Monday, June 30, 2008

When is enough...enough?-BHM

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I have asked myself this a lot lately. So when IS enough, ya know, enough? I told you I would bring up the subject of putting our kids in too many activities...but not putting them in any at all seems a bit harsh also...right?

I find myself torn a little. I understand the whole concept of putting a child into too many activites that they aren't able to be, well, a child! I understand that fully I do. But I also feel that we are doing a disservice to our children if we don't introduce them to things that could potentially make their life fuller!

I was talking to a woman, whose opinion I hold very high, a few weeks ago. She was saying that she wasn't going to put her child into one of the Charter schools down here because she doesn't feel that sending a child home with hours of homework is doing the child any good. She said these words, "When my kids get home I have my OWN agenda for OWN education to feed them. It may not consist of books and things of a scholastic nature, but they consist of things just as important, things like piano and violin lessons, dance, and extracurricular activites such as sports! Doesn't that education equal that of scholarly education?" (I'm paraphrasing here...she said a lot more and way more eloquently!)

I truly agree with her. They have 7 hours of scholastic learning, regulary, in a day. Why must they also come home and add more hours to that?

I know that dancing as much as I did after school, kept me out of A LOT of trouble. Not that I didn't find myself in trouble now and again. I just know that because of my LOVE of it I didn't mind the time that I put towards it as I got older.

I do, however, remember when I was young...How I rebelled at having to go to dance instead of playing with my neighbor friends. Don't get me wrong...I played and had free time quite a bit when I was younger...but I also danced A LOT. As I got older I was put in gymnastics and piano. I can honestly say that I HATED interrupting my play schedule to go to these things, but I loved it while I was there. It's funny how that worked.

When I got a little older I dared to ask my Mom if I could add ONE more thing to my hectic schedule...luckily she believed in the keep-a-child-busy-to-keep-them-out-of-trouble philosophy and agreed to let me play soccer...but if it conflicted with anything...I was to choose Dance first, then piano, then gymnastics, then soccer. Lucky for me...they didn't conflict TOO often...I had coaches that were able to work practices around my schedule that didn't affect anyone else on the team...seriously, I was incredibly lucky...because I LOVED TO PLAY !

Anyhow...I know how keeping me busy affected my life! But I realize that there needs to be discretion and priority handled by the parent. I understand that my child is still young...that if I involve him or her in TOO much that I am being, in a way, abusive to them. I need to choose what would best serve his NEEDS and WANTS and figure how they will work with mine...because I'm selfish like that...for example, I LOVE SOCCER and want my children to they don't have a choice in that right now, but as they get older...if I don't see the drive and passion and they absolutely don't want to play...then I will let them choose whatever path they decide. :( However sad that may make me!

What are children if we can't live A LITTLE through them? I kid, I kid...a little.

So what are your feelings? Do you believe that getting your child INVOLVED with a lot of things can be damaging to them? Or do you feel that it is okay and healthy. Is there an age limit to start these sorts of things...can you add on as they get older or should you take away?

I believe that getting them involved is healthy...I think you have to assess (thanks Kritta for reminding me that I wasn't talking about butt's 'asses', I was indeed meaning assess! lol) your child first and know, as a parent, what you think they can handle. Take away if necessary...and when it all comes down to long as the child is loving what they are involved in...then there is NO wrong, in my mind, of letting them continue in what makes them happy! There is always that added bonus of them staying out of trouble because they are either involved or too exhausted to try! :)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

What is your pet peeve?

I have read, while blog surfing different posts, about what ticks people off when they are blog reading or surfing or whatever you want to call it!

Different pet peeves if you will! So I am curious about those that visit my blog. What ticks you off or rubs you the wrong way when you read other peoples blogs?

Some have said when the music instantly comes on when you click on a site. I have to be honest here and say that sometimes that can be rather frustrating because I will joyfully be blog reading away and click on a site, when all of sudden I get knocked over from the music blasting from my lap top speakers...then I have to gather my wits, and hurry to turn down the sound! But then sometimes I'm in the mood for music and will click on someone's site just because I know they have a nice play list and turn it on to listen while I surf the net. So it depends on my mood!

Others have said they hate it when the post is too long! I have a problem with that I'm afraid. Meaning I almost ALWAYS have too long of a post...sorry guys!

I have also read that some people HATE a million pictures of someone's kids...ummm...sorry, but this is a blog about ME and MY people, so if you don't like then that's to bad! So I am guilty of this one also.

