Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm not lying... HE asked ME to guest post!

SO SOMEONE got HIGH and asked me to Guest Post for them.

I did it. Because I felt I HAD to.

You'll understand.

Go read over HERE.

Love ya all!  Hope you had a good weekend.

P.S. I know Real World was down for a bit... but it's up and running again! Thanks for all the concerned emails!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Meet ME the BLogger...

Meet the Blogger ME ME ME over at Real World Today.

I not only answer deep thought provoking questions... HA!

But I throw in a VLOG as well... to shake it up a bit.

So Click below:

Venus and Mars

Come over because I'm afraid no one will show up to my own Meet The Blogger party... and that would be sad.

Turning off comments here... so click on over already!

I'm also Guest Posting on Monday over at The Urban Cowboy's place and de-bunk his scam. So you won't want to miss that.

Have a good weekend!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

But... But... I'm official!?!? Let's play hindsight...

This has got to be quick... but it's something I need to address.

So my work just came out with this newer... tighter security.

Everybody has to walk around with their badges showing... and visitors can't just walk through the front door any longer, they have to be buzzed in.

I totally am all for tighter security. My safety is always important. What would everyone do if I wasn't able to blog any longer?

 Go on about their lives like nothing ever happened? Like their was never a Shelle Blok?

I don't think so.

I'm thinking the world would end... Armageddon sort of proportions here.

So anyway... back to the story.

 You have to make your badge visible.

Problem is this. It isn't quite a habit for me yet. I have my badge in my purse and I scan my purse to let me in and carry my badge, still in purse, upstairs to my cubbie. If I'm paying attention I'll hold my badge in my hand... but let's be honest, the time I go to work, I'm usually not paying attention.

I had to make a run somewhere and came back in the afternoon. Out of habit, I scan my purse, walk in the door and continue to the stair way.

The WHOLE time, a very pretty older lady (POL) stares me down.

I'm feeling a bit... awkward... unsure if I have a booger hanging out of my nose or something.

It's inevitable that I'm going to have to pass her. She doesn't even move or pretend she isn't staring.

Keep in mind, she saw me swipe my purse (or badge) and walk in.

As I get not 2 feet away from her she says.

Image from HERE
POL: "You can't be in here, you don't have a badge."

ME: Goofy, confused, look on my face.

POL: "Dear, do you have a badge?"

ME: Light bulb goes off. Awkward laughing ensues..."Oh! Of course I do. It's right here." As I pull my badge out to show her that I was indeed official. But some people can't just laugh it off and move on... they always have to get something in.

POL: "You are suppose to wear that so it's visible and people won't have to stop you and ask for it."

ME: I imagined throat punching her as I swung around to drop kick her. Instead I just smiled and said, "I'll be sure to correct that so there won't be a next time."

But just so that I feel better about this whole situation people... I pose a question for you.

Did I learn a lesson? Yes.

Was it necessary? Maybe.

But... am I allowed to give her a stupid sign, throat punch, drop kick to her, in my mind, if she saw me use my card to actually GET IN THE BUILDING??? Wouldn't that signal to your brain somewhere that maybe I'm official?

Let me know what you think.

 Or let's play hindsight and tell me what your response would have been to her!!! That always makes me feel better :)


Monday, August 23, 2010

Give me a few minutes...and I'll get over it.

This post has sat here in my drafts for a while. Not sure if typing this out for everyone to see was a very good idea.

But here you are, reading this, because I pressed PUBLISH POST.

There is this trait I have, that at first, I felt was a good character trait about me, but I have come to realize that maybe it isn't.

I forgive easily.

Seems like something that one would strive for. Forgiving. I know many people that have a hard time with it, and struggle to let go of a past grudge they have against someone who has done something to harm them physically or emotionally.

Not me. It isn't a problem.

I have always been able to let things go.

Let me explain how I've figured out that this has come to be, maybe, something not so good for me.

You see, I have come to realize that it is something people can use against you.

Can you believe that? Something someone should think of as a good thing... but I realize it is also a weakness or maybe it is perceived as a strength... but I've come to realize, not always the case.

Image taken from HERE
People who know me, and KNOW me well...know that if they wait long enough after a argument or after doing something to me that may have been inconsiderate, that I'll eventually just let it go. They don't have to do anything at all. In some, if not most, cases I'll say sorry first or break the string of tension by talking to them first.

Why would I continue to do that if I know that is what is happening?

Because I can't stand to let things fester and be tense if I've let it go.

But it also puts me at a disadvantage. There are, at times, when I'm feeling particularly down, which is rare, that I hate this about myself.

I wish I could hold onto that hate and tension... because at the time, it feels good. See don't get me wrong, it's not like I don't feel those feelings of never wanting to see or talk to a person again if I disagree or am maybe hurt by them. I feel that stuff. I thrive on it for about, sometimes as little as, 10 seconds. I just can't seem to hold onto it.

