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Where I answer DEEP questions part II

Here's another round on answering Kritta's questions from THIS post where she ambushed my comment box.  

If you missed the first installment--here it is... if you have never been ambushed by Kritta in your comments... you are DEFINITELY missing out! :)

Here are the ones I'm tackling today.  Very IMPORTANT questions and I'm glad she brought them up.  :)

Kritta writes:
What about baby bumps??
If you have a feeling that someone is prego, can you ask?

Sure you can ask.  As long as you want that person to fall into a deep depression and run from you to cry their eyes out--resulting in cutting their wrists and sticking them in salt water.

Honestly... I don't know if there is anything worse then someone asking you how far along you are when you are NOT pregnant.

So I veer to the side of caution and just don't ask.  There is a girl I know... she looks constantly three months pregnant, maybe four.  She carries all her weight RIGHT there in the middle. When I first met her I thought she WAS pregnant, but I never asked.  2 years later she still looks the same.  

And YES... it's happened to me.  When my little girl was 7 months old I had someone ask me how far along I was.  After I poked her eyes out and dropped kicked her... I told her I was just "FAT".  It did push me towards exercising and losing that belly (well it's always an ongoing process for me)... so in the long run it was actually a GOOD thing.  BUT...

You can always try and get them to TELL you one way or another.  Like start talking about how you want to be pregnant and then ask them if they want anymore kids or if they are TRYING to have kids... then when they say, 'actually I'm __ months pregnant' then you can say, 'REALLY!  You look great!'.  

Everyone wins!

Kritta writes:
How do you get over having a really awesome post and NO one comments on it??
do you repost it in like six months?
Do you just let it go?

K that always sucks.  You feel like you have written this amazing, funny, great post... and then you post it and patiently (when I say patiently I mean run to the computer every two minutes to see if there is a new comment) wait for comments.  

Then if you are like me... it kind of depresses you when NO ONE reads it.  Which is SO totally sad in its own right. Well that was when I first started blogging anyway... now I don't worry to much about it... and I'm sticking to that story!

I would say wait and repost it.  Especially if you have new people following you!  6 months would be the least amount of time... in MY humble opinion. :)

So any advice for Kritta and others that want to know these deep thought out questions??? lol!




Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I like the pg advice that's a good one to remember.

And yes I am obsessive about comments too. Since I post and it is soooo long before the rest of the world wakes up to read blogs most of my comments come in the evening or when I'm sleeping but all day I'm right there going "this post sucked didn't it? It did. No one likes me! Waaaahhh!"

Just kidding (um, not really)

Kritta22 said...

I feel like a superstar between crash's box and over here!!

Thank you for answering my questions!! These are really the tough questions of the world!! Seriously!!!!

I, too, obsess over comments. I think I should be having some more with 60 followers but whateva!

Just as long as you read it, I'm cool and feel special!

Anjeny said...

What a coincidence that you posted about the baby bumps. Just a few days ago, someone asked me if I was pregnant. Embarrassed the heck out of me and to make it worse, we were in a totally crowded public place. And I've already decided I'm done with this whole preggo business.

So then we were at an Elder's Quorum activity and I saw one of the ladies..she's got cute little bumps and I was dying to ask her if she is pregnant but didn't want to offend I decided to just leave it alone and sure enough I got rewarded later, isomeone else asked her and yes she is pregnant.

I guess if a person is on the skinny side and has a little bump there, I think it's safe to ask but if the person is a little on the heavy side then definitely no. I've gained some weight but unfortunately the fat decided my belly is the place to deposit

About the comment question...yes it is a bummer when no one comments on a really good post.

Kristina P. said...

I think that a good rule of thumb for pregnancy is not to ask unless you see the baby crowning.

The Wixom Zoo said...

Good advice, Dr. Shelle.

Homer and Queen said...

I would be with KP on the preggo question...but Kritta never asks me questions so I'm never going to answer them...ever!

Amanda said...

Before I had my first, I worked as a teller. I had about 20 people everyday ask about my pregnancy. I thought it would be fun to fake them out, so I started acting offended when they asked. I pretended I wasn't pregnant. It was hilarious. I think I may have scarred some people for life. Oh well, it worth it.

T said...

who me? comment obsessed? If I don't think enough people have seen my latest brilliant post I run around commenting on random people's blogs hoping to drag a few over just to find out who the heck I am!

Jessica said...

hahaha, I'm laughing about your opinions on the pregnancy stuff. My best friend carries her weight in that area and a couple of months ago we went to a stake activity where two different people congratulated her on her being preggers! One of the guilty parties said it was only because of the blouse she was wearing. Yes, she cried and was very unhappy later...Then that same woman a couple of weeks later sent her a gift card to a clothing store so she could buy a new blouse!!! hahaha, insult to injury, or score? I haven't decided.

Katie L said...

So I have to ask...the person you know with the preggo belly that isnt really preggers, is that a relation of mine?? Maybe an inlaw? HAHAHA, just asking, cos everytime I see her I ask my hubby if there is any good news....geez! suck it in already!!!!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Blogging Mama--I feel your pain... honestly I do. LOL... but you are right, you kinda have it a bit worse!

Kritta--I'm at that point... I realize people also just read it in their readers and don't come over... so I'm good.

Anjeny--See... that is the way I would do it. But sometimes with skinny girls... they aren't, and then that is sad. At least with us women that have curves in more than one place... it's a little tougher for one to offend... at least I think so! lol... okay who am I kidding... it sucks either way!

Kristina--LOL... Amen!

Queen--You just ASKED for it... girl be watchin your comments!

Amanda--I think you taught them a valuable lesson... plus you got a kick out of it! lol! Nice one... that is why we get a long!

T-- That is actually a good way to get people to comment... you just horde their comment boxes and they will jump right over and comment back... it's a you scratch my back I'll scratch your back kinda world!

Jessica-- HEY I say score... it would have made up for it a tad in my book... although it something that is hard to forget!!!

Katie L--LOL@ suck it in already!!! :) I love you girl!

Melinda said...

I actually HAVE had Kritta take over my comment box--it's fantastic and scary all at the same time (in the sense that I opened my inbox and was like FORTY FIVE new comments?! WHAT HAPPENED?!).
Totally agree on the baby bump, just wait, it's not that important to know is it?!
And I try not to obsess over comments either, but TRY is the keyword since I totally DO! :)

valerie said...

Hey I'm finally getting around to reading your blog. Again. I found it hidden in my favs. Yay! Anyway I love comments on my blog but sometimes I don't get any. That's ok. :::sniff::: :) So now I try and leave a little something on others when I read. :) Well...most of the time.

Shawn said...

Wise words indeed....

Aubrey said...

YOU are brilliant! After reading one of your amazing, funny, great posts, sometimes I am just at a loss for words at how amazing, funny and great it it. Thus, no comment. You render me speechless!

I have been asked how far along I was. When on vacation. Spoiled my WHOLE night. Mother effer.

And now...going over to check out who this Kritta gal is! I think I may ♥ her already! LOL

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