Some hate it when the blog has too much going on in the design of the blog, like the scrap book looking ones. I'm not sure on your opinion of my blog...but I no it doesn't REAK of creativity so I think I might be good on that one? Who knows! I personally LOVE the scrapbook looking designs on other's me it shows personality!

I think my greatest pet peeve is when they DO design their blog and then the writing is hard to the writing fades a little into the color of the background and I have to squint my eyes to read what they have posted! It's down right annoying and I think I might have to sue those said people for making my eyesight go bad...because I'm sure it won't be from the excessive time I spend reading books or working on the internet or watching TV. Nope, it will be from those of you who design your blogs so cute but keep your writing REALLY light so I have to squint and twist my head in odd angles to read it.

Other people would give up...but I am determined to read those blogs because they are usually someone I want to read!

So expect some papers served from my lawyer...I better go, the words are getting blurry and I think I need to rest my eyes!

Leave a comment and let me know what bugs you? Then I might have a pole on the top three pet peeves to see which one wins out! I know, exciting times right?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

To many extra curricular activities?

When does one parent determine that they might have put their child in ONE to many extra curricular activities?

Could it be...when said child...begs to go outside and play on the tramp. To have his little sister right on his heels to follow...only to have that same sister come inside a while later proclaiming that "DCar won't jump Dad!" her voice only used to blame someone of grave wrong doing! She was utterly baffled and somewhat put out.

MountainSport Man being the dutiful Dad went outside to check on WHY DCar wouldn't jump. When suddenly he yells to my Mom, "Come look at this!"

As she steps outside to see what the big deal is she glimpses this:

Never to let a picture moment pass, she realizes that she can't quite get the angle she needs from this the naked eye it just looks like DCar is lounging on the tramp...doing exactly what PeePs proclaims he is her chagrin.

But when one get closer to investigate they realize:

The kids was utterly exhausted. He not only has had SkateBoard Camp AND swimming lessons...BUT he also has a plethora of neighbor boys and one girl knocking at his door everyday when he is done with his morning activities, to play, wrestle, and JUMP the rest of the afternoon away.

These pictures were taken after an over exhausting day as a six year old! One has to appreciate his energy when he, of course, isn't snoozing at every hidden opportunity! lol!

Maybe we should discuss that extra curricular activity issue another time...for now...I think I might need to take a nap...DCar has inspired me through these pictures!

What about you? What are your big plans today?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My love of Dance

Watching the #1 dance show EVER, SYTYCD, I was thinking, "WoW...this stuff is good...but this year hasn't had that MOMENT". So I thought I would reminisce.

Everytime I sit down and watch this show I instantly want to be young again. Being the one learning the routine that someone has thought up in their crazy head instead of the one being crazy making up routines!

I'll never forget my first REAL experience at a dance camp. I was just taking ballet at the time and there wasn't much for a studio in my town for jazz since my Mom had retired from her studio.

My sister, Dance Masta, was teaching at a studio down in Las Vegas, NV while attending college to obtain her Master Degree in Dance. They were going to Dance Attack in Park City, UT and Dance Masta invited me to attend with them. I couldn't get the words out of my head that my Mom had pounded in before I had left,
"Get on the front row Shelle...and when they tell you to rotate lines...stay in the front row. You learn faster and you'll pick up better if you don't have to crick your neck to see. I mean it...stay on the front row!"

I remember walking into my first jazz class and being incredibly nervous. Me being the ever obedient daughter went immediately to the backrow and tried not to talk with anybody...luckily I saw one of the girls I knew in class so I adjusted my position to be next to her, but it wasn't the front row. Dance Masta had helped me pack for the week and so my attire was fine, but I was incredibly intimidated. The girls I had traveled with made me feel MORE THAN welcome, but I just didn't feel as though I was up to par with them. My sister was ever reassuring...telling me that I had the technique to back up what I lacked in style at the time.

The first routine I learned was a lyrical or at least that is the first one I remember. I don't remember the song or anything but I do remember how I felt.
The teacher began to instruct us and I was overcome and swept up in the beauty of the movement. I remember thinking that I had died and gone to heaven. The teacher was beautiful to watch and the music was overwhelming my body to where I don't remember anything but being pulled by the emotion and beauty of the genre known as LYRICAL dance! I couldn't get enough of it...I remember practicing and practicing and practicing just because I LOVED doing it.