Which leaves me the weaker party or the stronger one...depends on how you look at it.

But why should someone push away their pride, or say sorry first, or forgive me, when I'm going to do all the work for them?

And even knowing this. It doesn't make a difference. I'll talk to them first, or if they happen to break the ice first, but don't say sorry, that is good enough for me. I'll talk and be a part of their lives again like nothing ever happened.

So what does this mean? Does it mean I care less? Or care more? I don't know.

But there are times... especially lately and as I get older, that I wish I didn't make it so easy, because at times, rarely, but at times, it makes me feel walked on.

But oh well, give me a few minutes and all get over it... for now.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where are all the parents??? Based on a true story.

I have a story I must tell.

One that may shock you... or not.

See there once was this girl, cute, fun personality, smart, and totally excited to start school. I may have added to that excitement by reminding her she was going to start her first day of school every day for at least 7 days before she actually "started" school.

Me: "Aren't you so excited to be a big girl and go to your Big Brother's school!"

PeePs: "Mom, I'm 5, not 2. But I'm so excited!!! Yay me!" As she jumps up and down clapping her hands.

See here where I live they tease Kindergarten-ers. They say, "Today you start school! Well you kinda do. You get to come and meet your teacher and sign up for a day that you can test and we can see where you fit and watch your progression through the year. So you don't actually go to school, no, you just meet your teacher and then come back later that week to test. Then NEXT week you get to start school."

So we did that. We had her meet her teacher... she tested (she rocked it-and teacher was somewhat worried she might be bored-but we are going to play that by ear...) Then we patiently waited for the day she would actually get to go to CLASS and LEARN.

Proud Mom fact and a bit of a sidenote: I should tell you that my daughter has this incredible drive to learn. Everyday she makes her Grandma sit with her (I can't because I'm at work) and do "homework" with her. And I'm not just talking 10-15 minutes worth, no, I'm talking an hour and a half later her Grandma is firmly telling her she has to stop for the day-where my daughter is none-to-happy about it. I don't know where this drive comes from, but I'm not about to worry about it.

So back to the story: Monday this week rolls around and my daughter and I get her dressed for her FIRST day of school.

Keep these images in your mind... they may break your heart later.

So as you can see.  She was ready and excited to start BIG GIRL school.  And I'm telling you... like DisneyLand excited!

It's 10 minutes until her first day of school should start and I grab her hand and we head out the door, to brave the heat, and walk to her school.

As we approach her school and the area where the Kindergarten kids meet I start to notice something is wrong.

Where are all the parents?

As I'm running off of fumes because I had little sleep the night before, I just shrug it off and we head to her classroom door.

Just as we are about to open the door her Kindergarten teacher opens it and looks at me, a bit surprised, (her Kindergarten teacher, BTW, is a friend of mine, we worked as lifeguards together), she says "Hi" and hesitantly shuts the door.

I sit there, befuddled for a moment.

Is my daughter late?  Is she teaching me a lesson?

I look at my phone and we are one minute early.  That is WAY on time for me.

Hmmmm... maybe she is still getting things ready...

I look around the area... WHERE IS ALL THE PARENTS?  It was just me and another lady (who I found out through polite conversation didn't speak much English) smiling at each other and looking away.

My friend, my daughters Kindergarten teacher, pokes her head out the door and has a super huge smile on her face... like the smile you have right before you are about to laugh, and says, "Shelle, did you know that school doesn't actually start until Wednesday?" bwahahahaha... hahahaha... holding her stomach, bending over laughing, and she sees the light bulb go off in my head, "we are still testing until Wednesday." hahahahahahaha... still can't breathe, she is bending over laughing at me.  "Shelle!" heave, breathe, heave, laugh, heave, breathe, "you haven't changed a bit!"

I'm feeling totally embarrassed and dumb right now, even though the only audience to this faux pas is me, the teacher, my daughter, a few other first graders playing on the play ground, and the cute non-english speaking lady.

And when I feel embarrassed I laugh.  And when I laugh, I cry.

When I could breathe again... and she could breathe again, and I grab my daughter and start walking away I say over my shoulder, "You know this won't be the only time something like this happens!"

The End.

This story is based on a true story.

So today we try again.  TODAY she is going to her actual first day of school!  We didn't take pictures again because she looks exactly like she did in the pictures above.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Direct me in the right direction, thanks in advance...

I get up really early in the morning. Like, spooky early, in the morning. And let’s just say... I may be a bit paranoid, or that is what the experts may or may not say...

I’ve been doing this for about 4 years now and the paranoia hasn’t lessened. If anything, it gains speed with each passing day I have to wake up and get into work at a time that even the night animals are resting their heads.

