Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A bad habit I have...what are yours?

So here is something you may NOT know about me. 

I stare.

 I am one of those people that you would say, "Stare hard retard" or "take a picture it lasts longer" (maybe that is why I like photography so much...hmmm...I might have to google that or ask a therapist or something...I'm not sure what affects the human brain holds from childhood).

Sometimes staring at people gets me into trouble, especially when I was younger and not so good at it. I would continue to stare even when people caught me. Like when I almost got beat up:

I was in middle school.
It was right before a really cool assembly, one NOT to be missed assembly

I was walking into the girls restroom just about to pass the sinks and mirrors where in the middle of the entry was a unisex sink before you entered into the designated bathrooms. 

I looked over to see a girl, a scary girl. She was as close to a ganster as you could get in our small little town.  She was looking in the mirror and sticking her tongue out trying to look at her tongue ring. She also had other piercings and she did weird things to her hair. She wore deep black thick eye liner to line her eyes and charcoal black lipstick to line her lips...yet she didn't quite fill in the rest of her lips. She shaved her eyebrows, then drew them in with that same black pencil, and also half way up the back of her head was shaved.  She was a little freaky okay?

She was new and different. I,
no lie, slowed down and stared at her, staring at her tongue ring. She looked over to me and stared back. Then she got an evil look on her face and I remember thinking, 'Wow, she has really pretty green eyes! I wonder if those are real or contacts'.

Then she yelled at me while looking in the mirror, bringing me out of my revelry,
"What are YOU looking at, B*!#@*?"

I instantly looked away and started walking into the bathrooms. She turned around.
"What are you looking at? You think you are so much better than me? You think you have the right to stare at me?" 

I thought to myself, 'yes'. No I kid...I couldn't think at all...I was in a state of shocked horror.

I started sweating and wanted to run and hide away.

I was in middle school... I had zilcho confidence in myself.  So it still boggles my mind why I turned around and said,
"I was staring at nothing. I didn't mean to be rude. I just need to go to the bathroom REALLY bad. Ummm...s-s-s-orry? What are you going to do...beat me up?"

The problem is when after I said it, it sounded what it was, FUNNY.  So then I had that half grin on my face, and that internal battle ensued... trying my hardest not to laugh, but not succeeding.

She said,
"My boyfriend is here at the assembly and he hates people like you. You better not come to the assembly because if I see you there I'm going to have him kick your A$$!" Then she stormed away in all her gangster glory.

I stood there staring and shocked because first of all, she
swore *gasp*, and in MY WORLD people just didn't swear. I heard it on rare occasion and almost always in a joking kind of giddy kid fashion not in a I'm-mad-and-am-going-to-kick-your-butt-fashion.

Second of all, she was going to have her boyfriend kick my butt (
well actually my a.$.$., but you knew that).

I was scared. I vowed to NEVER stare again. I prayed saying logical things like I wouldn't stare at people ever,
EVER again...

I went to the assembly, pale faced and scared out of my mind. I instantly told my friends, (
maybe if the boyfriend had to get through a bunch of skinny, gangly, middle school girls, he would tire before he got to me),  and we spent the WHOLE assembly looking for the boyfriend.

Guess what? They ditched the assembly. 

I was scared, out of my mind, afraid for my freckled face, for nothing. I never saw the girl again, that I remember... or maybe I push the memories to the back of my brain and try not to remember... either way

still stare. I spent five years of my life getting paid to stare as a lifeguard...but now I do it for free and a little bit more inconspicously...like, look away when they catch me staring.

So there you go...

Anything you need to tell me?



***I wrote this post originally in July of 2008.  But a lot of you didn't even know about blogs back then, and I really need you to embrace or reject ALL of my bad habits.  Ya know... for when you actually meet me you won't be SURPRISED!!! :)


Kristina P. said...

I may have posted a picture of this girl on my blog today.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

A starer huh? I don't know about that that could be creepy. Or not. Maybe if you saw something like a person choking and rushed to their aid or something. That could be good staring (working the positive side here).

