Friday, February 29, 2008

Catching PeePs...

February 27, 2008

Such a funny story...I needed to drop MountainSport Man off somewhere...right now I can't remember exactly wasn't far a minute PeePs was watching a movie in the playroom and she seemed so content, so I thought, I'll just run up the street and drop him off and then be right back. Scary I know, but she looked so content, I just couldn't bring myself to bother her and she seemed really into her movie. So we got out to the took only a few minutes and I was back, I pull up to driveway and this is what I see...PeePs had, in that short amount of time, put her jacket on and gotten her Dora slippers on the RIGHT feet and had headed out to ride on her scooter in the back yard, in that process she must have had to go to the bathroom (by the way...she is fully potty trained now!!! Yea!!!) and she had put her underwear back on, but must have had a time with it! lol! No lie...I was laughing by myself in my van, trying to get my camera from my purse just looking at her...nobody to share in that moment but an innocent girl who was so proud of herself to have her jacket and "shoes" on. I seriously could barely breathe...and she just had the hugest smile on her face! Just look at the pictures below and try...just try to imagine my surprise!

Looks innocent enough right? But then she got off her scooter and started running towards me, skirt flying behind her and all! :)

Of course I wasn't quick enough to get that picture so she had a time posing for me on the trampoline!!! Her skirt is caught up in her underwear...and she doesn't have a care in the world!

Okay that is just an ugly face...but had to post it because when I say pose she starts contorting her face and I was lucky to get this shot!...Ummm...yes that is cheese leftover from chips on her face...I'm not perfect ya know!!!

She seriously was so happy and proud of dang cute!

This is how the skirt is suppose to look like! Not a good picture, but you get the idea!

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