Saturday, May 2, 2009

Serious Sunday: My Return

Sometimes, like with this painting, it inspires something inside of me, I can't describe or explain it, but it's just SOMETHING.  

So I wrote something... I wrote it about a year ago, and posted it... but I think my Mom and Sisters were my only followers... and not very loyal ones either!!!

All of it is fiction, but is definitely influenced by the religion that I love,live, and am a part of.

I have never claimed to be a decent writer of any sort...I know my grammar has a lot to be desired.  

I'm weird, and always wonder about things that will happen when we pass from this mortal life. I ask myself questions like;
Will I feel any pain? Will it be completely dark before I see the light? Will I be there for my funeral? Will I instantly be judged? How many people that have already passed on will know me and my spirit? How will we communicate?

Then one day I just sat down and started writing... and this story came out.  So this is my idea of what might happen! :)

My Return... 

As I entered the room I felt nervous, not because I was about to be judged, as soon as I passed over to this world from my Test on Earth I knew the next step for me would be to be judged. For I have to be judged in order to be placed into the world that I would live in for eternity...forever, but I wasn't nervous because of that.

I was nervous because I knew my brother would be there, in the room, waiting and ready to judge me. The brother that sacrificed his life for mine so that I could come back to live with him, in his world, along with my Father in Heaven. My brother would be there to speak for be my lawyer in a sense, yet he would pass judgment also...he would decide my worth, he would decide if my Earth life was worth his sacrifice. That made me nervous for I did not want to disappoint him. I did not mind that there would be millions if not billions of other souls there to see my judgment, only my brother made me nervous, only what he thought mattered.

I remember the complete darkness that overtook me, my spirit, as I moved from my life on Earth to the spirit world. 

I felt completely alone, despair etched in every fiber of my being. I could not see anything, I could not feel anything, I could only hear...wailing with a pitch so high that it was almost unbearable, the pain of the one suffering was ever increasing in volume and became the deafening sound enveloping my very soul.

I immediately pleaded for my Father in Heaven to take me from wherever I was. 

What struck me as odd was the overwhelming need to pray for the one whose pain I could hear. "Please, Father in Heaven, please help him. Whatever he has done, please comfort him...take away his pain...I can't bear it." I was so overcome by my sorrow that I felt as if I was the one being attacked, and I was defenseless. My feelings of remorse flooded over me and I began to weep...

And then I saw the flicker of light. It was as if the whisper of warmth tickled my soul. I still felt the feelings that a human would feel, but it was all more intense. I didn't have to look was as if I could see the light by the feel of the warmth. I instantly recognized the light of the person it was emanating off of, I knew it was my brother. My spirit recognized him. And even though I was just re-entering the world from which I left to begin my Test on Earth, I could not deny His light...the light of my Saviour, my brother, Jesus Christ.

My spirit, my soul, was joyous! The hope that flooded through me was so big and so incredible that at first I could do nothing but enjoy it. And then I felt Him...he wrapped me in his arms, His tears of happiness felt upon my head. His warmth and love hit me like bolts of electricity over and over starting as a rush of energy from my head and ending at the tips of my toes. I clung to him, weeping, loving, and I breathed as if a heavy weight had lifted from me.

We didn't have to communicate through our voice. Our bodies communicated as well as our thoughts. Every ounce of knowledge that I had of Him came poring out. He knew I loved him, He knew I believed in him, that on Earth I had recognized his teachings and his help, and I could feel and hear him say,
"Welcome back dear child, we have been waiting for you".

I snapped out of the memory as I stood there awaiting my judgement, looking around the sea of faces, eventually landing upon the only one that mattered.  HE would be my judge, my brother, but most of all he was my redeemer the one whose mercy I most relied on.  

So I was nervous.  For the only question in my mind was... Had I done enough to make him proud?




Kritta22 said...

Hey I remember reading this!!

It was great then and now!

Anonymous said...

Very well written!

Devri said...

I am not a writer, but I loved your story! Great job their little lady!

Kristina P. said...

You did an amazing job, Shelle. Great start for Sunday.

Homer and Queen said...

You spiritual giant you! I do think about it often, not necessarily for me 'cause it woun't be pretty I'm sure, but I think about it for Wheelchair Boy...walking to his Savior and being pain free for the first time ever. No darkness for him! Only happiness and light! Great story!

Heidi Ashworth said...

I love this and I love this hymn, too!

T said...

I'm just leaving your blog open for the rest of the day so I can listen to that song over and over...

I loved the story - good question to ask myself daily, but especially today :)

H.K. said...

Your story evoked alot of emotions, and posed a big question for me, "am i doing enough?"

Thanks for a beautiful thought provoking story! You gave me some material to share for family home evening!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Lovely! I love the part about you pleading for someone else's forgiveness. I've thought about that a few times when I wonder where some of my relatives might be.

shannon said...

This was beautiful!--thanks for sharing it...I had never heard that story before... :)

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