Wednesday, June 30, 2010

EVO Conference 2010- Why weren't you there again?

I have to hurry because I need to take off to go to work.

But I did want to mention EVO '10.

You guys, it was so great!

The sponsors rocked. You should click on that link and see who sponsored. The Canyons, Buick, PBS Kids, Quaker Oatmeal--so many more... click the link! We were SPOILED.

I learned about SEO, marketing, sponsors, and just how to have my own story and how to relate. How to be authentic and irresistible. Again I need to find my own niche... but I also need to learn how to incorporate words like "muffin top" to bring in more traffic. Who knew? This whole time I have been saying "Spare tire" and I should have been calling it by the sweet nick name of "muffin top"... my bad.

I also took a class where I learned how to VLOG... so LUCKY YOU GUYS might see me more on VIDEO! I know, you guys are so excited! I did learn specifically from that class that I am everyone else's good luck charm. Almost everyone I sat by or hung out with in that class won a new Kodak HD Video Camera. Yes, this is a true story. So stick with me if you want to win big!

And I'm pretty sure the one girl I put forth an effort to sit by and talk to won the BIG HUGE Grand prize... just sayin.

I would show you some pictures... but instead I'm going to point you to my flickr stream so you can look through them yourself. Here is THURSDAY NIGHT, FRIDAY AFTERNOON WORKSHOPS (all but the photography one... sigh, couldn't make it up the Gondola so the other photographer got to shoot that one), and SATURDAY AFTERNOON Sessions (Just half of them). ENJOY!

You need to try and go next year. They had the most incredible speakers. And the people I met or SHOULD have met... will forever be the most favorite part of any conference I attend.

My question for you and so I can post the answers on twitter is: If you could have me VLOG about one thing embarrassing or not... what would it be?


Thursday, June 24, 2010

I should be packing...

I'm going to Evo 10

So I'm heading off to another blog conference. This one is in Park City-EVO Conference 2010 and I can't wait!!! Park City is so beautiful but to meet more of my online friends is the best part!

I am also taking pictures for this conference, I'm not the only one, just one of the photographers for the event... so if you are going then make sure to smile when I stick the camera in your face!

I also made my own Business Cards, because at the Casual Blogger's Conference I didn't have any and people were asking for them left and right... so to appease the masses or because I want to feel important I gave in and did some, and let's say they are a step above sucking, but I procrastinated and they are all I got!

Drum Roll Please...

I know I know... next time I'll be more prepared. Like when I head to BLOGHER10 in NYC!!! BOO YA! And Kevin from Always Home and Uncool already promised I could attach to him like he was a life raft in the middle of the ocean...because I'm scared to be alone or to be a wall flower. (Kevin you can't take that back...just so you know).

Oh and I got asked to shoot a wedding in Central Park on Sunday. I kid you not. So Saturday night, RED EYE, I'll be heading out to NYC to shoot a wedding for a friend... I can't help it I'm a pleaser and the two I'm shooting for are incredibly beautiful and were in desperate need of a photographer last minute... and I'm flattered that I was thought of in desperation ;)

Okay... well I should probably pack and take a shower since I leave in an hour.

What are you guys doing this weekend?

If it's cool enough I'll twitter it for you... because I'm nice like that. Or just make fun of me, or say something funny... that way I can have something to twitter and do while I travel and just because.


P.S. Go check out how this male blogger used FaceBook to prove a point to his kid!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In honor of Gucci Mama and her Well Endowed VLOG.

So you have to go over and watch this girls VLOGS.

She cracks me up! She has this Boob Balancing challenge. Being a well endowed girl myself, I found this hilarious.

Mama Still Wears Gucci

In honor of her, I re-enacted a photo she did on her blog--I only had one hand instead of two... but you get the point.

Okay Obviously my memory sucked it up and I could have sworn she was wearing glasses? So my mind mixed this one:

and this one:

To make this:

Anyway... go check her out.  She is hilarious and sweet.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vegas and Dicks... restaurant.

People who don't know me, and to be honest, who are not of my faith... have a hard time believing that Las Vegas isn't all that cool of a place to me.

But it's true.

It's because I have lived close to it practically all my life and it has lost its appeal, if it ever had one for me, probably because A)I don't have enough money, or, B) I won't participate in the "naughty" of it.

