Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thing I learned while at Disneyland...with pictures

Things I learned while at Disneyland... with pictures, but they don't necessarily go along with what I'm saying... and what I'm saying is not in any way, shape, or form in order.

1. Never be on a Diet change your way of life if going to Disneyland... the popcorn and cinnamon get you every time.

2.  Learn that if you want any pictures of yourself... you have to take them yourself-- then try not to go OVERBOARD... oops!

3.  Tell daughter who is TERRIFIED of any fast big ride that the rules at Disneyland say, "If a young child cries on this ride they have to go twice". (My guys doing not MINE BTW)

4.  Hey!  She didn't cry... 

5.  And when we were in line and she saw a little boy crying she looked at me and said, "OH! Mommy that boy has to go twice!"-- it made us laugh for like 5 minutes while waiting in line.

6. lines suck. 

6a.  Especially waiting an hour and a half for Splash Mountain which makes my belly jump in my throat... and gets me soakin wet! Wear something that dries fast... or sit in the back of the log.  

***Yes, I'm part Vampire and sparkle in the sun... now you know my secret!  Note my nephew in the back... he's a little nervous I think! hahahaha!

7.  California HS Senior Days suck.

8.  California Screamin' is so freaking fast, twisty, and free fall-n-ee that you can't really scream cause your throat is in your stomach and your stomach is where your throat should be.

9.  Hollywood Tower of Terror made me have to pee...

10.  No worries, I didn't pee my pants.  Plus I just told everyone I had just been on Splash Mountain... I think they bought it!

11.  You realize while people watching that there are DEFINITELY people worse off than you.

12.  Sorry... that was mean, but true.

13.  Sitting down and watching the HILLY BILLY show at the ice cream sundae place was my favorite part of the day... that's just sad.

14.  Ice Cream Sundae's suck when you are changing your way of life on a diet!

***Please take note of guy in FRONT... hahahaha!

15.  After fixing "It's a Small World ride" it still grate's on your nerves even when it sings it in different languages... that happens to be one of PeePs favorite rides... besides TeaCups.  (Guess who got to do that with her... TWICE)

16.  It's definitely worth breaking someone's leg to get to use the Wheel Chair entrance... just saying...

17.  When shining your pearly whites at the Disney Employee it will put him under a compulsion to give you a GET RIGHT BACK ON SPACE MOUNTAIN PASS after you just went... that's right, you get to walk RIGHT UP TO THE FRONT OF THE LINE...

18.  Space Mountain is still my favorite ride.

***Sorry, you KNOW I had to put this in here... okay, let's continue!

19.  Stop at EVERY bathroom you see... you never know when you will see one again!

20.  When your sister tells you that her and her family are going to Disneyland... definitely CRASH their party for two days... it was a completely exhausting, thrill riding, stomach hurt laughing BLAST!!!

This is off topic:  We ate cherries at lunch and I STILL got it, can tie that stem in a knot... a more mature and age appropriate knot!!! :)



P.S. Check son's who-likes-to-horde-Disneyland-maps-in-his-cargo-pockets, pockets before washing them.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Guess where I've been?

Okay... if you feel like I have been slightly neglectful in comments lately it's because....

I've been down to the
Happiest Place On Earth for a few days!  Who ever came up with that... LIED... just saying...

Do you feel cheated? That I just up and snuck down there for two days? Didn't even leave a note telling you where I was?

No worries... I'll make up for it...

Monday's post will be about things I learned while at Disneyland.

But for today... I'm beat, exhausted, tired...

So you get my fav pic!!!

Tell me
ONE thing that is consistent with Disneyland?

Waiting in line.

This was me 1/2 the time....
holding the little bit or giving her a piggy back!!!

Have a good weekend everyone!

SOLITUDE... go get yours!

I'm really excited today... because today I get to PIMP out one of my favorite bloggers/people. She's gorgeous too... which makes her BE-DAZZLE for my blog today!

I followed SHERRIE Shepherd because of her wit on her comments. She's funny!

Then I started reading her blog. She's an honest, wholesome, and organic person. She's true and real when she writes. She is not afraid to tell about her struggle with depression, she writes about it and for me it made her all the more relate able.

But the girl is blessed with a two talents that I honestly have prayed for... it's just not meant to be, for me anyway.

Sherrie runs marathons. That's right, you read that right... she RUNS marathons. On top of that... she ENJOYS it! She actually likes to run... WHAT THE WHAT???