During my break Dance Masta came up to me and said, "Shelle you need to get on the front row. You are doing Great, you are a natural, and you will enjoy it so much more if you put yourself on the front row...that is what I do, but I won't force you!"

I walked back into that class with confidence, Dance Masta was my idol, if she did it so was I going to do it, I remember the teacher pointing me out saying to the class that she could see the passion as I danced, and I never felt such a rush of pride. I began to realize that dance was going to be more to me than just a passing phase...I lived and breathed it after that Dance Camp. I tried my hardest to find whatever I could to learn ALL different genre's of dance...

and since that day I have always put myself up there on that front row so to speak. I never lacked in confidence on what I could do...I began to want to create...anytime I was listening to music I could see the movement in my this day I can't listen to music and not see something beginning to form in my creative juices begin to flow. It helps when I run because I can take myself out of my body and watch the video going on in my least until my heart starts pounding so hard that my brain begins to notice the pain from lack of oxygen...but that's another post for another day.

So as I watched last night I was pleased...but not moved...not like Blake and Melody performing to the music "Heaven":

Or like Allison and Ivan performing to the music "Why":

Who can forget last year with Lacey and Kameron performing to the music "Dancing":

And those are just the Lyrical's...If I mention those three than I have to mention the Fast Jazz with Sabra and Neil last year performing to the music "Sweet Dreams"...holy cow that was so CREATIVE and it blew my mind that I hadn't seen something to that effect with a table...but then again I have been in and out of it since I had kids, if it wasn't for Dance Masta, I would be lost...

So you can imagine my excitement when Chelsie and Mark came out 2nd to the last couple of the show and did this piece last night performing a lyrical hip hop to one of my favorite songs this year "Bleeding Love", I had to watch it 3 times before I felt content enough to turn it about seeing the passion in the movement as well as the people performing...I wish I could've been there live to feel the electricity in the room! If you don't watch any of the other video's WATCH THIS ONE!

JUST A SIDENOTE:Do you think parents would object if I did a dance to this song? lol :) Seriously what happened to propriety? There is NOW no subject that can't be addressed...nothing is TABOO any longer...this song proves it! "I Kissed a Girl" by Katy know what's wrong with this whole scenario...the beat is if you don't LISTEN to the lyrics then it's a GREAT song! lol! Is that rationalizing? Think much?

I'm just being real here but I kissed a girl when I was like 5 maybe 6, actually I don't remember the age...but I was young. You know, just keeping it honest! :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My car wreck...

I have been in ONE serious car wreck my whole life...knock on wood...and I'm sad to say, or admit, I'm just not a very good driver sometimes! :)

As you know we didn't have loads of money growing up. My older brother, The Traveler, came home from his mission and my parents purchased this used BMW for him!

It was the first car I learned how to drive in...holds sentimental value...because it was stick shift. So I learned how to drive stick before anything else! When my older brother purchased a new car, this BMW, was handed down to my brother, Broadway, and I!

Therefore, it was handed down to ME...since I am a lot pushy and usually could fanagle into getting my way most of the time! I usually was the one driving it. Thanks Broadway for dealing with me!

After play practice I offered to take a friend home on a dreary, rainy, day! We had Root Beer Floats in hand and I was attempting to drive stick and eat my Root Beer Float...stupid looking back yes, but just wasn't really aware of the danger at the time.

I was at a light, in the Left Turn Lane, waiting for a green light...I look to my left and I see a boy I know well from my high school on the side of the road...he had been in an accident and had ran his car into the pole.

My light turns green...

I nose slowly up to the middle of the intersection and could have SWORN that I didn't see any oncoming traffic...

since I am closer to the scene of the wreck of my friend...I look over and start turning left at the same thing I knew my Root Beer Float was ALL over me...and my friend was SCREAMING, "It's going to's going to blow"...(she watched a lot of television...where the car blows up from the gas leaks and stuff)...this will tell you how sick I really am, and confirm that I DO laugh at the most unusual times...I laughed when I heard her scream that...just laughed. I attribute some of that to SHOCK!

Not thinking straight and still in shock...I help her with her seat belt and look up to see the small truck a few yards away from us turned the other friend was fine, thank the heavens above...the car didn't hit her, but one more inch they said and she would have been hit straight on. I thanked my Heavenly Father daily after I learned that!

