Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Shelle-by her blogger impaired husband

I'm taking over Shelle's blog for today. You won't get any pictures because I don't know how to do this. I'm lucky I'm on the right blog, well I hope I am anyway.

See Shelle told me that she didn't want anyone to know it was her birthday. She said after the age of 30 that she was done having birthday's.

If you know my wife you will know that she is numero UNO at reverse psychology.

Most years I take her for her word (then I'm out on the couch for not reading her mind! And then I get woken up an hour later with her pissed and dragging me back to bed because she can't sleep alone-which she blames on me) but this year, I'm on to her...


(Okay she may really kill me for this.)

I could write a list of 31 reasons why anyone would be lucky to have her.

But truth be told, she is my best kept secret and I'd like to keep it that way (and someone might confuse me with being sensitive).

Anyone that has talked to her and seen her pictures or video's she has done on this blog will know already how lucky I am.

So I'll just end this by saying,

"I Gotcha Baby! Happy Birthday"

(My pillow and blanket are already on the couch).


Your-stuck-with-me-forever-Husband aka MountainSport Man

Oh and if you want you can wish her a Happy Birthday -- she's a recovering attention whore. I let her indulge once a year on her birthday.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Where I define Love-Your Welcome

So I had time to read blogs the other day and I stopped on my friends blog and read THIS post.

It is his take on LOVE.

If I didn't know any better, I'd have thought my husband wrote this.

So I thought I'd kinda respond on what I think LOVE is. From my perspective. Even though nobody asked me! :)

Now that you have seen the introduction you have fair warning what it's going to be about. So stop reading if this topic makes you squirm! :)

Every relationship I've ever been in I'm IN because I like the person. When it came to boyfriends I liked them AND I lusted after them which can often be confused with LOVING THEM and often is, especially when we are young and have learned "love" through media. But having now been married to the same person for 10 years I realize that he is the only person I have EVER truly LOVED that wasn't my family.

My friend asks in his post: "First what is it? I mean how do you know you have it? It always seemed to me that everyone that ever had or was in love cried all the time. How could that be good enough to want it? Why would anyone have it?" and later on he asks these questions, "how would I know? I mean do bells go off? Do I get something? Does my stomach feel like I'm gonna have the squirts?" (he has a way with words right? *snort* at squirts)

So... here is how I see love. Or how I KNOW I love my husband. Even though in no way did anyone ask me. I just want to share my opinion!

Love is built upon--Lust or Like. But like and lust are fickle. It's ever changing and doesn't last, but that is how most relationships start. You either lust after them or you like them enough to hang out with them more than once. (exception being your own kids. Most parents will agree that you LOVE them first)

Most people confuse love for wanting to be with a person all.the.time or wanting to jump on them and have their way with them or something like that. But to me, that is lust or a lot and lot of like. But not love. I was like that with a lot of people in my life. Especially guys I liked. I just HAD to talk to them or be around them and if we dated and then kissed a lot...BOOM I thought I was in LOVE!. Then after just a few weeks I'd get sick of them. The newness died away and life would interfere. Or they might have gotten sick of me (Pshaw! yea right! I just had to put that in there so you didn't feel I was cocky). Or I met someone else that I liked (lusted after) more. So I was never really in love. But by society's definition I was. I had my fair share of crying over people leaving my life... but I realized it was mostly because I didn't control their leaving. Funny right? With every situation like that I was already trying to find a way out myself, but the fact that I didn't control when it happened I felt more vulnerable... does that makes sense? So I cried over hurt pride not necessarily the person.

Or they confuse LOVE with Romance. That can't be true though. A person could never have someone do romantic things for them and yet still be shown love or feel love. And on the reverse, someone could be showered with romance and still feel as though they haven't been loved or been shown love. Romance is an added bonus for sure, but unnecessary to love someone.

So now that I have separated what most people deem as love. Here is what I think it means.

Love to me isn't as much an emotion, as it is an action. Do I love to hear my husband whisper in my ear, "I love you". YES! Very much so! But if he hadn't of already showed me he loved me, he could whisper until he was blue in the face--but I'd never believe it. For example: my weight. My husband tells me how beautiful my body is to him but in my mind I see my body differently. I don't believe it, so therefore I don't believe him. Get it?

Love for me is the things he does to SHOW me he wants me in his life by taking care of me. He protects me. He provides for me. He does random things to make my life easier. He will do things I ask him to do even though I KNOW he would rather be doing something else, meaning he would be ANYWHERE else rather than where he is. He respects me and treats me that way. He forgives me when I do things that I'm sorry for. He sees a need of mine and takes care of it and sometimes even my wants. He shoves me out the door when I need GIRL time or MY time. He is supportive when I try something new.