Oh sure I run for exercise... but I hate it each and every time I do it...


Moving right along. The girl has MAD skillz playing and writing piano music. Seriously... MAD SKILLZ. I GET to review her new CD Solitude.

I hate to be cliche but I've listened to that CD over and OVER again since I got it last week... and my favorite is SOLITUDE... it moves something inside of me. It's so incredible.

I'm in AWE of Sherrie.

Thank you SO much for giving me the opportunity to write about it. You have such a GREAT talent.

So if you don't have this CD. YOU NEED IT--you can use PayPal even or Credit Card Seriously... you'll be missing out if you don't get it. Go over to her MUSIC blog right now and go listen to snippets of the music she has on her side bar. Blue EYED BOY... LOVE, Heart strings... SOOO GOOD-- she wrote them both!!!

You could try and WIN the CD: Just click on her Button below:


Either way... just remember, she was MY friend first, okay that's a lie... but I like to claim it!

And when she's famous... I'll have this blog post to remind everyone that I once was special enough to review her music!

My Review: TWO THUMBS UP plus two BIG TOE's--extra special!!!



Wednesday, May 27, 2009

VIDEO: Laundry DAY!!!

This is what I get to listen to every day since the girl could talk. And I eat it up!!! I love it!

She always says it with such ATTITUDE...

She has like 9 swimming suits... the reason being, she wears them EVERYDAY. But her favorite... a used one her Grandma bought from the Thrift Store... I.KID.U. NOT! It's the yellow one she is sporting in this video. She is also allowed, for the most part, to wear her favorite accessory--a headband!

Anyway... the next snippet is of her and her cousin who is staying with us. They are BOTH wearing swimming suits... and PEEPS almost falls off the chair... I'm a good parent like that! ;) But then she laughs... I LOVE her laugh! I just love how they talk... sorry, it's like little cherubic angels to me! :)


So what quirky things do your kids do, like wear their swimming suit everyday???



Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Port-a-Potty's... I picked door number 3!

Well Memorial Day was filled with the Lake and Jet Ski's and…

Great Scenery

And cute little people that warm my heart…

And people that make me laugh…

And my WHITE legs, arms, and face…

I was a good girl, I put sunscreen on EVERYTHING but my legs.

Why did I forget my legs you ask?

I got DISTRACTED… my niece needed it on her and asked if I would help her… and then… well let's just say you could FRY an egg on the heat coming off of my SO-SAD bright red skin.

I did learn, however, that I actually LIKE the water to be choppy when cruising/speeding along on a Jet ski. You can get some air! Hehehe… a lot of fun! So glad my BIL invites us along! :)

But you HAVE to know that it is DUE time for a bathroom story.

No worries. This one involved a Port-a-Potty!

I'm honestly SCARRED for life. In fact, I have recurring nightmares while I'm AWAKE.

When we get to the Lake we park in the designated parking area. I see a bathroom facility… but is CLOSED down. All there is, is THREE Porta-Potty's off to the side.

I think to myself, "So glad I don't have to go to the bathroom". Fate would prove otherwise. Of course!

Well, bouncing around on a Jet Ski, drinking two water bottles full of water, an apple, and a couple of handfuls of pistachio's later (that I had to de-shell myself…UGH) I honestly couldn't HOLD it or there would be severe consequences.

So I trudge through the unforgiving sand, uphill, to reach the port-a-potty's.

OH MY GOSH/GADNESS/insert expletive here… (I should have taken a hint when I saw that people had peed on the rocks and weeds around the port-a-potty's) first one I open… someone had PEED in the part where you should be able to wash you hands, if for some reason you had WATER to wash your hands with… lift the seat? FILLED! I know guys--I dry heaved also. So I high tail it out of that one.

Hop over to the next one. Someone had an accident ALL over… just all OVER!!! Yea… that time I threw up a little in my mouth. Wasn't going in there.

Last one… NO TOILET paper… but it wasn't FILLED to the top… so that was a plus. So I braved my way back over to the First one and grabbed the toilet paper. Then I had to rely on my thighs to keep me away from the disease infested toilet seat because I wasn't trusting that toilet paper. I was already going to have to use the bare minimum to wipe… and I'm sorry to have to get this out, but I didn't just have to pee which is why I even had to tough my way through that or I would have held it… BELIEVE ME.