Lesson learned: Don't drink and drive...don't look at other wrecks when attempting to turn left while there is oncoming traffic, especially in the rain...and it's ALWAYS your fault when turning left because you are suppose to yield to oncoming traffic...even if you HAVE the light and they don't! (When you have a left arrow I mean! That wasn't my case though, I found that out later in Traffic School)

Oh and don't take an ambulance when you are both fine...costs lots of money...and REMIND your parents how lucky you are to be alive before you tell them you totaled their newly PAID OFF BMW!

That's right...they had just paid the final payment that week! (Keep in mind we didn't have a lot of money to just throw around!)

Have you ever been in an accident?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In the beginning...1994

Well this was around the end of my Freshmen year. In our little town you were still in Jr. High School in 9th grade! I was preparing for try-outs, because what you did in our town is you took dance and gymnastics in your younger years up until your Freshmen year and then you try-out to try and make a Cheer or Dance team then you quit everything and just do the team you made...because it is all about status! lol. I have saved those pictures for tryout and team pics...but ...

Here I am in ballet class...point to be specific. Yea my shoulders should be relaxed and my chin back, but who's being picky? The skirt was not mine...don't know if you can tell that? I mean it fits perfectly! :) Ballet is what I was blessed to take...even though I may have been forgotten after class...I always felt most important IN class...I had a fabulous...mean and strict...but incredible ballet teacher!
I came upon this picture in my search for my blast-to-the-past post and I couldn't believe I had worn this vest? I mean I don't even remember it. As I was searching it was popping up everywhere in my pictures? I really DON'T remember it being one of my favorite pieces of clothing...I mean, what DROVE me to wear something so ridiculous? It's just NOT cute...(my Mom decorated my room...don't hate!)
Then I found my 9th grade FRIEND picture. Well was the THING to wear apparently! I mean look...even my good friend had a vest JUST LIKE MINE! I wonder if I let her borrow it or if we actually had the same vest? I guess back then it was COOL to wear the same thing...right? Am I the only geek?

Anyone there? You could have just told me YES I was the only reason for the silent treatment...I mean it's not like I do that anymore...wear the SAME thing as someone least not on PURPOSE...sorry KT you still holding that against me?!

This is Suns Fan #2 modeling a shirt that became one of my most EMBARRASSING moments in Jr. High.

Remember Dance Masta and how I looked up to her ALWAYS. Well there was this ONE instance that I wished her someone else's sister...and that was the day she gifted me with this shirt and matching Levi jeans...yes, you read that right MATCHING jeans.

She somehow thought that picking out the BRIGHTEST color in the color spectrum and slapping some material haphazardly on a shirt and some fake looking colored jewels along with piping, would be really COOL! She.was.wrong.

I instantly thanked her and told her how much I LOVED IT...totally lied...and hid it in my drawers. Well she relentlessly asked my Mom if I had worn it. I hadn't and my Mom finally MADE me wear it to school.

All I remember is the stares...the snickering...and wearing my backpack throughout the whole day of school in front of me, I didn't linger in the halls, and I was early to class so I could slip into the most inconspicuous seat in the classroom!

Months after that day I still had my friends bring up that outfit and we would all have a good laugh WITH me...cause it's so much better to Laugh with your friends about you and not have them laugh AT you! Yea, SO much better...

Did you ever HAVE to wear a hand me down or unfortunate set of clothing because it was a gift?

Monday, June 23, 2008

SYTYCD--Camping--New love...

First of all, to attend to Marie's rantings...I'M SORRY I left you hangin' girl...I wasn't able to read ANYTHING where I was...NO internet access...I felt naked and bare. I read your comment when I got back and then fell asleep but this morning I instantly felt horrible that I couldn't deliver...PLEASE forgive me. I should have been more on top of things. But you will soon realize NEVER to depend on me...I am almost always NOT reliable and to THAT you can rely! I am trying...

I know, I know, doesn't really count does it?

Well I will shamefully admit that I absolutely HATED not being able to blog. I prefer next time that my in-laws choose somewhere we can have cell phone AND internet access...but they are somewhat barbaric and LOVE that out doorsy stuff! :)

This is for you Marie--my MOST important opinion on SYTYCD.

I still absolutely adore Kat...the host...I love how she says, "And Welcome to..So You Think You Can Dance" such a charming voice and lilt to her accent...dang I wish I had that natural appeal! lol!

