Sunday, May 10, 2009

Serious Monday... well until you get to the end.

Serious Monday,

I'm sorry. But I had a friend comment yesterday and she made me aware of a GREAT blog. I want to share it.

I instantly got on it and read the WHOLE thing.

I would give it a prelude but it speaks for itself.

It's called Mother Has A Secret.

Earlier this year my friend told me about a blog she was writing about her life as a child. She's a fantastic writer.

But her story is sad. It breaks the toughest heart. And I have a very weak heart. So it's hard for me to get through her posts because even though she breaks up the story with her great humor... it's ultimately sad... and I find myself trying hard not to cry.

Read her story... her blog is called Sunny Andersonn.

Abuse in any form is sick. It's wrong and it's sick. But it's out there.

It's out there and still ignored and hard to speak about.

It ruins peoples lives and minds and souls.

I think brave people like these two women, who write their story down, help other people.

It also helps those of us that may not have first hand experience with it but have loved ones that have.

I tend to lean more toward light and humorous reading... but not ONLY are these blogs incredibly well written, but they are true life experiences... and reality helps us grow whether we experience it ourselves or through someone else... we learn, we grow, and hopefully we become better people in the end.

So I'm spreading the word...

If you came over here for a laugh today... check THESE SEXY COWBOYS OUT... or if you're into the COMPUTER NERD...or the JOCK... okay, this ONE I couldn't resist.

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