Wednesday, August 25, 2010

But... But... I'm official!?!? Let's play hindsight...

This has got to be quick... but it's something I need to address.

So my work just came out with this newer... tighter security.

Everybody has to walk around with their badges showing... and visitors can't just walk through the front door any longer, they have to be buzzed in.

I totally am all for tighter security. My safety is always important. What would everyone do if I wasn't able to blog any longer?

 Go on about their lives like nothing ever happened? Like their was never a Shelle Blok?

I don't think so.

I'm thinking the world would end... Armageddon sort of proportions here.

So anyway... back to the story.

 You have to make your badge visible.

Problem is this. It isn't quite a habit for me yet. I have my badge in my purse and I scan my purse to let me in and carry my badge, still in purse, upstairs to my cubbie. If I'm paying attention I'll hold my badge in my hand... but let's be honest, the time I go to work, I'm usually not paying attention.

I had to make a run somewhere and came back in the afternoon. Out of habit, I scan my purse, walk in the door and continue to the stair way.

The WHOLE time, a very pretty older lady (POL) stares me down.

I'm feeling a bit... awkward... unsure if I have a booger hanging out of my nose or something.

It's inevitable that I'm going to have to pass her. She doesn't even move or pretend she isn't staring.

Keep in mind, she saw me swipe my purse (or badge) and walk in.

As I get not 2 feet away from her she says.

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POL: "You can't be in here, you don't have a badge."

ME: Goofy, confused, look on my face.

POL: "Dear, do you have a badge?"

ME: Light bulb goes off. Awkward laughing ensues..."Oh! Of course I do. It's right here." As I pull my badge out to show her that I was indeed official. But some people can't just laugh it off and move on... they always have to get something in.

POL: "You are suppose to wear that so it's visible and people won't have to stop you and ask for it."

ME: I imagined throat punching her as I swung around to drop kick her. Instead I just smiled and said, "I'll be sure to correct that so there won't be a next time."

But just so that I feel better about this whole situation people... I pose a question for you.

Did I learn a lesson? Yes.

Was it necessary? Maybe.

But... am I allowed to give her a stupid sign, throat punch, drop kick to her, in my mind, if she saw me use my card to actually GET IN THE BUILDING??? Wouldn't that signal to your brain somewhere that maybe I'm official?

Let me know what you think.

 Or let's play hindsight and tell me what your response would have been to her!!! That always makes me feel better :)


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