I totally agreed with who was sent home LAST week and THIS week. The Latino "hot Smokin'" teacher just rubbed me the wrong way. I haven't ever been able to warm up to her even with her outtakes...and for some reason her partner...even though shown as goofy during practices...didn't seem to have too much of a "LOVE him" kinda personality...but the BOY can DANCE...Dang! I thought after his solo that FOR SURE he was apparently they went with popularity and personality rather than the Best Dancer...because out of the three from the solo's he shouldn't have gone home, but I'm glad he did. The "you did too many tricks" was a cop my was the only thing they could think of to send him home cause he KILLED his solo!
Here is a peak of the results: ( You have to watch like a minute into it for it to start the solo's!)

Here is my favorite from the night before...sorry I'm a sucker for contemporary!

And Shane Sparks is a genius!:

Camping was a blast...I expected mundane and boring...but we had a really good time and I can't complain TOO bad...there were cabins, working toilets, and showers (even though I didn't remember so I didn't bring my own towel). I'll post more on it...but let's just say this family gets crazy I think it's the Indian blood in them...

There was some paddle boatin' and more of those later...

What is a reunion without a homemade slip n' slide...

And here's the crazy part...for some reason this family loves to get naked!...maybe not on the slip n' slide...but believe me, even at his young age, nakedness is one-with-them, so there definitely was some...

streakin'...oh my goodness...please cover the young one's eyes! But this is what I deal with when thrown into in-law territory! :)
I just had to add that I was watching on VH1 this morning and fell in love with this new singer...acoustic and raw like a lot, A lot, A LOT! Enjoy!
Justin Nozuka: "Ain't no Sunshine" (obviously this isn't his original work, but he also has some good stuff...I just LOVE his voice on this one)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sweat Shower...

I learned a lesson in my cycling class on Wednesday.

I walked into cycling class at 6am. Our Recreation Center where I workout and do aerobics in is kinda ghetto so you have to drag your cycling bike into the gym the class...and then DRAG, if you can, the bike back into the storage area.

Sidenote: Most of the time when I am done with a spinning class I have NO energy left to drag that bike back into the storage...I heave, I pull, I grunt, and then that order. SO I usually wait until everyone from class has already left, because I am so TOTALLY retarded and pathetic that I don't want to humiliate myself if I don't have to!

Anyhow. On Wednesday I decided to try the 6AM class...I had never gone before and I have found it is easier for me to work out EARLY in the morning or I NEVER do it.

I walk into the gym area to set my stuff down...because there is NO WAY I am going to be able to heave the bike ANYWHERE with things in my hands.

There is about 6 people already in there, on their bikes, pedaling away to warm up. I see that there is one guy...all on his lonesome and closest to the storage door where the bikes are at. The other 5 people were clumped together about 8 ft away from him. I thought to myself at the time, I wonder why he is all alone? The poor guy probably feels bad; that is SO weird.

Since he was closest to the door...I went and grabbed my bike and heaved it out onto the floor and plopped it down right next to the lonesome guy. Who smiled at me and welcomed me to class. He had an abundance of energy and he is definitely one of those people that LOVES mornings. What a CHEERY guy, I thought to myself. I wonder STILL why no one wants to spin by him. I shrug my shoulders and think...oh well, I'll be the big person and spin by him.

Since I am most defineably lazy...I was happy to make someone feel good and not go with the crowd...we looked like the outsiders...and I was happy to be such a GOOD person! I feel for people you know...I'm cool like that...go ahead, you can give me a virtual pat on the back. :)

About 15 minutes into the spin class...I understood why the other people decided to park their bikes where they had parked their bikes. They were not mean...they were not rude...(besides the fact that they didn't warn me...maybe it was some kind of initiation to the Wednesday 6am SPIN CLASS or something, I wonder) but they were incredibly smart.

The guy sweats...smells a little, or lot, because of it...but sweats! Profusely! He spins that bike SO FAST that he must burn like 5000 calories, but that isn't the only thing "spinning".

All of a sudden I start feeling like drops of rain are hitting me. BIG drops. I turn my head and see SWEAT flying my way! I am horror struck. We are well into the class right now...It would be TOTALLY obvious if I stopped myself and moved the bike somewhere I was stuck.

Let me just end this sad and disgusting tale by saying, I had a SWEAT SHOWER...and it wasn't my sweat. YUCK!