Let me tick off a list of things I don't do while in Vegas:

Drink alcoholic beverages
Go to Strip clubs or anything remotely related to that.
Stay up past 10pm unless I'm watching a movie or editing photos.

List of things I will do in Vegas:

Ride Rollercoasters--only the older I get the more I feel like vomiting after riding the thrill based rides. And there are only so many to ride before it gets boring.
Go to Cirque Shows
Off Broadway Shows
Comedy Clubs (I'm picky)
Bull Riding
Dance Conventions
Photography Conventions
Trekky Conventions (Okay, I don't really go to those)
I use to go to Wet N' Wild a lot until it closed...

As you can see I have a lot of reasons to GO to Vegas and Enjoy it, the only thing is it's smelly--and dirty. After I come home from there I have to wash my clothes like 5 times before the light scent of cigarette smoke and butt are washed out.

But, if someone says, "Hey Shelle, I'll be in Vegas this date, do you want to go/meet up/shop?" I'm there in a heart beat. So it's more of a love/hate kind of thing.

All of that to tell you that we heard about this restaurant called, "Dicks", from some friends of ours. They LOVED it. According to my husband, they were crying laughing as they told him of their experience there. So since then, we have wanted to try it.

Basically, you can be "dicks" to them and they can be "dicks" to you. (Pardon my crass language-I know a lady would never choose those words, but it needs to be said to fully explain).

So we gather up some peeps my Brother (Whose lost a whole person-and his wife) and my Hot Pregnant Sister (and her husband) to go with us. We get to the restaurant and have to wait. As we waited we were entertained by a "gogo dancer" who was throwing out beads. I told hubs to go dance for some beads but he was to much of a pansy. Let's just say she knew how to move her back assets. I usually have to hold my breath in intervals until I get use to the smoke/butt crack smell. Luckily before our names were yelled out I had accustomed myself to the smell. That was until a group of drunk men acting like boys came along and reaked of B.O. mixed with way too much cologne.

Our name was called and we tromped in after our hostess or we tried to follow, she lost us halfway to our table as we slipped on trash (napkins) littering the floor, but we all made it and sat down. I stared at everything. The drunk birthday girl taking pictures with all the guy tables around her and feeling up their bums. The 19 year old girls all too skinny and blonde and in super tight black dresses. The waiters yelling out words that I was to naive to understand. There was so much going on.

Finally our waitress comes over to our table, leans in and shows her bounteous cleavage and asks, "What can I get you to drink, HURRY!, What do you want to DRINK!!!?" In a fit of pressure I yell out, "Water on the rocks!" She stands up and places a hand on her hip as she sinks into it and says, "Water? Well you're boring." (she then proceeds to roll her eyes).  Then she leans back down and slightly smiles as she looks to my husband, "And you?... Please don't be as boring as her." He says, "Coke?" She says, "Pepsi" he just smiles and says,"That'll do." She gives another sweet smile to him and moves on to my SIL. Brave girl says, "Waters for the rest of us!" (all chipper and happy like) And with that our waitress throws her pen and napkin she was taking the order on and walks away disgusted as she mutters, "you a#$holes are boring".  We all laughed that boisterous laugh... and then that awkward laugh... and then that... what just happened laugh... before we stopped laughing all together.

I don't blame her. We were boring. But who cares what they think!? You got to go in there expecting the harassment.

She did come eventually with our drinks, threw our napkins at us, threw our straws at us and stomped back off. And from that point on we were like a black hole in the restaurant. It's like we could see everyone, but know one could see us. Funny isn't it? I got to stare to my hearts content and nobody cared. It was sweet. I had a blast.

Our waitress would come around and ask us how things were... not nicely at all... she did her job well--and would tossle (more like pull a chunk of strands out as she walked by) our hair and continue to say we were boring. I just batted my eyes as I slurped up my water on the rocks and judged everyone around me. Hey! I can do that... don't even tell me you wouldn't be doing it also.

Anyway, they also write on these chef looking hats really crude things... here's mine:

Awesome right? How did they know? I kid I kid... honey... sweetheart... I KID! ;) (I immediately took it off after we snapped the picture... cross my heart and, well, you know the rest)

After a walk on the strip, some pictures were taken (which are featured below), we decided to head for home because we KNOW how to party like it's 1999 and you guys are totally jealous!

That is my reinactment of a certain type of tourist.  You either get it or you don't.

Yes I'm hiding behind the pregnant girl... it's fair!

