Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thing I learned while at Disneyland...with pictures

Things I learned while at Disneyland... with pictures, but they don't necessarily go along with what I'm saying... and what I'm saying is not in any way, shape, or form in order.

1. Never be on a Diet change your way of life if going to Disneyland... the popcorn and cinnamon get you every time.

2.  Learn that if you want any pictures of yourself... you have to take them yourself-- then try not to go OVERBOARD... oops!

3.  Tell daughter who is TERRIFIED of any fast big ride that the rules at Disneyland say, "If a young child cries on this ride they have to go twice". (My guys doing not MINE BTW)

4.  Hey!  She didn't cry... 

5.  And when we were in line and she saw a little boy crying she looked at me and said, "OH! Mommy that boy has to go twice!"-- it made us laugh for like 5 minutes while waiting in line.

6. lines suck. 

6a.  Especially waiting an hour and a half for Splash Mountain which makes my belly jump in my throat... and gets me soakin wet! Wear something that dries fast... or sit in the back of the log.  

***Yes, I'm part Vampire and sparkle in the sun... now you know my secret!  Note my nephew in the back... he's a little nervous I think! hahahaha!

7.  California HS Senior Days suck.

8.  California Screamin' is so freaking fast, twisty, and free fall-n-ee that you can't really scream cause your throat is in your stomach and your stomach is where your throat should be.

9.  Hollywood Tower of Terror made me have to pee...

10.  No worries, I didn't pee my pants.  Plus I just told everyone I had just been on Splash Mountain... I think they bought it!

11.  You realize while people watching that there are DEFINITELY people worse off than you.

12.  Sorry... that was mean, but true.

13.  Sitting down and watching the HILLY BILLY show at the ice cream sundae place was my favorite part of the day... that's just sad.

14.  Ice Cream Sundae's suck when you are changing your way of life on a diet!

***Please take note of guy in FRONT... hahahaha!

15.  After fixing "It's a Small World ride" it still grate's on your nerves even when it sings it in different languages... that happens to be one of PeePs favorite rides... besides TeaCups.  (Guess who got to do that with her... TWICE)

16.  It's definitely worth breaking someone's leg to get to use the Wheel Chair entrance... just saying...

17.  When shining your pearly whites at the Disney Employee it will put him under a compulsion to give you a GET RIGHT BACK ON SPACE MOUNTAIN PASS after you just went... that's right, you get to walk RIGHT UP TO THE FRONT OF THE LINE...

18.  Space Mountain is still my favorite ride.

***Sorry, you KNOW I had to put this in here... okay, let's continue!

19.  Stop at EVERY bathroom you see... you never know when you will see one again!

20.  When your sister tells you that her and her family are going to Disneyland... definitely CRASH their party for two days... it was a completely exhausting, thrill riding, stomach hurt laughing BLAST!!!

This is off topic:  We ate cherries at lunch and I STILL got it, can tie that stem in a knot... a more mature and age appropriate knot!!! :)



P.S. Check son's who-likes-to-horde-Disneyland-maps-in-his-cargo-pockets, pockets before washing them.


mother goose said...

very fun, love your pics!

Devri said...

love the photos! Hey, at least you were not like us.. we lost a child there.. another reason I hate Disney Land.

Barbaloot said...

Do they really have Cruella walking around? Why would they put a villian in that place---she'd scare the kids!

Kristina P. said...

This makes me very excited to go.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Very eductional, thanks for sharing. You should write a book.

PJ - Our life said...

We love Disneyland!! Looks like you had a great time and I love the "rules"!!

Sherrie Shepherd Piano Music said...

How fun! My kids are jealous!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

K you're right I didn't lose a child, but it's because I had 3 other adults with me, believe me when I say, IIIIII could definitely lose a child!!! lol!

They not only have SCARY cruella walking around, but in fantasyland where everything is suppose to be fun and happy... yea those rides start out happy and then go evil... it's really quite disturbing if you think about it!

Kristina... you'll love it... hehe

NHC--if I could write a book and people would buy it... BELIEVE me... I would!

PJ--rules or guidelines... ha!

Melanie J said...

My rule for Splash Mountain is that we either do it first or not at all (more time to dry that way).

And I love Billy Hill and the Hillbillies.

Di said...

I was at Disneyland on Friday! Cruella was so funny the way she was acting. Great pics! Today is the first day I don't feel nausea from the rides anymore. I used to think Disneyland was overrated, but I'm starting to like it more now. Enjoyed your post!

Kritta22 said...

Awesome that you Crash's your sister's fun! Good times!

We don't have cool rides like that in Alaska but you have a Kritta that you could play with!! when you coming up?!

springrose said...

I will have to make sure my kidos don't see this post or they will beg me for days to go to Disneyland!! Looked like fun!

Amanda said...

Number 17... hmm. Just pearly whites? Are you sure there was no leg or cleavage involved?


Malea said...

I love Disneyland! Growing up, we used to use Joci's wheelchair privileges to the upmost fullest.

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

Oh man...everyone is doing so many fun things and I am just bored at home. I LOVE Disneyland. You look GORGEOUS woman!! Oh and I am glad to see the New Moon thing up there. I am so obsessed. I could lick my monitor just licking at Edward, did I just really type that? LOL

Homer and Queen said...

you could have taken mcfly you know...just sayin'...

Southern Sage said...

love the pics!! Looks like fun fun fun. I am tickled it was you and not me. Everytime I go Minnie fondles me inappropriately during family picture taking! Whats up with that?

The cherry thing is kinda juvenile. I can tie one in under a minute. with my eyes.

Shawn said...

Thanks for giving me nightmares....

heh, heh. Glad you had a fun time---love your dimples by the by---you are bee-you-tee-ful!

Missty said...

Fun!! We are Disney-holics! Seriously. we live here and have Annual passes. My dh and I go a couple times a month - walk around go on a few favorite rides, eat, people watch and go home.

We even have a "brick" with our names on it. I just posted it the other day on my blog for a girl that wanted to see it.

Glad you had a great time!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

How awesome you can tie an age appropriate knot with a cherry. LOVE THIS POST. My favorite pic is you and peeps with your perfect skin and sassy tongue and 3D glasses.

Ha ha ha ha about Peeps feeling sorry for the kid who had to ride twice.

AMEN about California screamin'! And AMEN about Space Mountain. Did you go to Soaring Over California? LUB that ride.

LUB LUB LUB Disneyland.

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