Thursday, May 21, 2009

This Explains my LIFE... DVR anonymous

Uh...Hi... My name is Shelle.

I'm a DVR addict.

Everything I watch I record first.

It makes me feel empowered.  I don't have to watch the show when THE MAN (People who run the TV Scheduling) tells me… I watch it on my OWN time… so TAKE THAT!

So when I watch something like American Idol, a show that must be discussed with various groups of friends and co-workers, I usually find myself watching it in the LATE hours of the night or WEE hours of the morning… because if I don't, someone always SPOILS it for me.

So for ALL OF YOU THAT HAVEN'T WATCHED YOUR RECORDED AMERICAN IDOL… I'm going to spoil it for you in a minute so you might want to come back AFTER you've watched the show.  On your OWN time of course...

I've been HOOKED on phonics with this season, as I was LAST season.  I completely blame my friend from West Jordan, Deb, she made me feel sorry for her that she had NO ONE to talk to about the show so I started watching it with her the season Carrie Underwood won… and my opinion has been needed ever since… sigh.

But if I didn't DVR it now that I know about DVR, I'd never make it through because I can't stand commercials and I can't stand Paula's comments.  They drive me bonkers! 

I've already told you I'm not a patient person… so not only is everything she says FLUFF but she takes 5-10 minutes to explain herself… while in the meantime I found myself wanting to grab needles and stick them in my eyes!  Just being honest.

But then I got DVR… I can skip right over them.  It's lovely!

Same with commercials.  I'd be fine if they didn't repeat the same ones OVER and OVER and OVER again.  I have a hard time watching my favorite movies more than ONCE!

Except for Dirty Dancing… something speaks to me in that movie… I think it's the dancing, definitely not the dirty…


We DVR'd last night's show.  

I got a couple of texts asking me if I was watching it LIVE.

"NO!"… I text back… and they got the point because I wrote it just like that… if you aren't an expert texter, that means I'm yelling at you when I put it in caps… and when I add the exclamation point it really drives the point home that I mean business.  They are all so scared of me when I do that...

So my text messages were pretty quiet after that.  Except for the one I got from a DIE HARD KRIS FAN that said, "What the Helk?  You'll know what I'm talking about when you watch it!" at about 8 ish .  

Me, being sleep deprived, thought "I can't believe he just GAVE it away!"  And then threw myself on the floor and began a tantrum, cause there is nothing I hate worse than someone ruining the anticipation of watching a show I've DVR'd, to watch especially on my OWN time...then my husband reached over and slapped me "it's only 8ish he hasn't even seen the end yet!", and all became right again.

So it was a GREAT finale… and we are literally 1 minute from hearing who the winner is.  We watched the WHOLE two hours minus commercials… okay AND minus Rod Stewarts performance… after he almost tripped for the second time I HAD to fast forward it… but we watched everything else!

Then my Mom walks into the kitchen upstairs talking to my sister, and her voice is one of those that carries, and she says, "I can't believe KRIS won!  Adam was definitely the better singer and performer."

I curled up into a fetal position, sucked my thumb, and screamed "WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS!" in my head 100 times... really, really fast!

And that explains my life. 

Who wants to take the floor next and make sure to tell us your name and why you are addicted to the DVR.  We'll take this addiction one story at a time.  Thank you.



P.S.  Did you check out Darrell???  What's sexier than a MULLET?


shannon said...

I wasn't as glued to Idol this year as I was last year. I don't have DVR and so I'm totally jealous! A friend lent us the 24 series and it has been AWESOME being able to watch a suspenceful show without having to deal with commercials! I need to move into the 21st century for sure!

I am so hooked on phonics for 24!

I laughed so hard when I pictured you curled up in the fetal position sucking your thumb when you heard the spoiler about American funny!

jess said...

I am right there with ya sista! It has gotten to a point that if I randomly happen upon some show as I am channel surfing- I quickly press record & get back to it later...

Who has time for commercials, paula's long-winded comments, rod stewart tripping, etc..

I just want to watch the performance, find out who goes home, and find out who wins! How did we ever survive without DVR?!?

dadshouse said...

Oh man, I'm just like you. I tivo everything then watch it later when it's convenient for me. Plus I can skip through commercials.

So my dad comes over to my house after a Cal football game that I had recorded and couldn't wait to watch that night. He steps in the front door and promptly announces the score of the game. Doh! So much for watching that night!

valerie said...

I don't watch Idol but I totally agree about the whole DVR thing and not watching commercials! I can hardly stand to go to the in laws house and be watching tv because they don't have DVR. "what did that guy say? Darn they dont' have DVR. " :(

This Mom said...

I am soo with everyone and the DVR thing I love it. I think anyone with kids needs one. I din't watch Idol but my freind did that to me with the Biggest Loser the year. It TOTALLY sucked.

PS. I have missed you. I have been a little out of the loop for the last 2 weeks but I think I am back on track.

T said...

I didn't even watch the show - good to know the outcome, although it doesn't mean much to me... but now I can PRETEND that I care when I'm in a group of people that MUST discuss it.

sorry, had to yell a little there :)

Shannon said...