So let me just say... you want to meet in Vegas? I'll be your designated driver... that way I have an excuse to drink my blessed water on the rocks!

Anybody have a crazier Vegas story then MINE!? I highly doubt it, but you can give it a go. I may just twitter it if it's twitter worthy.

Oh BTW, the food sucked at DICK's Last Resort Restaurant.  So don't actually go there unless you like to drink but not eat.

Your. Welcome.



P.S. Check out what Real World has going on!

Monday, June 21, 2010

MSM as a Father and my list of TOP DADDY BLOGGERS... did you make the cut?

One of my Father's Day Gifts to my husband MSM- is I wouldn't blog.

So take that sucka! I did it! Didn't even get on the computer.

He did. He had stuff he had to download and things he needed to do.

But it was his day. I was cool with that. I started reading the new Stephenie Meyer book, so no worries.

Anyway, I post this picture every year on Father's Day-or his day-or our anniversary, point is... I've used it many times.

But I have never told you that this was one of the first times I took my brand new DSLR out to mess with it and I couldn't figure out how to get focused on hubs face, it just wanted to automatically focus on the weeds in front of his face. (this was before I learned how to manually focus and also how to use my focus points).

I remember looking through most of those pictures I took that day and DELETING them, (beauty of digital) and came upon this one. Even though the subjects are out of focus, this picture is beautiful to me, and I couldn't delete it. Every time I look at it I fall more in love with it.

Three of the best things that ever happen to me in my life are in that picture, slightly blurry and out of focus, but together.

I have since taken many pictures of them, even better pictures as far as a photographers eye will attest, but this picture has it's own story, a beauty among the mistake.

I can go on and on about my husband and how incredible he is with his kids. But I won't because I'm sure I've said it every year since he became one. But this is for sure, he was born to be one, a father. He is everything a father should be, but more. And I will always be eternally grateful that Heavenly Father blessed me with one good decision and I used it wisely.

***I also wanted to link some of the most KICK A... Daddy bloggers I know-and wish them a Be-Lated Happy Father's Day. In NO PARTICULAR ORDER: Click on their names to open another window to browse their blogs!

There is MANY I'm sure I missed, but I read these guys if not daily, often. Some of them I just found, but I love them all the same. Good job guys for what it's worth, your blogs are TOP NOTCH in my humble opinion! Or they just make me laugh. Or I pity you...

Heh... I kid.

They are good blogs, and I triple dog dare you not to find ONE blog that you don't fall in love with also. (Does that make sense?  Basically if you tell me none of these blogs would interest you... you lie... that's what I mean)


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I've made it, they called me an expert... my interview/podcast.

Holy HECK I was interviewed, as an "expert" and they I use that term lightly, or not at all, on a website. It was a interview for the Real World. They thought the blog was kinda cool. I hate to boast about my baby, but I think it's kinda cool also. But I wrote and linked to the interview over there so you're going to have to click over to listen to the interview, here is a teaser of what I wrote over there-- (I totally sound geeky and make a big fool of myself, believe me, you don't want to miss it if you like to tease and make fun of people, especially me). Don't say I'm not a giver:

So I had this email come though one day from THIS website and at first I thought it was SPAM.  So I was going to Delete it, but the subject line said: INTERVIEW.

So I got curious.  I opened the email.

Guess what freak shows.  They wanted to interview ME because of THIS blog!  Our Real World Blog!

I KNOW!?  Right?  I was more excited then a new mom who just fit back into her Pre-Pregnancy Jeans! I kid you not.

Now click over to Real World if you want to read the rest and listen to the INTERVIEW!!! ha!


ps--I turned off comments, so if you have something to say, just click over to Real World and call me out! LOVES YA!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Man Hands vs. Girlie Hands

Shelle Edit:  I posted this in June of 2008.  My posts were more or less about my family.  But it's interesting how ones writing progresses (or not, depending on your opinion)--But there is some things that never change--which is my obsession with my mans hands.  So I thought I'd re-post this for you newbies.  Hopefully if I wrote that post now I'd be way more interesting, but the concept is the same!  Hope everyone is having a nice and relaxing summer-because I'm not-and I need to live vicariously through SOMEONE! :)

Let me let you in on a little secret of mine. I love hands! I's weird...but I do. Kinda like how some people LOVE feet!

I LOVE hands...