So if you EVER go to a spin class...and there is someone all by their lonesome...don't feel bad for them, there is a reason...just join the crowd with this one...TRUST ME!


I am going peace out...and I'll post about it on SUNDAY! Love you all!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

MountainSport Man got Tagged...

We found out that MountainSport Man got tagged by Spencer at Our Own Family Adventures...and the good sport that he long as I typed for him, he decided to answer the questions... Here's how the conversation went:

ME: "Hey a few weeks ago you got tagged off of someone else's blog."

MSM: "I got Tagged? What's that?"

ME: I give him a DUH look and said matter-of-factly, "It's a blog thing. IT's where someone asks personal questions and you talk all about yourself and then you name other people to do the same thing! Will you do it...wanna, huh? Ya wanna? Come on...just check out how cool the guy who tagged you is!"

MSM: Chuckles...I showed him the blog who tagged him and he was impressed that the guy could do splits AT ALL let alone at the age of 30..."I'm not really that interesting"...

ME: "So are you going to do it? Other husbands are doing it for their wives...hmmm..."

MSM: Rolls his eyes, "Okay I'll do it but you have to type."

K, let's get started:

3 Joys:

1. Shelle (My Wife)

2. My kids

3. Snowboarding/Mountain Biking

3 Fears:

1. Something happening to my Beautiful Wife or my kids.

2. Buying a car. I hate the whole process.

3. The unknown.

3 Goals:

1. Finish School

2. Get a Harley Davidson

3. Getting Shelle to get off the computer or her nose out of a book to hang with us.

3 Obsessions/Addictions:

1. Letting my wife do whatever she wants to do to make her happy and my kids

2. I'm obsessed with getting out of my current vocation.

3. Snowboarding/Mountain Biking

3 Surprising Facts:

1. I love the shows.

2. My first time EVER going to Disneyland was when I was 32 years old.

3. After 8 years I still haven't figured out how to get my wife to do whatever I say...when I say...even if it's right...surprising enough.

MSM says he doesn't know anybody to tag so he's not going to! lol! Hey Babe...I'm just glad you participated even though I think you could have come up with some different answers on some of those :) ...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

THE soccer picture-Flashback!

THE soccer picture...that is how we refer to it at my house. It is my WORST picture to date...even worse than after I gave birth, drug free, to DCar feeling like I had ran a marathon...although that picture does come in a close second...this picture...this picture is by far the worst! I could definitely win "The Ugliest Picture of the Century Award" if there is actually an award like that...I would win, no doubts about it!

Although there have been numerous attempts by first my mother and than myself at getting rid of this most hideous is like a Ouji Board, it keeps coming back...there is NO getting rid of it, so I have used it has a tool to help other children, or people that need it, to remember to always have someone with you when taking a picture after you played an hour of run-the-whole-time sporting event...yea, someone to tell you to brush your hair and stick your chin out so that you don't have a double chin while suggesting to hide your half bitten nail polish nails!

Really, it would have been nice...this whole "Most Ugliest Picture of the Century" thing would have been avoided and I could have some kind of pride...any kind of pride... but I don't, solely because this picture exists...

Here's the story to this be the judge!

After my last soccer game in the city league for the season, our parents were given our team and individual pictures back. Here it is better told in my Mom's words:

I looked at your picture and almost screamed...I thought it was a joke,
this couldn't be MY daughter in this I looked closer I realized
that sure was Shelle and it was NOT a very cute picture of
her, that's putting it mildly.

All the parents were showing the other parents their kids' pictures. I hurry and
tucked your picture under my leg and pretended like I didn't notice what the
others were doing. I hoped that nobody would see that I wasn't participating.

One of the Mom's yells over to me, "Hey Ann where is
Shelle's picture? I want to see it!"

Avoiding the ladies eyes because I didn't want her to know I was lying I
said, "Oh I already went and put it in the car." I hadn't even left my seat
since the beginning of the game...I just hoped and prayed that nobody noticed.

Then You came running over to me after shaking the other teams hands to
congratulate them on a good game and asked to see your picture. I very
softly so only you could hear said, "Oh don't worry about it Shelle you can look at it

You looked at me with a SHOCKED look on your face...usually I would be ALL
over showing my kid off...but this was THE exception...I just couldn't bring
myself to do it. I was doing it for your own good also.

We got in the car and you begged to see your reluctantly I
showed it to you...worried about how you would feel. You got a GROSS look
on your face and said, "EEWWW that is so gross...I look horrible"...

