Friday, February 29, 2008

PeePs is going to be our singer!

After we went to get the boys hair cut...PeePs started up her singing. Without fail when we drive in a car, PeePs starts to sing, she usually is making it up as she goes. She not only does it in the car, but also in her room when she is suppose to be sleeping, and on the toilet, at the dinner table, and in the playroom when she is cooking at her pretty much everywhere! We have started asking her to sing about different things and we think it is so funny! Enjoy!

Haircut TIME!!!

February 29, 2008

I tricked MountainSport Man into getting a haircut. I called my hair girl, Jackie Neilson, and asked if she had any open appointments today or tomorrow...lucky me she had an opening for both DCar and MSM at 1:00pm. MSM, at the starting of winter just stops cutting his hair. He likes to grow it out, especially for snowboarding because it keeps his head warm...or so he says. Well, it gets scruffy looking because he won't get it trimmed or put any style into it looks like scruff and simply...its embarrassin'! :) I told him to go and PLEASE get it cut...but no go. So I took the initiative. I called MSM and told him that I needed to have him go with me somewhere for an hour to 45 minutes on his lunch break. Imagine his surprise when we pulled up to the hair salon...he told me he already knew... lol...! Luckily he was a good sport and so was DCar. Now they both look like the wonderful and incredibly good looking men that I am use to and love!!! Not that my love is conditional, but can you blame me???


HUNKS!!! Please...there is no comparison!
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Catching PeePs...

February 27, 2008

Such a funny story...I needed to drop MountainSport Man off somewhere...right now I can't remember exactly wasn't far a minute PeePs was watching a movie in the playroom and she seemed so content, so I thought, I'll just run up the street and drop him off and then be right back. Scary I know, but she looked so content, I just couldn't bring myself to bother her and she seemed really into her movie. So we got out to the took only a few minutes and I was back, I pull up to driveway and this is what I see...PeePs had, in that short amount of time, put her jacket on and gotten her Dora slippers on the RIGHT feet and had headed out to ride on her scooter in the back yard, in that process she must have had to go to the bathroom (by the way...she is fully potty trained now!!! Yea!!!) and she had put her underwear back on, but must have had a time with it! lol! No lie...I was laughing by myself in my van, trying to get my camera from my purse just looking at her...nobody to share in that moment but an innocent girl who was so proud of herself to have her jacket and "shoes" on. I seriously could barely breathe...and she just had the hugest smile on her face! Just look at the pictures below and try...just try to imagine my surprise!

Looks innocent enough right? But then she got off her scooter and started running towards me, skirt flying behind her and all! :)

Of course I wasn't quick enough to get that picture so she had a time posing for me on the trampoline!!! Her skirt is caught up in her underwear...and she doesn't have a care in the world!

Okay that is just an ugly face...but had to post it because when I say pose she starts contorting her face and I was lucky to get this shot!...Ummm...yes that is cheese leftover from chips on her face...I'm not perfect ya know!!!

She seriously was so happy and proud of dang cute!

This is how the skirt is suppose to look like! Not a good picture, but you get the idea!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

American Idol---Are you kidding me?

Wow! David Archuleta is seriously amazing. They didn't show him much in the prelude up to the top 24...I didn't even realize he was from Utah until he made the top 24...but I'm not going to lie---I'm like a proud Mom watching him's crazy!!! I'll admit I fell in love with his voice after he was shown singing "Heaven" in Hollywood, but are you kidding me...the kid is blessed with one of the most beautiful voices ever! Take a listen if you aren't an obsessed American Idol 7 fan like I am (thank you Debra Kluge for that)...I also like Brooke from the girls and the Irish chick that I can't remember her name right now!

Week 1-Shop Around

Week 2-Imagine-he sang this song on "Good Things Utah" when he was 13!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Who's Who?

February 26, 2008

So I am still doing that picture project and I am going through old photos and I found this picture of TaeLor and I flipped...which one is Tae Tae and which one is PeePs? Seriously I know you know which is which...but it is uncanny for me to look at these pics. Maybe Lisa and I had more to do with our kids than we thought!!! When anyone would see our daughters they have always said they look like our husbands...btw a Mom never wants her daughter to look like her husband...anyway...what do you think?

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Happy 26th Birthday Derek!

February 25, 2008

We LOVE Derek! So I had to find a picture of him and give him a shout out from my BLOG...because before Derek was the husband of my favorite younger sister...he was one of my best friends at the pool...that would be the CITY pool! We worked together for like 5 I have a special place in my heart for the youngin'! :) I really tried to find and old picture from the pool, but the challenge became the impossible...and I gave up as I tend to do with all my good intentions (I'm trying to work on that). And 26 things to write about why we love him would take forever and I would way have to over exert myself...but the best thing about Derek is he married my sister and so we get to LOVE him forever now! Have a good day D.

