Wednesday, February 10, 2010


*UPDATE: So I wanted to play What I Really Meant To Say... so here it goes:

What I said:


So starting on Friday... I am in a survivor BLOG game.

It's kind of confusing to me... I'm not going to lie, but it's a game... and it's prizes so I was in! So if you start seeing me VLOGGING and writing posts about random stuff that confuses you... I'm sure it will have to do with this GAME.

The character they gave me to follow is Courtney Yates in the upcoming Survivor Vilians vs. Hero's. Let's be honest... I'm her but brunette well redhead right now... they couldn't have picked a better character for me!

Somehow... how she does on the show effects me... soon I'm sure I'll catch on. I'm more of a show me how rather than a tell me how sort of gal.

They will give us challenges via THIS blog... so you might need to follow... or what I'm saying is GO FOLLOW so you know how to help! GOT IT! And shhhhh...your my own cheat little secret so don't tell them you are my friend.

But... I'm telling you this because I NEED your support! You are my PIT CREW so to speak... ya get me? Pickin up what I'm putting down???

So basically...If I need your help you BETTER be there for me!

You'll get blessings for it I'm sure...

Anyway... this is a pretty freaking Genius Idea of Supah Mommy!!!

She is calling it Supah's Blogvivor!

Every week we get challenges and people will get voted out!


I wish my brain worked like this.

Look at all the sponsors!!! I'll keep the widget up on my sidebar... but I'm amazed! Plus guys... I donated like $10 bucks from WalMart because who doesn't need a fall apart something once in a while???

"Finally! Prescription glasses at affordable prices..."


SO anyway... click over... follow the coolest BLOG game ever! And maybe, ya know, help me out once in a while! :)

What I really Meant to Say:

What!? This isn't BIGGEST LOSER??? CRAP! Now what the Helk am I going to do with these before pictures???

Click on this pic if you want to play! :)

Love ya guys!

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