I mean, you guys are probably infected with something just reading this.

It was horrible… and I showered for at least a 1/2 hour.

But the BBQ later that night made up for it! :) Okay, not really. But the food was good.

How did you guys fair yesterday?



Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

All I can say is I don't have to work today.

It will be filled with burgers wrapped in lettuce... Jet Skiing... lots of sunscreen... and complete exhaustion.

I can't wait!!!

So to be a giver... I'm turning off comments here and telling you to go to The Real World Venus vs. Mars today and comment over there! And just TRY to not laugh or agree with that post! hehe!

or... if you are feeling patriotic or solemn and don't feel like laughing yourself silly...

If Your Reading This-Tribute to the troops...



Saturday, May 23, 2009

Serious Sunday: Worth

I think the GREATEST blessing in my life is that I've always been lucky enough to know I'm worth something.

I've never questioned that. I've never been lost or had to search for it.

I'm not confused on how I believe.

On my wall growing up, the one I stared at right before I went to sleep, there was a saying that my parents had there, "I know I'm somebody, cause God don't make no junk."

Nowadays they have one that I'm working on getting up in my kids' room. PRINCESS-Daughter of a Heavenly King. (switch Prince for Princess and Son for Daughter).

I'm completely lucky.

And EVERY DAY I pray that my kids grow up with that same conviction... of knowing the worth they are not only to ME and MoutainSport Man... but to their Father in Heaven.

Sorry... just something I think about a lot.



Friday, May 22, 2009

Theme for today... DANCE!!!

Can you smell it in the air?

It's the changing of the Reality Shows, we go from American Idol--eh--so, so... and we get to get by FAR my favorite REALITY SHOW, who premiere'd last night!

(I wish they would ask me first when they photoshop'd my body on that poster... sigh.)

That's right... So You Think You Can Dance. Two hours of bliss... aaahhhh.

Of course we watched it on the DVR so I could fast forward. Sometimes those trying out make me feel all embarrassed for them, SO embarrassed I Fast Forward to save them the humiliation!!!

I'm nice like that.

Anyway... more on that another time. If you are an Alien from another planet and have no idea what I'm talking about... here's a few of my favorites to break ya in CLICK HERE or HERE. Or HERE!!!

I was able to take pictures of a Dance Concert a couple of weekends ago. Here are my two favorite shots.

Now go to Candid Carrie's Friday Foto Finish Fiesta and see who else is playing!

The coolest part of that Dance Concert... my niece performed her solo that she is taking to NYC for the New York City Dance Alliance Nationals--she placed for a spot in the Finals Gala... I'm biased... but I think she is amazing!!! After you watch her, I'll let you know how old she is.

(I'm awesome in this video at cat calling... I have that patented BTW... so you can't do it like me or I'll sue you.)

The girls 10!!! 10 years old. GAH... I love her! She's definitely my FAVORITE oldest niece!



P.S. I'm over at the Real World Venus vs. Mars today. I tell about the pranks my husband pulls on me... come over and say HI!!!

P.S.S. Everytime you comment... I lose weight... just saying.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

This Explains my LIFE... DVR anonymous

Uh...Hi... My name is Shelle.

I'm a DVR addict.

Everything I watch I record first.

It makes me feel empowered.  I don't have to watch the show when THE MAN (People who run the TV Scheduling) tells me… I watch it on my OWN time… so TAKE THAT!

So when I watch something like American Idol, a show that must be discussed with various groups of friends and co-workers, I usually find myself watching it in the LATE hours of the night or WEE hours of the morning… because if I don't, someone always SPOILS it for me.

So for ALL OF YOU THAT HAVEN'T WATCHED YOUR RECORDED AMERICAN IDOL… I'm going to spoil it for you in a minute so you might want to come back AFTER you've watched the show.  On your OWN time of course...

I've been HOOKED on phonics with this season, as I was LAST season.  I completely blame my friend from West Jordan, Deb, she made me feel sorry for her that she had NO ONE to talk to about the show so I started watching it with her the season Carrie Underwood won… and my opinion has been needed ever since… sigh.

But if I didn't DVR it now that I know about DVR, I'd never make it through because I can't stand commercials and I can't stand Paula's comments.  They drive me bonkers! 

I've already told you I'm not a patient person… so not only is everything she says FLUFF but she takes 5-10 minutes to explain herself… while in the meantime I found myself wanting to grab needles and stick them in my eyes!  Just being honest.

