Monday, April 18, 2011

Thousands of feet in the air

So I'm sitting here thousands of feet in the air, heading to Baltimore with my family, with another womans head lying on my husbands shoulder.  True story.  I look over and my husbands eyes are the size of saucers as he points, with his eyes, down and to the right side showing me that the woman sitting in the middle next to him is using his shoulder as a pillow.  I started laughing, especially when her mouth fell open!

But that isn't what I wanted to talk about.  I wanted to tell you how it frustrates me to no end that when the cabin door closes on the aircraft and the stewardess asks everyone to turn off their electronic devices, that you always have that one doofus who either doesn't get that it means THEIR electronic devices also or they think they are above it.

Right now I am sitting behind first class, yes right behind, the seats that start the coach class... That's us.

You know that part in Titanic where the kid asks his mom while the panic that the ship is going down swirls around, asks, "Mom, when will it be our turn?" and the mom pats his head and says, "once they load the first class then it will be our turn"--- yea that's is basically what I had to tell my son when be asked, "Mom, when do we get to eat?" while we were watching first class get served their meal, I said, "when they are done serving first class then it will be our turn, the commoners".  (hehehe, lol, I'm so funny-- that was totally off the subject)

Anyway, that is where we are sitting. There is the doofus about 3 rows ahead of me in first class.  See I waited until electronics were approved but then I needed to vent that doofus head was asked to turn off his iPod because he hadn't after they had made the announcement, and not seconds after the stewardess sat down he pulled out the iPad and turned it on!? WTHelk?  Earth to doofus, if the iPod isn't allowed you can probably assume the iPad isn't either!!!

So being the female that I am... I just sit there and fume, mumbling under the breath in my head that the guy was an "a" class idiot!


After all that raging inside, the next thing doofus does is turn Tangled on to watch on his iPad, my new favorite Disney movie... So now I can't be mad at him... I just realize he is a soft hearted, actual clueless, doofus... And that isn't so bad.

Hope all is well out in blogland.  Miss you guys.  This working extra hours is kickin my butt! But it allowed us this vacay... And life is all about memories we create right? Right.

Until I write again!  And I am still reading you on my reader!!! Thanks for keeping me entertained!

Monday, April 4, 2011

What did you learn today?

Image taken from here.
At dinner yesterday, after watching 4 hours of LDS General Conference with my kids, I asked them, "So what did you learn today watching General Conference?"

I thought they would think back to the game we play while we watch to promote listening. We tag a word to a bowl (we had six in all, one for each person there) of treats and when that word is said, we pass the bowl of treats around and can pick one treat until the word is said again. The kids actually listen for the word... you can imagine how fun it was when there was that talk about tithing and one of our words was tithing... we ate the whole bowl in one talk because the word was said so much! That is what my son said he learned... about tithing and why we do it and what the money goes for. It helped that he got a Reese's Peanut butter mini egg every time the speaker said, "tithing". :)

My daughter, however, piped in with this, "I learned not to talk while someone is saying the prayer". That is true!

We all started laughing.

But, hey, at least she learned something. Baby steps people, baby steps.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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