With that you put it away and so did I, intending on throwing it away, or at least
hiding it underneath all of your other pictures just in case I needed black mail
material for when you became a teenager and decided to give me problems.

So 8 years later I am rummaging through pictures for my wedding video and I come upon this picture. I laughed SO hard that I couldn't breathe. I was there all by myself in my Mom's master bathroom crying because I was laughing so hard.

Dance Masta came running in to see what the matter was along with World Traveler, my oldest brother, and I couldn't even tell them, I just handed them the picture. They also broke out in laughter and we were all sitting there guts hurting from laughing. As we would calm down one of us would look at it again and show the others and we would start up laughing all over again!

My Mom finally joined us and when she saw the picture she started telling us the story of what she did to make sure the other Mom's didn't see the picture...and we all started the gut wrenching laugh all over again!

Drum roll...THE soccer picture...I do need to note here that I had JUST finished a soccer game (why they decided to take pictures AFTER the game is beyond me)...but you can tell I had just finished because my cheeks are still red and flushed...and yes, I did ALMOST ALWAYS bite my finger nail polish off of my nails until I gave up wearing the stuff! Here you go...Enjoy...

This was used as MountainSport Mans test of TRUE LOVE. He barely passed. To this day he won't even look at the picture. Just tonight I tried to show it to him again, and he, not knowing what it was, gave it a nano second glance where he realized what I had given him and instantly threw it back in my face. I said, "what? You don't want to look at the picture" and he lovingly said, "NO! It's hideous! And NO I would NOT still be your friend if you looked like that"--okay so that last part, after the hideous part, is an inside joke with me and him...but truly he HATES the picture...he doesn't see the humor in it as I do!

I HAVE learned a valuable lesson from this picture...and besides wanting to provide you with the utmost humor and entertainment, I feel I need to share this knowledge with you so that you may NEVER have to go through what MY MOM had to go through...

Take a brush, comb, or heck USE your hands, and be PREPARED to FIX your daughter's hair after she plays a game and before she takes a picture that, to her demise, will NEVER her from this disaster and yourself, along with your FAMILIES pride! Amen!

So can you TOP this picture? Do you have a picture you believe is WORSE than this one? If you do, I think you should be brave and post it to prove it...I just don't think anyone can top this horrendous and monumental picture of mine...what?...I didn't think so...I'll understand if you need a few days to forget what you have seen and I don't hear from you...

it will take a strong stomach and even strong WILL to remain friends with me after this...It was nice knowing you while it lasted...

Monday, June 16, 2008

I think I scared them away...

A couple of weeks ago DCar was doing that soccer camp...remember? Yea well these coaches...the ones in this picture below...well they are from Great Britian...and they...

they have the hottest accents. They aren't really my type physical wise, but I just don't know, there is something about accents that gets me. I don't care how unattractive the men are or what they are wearing...when they talk in that English accent or Scottish Brogue I can't get enough of it.

Don't get me wrong...I am totally in love with my husband...yea, I admit, he would be even SEXIER if he had an accent...but I love him how he is...

it's just that I LOVE listening to an accent. Always have, since I saw Mary Poppins.

In college I met an Australian guy online and we ended up calling each other...I spent a few hundred dollars just listening to the guy talk. For once, I SHUT UP, except when I had to ask a question to listen to him speak...he was also REALLY into Soccer and that was my secret passion...I remember I would watch the WORLD CUP and then either he would call me or I would call him and we would chat for hours about it...or 180 minutes until my calling card or his calling card ran out...true lust for his voice is all it was...but it was fun while it lasted. aaahhhh...just give me a moment while I take myself to that happy place...

okay...I'm back...

To be honest...the guy was always afraid his MOM was going to walk in on him talking on the phone...and I swear he was hidden in a secret barn or casita off of his house because he always had to walk outside and then I would hear him open a door and close it.

He was probably still in high never know over the internet...

Well during DCar's soccer camp you could find me here...
There I am standing with my foot on the table in my Navy Blue Hoodie and over on the other side of my friend there is a couple of the coaches. They rotated around to teach the kids.

So there I'd be relentlessly asking those poor innocent guys all sorts of questions so I could just hear them speak. Instantly they became smarter and more classy when they spoke...especially those from's crazy how that happens :) I would take my camera and casually walk up to them and say, "Hey do you mind if I sit here, again, so that I can take even more pictures...practicing action shots, you know...can't ever get enough!" Smile...casually sit down, open my bag, get my camera out, and then..."So what sorts of food do you like?"

