we WERE friends ...

and I can honestly say I LOVED him for that…for always being my friend even though I'm sure he knew all those years how much I adored him!

We did that(kissing/making out) for WELL into the morning hours and I didn't get much sleep…

but WHO REALLY cared…I got my first kiss/french kiss/make-out in ONE fell swoop!

After he broke the dam I was a kissing slut! I loved it! And KJ was an EXCELLENT teacher.

And you will never guess, but it is actually his Birthday today!!!

Happy Birthday KEVY JAY!!!

He is married to the most BEAUTIFUL blonde girl, I never had a chance…lol

... and we still DO hang out and we really are GOOD friends…and I still totally ADORE him in a very different way then I did then…but we will ALWAYS have that KISS! :)

Here he is...a recent WAGER among friends! :) For your birthday! You're Welcome!

Don't mind me saying OH MY GOSH like 5 should have caught on that I say that A LOT!!! lol!



P.S. Now it is your turn!!! Spill the beans!


Natalie Sue said...

Am I really the first commenter? Wow.. Well first of all, congrats on getting a good first kiss. lol. What a great story. My first kiss was completely and totally bad that I could hardley stand to kiss him after that. Gave me the willies. So I didn't know what the big deal was. It was gross...until...someone kindly showed me how kissing is really supposed to be. Then I got in as much as I could get. I had totally been missing out! Anyway, That poor first-kiss-guy's wife.. I wonder if she can stand him kissing her? Blah.

brooken'dus said...

haha your so funny, so let me get this were 18 when you had your first kiss?? haha I'm just playin my kids better not have their first kiss till there 20! My first kiss was with a boy about 2 years younger than me and about a foot shorter!! hahahaha I can't remember how old I old are you in 9th grade?

April said...

That video is AWESOME!!! Way to make memories at someone else's expense girl!!! I am still laughing!

Kristina P. said...

Wow, this was so steamy!!!

Heidi Ashworth said...

Bummer, the video wouldn't work for me, I'll have to come back and try again. Your story was awesome--you (almost) make me wish I had waited until I was 18 for my first kiss. I was 14. But, hey, no french kissing til I was married, so there!

T said...

um, will it sound REALLY bad if I admit that my first kiss (a bad kiss) was best friends with my first french kiss (...much MUCH better)... does that make me evil?


McEwens said...

WAHOO girl!!! Sounds like it was WELL worth the wait!!! Because seriously, I dont remember my first kiss... HOW SAD IS THAT!

Annette Lyon said...

If only my first kiss story were this good. Mine was a nasty experience.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Wow, your BIL used to play football for BYU? Can I touch you?

Great story. Laughed so hard I cried. And that video. Good times huh.

Nan said...

Wow, my... it's kinda hot in here, or is it me?

Um.. my very first kiss? I'm sure it was boy with the last name of Dolph, the dolphin boy as my friend called him because not only was that his last name really but because he was a pretty good swimmer on the swim team for our school, it must not have been very memorial, because I "KNOW" he was my first kiss, but I don't remember it like I should.

Wow. look at you with all those followers, man! I started reading you way back when you only had like 30 or so! Great job!! But you are so entertaining it was only inevitable your number would keep climbing! Way to go Shelle!

Barbaloot said...

I loved that story! I'm such a sucker for that kind of stuff---glad it was worth the wait:)

I said it on Crash's blog and I'll say it here---my first story isn't going up on my blog. But, my story was kinda like yours (kinda in the sense that it wasn't nearly as perfect/romantic)-but it did involve the boy across the street that I had loved since the age of seven. Oh, and when we finally kissed we were 21.

Looking back-it's semi romantic/sweet now, but a few months after the fact-not so much:)

Barbaloot said...
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clan of the cave hair said...

so did the folk's catch on and forbid further room sharing?

Jessica Stier said...

AWESOME first kiss story!!! I'm trying to remember mine and I have narrowed it down. I believe it was with a foreign exchange student from Germany named Hans. He was a senior and I was a Freshman. We were in a school play together and when it was all over we went to pizza joint for a drama club party. Woo-hooo! I remember kissing him but I can't remember the hows about it. However, for like a month after that every day between classes we'd be over by the gym kissing. However, I never let him French me. I kind of thought that was gross. Silly me! hehehe
Don't tell anyone, but my DH's first kiss was with me. He doesn't go around telling people this and I think he's secretly embarrassed by it but I think it is way sweet.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

YAY!!! good to hear from you again...You are such a great cuz...I missed your comments...I'm so sad you even had a BAD kiss in your life...LOL...but I would have avoided him like the plague also!

Brooke--yes I was 18...ridiculous right? Whatev...a shorter guy just ISN'T the way to go!
lol! was a fun fact I think I still owe him $10.00?

Kristina--Yea are funny in your bright blue SNUGGLE BLANKET!!!

Heidi--I can't believe you didn't French until you were married...HELLO that is the best part of kissing!!! :) As long as the guy knows how to do it right!

T--not bad just slutty...okay I kid...I would high five you if I was sitting next to you! lol!

McEwens...what is sad is that I made such a big deal out of I said in my post...if I were to do it all over again, I would have kissed the guy in the closet!

Annette-you and Nat make me sad...first kisses are suppose to be GREAT...not BAD!!! :( You can live through mine though, make it your own! lol!

NHC--you totally can touch me...and even better I'll bring my BIL along and you can touch him! He's love that! lol!