Bad habits of mine? Yesterday I spent the day writing and blogging and didn't empty the dishwasher. I told hubby I was just into a groove with my work (which was true!). He didn't buy it though. But the dishwasher's still full of clean stuff this morning. So procrastination, that would be ONE of my bad habits...

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

And before you all think I never clean this only started three years ago. When we lived in MD I was neurotic about keeping the kitchen (and the house really) spotless. I think Germany is corrupting me...

Devri said...

I stare too... I notice that I am, I tell myself to stop, I just can't!!!

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

I'm a starer too. I love to people watch. I could do it ALL day :)

The Wixom Zoo said...

Hahaha...I loved it then and I love it now! I have to admit, I'm a person who likes to stare too. Especially in crowded places where I can be a little more Cloak & Dagger about it.

Barbaloot said...

Oh my gosh-this was one of the first posts I ever read on your blog! I wanna go back now and see what I commented then:)

I stare too. But if you have dark sunglasses, then it's WAY easier to get away with. You should look into that.

roy/elisabeth dean said...

My bad habit is shaving my head halfway back, painting on my eyebrows, lining my eyes and lips in khol black liner, piercing my tongue and threatening young girls who dare-to-stare. I'm glad I know where you are now!

hahaha....actually my bad habit is twirling my hair. ALL.THE.TIME!
That's probably why it always looks like crap. STOP STARING AT MY PICTURE!


Annette Lyon said...

I don't know that there's anyone who doesn't stare sometimes. It's human nature.

(Your description of that girl was pretty darn freaky!)

clan of the cave hair said...

I think its hilarious when people make a point of being conspicuous and then get angry when people look.

Bad Habits: I've gotten over it mostly, but I used to catch myself driving like I thought I was the only person on the road that needed to get somewhere. I've mellowed alot, but when I'm stressed I just want to go balls to the wall.

Lara said...

I totally stare. I prefer to call it "people watching" though. And I totally agree with Barb about the dark glasses. :)

Homer and Queen said...

When I see you...you better stare at my freckled face or I will be so hurt! I will whine and cry like a little girl...

dadshouse said...

If a woman turns my head, I look. I look hard. I look with intention.

Okay, I admit, I stare. Sue me!

And sometimes it works.

T said...

I was envisioning KP's blog post as you described her... scary!

I think I have the opposite problem, I tend to not make eye contact with people...

of course, that could have to do with the fact that most of you tower over me... or maybe I just worry that y'all will notice the zits?

but I'm working on it, really!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I have zero time to comment back to you guys... but I will... lol... I love that I'm not the ONLY starer around... and for that matter that I'm not the ONLY mom who neglects house and home to take time for ME and blog... even if the next morning I'm regretting it! ;) lol!

jess said...

umm bad habits?? I have plenty but one that I am willing to admit is that I pretend like I am asleep whenever the dog needs to go outside so that my husband has to get up.. oh and I haven't done a load of laundry since I got married (my husband always does it!)

Heidi Ashworth said...

You have gorgeous eyes--you SHOULD use them to advantage!

Melinda said...

Thats an awesome story! I remember staring at a freaky girl in jr. high in the bathroom who was trying to pierce her lower lip with a needle. Freaked me out! So I totally relate to your story!

Untypically Jia said...

I totally stare too. I'm a people watcher. People are interesting, even the freaky ones.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

EVeryone go to Kristina P.'s blog and you will have a picture of kinda what I was up against! lol!

Blogging Mama--I will definitely use my staring ability for good if it is ever needed for that. I also have YOUR bad habit of Procrastination... wrote about it even. I'm hopeless! And just saying this, but I would LOVE for Germany to corrupt me!

Devri--*shakes head* you understand...you truly truly do... that is how I FEEL!!!

Emily- "People Watch" is such a better way to say it. Classier!

Wixom and Barb--You guys have been around for a YEAR... time TOTALLY flies doesnt it??? Seems like just yesterday... sniff...

Lilly--u suck... twirling your hair is sexy and cute... not annoying!

Annette--You're right... it IS human nature... but is it Human Nature to continue to stare... for more than allotted time? Get back to me on that!