It's not the VERY first thing I required physically in a man when I was dating...but it was definitely in the top Five. My first being eyes, then smile, then teeth, then hands...and other things come after that.

Of course they needed the personality to go along with the good looks, but DANG...I can't wake up to someone that scares me...ya know...I'm shallow and vain...remember...

MountainSport Man's hands are so beautiful they almost make me cry...I call them MAGIC hands, because they are the only hands that have ever successfully given me a massage...and I didn't cry like a victim being tortured...I actually felt bereft when he he had given me a taste of delicious ice cream and then snatched it away only to have me watch him eat it...but I'm too prideful to ask him to continue because I always told him that NO ONE could EVER make me like massages...again, I LIED. 

For example...I had a guy in college that I LOVED. He made me pee my pants with his jokes, took me out frequently and brought me gifts, and surprised me at work with my favorite smoothies! He was a gem...totally would and will be a fantastic husband to some really great girl...I'm sure...but the guy had girlie hands. He used the tips of his fingers to open bottles...and I don't know...but it just rubbed me the wrong way, and no matter how much I TRIED to make myself see the other things about him that I LOVED there was the one wall...a stumbling block of sorts...I couldn't see past it...My vain and shallow self could only cringe at the thought of him helping me OPEN a bottle of something while making dinner together as a couple...I just couldn't do it...and so he always remained my REALLY GOOD FRIEND!

It was unfortunate really, the guy had really GREAT lips...never tried them out though, didn't want to start macking on his delicious lips and then feel his girlie fingertips caressing my me the hibbie gibbie's...

I get it...I'm weird...and your point? My husband has incredible hands...beautiful, manly, and so natural...

Even MORE beautiful then my man's watching him do this with my spoiled rugrat PeePs

and listening...then giggling...then again listening to her pure unadulterated laughter...
While watching him watch this...(He's mine...but you can's okay :) )

Hey batter batter...
and swing...



Sunday, June 13, 2010

One of my exceptions.

Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man. ~Rabindranath Tagore

There are many things I am thankful for.

But very few I am thankful for everyday-with 4 exceptions--

She is one of those exceptions.

Happy Birthday Girl. We love ya!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Barbalootsuit Guest Contributes about What NOT to say to SIngle people!


BARBALOOTSUIT is Guest Contributing over at Real World today!!!


What NOT to say to SINGLE people!

Here is an excerpt:

There's a trend among those of you that have been out there enjoying your marital bliss. You want to hear about the lives of those who don't have it, give them advice, help them on their way, share how great it get the drift. While we may (or may not) appreciate the thought, here is a guide of things you should avoid saying if you prefer to not have your throat ripped out.

-So, why are you still single? Well, sometimes I wonder if it's cuz I kinda walk like a duck..? Or maybe it's because I'm too introverted and don't give people the chance to get to know me..? It could be my complete lack of interest in the NBA and refusal to pretend otherwise..? I mean really, it'd probably be easier if you just asked us for a list of our insecurities

I learned stuff. GO over and learn, or laugh, with me!

*post about my little PeePs below, it has to do with dancing and makeup!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

PeePs, Dance, and Makeup!

My little PeePs.

I put her in tap this year. If you have been reading me at all you know that dance has been a big part of my life.

So it isn't hard to figure out that my daughter will be put in dance. People expect that. What they are confused about is that I put her in tap.

Confused-nose-in-other-peoples-business-parent: "Shelle I see your daughter is ONLY in tap"... nose scrunches a little.

Me: "Yes, that's because it's an incredible waste of money to put my FOUR year old daughter in ballet and jazz when she really just needs to learn rhythm and counting and the basics of musicality right now, tap teaches that. Believe me, she won't hurt in ability if she doesn't start ballet or jazz at the young age of four."

Confused-nose-in-other-peoples-business-parent: "But you danced."

Me: "Yes... so?"

I got that a few times. That was always my answer, of course, I said it with a smile on my face! :) I'm always courteous, my mom and dad taught me well.

Anyway, being normal, I began to worry if my daughter was actually learning anything from this class and if I had made a wrong decision, because every time she came home and I asked her to show me what she had learned, and she would say, "I forgot Mom, can I go play?".

By the time recital came around, I had prepared myself for my daughter being the one little girl just standing their, frozen, staring out in the crowd... and I would console myself by saying, "Well at least she got experience out on the stage" as my husband grumbled, "That was a complete waste of money."

