Friday, May 1, 2009

VIDEO: SHOUT OUTS!!! Come see whose comments make me laugh!

The Comment Box was insane yesterday. I was laughing SOOOOO hard at Sage, Mother Goose, and Kritta... and then my heart went out to others. Thanks guys. I do that for myself to get stuff off my chest... so I thank you for being a part of it... either from making me laugh or making me feel not so alone! :) Oh and Crash... you never came over to help FOLD... but next time just remember it's DIRTY SECRETS not DIRTY Laundry... now come pick up your clothes... they are taking up space!!!

On to today:

K... this one I actually only did once (YaY me!)... I think I'm getting the hang of it. It was actually fun to do because I got to focus on some of you guys! Hope you enjoy!

Homer Queen: Only true friends lie to you to make you feel better about yourself! :)hehe!

Kate: My fellow white girl... we know nothing about skillz... but everything about taking pictures of ourselves in side view mirrors!

Shannon: I love it that I'm not the only Mom that feels guilty buying my kids fast food, but not guilty enough to stop doing it!!! :) And I also sprained something taking that photo... a story for another time!

American in Norway: My fellow, I heart faces, competitor! I love your comments and your posts and your pictures!

H.K.--her husband did a post one day... actually the day I first read her... but her posts keep me coming back! I love that you mention a Reality TV show in your comment... because I'm an avid Reality T.V. watcher... Amazing Race anyone?

Melinda-- K the girl covers topics on her blog that I don't even touch... and I love it! She's my outlet that way! Who isn't in love with my son... he's just cute and lovable... but HELK girl, your little boy in those pics from Heidi's party is ADORABLE... so I'm in LOVE with YOUR SON, but not in a creepy way!

Wendy--a woman who understands the importance of sacrificing your time for your kids' sports and making sure they have a good concession stands. And she keeps it real as a writer over at the coolest blog about relationships The Real World Venus vs. Mars... seriously you should go over there and read her stuff!!!

Southern Sage: I think you've come around enough that you may just be thought of as "one of the girls" :) Thanks. ***And remember... if you click on his link that it's safer for a PG-PG-13 mind to click in on Tuesday's and Saturday's he gets all political... but the other days, ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK--Adult Only content. Just saying.

This is my very first VIDEO BLOG SHOUT OUTS post! And I'm hooked... I can't wait to do it again... so watch your comments because I'm going to write down the BEST of the BEST and spotlight them on some of my Video Posts!

Honestly guys... just THANKS for taking the time to come around! :)




Anonymous said...

I need to work on that, its killing my reputation!

**** could be language issues on those days so you might have to read those with just one eye, cause everyone knows it can't be real bad if BOTH eyes don't see it!

Hmmmm maybe I need to rate each post at the top!

I could say things in the title box like "A dissertation on the intricacies of bouquet arrangement--G" Or "HNT--pg-13"
something like that!!

Hey Kritta came by for HNT! But she didn't click the pics! Go Kritta!

Thanks for the holler!! thats a first! you rock, but everyone reading this already knew that!

Amber said...

That's great, I love the idea of video blogging!

Anonymous said...

Love it found you through Sage. Video shout outs...a great idea. Wonderful blog...I will be back!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Hey everyone over from Sage's!!! That was nice of you to stop by.

The video's are fun as long as you don't spend 2 hours trying to get the right take!!! loL!

My first one took seriously like half a day!

Homer and Queen said...

OK...I really love you..really, really...and you are hot and I want you...but not in a prison movie kind of way!!! Thanks!

T said...

I could not take my eyes of that gap in your teeth the entire time :)

and now I'm off to visit some of the links!

Melinda said...

AWESOME!!! Thank you SOOOOO much for the link! And seriously, I think your son is so adorable! I'll try and keep up on the witty comments, although I'm so flushed with excitement right now, nothing coherent is coming out! haha

Candid Carrie said...

I have seen videos on other people's blogs and they looked like they were on the receiving end of the fish-eye lens but you look normal and healthy and not weirdly shaped. I love the clutter behind you, it makes you look thin.

And you are talking at a perfect speed.

Nicely done S@BT ... I came over because you seduced me via twitter.

Kritta22 said...

LOL at Sage...ratings on posts!! LOL

I love your videos! You are so darn cute!

(And it makes me feel good cuz my den looks like that...maybe a little more baby stuff)

Just keeping it real!

Sher said...

Dang, I missed it! That's what I get for taking a month long blogging break.
I'll get back into it.
I'm feeling totally out of the clique.

Youngblood4ever said...

