Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I admit...

So I admit it...I love getting on all of your blogs and reading them and also seeing if I know anybody that you keep in touch with on your blog and then if and when I have time I continue searching through blogs until I'm not sure how I got there. Well I got into Shannon's Blog...(who, by the way, I check up on everyday because she is so funny! And she is as obsessive with it as I am!) I immediately went to Emily's Blog...(who, by the way, I don't know, but love her blog) and ran into a post that talked about the Confessions of a Pioneer Women. Well she talked about how great it was so I HAD to check it out...because I'm pathetic like that...so I have to ADMIT that I am now an avid visitor of thepioneerwomen.com blog! She is great with words and stories. She cooks. She takes beautiful pictures. It's just interesting. I also ADMIT...that I have always wanted to be a writer, because since I was very young (and my family can attest to this) I have been an obsessive compulsive reader. I read ALL the time. Since I read all the time I also have a lot of thoughts and ideas that I express to myself in my mind all DAY long. So when I happen to come upon this Confessions of a Pioneer Women, I love the simple thought of just writing about ones life and have such a way to express oneself. I am honestly in love with her Marlboro Man and her country life, it's quite uplifting to say the least, and since I am a romantic sap at heart I love reading her story of how her and her Marlboro man met.

I was going through some old things from middle school/high school and came across my old journals. I'm telling you I read all the time and so always had thoughts and ideas going through my mind. So I would write in my journal. Some of my entries were so everyday boring, but there are some in there that are pretty hilarious! I miss that writing. I miss having that as an outlet. I was such an avid journal writer up until I met my husband and got married. After that it's like life took over and I had such a hard time taking the time out to relieve my stress and write my feelings down. I would end up staying up with my husband watching TV with him, cuddled up nice and snug, and would end up falling asleep. Then I just got out of habit. Now with two kids and a full-time job, I'm lucky if I get sleep...(okay so Shannon you have it worse with two kids that need you a couple of times each at night...but hey I'm complaining about me here...so...) by the end of the day...I'm lucky I get to blog some pictures before I crash at night...and I can't take away from my reading time, because that is my life away from life! Anyhow, what I want to really ADMIT is that I secretly wish I could write as well as the pioneer women, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Stephenie Meyer! I can write and imagine like no tomorrow don't get me wrong the problem is I have never, NEVER been any good at grammar! I have run-on sentences, commas in odd places, and periods where periods should never be so it can be hard to read what I write...as you can see! Well maybe someday I can follow my dream! I just needed an ADMIT time...especially admitting that I am a BLOG surfer! LOL!

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