This was takin' at the old work place the CITY POOL last year!
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Monday, February 25, 2008

The competition is on...Let's Bowl

February 21, 2008

Girls Night with the Kolb girls!!! Vivian planned it and surprised us with Competitive bowling outfits!!! We had a good time! I stunk at bowling ...Alesha got first (secretly I think she practiced before hand and she had home court she brought her own ball!) Katy got second...pure luck...Tyanne third and I fourth...then Vivian participated!!! lol! j/k she got fifth! All around be honest...we had pretty sorry bowling scores...but GREAT conversation and really FATTENING food! Loved it!

Katy and Tyanne...putting in our nicknames! Alesha aka-Pinkie up to bowl! Love the socks!

Tyanne aka Rizzo up next! Alesha and I showing off our cute robes!

Katy, Viv, and Alesha Katy...Alesha, Tyanne (showing off her robe) and VIV

Someone offered to take our picture and something got in the way? Viv brought these bottles and covers because you are not allowed to bring in outside food into the bowling alley, so we had to sneak it and Katy, who is always watching our snack attack backs, brought PEANUT BUTTER M&M's-one of my one true weaknesses!!! So funny!

It was my turn to bowl, aka PLUSH! Nice white legs...

Katy...aka Frenchie bowling...I had to get a close up of Katy because when she rolled up her pants she couldn't help but show her religion!!! and when she was waiting for her ball she was just standing like that...maybe her inner self secretly wanted to be a ballet dancer???

Viv bowling...and our scores...sad...sad...I think my robe really threw me off...I think they did something to it so I wouldn't out shine them with my wicked bowling skills. Really that had to be it...either that or I will have to admit that when I bowl it's pure luck when I get a good score!!!

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Whatever Friday!

February 22, 2008

Grandpa Tawannee "Ty" Kolb passed away peacefully in the hospital around 12:30 p.m. today. He got ammonia and had to go to the hospital where at 91 years of age his body couldn't fight it. His funeral is going to be on Tuesday, February 26, 2008. We know that he is happy with his loved ones on the other side!!!

PeePs and Beau sitting on the potty together!

After a full day of shopping, we were driving home and the sun was hitting Katy's eye's really bad and these are the only glasses she could find...thank goodness for Beau!
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TaeLor at Hollywood Vibe

February 23, 2008

We went up to TaeLor's dance competition. She is in Jr. Company at her studio "The Dance Club", the same one that Allison from So You Think You Can Dance is from. Anyway, she didn't so good and it was so fun to go up there and watch her. She has grown up so fast!!! It was fun because Kassiddee got to come up with me and hang out! She has incredible taste in shoes!

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Wild Little Girl-Crazy Plane Trip!

So we are at the end of our weekend and Saturday Night after the competition we ended up staying at the Stoddard's house in Roy. We watched old videos from our Lake Powell trip with them...Funny how we change! Well PeePs didn't get to sleep until midnight...and then Lisa and I got to talking and didn't get to bed until 3:30 in the morning and then I was up by 6 am getting ready to drive down to the airport. I woke PeePS up shortly after and she was NOT happy about it. Well I just threw her hair back in a ragamuffin pony tail and we headed to the airport. Well after checking into the airport and waiting 45 minutes to get through security we finally arrived to wait for our flight to board and get a seat assignment. Well shortly before we were to board the aircraft we found out that our flight was delayed because of maintenance. We waited another 45 minutes and finally were allowed to board. In the meantime PeePs was acting like a crazy my mom had her running back and forth to the garbage throwing away things for her. The girl just got some burst of energy...and I was TIRED!!! Well we went to board the plane and jaksyn ran the whole way!!! We got on the plane and took our seats. PeePs decided that she wanted to sing and talk...(Can anyone say drugs please?) Okay not really...but I am human enough to admit that I wanted a child safe tranquilizer for some peace! We buckled in and taxied out to await our turn to take off. We waited...and waited...and waited! I'm not sure how long we waited out on the tarmac...but it felt like hours...I'm sure it was more like 30 minutes...the Flight Attendant got on and informed us that the de-icer wasn't working and we were going to have to taxi back into the gate. When we taxied back in...we were informed that we were staying on the plane while maintenance tried to fix the problem. After about 20 minutes they finally decided to let us deplane, and we were back in the terminal...and again my daughter had bolts of energy! We weren't in there long until they found another plane for us. We quickly boarded another plane and were able to take off and get back to St. George...the following is what happened during the flight!

PeePS with crazy hair...when she sat up it looked like she had put her hand in a socket!

She is still going and you can see how happy I am about that!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I admit...