As we were driving to the recital I started to prepare her, telling her that no matter how things went, Mommy and Daddy are already proud of her. You know what she said? "Mommy, don't worry, I was made to be on stage!" I kid you not. Those words came out of her mouth. I thought to myself, "WHOA! She's too young to already be a big talker like her DAD!" (My husband speaks daily of how awesome he is, don't believe me? Just ask him!)

But I want to boast a little here. My daughter was fantastic!!! She was one of three that actually knew what she was doing, or at least followed really well. I wasn't wrong! She also was on beat so she learned musicality! Big sigh of relief. I felt completely validated.

In my euphoric state of happiness I excitedly went to collect her from her teacher after her performance and grabbed her to hug her tightly! Her daddy had given her flowers and she was smiling so big! So I asked her, "How did it feel to be out there on stage". Without hesitation she answered, "I just liked wearing make-up!"

If you're bored you can watch her debut right here!


P.S. I am also in a debate about technology over at Real World. I say it is overriding our family interaction on a day to day basis. Go over and see who you agree with!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Politics and Relationships and Freedom is not Free... but not here.

I posted about something scary... POLITICS over at Real World today... and yes, how it affects relationships.

If you have a minute... stop by and tell me what you think.

Venus and Mars

**Click the pic**

--Finding my "NICHE" is below this... and so far nobody, well maybe two, have helped me think of anything worth anything!!! Where's my peeps at!?

I need a "Niche"--or a place to curl up and suck my thumb.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Finding my Niche... or not... or...

All through the blog conference, when I'd sneak in to snatch a picture of the speakers, the theme was to find our own Niche.  Wait, that should have quotations around it, like this, "Niche".  Because that is how I referred to it all weekend.

Problem is people, I have none.

I take pictures, but I'm not patient enough to teach people how to, or I think, would want to listen to MY advice?

But I kept thinking about it... and thinking about it... and thinking about it, until it drove me absolutely bonkers.

I screamed in my head, "I have NOTHING to contribute!"

So I started asking friends what they thought my "niche" was.

You know what the common theme was?

Bathroom stories!!!

I'm not kidding people. That is what they said.

Me: "So I'm desperate to know what you think my blog 'niche' is".

Them: "Oh Shelle!" hahahah they would laugh, "you are the Queen of bathroom stories!"

I would think in my head, "WOW--I'm really and truly pathetic. This just solidifies it."

The thing is. I HATE going to the bathroom, I HATE public restrooms, for the very fact that really STRANGE things happen to me. I'm pretty sure I've said all of that before in another post.

Anyway--why fight it.

I can't make big bucks off talking about bathroom etiquette but maybe I can still teach, and maybe, just maybe... someone with a twisted and sick brain, will get me! :) *fist pump*

So I have this thing with that hair, ummmm, down there. The correct term I will teach my children someday is *whispers* pubic hair. But for now we will refer to it as the "Hair-Down-There"--kinda like in Harry Potter, how they call Voldemort "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named". Yea, it's really annoying and long to type, but it's classy, and I'm all about classy.

I've gone off on a rant.

Back on topic: I dry heave if I see something similar to The-Hair-Down-There, especially when it's NOT attached to where it is SUPPOSE to be attached.

I'm thinking I'm normal.

Anyway, I went to the bathroom at work the other day and rusedh in (because, AGAIN, I had been holding it WAY TO LONG) and run in to the ONLY bathroom stall available, and sit down, cause that's what girls do.

I do my business, and get up, and then I SEE it.

Yes... I see...a hair, that looks oddly enough like a Hair-From-Down-There (aaackkkk!!!) shaped as the FIRST letter of my name!!!

After I finished dry heaving, and worrying about dying from some disease, I began to wonder if it was too odd of a coincidence!

Was the universe (as Crash would say) trying to speak to me!?

Was it trying to pat me on the back and say, "Shelle, you shall not die of any disease".

And does the Universe speak like the scriptures?

I was so confused by this phenomenom that I wasn't sick anymore.

So... if you ever see a Hair-From-Down-There on a toilet seat that you have just sat on, distract yourself by wondering what it's trying to tell you.

And that is my lesson for today.

Your. Welcome.

Does anybody else have a suggestion on what they think my "Niche" could be?


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Photographic Evidence that I was THERE at CBC!