But also I know he loves me because at times he DOESN'T like me, yet he still loves me. I drive him crazy. He'll fight with me to defend his position. I'm almost sure he's held back from knocking me upside the head.

And see... I LOVE him because I want and I do those same things for him.

Also, love for me is the person I don't ever want out of my life even during those times I'm mad or angry at them. I'd rather be mad at them with them in my life then to not have them at all. I KNOW I love my husband because if he ever left me by death or some other way I wouldn't and couldn't just forget about him. Sure I'd still live my life, kind of like when you lose someone you love by death, you still continue to live your life after they are gone, but they aren't forgettable They are ingrained in memories that involve action and smell, they are always one thought away. My husband is the reason for most ups in my life and the reason for most downs. He is both the good and the bad. I think love encompasses both.

I don't know if any of that makes sense really to you guys... and I definitely think Sage was lost as soon as I said the word LOVE.

But in a nutshell. Love is an action more than an emotion. It is what you do daily in your life for the people you don't want out of your life.

What about you guys? How do you feel about it? How do you define it?

Late EDIT: Go ahead and add your list of what you think LOVE entails! Like some of you have been doing in comments! :) hahahaha @ Home and Uncool's comment! Isn't that the truth!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BUFF-on--BUFF off! Challenge 2: Supah's Survivors!

Hello Everyone!!!--

Challenge TWO on Supah's Survivor.

Okay so you know those Bandana things the survivors wear that represents their tribe during the show... you know the ones... the ones that the cute skinny girls with little boobs wrap around their boobs and use as a bikini top?

Now the light bulb goes on. Kinda like this...
...she's wearing a top underneath, but you now know what I'm talking about.

Well our challenge was to create a "BUFF-on" to represent ourselves throughout the rest of the game.

Awesome. Just what I need, another creative challenge.

Let's just say, FOR THE RECORD, my brain is really small in the creative department.

But I've muddled through and created my BUFF-ON! (that's kind of fun to say 10 times. Try it while touching your nose and blinking your eyes really fast) After we created it we were suppose to show a bigger version of it, here you go:

And then we are suppose to explain it and add a button that you guys could copy and paste to your blog (I will make a voo-doo doll of you and cause HAVOC if you don't add this awesome-est button on you blog in support of me) and it is suppose to actually function and link back to my blog.

*Deep Breath*

So I did what I do best. I begged, pleaded, and prayed for help! Thanks Amber, TheFairyLover, and JusttheGirl--I think, without pointing fingers, that someone or two may be Heroes and therefore my FRENEMIES... so I thank them profusely!

My mantra is, "You are just jealous because the little voices only talk to me!" How true that statement is for me--those of you that know me well KNOW there's things going on up there, unexplainable things, and I'm continually having conversations with myself along with my internet trash can ;). Either way, don't count out the crazy one, because everyone knows that crazy people have no regard for their own safety and make the BEST villians!!!

Go ahead and shout your praises to the best blog button ever created. And I did a I Meant To Say post down below... go add to comments and hang out with the crickets.


WIMTS--Back of the line, Princess!

What I said was: *Nothing* as I watched her play dumb and walk to the front of the line and proceed to look for an open stall. Which there wasn't one because, well, THERE WAS A LINE. But because everyone has luck but, yours truly, a stall opened up and she walked in to go to the bathroom, while the rest of us stood there in shock.

What I MEANT to say was: "Hey PRINCESS in this castle you are nothing like the rest of us. You don't pee gold nor does your pee have any special healing or curing powers. Until either of those things are evident I suggest you walk your true religions back to the end of the line before I make this lady in front of me drop kick you!"

Click on the button above to see who else is participating this week!

So which one of you is guilty of actually doing this? I'm not gonna lie, I kind of wish I had the ba-alls to actually attempt it! It would only happen to me, I swear!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Serious Sunday: Charity

I think it's incredible when you meet people that make you want to be a better person.

I went to a get together yesterday with 40+ other women all with one purpose, to start a group that could be of service, to find things to do to help other people. (Sad thing is, I'm a photographer and only had my camera phone. Which would have taken time away from my mouth-meaning I talked way to much and didn't take any pictures of it!)

Sue from Navel Gazing at its Finest started it. She's just as amazing in person as I thought she would be. I've read her forever and I was so *star struck* to meet her in person. :) If you don't read her, you should. Every post is a writer's masterpiece. She is witty AND gets her point across, instead of like my blog where I'm trying for both but get one or the other :)

I'm the first to admit that I love doing things for others but that I'm ultimately a selfish person. I always find myself wrapped up in my own life worrying about either myself or my immediate family (husband and kids).