So I admit it...I love getting on all of your blogs and reading them and also seeing if I know anybody that you keep in touch with on your blog and then if and when I have time I continue searching through blogs until I'm not sure how I got there. Well I got into Shannon's Blog...(who, by the way, I check up on everyday because she is so funny! And she is as obsessive with it as I am!) I immediately went to Emily's Blog...(who, by the way, I don't know, but love her blog) and ran into a post that talked about the Confessions of a Pioneer Women. Well she talked about how great it was so I HAD to check it out...because I'm pathetic like I have to ADMIT that I am now an avid visitor of blog! She is great with words and stories. She cooks. She takes beautiful pictures. It's just interesting. I also ADMIT...that I have always wanted to be a writer, because since I was very young (and my family can attest to this) I have been an obsessive compulsive reader. I read ALL the time. Since I read all the time I also have a lot of thoughts and ideas that I express to myself in my mind all DAY long. So when I happen to come upon this Confessions of a Pioneer Women, I love the simple thought of just writing about ones life and have such a way to express oneself. I am honestly in love with her Marlboro Man and her country life, it's quite uplifting to say the least, and since I am a romantic sap at heart I love reading her story of how her and her Marlboro man met.

I was going through some old things from middle school/high school and came across my old journals. I'm telling you I read all the time and so always had thoughts and ideas going through my mind. So I would write in my journal. Some of my entries were so everyday boring, but there are some in there that are pretty hilarious! I miss that writing. I miss having that as an outlet. I was such an avid journal writer up until I met my husband and got married. After that it's like life took over and I had such a hard time taking the time out to relieve my stress and write my feelings down. I would end up staying up with my husband watching TV with him, cuddled up nice and snug, and would end up falling asleep. Then I just got out of habit. Now with two kids and a full-time job, I'm lucky if I get sleep...(okay so Shannon you have it worse with two kids that need you a couple of times each at night...but hey I'm complaining about me by the end of the day...I'm lucky I get to blog some pictures before I crash at night...and I can't take away from my reading time, because that is my life away from life! Anyhow, what I want to really ADMIT is that I secretly wish I could write as well as the pioneer women, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Stephenie Meyer! I can write and imagine like no tomorrow don't get me wrong the problem is I have never, NEVER been any good at grammar! I have run-on sentences, commas in odd places, and periods where periods should never be so it can be hard to read what I you can see! Well maybe someday I can follow my dream! I just needed an ADMIT time...especially admitting that I am a BLOG surfer! LOL!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Get It!

Okay, so I had to post this picture! I am scanning in all of the pictures I can find pre-digital camera...and then organizing our pictures by year and putting them on CD's and stuff like that. I came across this picture and I started laughing! We obviously made these bags and hats of armor...but I laugh because of Krystal's! It's covering her face...hahaha...GET IT!!! I love it...I'm laughing crying tears right now because it's just so funny...I'm sure Krystal just wanted to feel included so Mom hurried and cut holes in a bag so she could take the picture! hahahaha! Krystal's a BROWN BAGGER!

LtoR: Ryan, Rance, Me, and Krystal

President's Day Trip

February 15, 2008

The rugrats and MountainSport Man went up North to SLC on Friday! MSM had an eye check up and PeePs and DCar went up to visit Grandma and Grandpa Kolb and cousins! They had a good time and didn't really want to come home! DCar and PeePs ended up coming home on Saturday night! On Friday when they were trying to get on the plane it was pretty much FULL and they were very lucky to get here they are hurrying to get on the plane after they were FINALLY called to board the plane as standby's! YEA! Oh and I had to work so that is why I couldn't go up! :(
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Valentine's Day

February 14, 2008

We had a good Valentine's Day. MountainSport Man and I went to Pizza Factory and the movie "Jumper" with some friends! It was good! I gave my husband and kids books that I had bought them! MSM book was perfect for us because at the end of the book it say's, "I love you for infinity +1" which is something MSM and I have said and wrote in our letters too each other since the first time we said, "I love you". So it was fun to find that! I also got volunteered to do the Valentine's games for DCar's Kindergarten Valentine's party! So it was a busy day for us!

Mammy had some Valentine's with balloons attached in the living room for the rugrats and for us! PeePs loved the balloon!

Here is PeePs Valentine outfit. It had some brown leggings too, but she got them dirty. But here was the shirt/dress!

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Here is the book I was talking about!

Grandparents Day

February 13, 2008

DCar at his school had a Grandparent's Day for Family Week! So he invited his Great Grandma Matesen and his Mammy-Grandma Wright! He wanted Grandma and Grandpa VIV and TY to come but they lived up North! He was embarrassed and was really cute during some of it...especially the part when Mammy said, "I have to give him kisses EVERYDAY!!!" Then she gave candy kisses out! It was cute to watch!

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