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Where I answer a DEEP question...

HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!!... may all your Mexican Food be pork free!!! :) Actually go hit a Pinata... it's a stress reliever!

THIS post where Kritta rambled off a bunch of questions in my comment section.

Thank you Kritta.

I want to answer them.

I don't want anyone of you thinking you are wasting your time by stopping by. So if you take 20 minutes out of your night or day to ramble on in my inbox… I'm going to make for DARN sure that I pull my weight and do my part… because I'm a giver.

please… anytime you have a question for me or to solve the world's problems or even life's deepest questions… let me know I'll Google it for you.

Your. Welcome.

I'm just going to hit ONE question today that Kritta spewed out. Her very first one… because I think this is an important issue… and I know I'll be WAY over 160 words… but I still want to put out there that I'm making my best effort… to save face.

Kritta's Question: I have also been thinking about other manner things you could write about.

1. Where and when to change baby diapers.

I had an aunt that changed my niece on my kitchen table!!
She said she had a bad back and had to do it on a high surface! ON MY KITCEN table!!

But not just that extreme. When your kid has a poopy diaper, do you ALWAYS go to the bathroom to change? Is there occasions where it's okay to sneek behind a chair or something, so you aren't completely out of all the conversations. Or can you just do it in the middle of everything??

Okay…. Eeeewwww!!!

This is a NO brainer. First rule anyone learns when you spew forth a child and have to take care of it and it's humanly waste.  Never,
Never, Never Ever, is it okay to change a baby's diaper on or by ANY surface where there is an ABSOLUTE certainty that there will be food served or eaten on it, let alone BY IT. 


And ESPECIALLY not at a restaurant!

Seriously, if I had a friend go to dinner with me, or even lunch or breakfast for that matter, and bring along her going-to-have-to-change-diaper baby, and during our meal make a space by our table to change the baby so she doesn'tmiss out on conversation… I would shun her immediately!

Okay, maybe not
SHUN her… but I would dramatically react to what she was doing. Covering my mouth and making all sorts of dry heaving noises along with pointing to her and her diaper changing child and then to the bathroom.

Believe me, NO conversation is THAT important that you can't skip out on it to take a few minutes and change your child's diaper in the bathrooms. I promise, I can be put on PAUSE during a conversation…
it's possible.

Where to change diapers???  Ummm an appropriate room, or bathroom, or back of the car... anywhere there isn't food around or present!  When???  Anytime the baby needs changing... cause I get sad when they get rash on their bums.

Having said all of that.

I wrote this post on the
Toilet Seat issue… and got like 10 comments back on how they watched this video on Oprah, or something similar, about the bacteria that spews back out into the environment when you flush the toilet, so they put ALL SEATS down after ANYONE goes to the bathroom.

We immediately started doing this.
Sometimes ignorance isn't always bliss right? So as soon as I was reminded and told that… we started putting both seats down.

I probably should have informed my children. They were use to waking up in the middle of the night and walking into the bathroom to immediately do their business, without having to lift anything up!

Let's just say… it smelled
pretty rank the next morning.




Devri said...

What about in the bathroom by your toothbrush! jk

ewwwwe~~ I agree, no changing butts next to your food.. thank you.

Annette Lyon said...

We have the same rule--both seats down, always. Part of it is the germs thing, but also it's for looks. A closed toilet isn't as gross as an open one.

As a bonus, it gets rid of the issue of the guys having to always lower the seat--both genders have to close the toilet!

Kristina P. said...

On that etiquette board I mentioned, the diaper changing thing comes up a lot. People will change then ANYWHERE! Yuck!

Barbaloot said...

I grew up with everyone around me ALWAYS going to the bathroom to change diapers...and when I change any that's where I go, too. Sometimes, my sisters-in-law will do it right in the room where we are visiting! Ew. Why? And then, THEN, they don't even throw the diaper away but leave it in the mudroom. That's just wrong. It shoudln't remain in the house. The garbage is 20 feet away. Suck it up and take it out there!

Homer and Queen said...

Can't even imagine someone changing a diaper on the table! Yes we are informal about diaper changing, Wheelchair Boy is 22. Trust me baby diapers are nothing compared to adult stinky diapers! His bedroom is also the familyroom. We do have to haul visitors out while we change him then spray like crazy!

Yes we do take all diapers to the outside trash immediately! Then more spray!

T said...

one more reason to be glad I don't have babies anymore... no more lunch-time interruptions!

sorry about the stench in your bathroom - they'll catch on eventually (says me, who is still working on them remembering to close the lid)

Heather of the EO said...

I've seen people do this on a table at a restaurant. NO lie.

The Wixom Zoo said...

Ewwww.... poopy bums (or just wet ones) should always be changed in the bathroom. YUCK!