I give when I'm reminded if that makes sense. I help out when someone else gives me the idea. I don't think of these kinds of things naturally which is such a horrible character flaw.

It's no different with this group. I am extremely excited about it and want to be a part of it, but it wasn't my idea...I'm sure I'll be forgiven for my inability to be a go-getter and secede in being a follower when it comes to these things.

However, just going to that yesterday and being a part of it made me WANT to do better, be better. These ladies, only one who I had met in person before, and maybe THREE I knew from their blogs... the rest where all strangers to me, each new person I met was funny and inviting.

When I get that feeling of being uplifted I always go and read quotes. True Story. I think I need to do that more. Bring back Serious Sunday's. Share that part of me... it's a small part, but it's still me right?

SO--the quote that came that struck me while reading after this awesome get together was this--because if I have pounded one weak character flaw in me it is patience-I have very little of it and usually the only patience I have is if it involves children--funny thing that is right?:

"The Book of Mormon provides insight into the relationship between patience and charity. Mormon, after pointing out that if a man 'have not charity he is nothing: wherefore he must needs have charity.' goes on to name the 13 elements of charity, or the pure love of Christ. I find it most interesting that 4 of the 13 elements of this must-have virtue relate to patience (see Moroni 7:44-45). "First, 'charity suffereth long.' That is what patience is all about. Charity 'is not easily provoked' is another aspect of this quality, as is charity 'beareth all things.' And finally, charity 'endureth all things' is certainly an experssion of patience (Moroni 7:45). From these defining elements it is evident that without patience gracing our soul, we would be seriously lacking with respect to a Christlike character." "The Power of Patience," Ensign, Nov. 2006, 15

From the Bible-(Thanks to the one who gave me the reference to it) 1 Cor. 13:4- "Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up"

So patience I have very little. If one involves the other than I'm bound to get gain more patience if I have more charity right? I'm going to go with that.

I do love this next quote also, so had to include it:

"Charity never humiliated him who profited from it, nor ever
bound him by the chains of gratitude, since it was not to  him but to God that the gift was made." --Antoine de Saint-Exupery 
Ah--that I can relate to.  It won't humiliate me and it won't bind me to gratitude :)
What I'm trying to say is...I'm going to give it a go.  Holding onto the coattails of the rest of them. 
Have a good Sunday everyone!  When I find a picture that was taken... I'll steal and post it-- wait, that doesn't go against everything I 
just talked about right?
Either way... love you all!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Harv's Soul-and his Valentine.

First Challenge for the BLOGVIVOR is to make a Valentine for Harv. Here is Harv. In case you couldn't see, he's a puppet. This needs to be noted for when you read my poem at the bottom of this post. Thank you. And continue...

We had to make this Valentine with our BARE hands. No E-cards or WiFi/3G internet allowed.

Scissors, paper, and glue... like the pioneer days.

Since I'm not that old which means I'm way bad at crafts so saying old justifies why I'm no good at them I had to google "How to Make an Olden Time Valentine".

I kid I kid.

i didn't.

But I did drag my husband and I with the kids to the local Walmarts (I meant to say Walmarts people... that's not a typo. My MIL calls it the Walmarts and it makes me laugh every time) to pick up that old fashioned construction paper. And some glitter pens.

Then we got home and had a family night out of it. My husband cut out hearts and I thought up a poem and taught my kids how to take Elmer's glue and put a bunch of it in the palm of your hand and then spread it out thin all over your hands and let it dry and then peel it off like dead skin. Good times.

Here is the by-product love child of our family Valentine craft night.

I know...I know. I should do a blog where I do a Valentine a day for 365 days and then have a movie made about it and a book published.

Anyway. I also have to share the poem I wrote...I did this all on my lonesome which is why it sucks rocks... but it makes me laugh and my husband is totally embarrassed that I'm even allowing people to read it... or that I'm claiming it. But if you think of SOUL and PUPPET... you should get my sick humor in this poem. (When your dealing with monkeys bouncing around in your head all day... this is the kind of stuff that comes from it. Just sayin.)

Harv's Soul
a poem written by Shelle Blokhead-a zero published poem author nor has she ever written a poem ever in her life except for in 11th grade English because the teacher would let her get out of it and she had no other choice but to write a poem and then I'm sure someone else really wrote it.
tap tap tap *uh hmmm*

I wish your soul
Could be my hand
Making two become one.

Then we could start a band
And sing about love... or not.

Because it would be our band
And your soul would be my hand.

I know. I've missed my calling in life.


P.S. You guys should know that they have already made the teams for this BLOGVIVOR contest. So you can't play... but you can support! And you will have to put up with reading about the challenges and giving me great ideas to win all the great prizes. If your idea helps me win... I for sure split the loot with ya'll!