But then I got DVR… I can skip right over them.  It's lovely!

Same with commercials.  I'd be fine if they didn't repeat the same ones OVER and OVER and OVER again.  I have a hard time watching my favorite movies more than ONCE!

Except for Dirty Dancing… something speaks to me in that movie… I think it's the dancing, definitely not the dirty…


We DVR'd last night's show.  

I got a couple of texts asking me if I was watching it LIVE.

"NO!"… I text back… and they got the point because I wrote it just like that… if you aren't an expert texter, that means I'm yelling at you when I put it in caps… and when I add the exclamation point it really drives the point home that I mean business.  They are all so scared of me when I do that...

So my text messages were pretty quiet after that.  Except for the one I got from a DIE HARD KRIS FAN that said, "What the Helk?  You'll know what I'm talking about when you watch it!" at about 8 ish .  

Me, being sleep deprived, thought "I can't believe he just GAVE it away!"  And then threw myself on the floor and began a tantrum, cause there is nothing I hate worse than someone ruining the anticipation of watching a show I've DVR'd, to watch especially on my OWN time...then my husband reached over and slapped me "it's only 8ish he hasn't even seen the end yet!", and all became right again.

So it was a GREAT finale… and we are literally 1 minute from hearing who the winner is.  We watched the WHOLE two hours minus commercials… okay AND minus Rod Stewarts performance… after he almost tripped for the second time I HAD to fast forward it… but we watched everything else!

Then my Mom walks into the kitchen upstairs talking to my sister, and her voice is one of those that carries, and she says, "I can't believe KRIS won!  Adam was definitely the better singer and performer."

I curled up into a fetal position, sucked my thumb, and screamed "WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS!" in my head 100 times... really, really fast!

And that explains my life. 

Who wants to take the floor next and make sure to tell us your name and why you are addicted to the DVR.  We'll take this addiction one story at a time.  Thank you.



P.S.  Did you check out Darrell???  What's sexier than a MULLET?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Help me with what I SHOULD have said...

This picture I got off Google Images and is close but NOT close to what I'm talking about! Cause what SHE's doing is totally okay! (rolls eyes) But some of my readers ONLY LIKE PICTURES... so I'm trying to please everyone here!!!

OKay help me out today guys.

I was on the main street DRAG the other day.

Stopped at a stop light.

I look over.

And this is what I saw.

A lady ... (
if I were a mean girl that judged in her head I would call her a little TRASHY looking) who was having, apparently, an INTENSE conversation on her cell phone.


She was yelling and very animated.

She was holding the cell phone her her right hand. NOT squishing it between her ear and her shoulder... but HOLDING it in that hand.

In her left hand, that was FLAILING around, she held a cigarette.

Even though I could say right here that I'm not one to judge...
you guys would know I was lying... I said something in my mind that was probably siding on MEAN girl status.

So I'll spare you the repeat.

But then I shrugged and thought... "
Everyone has their vices. But how is she managing to drive?" I know it's manageable... but her concentration was clearly on whoever was on the phone... and BOTH of her hands were full... so her control at best was one where she could only use a part of a hand, her knee, or she would have to choose to give up the cig or the cell phone.

Then I LOOK further.

And this is where I wanted to get out of my van and violently hurt the chick.

In her back seat was a child. Closer to infant then toddler. And on further recall... not even sure the kid was belted in her car seat!!!

This is where I need your help.

Her window was down... mine was down.

Grant it I was in shock... but I HONESTLY wanted to say something.

And it was like my brain had had TOO much cold ice cream... it was FROZEN...

And then the light turned Green.

And like the beginning of a race, the chick was OFF!

I was stuck behind a NATURAL road block. (
Natural Road Block=Senior Citizen whose speed is turtle slow or snail slow)

I didn't even think to POP off a picture! THAT is how in shock I was!

So let's hear it... what would you have said? Or not said.

I need ammo,
cause HEAVEN forbid I see that again, but if I did... I think I'm morally obligated to teach the CHIT a lesson!!!  (see now I'm speaking in tongues... CHIT?HA! I'm leaving it!)

I love reflecting back on what I SHOULD have said or done... one of my many favorite things to do! And happens WAY TO OFTEN to me!  Especially after an arguement... it's like my brain finally catches up with the present!