I have had, I SWEAR, people follow me. Those times I’ll circle around the town until I lose them and then head into my work parking lot. I've become an expert at "losing" them when they turn off a street and proceed to stop following me.

I check under my car to make sure no one is going to hack my Achilles tendon... because, ya know, that would suck.

I look in my windows to make sure no one is going to surprise attack me from the back seat.

I keep my headlights off until I back up, and then, and only then, do I turn on my headlights but just the ones that shine the orange on the sides because I don’t want to wake my babies as they sleep innocently in their beds-which as resulted in some various nicking of some trash bins and other random things left out that may be somewhat close to the driveway I back out of (my back up sensors don’t pick that kind of stuff up--so it can’t really be my fault--I still have sleep bugs in my eyes at that time in the morning no matter how many times I absently rub them to focus more)... Just sayin.

Anyway... there is one thing, that no matter what, and I even KNOW it’s coming, I still give a little yelp (more like a horror movie scream) when it happens.

The stupid BUGS! Gah! It’s like they know my schedule and they set up a surprise attack every time. They’re smart those little bugs. Real smart.

They change time and position so that I won’t know where one of them will sneak out of a crack, or rock, or from a tree, and head straight for me!

I realize I’m the bigger part of the circle of life in this scenario. The only thing is, I never even attack back. I just scream like a 3-year-old girl and side step whatever is coming my way, and run like I’m about to be murdered, to the door of my work, where I frantically try and pull out my ID to get in!

Never fails. Even writing this, I realize that tomorrow it will be the same.

I would love to pick up the security camera tapes that record that every morning. I keep checking on YouTube because it HAS to entertain someone!?

What kind of phobia is this do you think? I’ve asked Google, but nothing. I’m thinking I don’t have the right search terms- CRAZY BUGS PLAN ATTACK ON HUMAN FEMALE EVERY MORNING- IF THEY CATCH HER MAY BE PLANNING SOME SICK KIND OF RAPE OR EVEN WORSE A SLOW TORTURE FOR A REASON UNKNOWN TO THE HUMAN FEMALE-all I get is alien movies and this is my REAL LIFE people.

So I thought I’d ask you guys what you think? Blogging is therapeutic, and true, and I know that there is someone medically or psychotic enough to understand what I’m saying and direct me in the right direction for help.

Thank you in advance,

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Help a fellow blogger out!

If you have time... go over to REAL WORLD today. We posted about Helping a family get enough votes to put curing JM on the map and we need your help to vote.

All the info is on the link...


Or this one.


Or just click here to vote...

But really... all the great info is on the other site. Just sayin.

Friday, August 13, 2010

I dare you not to ugly cry.

Okay well Sue from Navel Gazing at it's Finest posted this video below on facebook and said that it made her ugly cry.

Well with a statement like that, I had to see what it was all about.

I started bawling about a 1:40 seconds into it... the vid is like 10 minutes like.

But I stayed tough for that 1:40 seconds willing myself not to let the stupid cry stuck in my throat come up and out of me.

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baby steps at embracing it...

So I saw in facebook THIS post from one of my friends and I instantly clicked over, because anything to do with body and embracing it... I'm ALL over because I want to know the secret.

No, really... I do.


We've discussed this before, but I think the verdict still hasn't come in.

SO- then I click over to THIS site:

And fell in love with this girl from her VLOG... she loves her butt and boobs! Can we say green with envy???

Plus she's super hawt. So I get it.

Anyway, I thought I'd join in since I'm trying to change my thinking on the whole body image thing.

So... without further ado.

What I LOVE about my body.

I love my eyes.  Does that count?  It's on my body.  Baby steps people... baby steps.

I also love that my body was healthy enough and my pregnancies were incredible enough to have these beautiful children.  Does that count?  I mean it's about my body.

I also love my Collarbone. I think I appreciate them more now that I broke one of them. But I don't have a pic.

Okay that was theraputic.

I'm not sure it even counts... but like I said, I'm taking baby steps.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Our Summer Vacay--In pictures. Minnesota.

Besides the Mosquito's that love my son and I, they gave us such a welcome and let us know that they would love for us to stay because we taste like honey to them, our vacay was to the A-to the W- to the E-to the S-to the O-to the M-to the E.  (My boy and I look like we have chicken pox the mosquito's love us so much!)

Anyway.  Our hostess and family have really spoiled us.  WE have had such a good time and are so very very thankful that they allowed us to intrude on their home for 5 days.  This last day Jules has been cleaning like mad because she has just had about enough of the extra stuff that 3 more people add... and I'd apologize about that, but I had too much fun! :)

We have been to the lake, the Itasca State Park (which has the headwaters of the Mississippi), and her downtown.  I also experienced my first Bar Hopping experience... problem is I was the designated driver!!!  What up with that??? :)

Here we are in pictures.