P.P.S. I also wrote a post over at Real World yesterday. It's about cutting the apron strings. And basically... I believe you guys may have some opinions on that!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

You guys are Debbie Downer's for Valentine's for real!

So I LOVE valentines day.

Plus all you all are saying you hate it... and let's just say... I could never hate it.

And we need some positive light shed on this lovely day.

WHy is it so bad to think about love or romance or anything like that? It's not that bad of a deal. Everyone loves SOMEONE right? Best friend, family, lover, spouse... whatever.

But that isn't really why I love Valentine's Day. Nor is the fact that I L-O-V-E Romantic Comedies that roll out around this time of year...

Sidenote: I should mention here that my hubs kinda has it bad. We have our Anniversary, Valentine's, and well another special day where someone gets one year more mature! :) And so ROMANTICALLY Valentine's day get's thrown in the wash... come to think of it... all three usually do, but attempts are made at the Anniversary and the OTHER one... but not Valentines... except for the one Valentine's where I totally got a love letter. I kid you not! I might have screamed and cried and begged for it. But it was one of the most beautiful things ever received EVER in my life and I still have it to this day folded up in my scriptures. True Story. WORDS the written word... goes a long way for me. I married someone that hates to write... go figure.

But I love Valentine's mostly because of the candy and baked goods.

It's true. My love of holidays falls in order and priority of what candy and baked goods gets dished out that time of year.

For instance:

THese lovely Little Debbie treats are bought by the 10's and in WareHouse amounts at my house.

and then there is Rocky Mountain Caramel Chococlates. They are served year round, but we only get them this time of year.

And the Conversation Hearts. I LOVE them... especially the old ones, not the new sweet tart ones but the older ones... yum.

And SOUR balls.

And Heart shaped Reese's Peanut Butter things.

And cinnamon hearts.

And cinnamon anything.


Red is one of my most favorite colors. Plus I look mostly good in it. Well I did with my brunette hair.

I don't know.

Just doesn't seem like a bad day to me.

Plus... I'm going to teach my kids how to put a Valentine's on a fishing pole string and go knock on their friends doors and we run and hide and when their friends answer the door and go to pick it up we are going to slowly reel it in to keep it out of their reach... and then drop on the ground and roll around laughing and pointing our fingers!

OH first challenge is up at BLOGVIVOR... I have to write a poem... I SUCK AT POEMS. Secretly pass me your creative poems and if I win you get half the loot! I'll be posting about the challenge as soon as I make what it says I'm suppose to make (a Valentine)... Scissors... glue...sniffing glue... should be a blast. I'm going to VLOG most of my entries... I bet you guys are SUPER stoked about it also!

Later, Have a good or sucky Valentine's day...depending on your view!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


*UPDATE: So I wanted to play What I Really Meant To Say... so here it goes:

What I said:


So starting on Friday... I am in a survivor BLOG game.

It's kind of confusing to me... I'm not going to lie, but it's a game... and it's prizes so I was in! So if you start seeing me VLOGGING and writing posts about random stuff that confuses you... I'm sure it will have to do with this GAME.

The character they gave me to follow is Courtney Yates in the upcoming Survivor Vilians vs. Hero's. Let's be honest... I'm her but brunette well redhead right now... they couldn't have picked a better character for me!

Somehow... how she does on the show effects me... soon I'm sure I'll catch on. I'm more of a show me how rather than a tell me how sort of gal.

They will give us challenges via THIS blog... so you might need to follow... or what I'm saying is GO FOLLOW so you know how to help! GOT IT! And shhhhh...your my own cheat little secret so don't tell them you are my friend.

But... I'm telling you this because I NEED your support! You are my PIT CREW so to speak... ya get me? Pickin up what I'm putting down???

So basically...If I need your help you BETTER be there for me!

You'll get blessings for it I'm sure...

Anyway... this is a pretty freaking Genius Idea of Supah Mommy!!!

She is calling it Supah's Blogvivor!

Every week we get challenges and people will get voted out!


I wish my brain worked like this.

Look at all the sponsors!!! I'll keep the widget up on my sidebar... but I'm amazed! Plus guys... I donated like $10 bucks from WalMart because who doesn't need a fall apart something once in a while???

"Finally! Prescription glasses at affordable prices..."


SO anyway... click over... follow the coolest BLOG game ever! And maybe, ya know, help me out once in a while! :)

What I really Meant to Say:

What!? This isn't BIGGEST LOSER??? CRAP! Now what the Helk am I going to do with these before pictures???

Click on this pic if you want to play! :)

Love ya guys!

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