So let it all out in my comment box.  I'm curious to know.  And I'm telling you right NOW... I'm stealing it-- if it's good... I'm using it.  So don't use any phrase you have Patented!  Cause if we can't learn and steal from each other being BEST BLOG BUDS where the HELK can we learn and steal from?



Tuesday, May 19, 2009

VIDEO: Deep Question III

I'm not funny, my voice sounds like I ate a frog, and I answer a question with sincerity. 

Sorry, I'll try harder to be funny and entertaining with the next one... like do cartwheels or interview MountainSport Man!

But I have gotten emails about this question...
and comments about this question... so I decided to answer it because KRITTA asked it when she ambushed my comment box. So here I am answering it as if you asked me at my house--only I would NEVER show you my "Catch all storage ROOM"--and I'd hide the vacuum... I wouldn't want people to know that I actually owned a vacuum because then they would expect me to use it!

Last thing... I love how It always catches me, mid talk, or mid smile, or mid yawn... or MID anything... or stops on me
mid talk, mid smile, or mid yawn... or MID ANYTHING. IT's always my best side!

Here's Kritta's Question:

Once your hubby is done with school, where do you want to live?

what is he going to school for anyway??

So here are the other installments I have done for the Kritta AMBUSH! :) Deep Questions I and II.

And don't be shy guys... if you ever have any questions I'll answer them... if I don't know the answer (
which is SELDOM--rolls eyes) then I'll Google it!

Seriously though... I'm like an open book.

So how about you guys! How often do you get ANTSY for a change in your life?

K... Have a GREAT day! :)



Saturday, May 16, 2009

Not so Serious Sunday--He has a Sweet Spirit...

***Update***-- I'm leaving this post up for Monday so that EVERYONE can enjoy the Sexy People Love!!! :) Seriously check out Today's post... MARCUS!!! I love my computer to, but seriously, that is taking it TO far! lol!

your. welcome! So if you have already read this post... Take a break--see ya tomorrow!!!

Since I posted a Serious Monday... I thought I would shake it up for Sunday.

When I was single, and was asked out by a guy, I rarely said No.

For a few reasons.

First of all... the guy had the guts to ask in the first place.

Secondly... when I wanted to say NO... I didn't have the heart to do it... I have a weak, guilt ridden heart.

Even if I did say No and was smart enough to come up with a good excuse why I couldn't go out with them, like: 'I'm sorry Joe, I can't do anything for the WHOLE month because I have to work some CRAZY hours so when I'm not working, I'm sleeping... catch me next month k?'

Then I'd feel so bad for stretching the truth that Karma would turn around and bite me in the butt and I'd be SO busy working that I'd get home and sleep and my social life would be non-existent. Then next month they would hit me up again and so I just ended up making my life worse and prolonging the inevitable!

Plus I suck at's written all over my face.

Thirdly... Someone else was paying for my food for the night...

My favorite thing after a date would be when people asked me how it was and how the guy was.

If I thought he was FUNNY and charming but wasn't attracted to him I would always say, 'he's got a sweet spirit'.

I think if I would have dated in the 80's I would have said that A LOT. :)

These pics prove it --
Fritz, Bobby, Greg and Valerie, and Robbie ... I'm obsessed with this blog BTW!!!

And I'm pretty sure
Craig looks exactly like someone who bought me my first dozen roses... but that's not why I think poorly of flowers, really it's not.

Oh stop... you can't tell me you didn't laugh... and you can't tell me you didn't date any "Sweet Spirits" so get off your pedestal.

And no worries people... I'm pretty sure I was someone's SWEET SPIRIT... these things always go full circle.

Hope you had a good weekend!



Friday, May 15, 2009

The Flower Girls--Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

A few weeks ago I got to attend my SIL's wedding! And she asked my daughter to be one of her flower girls. Since we don't get to do this a lot... we were kinda excited! Especially when my daughter saw the dress she was going to get to wear!!!

So here you go... some pics of the Flower Girls at my SIL's wedding.

B. wasn't to happy we were taking pics of her... but she is still adorable even when she pouts. :)

Now go over to Candid Carrie's to join in the Friday Foto Finish Fiesta Fun.

And thanks T. for allowing PeePs to be a part of your special day.  You and D. are PERFECT for each other! :)

You HAVE to check out The Real World Venus vs. Mars today... we have a MALE poster and I'm dying to know what you guys think!