Nan--can't go wrong with a swim team member...they seem to always have GREAT bodies!!! Thanks...I started paying people to follow me and it seems to work out!

Barb--aaaahhhh...that is WAY better than mine...but I understand why you wouldn't want it out in INTERNET fact, I might unpublish this one next week...My pride can only take so much! :)

Clan of the Cave hair--great question...yes, they did...somewhat, at least until the night before he left on his mission...I slept over that night! LOL!

Jess-So lucky yours is foreign and fun like that...I had a goal after my first kiss to kiss someone foreign...never got to will always be in my WHAT IF box! lol!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

OMGOSH! I loved that story. WOW!
You waited 5 years for KJ! How romantic. And it actually paid off! Wooootwooo! In a big way. I got goose bumps when he was rubbing his big strong fingers in small circles on your cheek.

That was steamy . . . a hem! GULP!

And we are so twins with the blonde girl thing. I hear ya, sistah!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I forgot to tell you that I love love love your helloha! I love it. I've never heard it spelled like that before.

Mariko said...

That was pretty hot. I'm impressed you could say all that with your husband around. He's not jealous at all? With all of that late night perfect kissing in your brain?

Melinda said...

Great story! I loved it! Wish I had that great of a story, but mine was pretty innocent, and well, boring. :)

Yeah, what Mariko said, is your husband jealous? hehe The video was great too, so funny! (and p.s. he is pretty cute!) ;D

PJ - Our life said...

My first kiss was in 5th grade, I lost at shooting the most baskets -go figure - I've always had a thing for basketball players!! My first french kiss summer before 6th grade - a cowboy!! Then I went back to the bb players!!

PJ - Our life said...

My first kiss was in 5th grade, I lost at shooting the most baskets -go figure - I've always had a thing for basketball players!! My first french kiss summer before 6th grade - a cowboy!! Then I went back to the bb players!!

♥georgie♥ said...

okay I cant even read the post till I figure out why YOU and CTD are not showing up up in my blogger follow thangy....I will be back....and for the record i am certain I missed out on something good!!!!

This Mom said...

Man you made me think and smile today.

My first REAL kiss was in the 7th grade and I was 13. Carl Wilson and at a friend Halloween party. Man is sorta gave me butterflies to remember.

thanks for that trip.

Kritta22 said...

You didn't show up on my blog reader either...I would have been over here a long time ago!!

Did you read about my first kiss on Crash's site? If not, you'll have to read it there cuz I'm not gonna post that on my blog...well maybe I will...I'll have to ponder that!

So that video:

1. Your first kiss guy is HOTTT!!

2. It makes me want to hang out with you more cuz I sooo dare people all the time!! LOL

3. Did he eventually drink water?

I'm going to go now make pizza.

Kritta22 said...

PS I think your first kiss guy looks like my Emmett. I'm just saying.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Crash you KNOW you are my inspiration...I thought you might like that Helloha...I couldn't copy you EXACTLY because that would be dummy plagirism and I wouldn't want to get involved in any of that!

I wasn't TRYING to be steamy...I just really really liked my first kiss!

Mariko--I'm ALWAYS trying to make my husband jealous...but the guy doesn't have a jealous bone in his body...he always says, "I figured I won, I got the prize..." He's just saying that though...because I am always telling him to beat up my fantasy men, but he won't? hmmm...

Melinda--BORING? No way...I don't buy face says personality and LOVE OF LIFE ga-lour...I bet it was WICKED...hehe

PJ-I can't believe you went COWBOY...I wasn't even that daring...I use to judge, but now that I have read about Marlboro Man over at Pioneer Women...I kinda wish I would have ridden that!

GEORGIE--WHAT the WHAT? How am I not showing up? I still get your stuff...I see YOUR posts...I'm still following...fix, FIX, FIX!!! *faint*

This Mom-I'm not going to was WAY fun strolling down memory lane!

Kritta--If your first kiss was somewhere in the 200+ comments Crash got then I haven't read it yet...that was CRAZY and SO FUN for her, and you guys, and everything...could you point me to what comment number it was...thanks much, cause I WANT to read it!!! :)

And he would have probably made a really great Emmett...way to point that out! :) OH and he "supposedly" didn't drink water...and he text me updates ALL night...I think just to spite me and keep me up because he was on the toilet all night!hehe!

nevadanista said...

Oh my helk! You became a kissing slut?! :D

What a great first kissfrenchkissmakeout!

Anjeny said...

Oh wow!!!

~fanning herself with her hands~

Is it hot in here or is it just me? That was one hot HOT story, I could just swoon over the hotness of it.

Shelle, you are an amazing story teller...gee, you even beat me, you waited til 18 to have that kiss and what committment.

binks said...

Wow, wishing my first kiss was so ummmm.... steamy.

It is like 35 degrees here (WHAT!?!?, I KNOW!!!) and I had to turn on the fan.

nick said...

You are brave to put that up! Do you think he read it? I would be so shy. I wish I wasn't so bashful. But it sounds like a great first kiss, lucky girl!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

So here's what I'm wondering now. What is it like to make out with hot guy that you've been best friends with for 6 years and waiting for and fantasizing about and then still see him on a regular basis after you're married with children? It's not like you're seeing him on Facebook. We're talking flesh and blood hottiness?

Do tell.

And then write a whole novel about it.


It's not like you have anything else to do.

Aleisha said...

You crack me up!! I am loving reading your posts. Um, I married my first kiss so we get to re enact it lots. hahahaha

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