I love my DVR, too... one of the best inventions ever!

You know what I have scheduled for tonight, don't you?!!??







Yeah, baby!! Woo hoo!!! And did you hear there will be another season to air in the fall?! SQUEEEEEE!!!!

Kristina P. said...

I have TWO DVRs! Can you believe it?!?!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Kristina, I think you should give one to me, because I don't have one. Well I have one in my computer. But I seriously need to join the 21st Century and get on the bandwagon. My sister says she would rather life without TV than to have TV with a DVR.

But I have no patience for all the IDOL fluff that goes on, so I purposely read on the internet to find out who wins. Then I can watch the show without any of the anxiousness.

Gotta say I thought Adam would win, but that Ain't no sunshine when she's gone, song would not get out of my head yesterday, so I can see how Kris did it. And I love to see the underdog win. Also you know that Adam will still be fine. Sometimes I think not winning is better.

And I can't wait for SYTYCD either hooray.

val of the south said...

I LOVE my DVR and I get really annoyed when my husband uses any space for his shows...I'm so afraid his SciFi shows will take up all the room and then I won't have room for important things like Gilmore Girls (that I have on DVD), Lifetime movies, and Food Network shows. I think Kristina's right - 2 DVR's - His and Hers - except I'd probably fill them both up!

Barbaloot said...

I only WISH I had DVR. I'm still in the dark ages of VCR recording. Which means that when I wanna watch something really important like Biggest Loser---I have to wait until 9 when the show is finished recording and then start watching. Bother.

Cameron said...

I was once like you. Addicted to my DVR. I loved being able to record not one, but two shows at a time.

But then the man took some of my paycheck, so I unplugged the precious DVR and took it back to the cable company.

It's actually not too bad, I watch a lot of tv on Hulu now, and I can start and stop it at will, so it's kinda like DVR, except without the pesky fees.

brooken'dus said...

I have to be honest....every time i read one of your posts i'm like what the heck we could be the same person!! We are also BIG DVR addicts I don't know how people can sit through so much crap like paula trying to explain herself and boring boring commercials!I am also like you I have a hard time watching a movie more than one time, i guess it kinda bugs me to sit and watch something when i already know what's gonna happen.......BUT all that is beside the point...KRIS won!! YEA i love kris! I couldn't stand to watch adam stick his tounge out when he would do his yell/scream/sing thing!!!!

Shauna said...

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Stefunkc said...

I am totally addicted to my DVR!! I love it almost as much as my husband and children. If I do start watching something live I will pause it and go clean the kitchen or something else for a while so that hopefully I can come back and fast forward the commercials to the end!

Melanie J said...

Yeah, I do the exact same thing when Paula talks. And THAT'S why I'm addicted to my DVR.

Annette Lyon said...

I would be utterly lost w/out my TiVo.

H.K. said...

I used to love DVR's, but when a show ran over time, the DVR cut it off, like last season's LOST and American Idol finale! I haven't had a DVR since, but it seems like they fixed that problem since American Idol went over time.

I do wish I had a DVR to fast forward Paula!

Melinda said...

We've just had our DVR for a couple months and I LOVE IT!! I always forget to watch my favorite shows, so now it remembers for me and I don't worry anymore!

DVR: Helping Forgetful Viewers everywhere!

(that should be their motto, yes?)

or how about:

DVR: Spoiling Seasons Finales Everywhere!

John Deere Mom said...

I could not handle not watching it live because if someone ruined the surprise for me, I would have to quit living. It was an AMAZING finale!! Glad you at least got to see it...even if it was in the fetal position!

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

I have the same thoughts about "Dirty Dancing." My husband just doesn't understand.

Anjeny said...

I am sooo laughing at the fetal position. Ok, I know I shouldn't laugh but I can't help it.

I think we have a DVR but it's just sitting on the shelf collecting dust. I guess I haven't really caught on to that addiction

So yesterday I cheated on the outcome of the AI finale by reading it up online and I totally ruined it for my daughter. She was rooting for Kris so I had to tell her he won, she was not too happy about that but hey, I just can't stand all that drawn-out useless additions they added on there to get to the result. I did the same thing last year..I know, not nice but oh well!!

Sorry your mom ruined it for ya.

Aubrey said...


My name is Aubrey.

I am a DVR addict.

Double DVR.

I have told my husband that there are times I love my DVR more than him. I have shouted at the top of my lungs "I LOVE YOU DVR" while snuggling in bed with the remote. I also find there are times when I record the SAME show on both the upstairs and downstairs DVRs. Not only can I watch my show when I want but WHERE I want.

Thank you for listening.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I don't do American Idol but gah, that was a funny post. Loved the last bit.
We loved our dvr. I could never live without it (well you know, once we have tv again...)

Scary Mommy said...

Oh, nooooooooo!! That's the worst! I love my DVR, but forget to set it half the time. I really need to go through and program all the stuff I care about. Thanks for reminding me!

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