Besides meeting everyone and thank goodness other people were taking pictures because HERE is proof I was there!!! Yay! This is me when you first meet me...

And this is me in real life after you meet me... and YES, baby got back!

Anyway, thanks for Devri and Shauna for those pics that I stole off of FaceBook.

 And here is one with me in it... I'm in the back... with the peeps I mostly hung out with during the weekend.  I can safely say, "I love their guts" (no pun intended Annie).

One of the best things was listening to Mindy Gledhill and Cameron Rafati Friday night for the social event.  They were both so great and amazing.  Mindy took off so I didn't get any pictures with her... but here is one with Cameron Rafati!

Cameron had mommy bloggers swooning over him and even dancing pregnant for his music... I'm sure he'll never be the same! LOL!

But really what a great personality!  He was so personable and although he had ADD while taking pictures-he's worse then most of my children clients! :) "Cameron, look at the camera Cameron.  Hey Cameron!  Right here... can you look at the lens right here." I do have photographic evidence which I will post for you when it's not midnight!

Anyway, check out the dancing pregnant chicks here:

And Cameron's NEW video right here!  Just click play!

There is so much more I could say, but my husbands snoring and my everything from my hair follicles to my toes are sore.  My husband has started me on this new workout thing he's doing and as a supportive spouse fight it everyday I work out with him.  People... did you KNOW that you need your lower back muscles to drink water?  Yea, neither did I.  My fingers are striking because they have to continue to work out while I type this post and they are even sore.  It's sad... really really sad.  But you DID see that BOOT-TAY up there in that second pic right?  Just sayin.

Go check out Mindy and Cameron (yea, we are totally on a first name basis <--not really) they are awesome.

OH!  And look over there on my RIGHT hand side bar.  I have a BLOG FROG community... peeps, I could spend a whole post about how awesome it is... but just go over there and click and look for yourself... or wait for my post... because I love it, and the people that are the FOUNDERS of it.

Okay... later.

Check out Real World Venus vs. Mars. We have a Guest Contributor writing about Religion--her and her spouses differences--and how it effects her relationship. Go give your opinion cause I've met some of you, and BELIEVE me, you have them! :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I survived! And I'm Inspired! AND Less naive!

I think when Motherboard asked me to do the pictures for the Casual Blogger Conference I was honored, so I didn't ever think about how HARD it might be... ya know?

I didn't really remember that I am an outdoor photographer, and OF COURSE, the conference is ALL in doors. Yea... so HELLO flash 101. Sorry for those who were over exposed... or under exposed. How embarrassing...

I mean I've done indoor photography, but I usually have my lights and everything set up... but that wasn't going to work in this setting if I'm going to get Candid shots in 4 different locations.

I also was naive (big shocker) enough to think I'd actually have time to sit down and LISTEN to some speakers, or talk with my friends, or socialize and meet new people... ummm, yea, didn't happen so much...

Well, that's a lie, I DID get to hear ALL of Matt Townsend's talk and THANK GOODNESS I did. You all KNOW I love relationships and anything about them and he spoke on relationships with your spouse but ALSO in general. Highlight of my week.

Another highlight... getting chocolates from Tauna, seeing Crash with the Miracle Quilt (Kritta-I found my name on it!!!-you are amazing, the quilt was BEE-U-TIFUL!), seeing Tonya or T., Devri, Annie, Kristina P., Becca dancing, Emi Hill, Vanessa, Cameron Rafati sing (yummy) CHECK OUT HIS BRAND NEW VIDEO, Denae, Quinn, riding around with Sherri and Veronica, Leelou (Julie), Motherboard, And Caroline (MomBabe), Tenille, Meeting FormerlyPhread (who also rocks bass guitar) and so much more (it's 12:30am right now, I can't think of everyone-nor do I have it in me to link to you all! Sorry)

But, I did have SO much fun taking pictures of everything. I met so many incredible people and I am so thankful for that.

I'm slowly getting everything updated on Facebook, and Flickr. So if you aren't following Casual Blogger Conference or ME on Flickr (I'm shelleblok) then do so, if you want to see pics of everything. Well, everything one human could capture!!!

I hope I did enough so all you LOSERS could catch up and feel like you were there ;)

I'm not witty right now or funny. I'm just letting you know I survived... I'm inspired... and I love ya.


P.S.-- Go see what Real World has today. I know it involves animals...

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