Thursday, May 14, 2009

Where I answer DEEP questions part II

Here's another round on answering Kritta's questions from THIS post where she ambushed my comment box.  

If you missed the first installment--here it is... if you have never been ambushed by Kritta in your comments... you are DEFINITELY missing out! :)

Here are the ones I'm tackling today.  Very IMPORTANT questions and I'm glad she brought them up.  :)

Kritta writes:
What about baby bumps??
If you have a feeling that someone is prego, can you ask?

Sure you can ask.  As long as you want that person to fall into a deep depression and run from you to cry their eyes out--resulting in cutting their wrists and sticking them in salt water.

Honestly... I don't know if there is anything worse then someone asking you how far along you are when you are NOT pregnant.

So I veer to the side of caution and just don't ask.  There is a girl I know... she looks constantly three months pregnant, maybe four.  She carries all her weight RIGHT there in the middle. When I first met her I thought she WAS pregnant, but I never asked.  2 years later she still looks the same.  

And YES... it's happened to me.  When my little girl was 7 months old I had someone ask me how far along I was.  After I poked her eyes out and dropped kicked her... I told her I was just "FAT".  It did push me towards exercising and losing that belly (well it's always an ongoing process for me)... so in the long run it was actually a GOOD thing.  BUT...

You can always try and get them to TELL you one way or another.  Like start talking about how you want to be pregnant and then ask them if they want anymore kids or if they are TRYING to have kids... then when they say, 'actually I'm __ months pregnant' then you can say, 'REALLY!  You look great!'.  

Everyone wins!

Kritta writes:
How do you get over having a really awesome post and NO one comments on it??
do you repost it in like six months?
Do you just let it go?

K that always sucks.  You feel like you have written this amazing, funny, great post... and then you post it and patiently (when I say patiently I mean run to the computer every two minutes to see if there is a new comment) wait for comments.  

Then if you are like me... it kind of depresses you when NO ONE reads it.  Which is SO totally sad in its own right. Well that was when I first started blogging anyway... now I don't worry to much about it... and I'm sticking to that story!

I would say wait and repost it.  Especially if you have new people following you!  6 months would be the least amount of time... in MY humble opinion. :)

So any advice for Kritta and others that want to know these deep thought out questions??? lol!



Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Where laughing becomes a weakness... and used against me!

Let me start off by saying... I don't condone my husbands bad behavior.


I have a hard time not laughing. It's a weakness... and all though it LOOKS and SEEMS like I am condoning, embracing, and accepting... I'm not. Absolutely-Positively NOT.

But it WAS funny. That's all I'm saying.

Here let me break it down for ya.

I have been working A TON. Editing and taking pictures and editing some more. Ordering, rejecting, and editing some more. Then going to my day job. On top of all that--traveling so I can take more pictures... because I'm completely obsessed with photography and SOME DAY I hope to make it my ONLY job... but for now--it's a side job.

Anyway... my guy, MountainSport Man, has had A LOT of one on one time with my kids. I mean... A LOT. Like more than usual...

So we are driving in the car the other day and this is what happens when my husband has MORE than enough time with his children...

Scene: we are in the car driving by Panda Express... one of PeePs favorite places to eat.

PeePs: "Dad, I'm hungry. My tummy wants Panda."

MSM: "It does? Let me think about it... ummmmm NO!"

PeePs: "F'n A!" (prounounced 'effin A') she says aloud in disgust!

See we don't use BAD words necessarily in this house... and my husband has actually come a ways to get to the point where substitutes replace the bad words he use to say. Obviously F'n A is one of his substitutes.

I immediately, while battling to hold down a smile, said, "PeePs... don't say that!"--but then I busted out laughing, along with MSM and DCar. So my discipline is NOT taken seriously...

I know, I know... we're terrible parents. But like I said.

Laughing is kinda my weakness. I usually use it for good... but in cases like this, it's force is used against me. *shakes head*

How about you guys? Anybody else?



UPDATE: It's Crash's Birthday today... hop, run, or walk over to her blog and shout her praises and sing her happy birthday... let's see if we can bug her and warm her cold stone heart!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A bad habit I have...what are yours?

So here is something you may NOT know about me. 

I stare.

 I am one of those people that you would say, "Stare hard retard" or "take a picture it lasts longer" (maybe that is why I like photography so much...hmmm...I might have to google that or ask a therapist or something...I'm not sure what affects the human brain holds from childhood).