ONe of the many lakes close to them

My daughter and I at the River... one of the many.

The rope swing at the River!  It was FA-REEZING BTW. The river anyway.

The crew at the HeadWaters of the Mississippi in Itasca State Park.

The girls amongst the guys in the Mississippi :)

The Itasca Lake Side of the Headwaters.

My wonderful hostess Jules and I after climbing the Fire Tower at the Itasca State Park.  Beautiful Scenery, but as you can see the Humidity hates my hair.
After the day at the Itasca State Park I made a bold statement and verdict, that is... Humidity sucks.  (surprisingly, not everyone agrees with me, as per facebook-my status-and people disagreeing with me) But Minnesota is absolutely gorgeous.  Green everywhere.

But air is heavy... did you guys know that?

How was your weekend? Anyone go to BlogHer and totally miss that I wasn't there?


Thursday, August 5, 2010

VLOG and leave on a plane... again

Okay so I did a VLOG over at Real World today. If you want to go see my mug shot live and in person then click on over there:

Venus and Mars

I'm leaving on a jet plane... again... (back off SciFi :P)

This time I'm luggin my two kids with me. We are going to go and visit It Is Just Jules!

I met her in Vegas for the first time last year and we went to the PBR Championships together. It was love at first bond.

Now I get to go visit her home town and I'm super excited.

The thing is, I may or may not have pushed the idea on her. And I may or may not have threatened her livelihood if she didn't cooperate and let us crash at her house. And I may or may not... well, never mind.

I'm excited, my kids are stoked, and well my husband gets 5 days to himself.

I wonder what he will do?

There are plenty of things I would love to have done before I got back. But he's a grown man and making him a list of things only encourages him to avoid doing them. My guess is there will be a lot of watching T.V. and napping.

That's what I would do... except exchange T.V. for reading a book.

Anyway, back to my point, my kids are exceptional travelers. We like to watch people walk by us at the airport and then make fun of them. I'm encouraging growth that way and teaching them that if they choose to wear things that make them look ridiculous and/or enhance already ridiculous features, that they will be made fun of. Although if the public school system is doing their job correctly, they will have already learned that and perfected it, but I believe in the double up theory... that is to learn something again and then double up the learning so that you get it perfect.

And that is my goal before I die... to raise well-mannered, perfect kids, who judge.

Now go watch my VLOG and practice making fun of someone. I have already done it 3 times and I just uploaded the video!!! I have all day tomorrow to laugh at myself. I am cursed with cheeks that look like they always have something in them...

It's all for you guys and my besties over at Real World.

Your. Welcome.


Monday, August 2, 2010

Change sometimes frustrates me.

There comes a point when I just have to roll my eyes and say, "Enough is enough".

I get that people want to change. I get that people HAVE to change. What I hate is when they are obviously faking it to make it. Ya know what I mean?

I hate that it seems forced, this new personality they are attaching themself with. I hate that they are so enamored of molding into someone or something else that they seem totally unattached from what they were.

I hate that I no longer get them or understand them or KNOW them.

They seem so completely different that I want to punch them back to who they were. I want to pull out the DVD of their life from when the change began and make them sit and watch it. Then we can laugh at them together like a really bad reality show.

I know I sound awful right now. I know I may even sound selfish. But I'm kinda just sick of it. I'm sick of getting to know someone, investing time in who they are, falling in love with what I know of them, and then they go and decide that who they are isn't good enough for them, even though who they are is incredible, and beautiful, and all together worthy of not only MY attentions but every one who cares for them.

Why does a journey of self-discovery for some people mean that they have to change who they are? Why can't it just be a journey of finding out WHAT they are, and why they are special that way?

Now don't get me wrong. I KNOW we all change little by little from experiences thrown our way in the path of life. I realize that it isn't as much CHANGE as it is evolving or growing into a greater and more fuller person. What makes me spasm a bit, is when a person I love and know seems to fall back into a more shallow person as a result of their self-discovery, rather than a more fuller person. It's like instead of wanting to grow, they just want to return to life when responsibility was something they talked about with OLD people.

I am probably the ONLY person that feels this way or even understands what I'm saying. But I had to say it. I had to write this out, because if I didn't, I might have actually confronted these people and said things I couldn't take back. And even though I'm irritated with them and there are days I've had enough... I'm still the sucker, because I still completely love them... even if right now I barely recognize who they even are.

And then I sit here reading the black words on top of the white background and wonder if I am the one who has changed, if I am the one disappointing those around me.

Feel free to unleash whatever awesome advice you have for me.  Especially if you understood anything of what I just said.  If not... then please leave something I can laugh at and post on twitter...


Picture taken from Google Images HERE

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