Kimberly Zook said...

Definitely anywhere but the kitchen for diaper changes! But what about diaper manners on airplanes? We've flew several times with our daughter during her first year. We always changed her in the bathroom except one time. I had already been down to the bathroom three times with her and by the fourth time my motion sickness had kicked in. Our daughter at the time screamed and screamed if anyone but me held her, so my dear hubby changed our daughter on his lap with me right there holding her. A couple people chuckled in the row over, but a couple people also said "how rude!" and I felt horrible. It wasn't a stinky diaper, but they were appalled I guess at the idea. Is there a right and wrong diaper manner regime on airplanes?

Merrianne said...

ha ha!!! i am soooo happy my kids are not in diapers anymore!!!!!!!!!!

and Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Kritta22 said...

Happy May 5th to you too! You are such a sweetheart for being so excited about May 5th!



Seriously, the world would be a better place if EVERYONE read your blog.

I realized that the kid on my kitchen table was my cousin, not niece. Oops! I'm surprised Kristina P didn't catch that!

I ALWAYS take my kid to the bathroom to change his diaper excpet at room. I change in the living room cuz that's where the diapers are. AND honestly my bathrooms are dirty and that would mean I would have to look at them for more than the 2 minutes it takes me to pee!

I bet it would make me clean them more often.

Oh and when we have company, we go upstairs.

Youngblood4ever said...

Brilliance. I am usually the one that will hide behind the couch to change a wet diaper, but for the love of all that is holy, I am not even so tacky as to think that a poopie diaper is okay to change in front of a restaurant full of people. Check please!

Kritta22 said...

Holy Crap! I can't type.

I change Connor at HOME in our living room.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hee hee. That is a deep question. And it also leads perfectly into an exquisite toilet post. You sneaky little sly devil you. hee hee

Can't wait to hear all 66 of the other answers you're going to answer for Kritta. ;)

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

I'm following Crash around. I just commented after her at Heidi's place.

OK I totally agree with everything everyone else said.

Can't wait for the rest of the answers.

Shelle, have you ever thought of writing an ettiquete book? Just a thought.

Anjeny said...

Ok so ewww on the diaper changing on the dining room table. That is not just gross but plain rude. People are not allowed to sit on a table where you eat but yet ok to change a diaper on it? How twisted.

I have one still in diapers...when we're alone, which is most of the mornings on weekdays, I change her wherever I am, well not exactly wherever. If I'm in the bedroom, that's where I will change her, in the living room, then livingroom it is but if I'm in the kitchen or dining area, I go either to the bathroom or living room.

In public or where there are others around, I usually do it in the bathroom, it's not just so it doesn't gross anyone out or to be rude only but to give the kid a sense of privacy, you know. Modesty can never be too early to be taught.

Among my closest friends, like Swirl, I've changed my baby's diaper in her living room in front of her..she didn't seem to mind and vice versa about her changing her son in front of me.

Restaurant...it is absolutely a definitely positively a huge giganitc NO to change a diaper at the table where everyone is eating.

Oops..looks like I just did a post in your comment box..got carried away.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

I need to prepare before I change a diaper. Like a good surgeon, I always check that I have all of my tools around me. Wipes at the ready. New diaper within reach.

So for me, give me a changing table any day.

Banteringblonde said...

LOL - i have banned ANYONE from using my bathroom because after diaperhood it's all bad. I don't miss diapers but lordy!
stumbled on your blog and glad i did!

wendy said...

You can be put on PAUSE???? ha ha ha, that was so dang cute. I wonder if I can????I wonder where my kids will change my diapers.

Amanda said...

Because I have to actually pin my child down to change his diaper... I'm talking feet pin his arms, and one hand is holding both feet... I have to do it on the floor. And that piece of floor is normally wherever I can catch him. No counter tops yet, but I wouldn't put it past me. You know, if that is where I end up catching him.

Melinda said...

Thats gross to change a baby on a table! Did she atleast put a changing pad underneath him? That would make it a tiny bit better, but seriously so gross! Um, Wendy I think after one change of your diapers, your kids will just taxidermy you and get it over with! tee hee!

Mother Goose said...

LOL, i liked this. Guess what I saw yesterday?
A mother and her 3 year old walking out of the store. She pulls out this potty drops his drawers and has him do his business in the parking lot! I about died.

ONE why not just use the restroom in the store. I know for a fact there is a bathroom and they are clean.

if HE had to sit down why didn't you wipe his butt when he was done.

AND GUESS WHAT came next???

YEP, she picked up the potty and she put it in the back of her SUV!
is that what mothers are doing these days?? NEVER EVER I don't care if I had a young child today would I carry around a crapper in my car.


Mother Goose said...

i think i have just moved the day up because now i'm riled. LOL

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