Clan of the Cave Hair--HOLY COW... I'm coming out with ALL my bad habits, but I'm that kind of driver also!

Lara and Barb--I do wear sunglasses, that's why I'm WAY better at it and get caught less! lol!

Queen--You have FRECKLES!!! OH MY GOSH... I love you even more now... and I'll stare, no worries!

DadsHouse--That's not bad... that's flattering. Unless you yourself aren't great to look at, then I'm not gonna lie, it can be creepy! :) But I do that with a hot guy also... now THAT's HUMAN NATURE! :)

T--we don't judge cause your short! :) But I can see your problem! lol!

Jess--that's PERFECT... so here is ANOTHER bad habit of mine... I use to pretend I was asleep in the middle of the night so my husband would have to get up and deal with the kids :) YIKES.. that's bad right? SOrry honey if you are reading this! Who am I kidding, I still do it!

Heidi--That is why we are good friends... cause you flatter me!

Melinda--k your story tops mine... YUCK!

Untypically Jia--I would add... ESPECIALLY the freaky ones!

Southern Sage said...

You act like you are the only one. I know a world full of girls like you Shelle. I walk in a room, the chicks stare. Well Gawk actually. Some say oogle. Its crazy really. All these folks staring. Women panting openly. Casting lustful gazes my direction. Children coming up to get my autograph. Grown men audibly saying "yeah my chances just went down, umm way down" It really makes no sense. Underthings being hurled my direction. Women lunging just for a feel of my dungarees.
Offers for fathering children throughout the throngs of women. Camera's flashing so often I have to wear sunglasses 24/7. Having to sign body parts. I don't get it. I really don't. But back to the staring. I never understood why all the chicks did that. Crazy really. Well I guess I will just keep letting em stare and spreading a little sunshine through every ones life.

I was a life guard all through high school!!! they stared more then!!!

wendy said...

FOr a minute there I was worried you were talking about Kristina (see her post today) the whole eybrow thing, Sheeeesh I sure am relieved, I mean she may be a slut (to which she has herself said) but surely NOT a gangsta!!!(tee,hee) love ya Kristina
and Gosh stare stare like a bear you forgot your underwear

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha My bad habit is I faint.

I think I'm going to blog about that.

See how inspiring you are!

Thanks for the happy freakin' birthday wish.

Youngblood4ever said...

Now that is just freakin' hilarious? Did you go to the same school as me? You described half of the student body there. (I grew up just outside of LA. Good times.)

Shawn said...

I am a people watcher---so I stare until they look in my direction....heh, heh.

I just wrote about it a bit on my blog---check it out!

Kritta22 said...

Crash faints!!!! LOL I love her even more!!

I'm going to go read what I commented back on this post earlier!

as you know, I stare too!

My bad habit as of right now, that i'm working on...I sing to the TV music....freecreditreport.com...tell your friends, call your mom.....Hehehe

Kritta22 said...

Seriously that was a fun trip down memory lane!!! I remember almost all those posts!!! LOL

I heart you Shelle Belle!

shannon said...

This was hilarious!--I'm so glad you reposted it from your archives...I hadn't read this one...

I would have ditched the assembly too!

Loralee and the gang... said...

I tend to stare quite a bit, too. Not good when you are the "Bishop;s Wife". But I don't stare because people are freaky; usually I'm just in another world, lookin' their way.
I'm working on it, yes I am. . .

Sher said...

I'm very familiar with this "condition." In my family we call it the "Harris stare" (family name). There are several people in my family that have the tendency to just zone out at any given moment.
And it's "F'in" hilarious that you got called out by a gansta wanna be girl in Junior high.

tiffany said...

My husband's a starer, it drives me nuts! LOL I used to think he was staring at all the girls until I realized he did it with everyone!
I bet that because you actually started laughing, she was probably the one that was scared and that's why she ditched assembly...

The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom said...

ROFL - hilarious! Starers spook me...but now knowing you are one..I will be a little less scared.

binks said...

Thanks for the disclaimer at the end.

I was having a fierce case of de-ja-vu and racking my brain to figure out if I read it or you actually TOLD me that story.

And I was just finally getting rid of that dang headache.

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