Sometimes staring at people gets me into trouble, especially when I was younger and not so good at it. I would continue to stare even when people caught me. Like when I almost got beat up:

I was in middle school.
It was right before a really cool assembly, one NOT to be missed assembly

I was walking into the girls restroom just about to pass the sinks and mirrors where in the middle of the entry was a unisex sink before you entered into the designated bathrooms. 

I looked over to see a girl, a scary girl. She was as close to a ganster as you could get in our small little town.  She was looking in the mirror and sticking her tongue out trying to look at her tongue ring. She also had other piercings and she did weird things to her hair. She wore deep black thick eye liner to line her eyes and charcoal black lipstick to line her lips...yet she didn't quite fill in the rest of her lips. She shaved her eyebrows, then drew them in with that same black pencil, and also half way up the back of her head was shaved.  She was a little freaky okay?

She was new and different. I,
no lie, slowed down and stared at her, staring at her tongue ring. She looked over to me and stared back. Then she got an evil look on her face and I remember thinking, 'Wow, she has really pretty green eyes! I wonder if those are real or contacts'.

Then she yelled at me while looking in the mirror, bringing me out of my revelry,
"What are YOU looking at, B*!#@*?"

I instantly looked away and started walking into the bathrooms. She turned around.
"What are you looking at? You think you are so much better than me? You think you have the right to stare at me?" 

I thought to myself, 'yes'. No I kid...I couldn't think at all...I was in a state of shocked horror.

I started sweating and wanted to run and hide away.

I was in middle school... I had zilcho confidence in myself.  So it still boggles my mind why I turned around and said,
"I was staring at nothing. I didn't mean to be rude. I just need to go to the bathroom REALLY bad. Ummm...s-s-s-orry? What are you going to do...beat me up?"

The problem is when after I said it, it sounded what it was, FUNNY.  So then I had that half grin on my face, and that internal battle ensued... trying my hardest not to laugh, but not succeeding.

She said,
"My boyfriend is here at the assembly and he hates people like you. You better not come to the assembly because if I see you there I'm going to have him kick your A$$!" Then she stormed away in all her gangster glory.

I stood there staring and shocked because first of all, she
swore *gasp*, and in MY WORLD people just didn't swear. I heard it on rare occasion and almost always in a joking kind of giddy kid fashion not in a I'm-mad-and-am-going-to-kick-your-butt-fashion.

Second of all, she was going to have her boyfriend kick my butt (
well actually my a.$.$., but you knew that).

I was scared. I vowed to NEVER stare again. I prayed saying logical things like I wouldn't stare at people ever,
EVER again...

I went to the assembly, pale faced and scared out of my mind. I instantly told my friends, (
maybe if the boyfriend had to get through a bunch of skinny, gangly, middle school girls, he would tire before he got to me),  and we spent the WHOLE assembly looking for the boyfriend.

Guess what? They ditched the assembly. 

I was scared, out of my mind, afraid for my freckled face, for nothing. I never saw the girl again, that I remember... or maybe I push the memories to the back of my brain and try not to remember... either way

still stare. I spent five years of my life getting paid to stare as a lifeguard...but now I do it for free and a little bit more, look away when they catch me staring.

So there you go...

Anything you need to tell me?



***I wrote this post originally in July of 2008.  But a lot of you didn't even know about blogs back then, and I really need you to embrace or reject ALL of my bad habits.  Ya know... for when you actually meet me you won't be SURPRISED!!! :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Serious Monday... well until you get to the end.

Serious Monday,

I'm sorry. But I had a friend comment yesterday and she made me aware of a GREAT blog. I want to share it.

I instantly got on it and read the WHOLE thing.

I would give it a prelude but it speaks for itself.

It's called Mother Has A Secret.

Earlier this year my friend told me about a blog she was writing about her life as a child. She's a fantastic writer.

But her story is sad. It breaks the toughest heart. And I have a very weak heart. So it's hard for me to get through her posts because even though she breaks up the story with her great humor... it's ultimately sad... and I find myself trying hard not to cry.

Read her story... her blog is called Sunny Andersonn.

Abuse in any form is sick. It's wrong and it's sick. But it's out there.

It's out there and still ignored and hard to speak about.

It ruins peoples lives and minds and souls.

I think brave people like these two women, who write their story down, help other people.