Nice shoutouts to your peeps. Sad I wasn't on the list, but my comments usually are witless. Sorry- my kids have zapped all sassy comments from my brain.

H.K. said...

Wow, thanks for the shout out!!!! I love that your personality is as bright and funny as the way you blog.

It's like online dating, you love the profile, the way the person writes and then you meet them in person and you're like, "Huh? Who is this person." Not that I have ever done any online dating.

Kate said...

I think that was my first official shout out! awesome! i love the video comments and i love that I made your list'o'lame-ness. (it must be that if I am on it.. right?) jk. Thanks again, it is nice to know that random comments from strangers do not go unnoticed.

oh, my profile pic was from an assignment at DPS a while back - not copying you. :) I had to justify my photo to the rest of the blogging world so they wouldn't think I am a Shelle-wanna be.

although, aren't we all???

Coachdad said...

I love comments... those were great! Great blog!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Homer and Queen--LOL@ not in a prison kind of way... that was good Queen... real real good!

T.--I know I know... I'm going to get it fixed... GOSH!

Melinda--come on are a super star, I don't believe for a sec you are not totally addicted to the lime light!

Candid Carrie--GIRL it is SOOOO good to see you over here again...I've completely missed you!!! I'm so glad I don't look like I'm being seen through fish lens.... but it's good to know my clutter room is FINALLY good for something! YAY clutter room!

Kritta--that's what I am here for... to help others feel good about themselves... it's my CLUTTER ROOM craft/ sewing/ scrapbooking/ all the above room peeps... but go ahead and JUDGE!!!

Sher--You could never be out of the click... to pretty... that's just the way it goes!

Youngblood--I am not just saying this... but you WERE suppose to be on the list... I feel like a schmuck for forgetting to put it on my note paper... you are DEFINITELY first in line for next time!

H.K.--I think blogs are easier to get to know people then online dating... with online dating you aren't reading about their life and thoughts everyday!!! :) I haven't yet had to say, "Huh? who is this person?" but then again, I'm usually throwing myself at them, getting in their face, and hugging them. So THEY are probably thinking, "Huh, who is this person!"

Kate--Of COURSE it's not a list of LAME=ness... come ON now... Lame isn't even aloud in my vocabulary. Now my husbands...yes, but MINE... you're safe! loL! And I KNOW you didn't copy me, I probably copied you... haha!

HEY COACH DAD... I'm so glad you took sometime from coaching to stop by and say HI! :) Come more often, us desperate housewives/mommy bloggers like to hear a male voice once in a while!

shannon said...

Hey Shelle...what a nice surprise!-I've been in a commenting lull!
It was so cute to see you actually saying the shout outs! I'm honored!

I love these live videos that you do!--I always look forward to them...

T said...

but they WERE really WHITE!

seriously, wouldn't have noticed except for the whole gap issue last week :)

wendy said...

That was SO fun. I am jumping up and down on my bed now like Meryl Streep in Mama Mia ---I was so excited about the shout out on your video. That practically makes me famous. You should start your own talk show (like Oprah)--you have the looks, style and know how ---I'll be you Gayle King ---then everyone can wonder if we are GAY. HA HA HA HA

Youngblood4ever said...

Hey, thanks for boosting my ego tonight. I dropped back by to check out the chat and I get to be on the next list. WooHoo!

Mother Goose said...

k, i love the live shout outs! you are so sexy without even trying!
the way you sweep your hair or slowly drop your eyes!
You must have been one GREAT flirt! I think I am going to have to get web cam. or something.

HEY!!! I love watching little league baseball! You haterz just need an awesome kid mine! LOL But, then again we are all sports oriented and very competitive over everything.

Anonymous said...

hey you gorgeous girl you! love the live shoUT OUTS!!!


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Shannon-- I think it's great when people take breaks from blogging and commenting... it helps restore creativity!!! :)

Wendy--see I'm laughing again...jumping up and down! lol! I'm okay with people speculating if I'm GAY... so let's do it! :)

T.-- I do try to keep them white... it's the ONLY thing I've got going for me! lol!

YoungBlood--It's all true... so anticipate the next video! :) Can't promise when that will be, but you're at the top of my list! :)

Mother Goose- I can't tell you how bad I want to meet you in person... you seriously sound like someone I would be BEST friends with... we think SOOOO much alike...except for the little league baseball! I'm okay with baseball after little league because there is something to LOOK at while the game drags on... you know what I mean! :)

Merrianne-- I'm still tripping over that picture of you on Facebook... talk about gorgeous, I'm SOOOO jealous of your... you know! :)

Thanks guys again for stopping by!

Missty said...

Love your blog! Just stopped by to post a comment and follow you.

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