It also helps those of us that may not have first hand experience with it but have loved ones that have.

I tend to lean more toward light and humorous reading... but not ONLY are these blogs incredibly well written, but they are true life experiences... and reality helps us grow whether we experience it ourselves or through someone else... we learn, we grow, and hopefully we become better people in the end.

So I'm spreading the word...

If you came over here for a laugh today... check THESE SEXY COWBOYS OUT... or if you're into the COMPUTER NERD...or the JOCK... okay, this ONE I couldn't resist.

I aim to please



Saturday, May 9, 2009

Who's in the card aisle at Wally World???

I had to go to Wally World (WalMart) last night to pick up some treats for my Relief Society lesson tomorrow.

This is what I saw... HAD to take a picture!!!

It makes me feel good... to know that MY GUY isn't the ONLY one that procrastinates!!! :) Isn't that HILARIOUS!!! Hey, at least they are doing it! It shouldn't matter WHEN right?

Happy Mother's Day girls!



Friday, May 8, 2009

KMART model shot... it's a sickness...

My lil' sis graduated!!! I'm seriously so proud of her.

I'm lucky because my sisters are my best friends. And when they accomplish something big in their life... I feel like I accomplish something also... so it's a good thing!

I hate graduations though, I'm not goin' to lie.  There was a bit of excitement... TWO people were taken out of the graduation on stretchers and I almost got ran over by one of the cop cars!

 It STANK really bad in that gym so I don't blame those who went to drastic measures to escape... wish I would have thought of it myself.

I'm only kidding guys... sit yourselves down.

My lil' Sis and her Hubby.  The thing with my sister is she is as beautiful inside as she is out.  Honestly, it's kinda hard to compete with that.  

Plus she has all her SHIZ together.  The girl has a great mind... she's incredibly smart.

And after a LONG time of trying... she is FINALLY pregnant.  Here is our nice smile shot for ya'll... because what happens next is a sickness we have in our family.  When we get together and the camera is out... it's time for a KMART model shot...

Here's our first attempt... my OLDER BROTHER isn't cooperating... MEN, they are So immature... :)

Again... right on THREE before the pic snaps my brother busts out laughing... and he's laughing at ME... RUDE... I'm trying to get in the MODE (mood-KMART model MOOD)

There's the money shot... if that isn't HOT, I don't know WHAT is! lol!  Look at my Older Bro. LOL!!!  Talk about bustin' a GUT when I saw that.  Tears... people... Tears!

My Grandmother on my Pop's side.  Love her.too.death!!!

Here's the Rents with their daughter.

We are trying to get a Sister shot... the BUTT in the back, my Older Bro... again he's a guy... whattya do???

Happy Graduation... Lil' Sis... I love ya girl... and your lil' boy too!!!



Have a GOOD Weekend!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Where my blog and work collide!

A guy at work text me the other day.

Made me nervous because he doesn't ever do that.

Asked me when I was coming in and if he could talk with me.

Everyone knows that it's not usually good news if they can't share it in a TEXT right?

I mean, my nephew was told by a girl that she LOVED him through a text... if that isn't classy I don't know WHAT is!

Anyway... didn't have a good feeling about it.

So I drive into work.

Go straight way to his cubicle because I'm impatient and curious as all get out!

Me: "Hey (We'll call him Barer-of-bad-news-work-bud) what's up?"

Bearer-of-bad-news-bud-- "Shelle... I'm going to be arrested for looking and kid porn because I went to your BLOG"

Me: In my mind, what the what? I say to him, "WHY!!!"

Apparently THIS post... where I almost caught my little girl peeing in the lake is a GOLD MINE for sick minded individuals.  I knew that on my Google Analytics I saw that the post was hit up a lot for the key words, "Peeing in the Lake" and "I don't want to get Wet"

I kept meaning to delete it, but haven't yet.  

I mean... NOW I will, tomorrow, after you guys read and see what these people are hitting up!

You know what scared me the MOST out of this WHOLE scenario... someone from WORK is reading my blog!!!

Now I'm going to have to delete that STEAMY post about the crazy pairings that are going on around the office, and the middle school drama, but now I can't... blame Mr. Bearer of Bad News Bud... (Hey bearer-of-bad-news-bud thanks for stopping by--don't be a stranger at my cubbie!!!)



P.S. What key words are bringing people to YOUR blogs???

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