Towards the end of the week I swear they were scared of me. I can only imagine what they were thinking, "Man this lady needs a life!" They took a trip to Las Vegas and left their extra car at my house because we were close like that...okay we weren't close they actually had no other Mom who was obsessively asking them questions. So they had no other choice really...they probably cringed just thinking about it.

When they came back from Las Vegas they didn't even let us know they were taking the car...the just took I basically scared them away.

I feel bad that I couldn't control my addiction to their voices...really I do...except I don't, because I'll probably never see them again...but I have to say...the BEST thing I got from that whole week is this awesome picture I caught with my camera of the Scotsman teasing a little THAT was endearing! :)
Hey guys, if you happen upon this nice little post...I'm sorry...I'll treat the next ones a lot with they restraining order I'm not allowed closer than 100 ft.


So do you like accents? Do you believe that those of us that live in the west have an accent? Because I don't...we sound well, BIG accent that you can instantly identify us with like those that have a southern drawl or Eastern coast Bronx accent. Just throwing it out what's your opinion?

Mom's or not cool? Hmmm...

Let me just get this off my chest real fast! I have been blog surfing, like I do, and I have come upon a few blogs where they have talked about "Attracting people to your blog" (and I totally want to so feel free to link to me anytime so i can feed of your popularness).

One of the biggest things that each one of them has said is don't have a regular MOMMY BLOG...which means...don't just talk about what you did for the day, how many diapers you changed, who you made lunch for, or where you happen to take your kids that day.

Okay, well I'm screwed and I understand NOW why a lot of you don't stay on to read my blog and become obsessed with it EVERYDAY...

I have a normal MOMMY BLOG because that is my life and what is consumed with kids. Luckily I don't have to change diapers right now in this period of my life. But I have typed many posts about what I have done that day or who I have cooked for. So sorry guys...I'll try to expand my knowledge and delve back into my books on see what interesting things I can push at ya...

Well, secretly...I like telling you about my day...this blog is for me to say whatever I want right? so if that means I tell you how many times I yelled at my little darlings then that means that is what I write about...a lot of this blog is for journaling so that I make my mark in history...ya know, in case any one cares, and I miraculously become famous after I die. There's always that chance... :)

But I also DO REALLY LIKE typing to an audience and I SO love hearing your comments and have laughed hysterically when visiting your blogs, which initiates me to write something more amusing or interesting for you so that you continue to comment and I can continue to be's a "circle of blogs" so to speak...


I had my nephews last week and I was sitting at the park just looking around and started noticing the difference between Mom's. It's like you could tell which Mom's had little or no sleep and dressed like it. The Mom's that had again little or no sleep but still dressed for the day. There were mom's who you could tell had been to the gym at 6:00am that morning and probably jogged for an hour before showering and getting ready and taking her kids to the park. (Because they have a super hot body and are tugging around 4 or 5 kids) Then there was the Mom that woke up 10 minutes before haphazardly getting her kids ready, or they got themselves ready, and quickly left for the park to meet a bunch of friends. They were different shapes and sizes and I chuckled to myself to see which category I was in that day...that's right, little or no sleep and dressed like it!

I found myself looking around and my eye being attracted to those Mom's that a lot of single men tenderly refer to as MILF's. If you don't know what that me, I'll fill you in, but since this is a family-friendly website...(My friends daughters read my website because I'm like the COOL friend.ha)...I'm not going to spell it out for you here right now. They basically are Beautiful women that have incredibly bodies and dress them to they have kids and do cool mom things.

Then this led my brain back a couple of weeks ago when my friend Brooke said, "Shelle, Mom's just aren't when you become a Mom you instantly are put into a not cool category. Especially when you are trying to pick out something to wear. I just went to my sister's graduation and was looking at her and her friends and thought to myself, I'm just trying to hard to be cool...with a baby on my hip...I was so totally NOT cool. You should write about it on your blog and see what other people think." ( I'm summarizing here!)

I was like..."why don't YOU write about it on your blog...that would be interesting to see what other Mom's or Dad's think!"

She said,
"No I'd rather read what you have to say...I think you should do it!"

Fine Brooke I'll do it, but just because I am interested in what others say too...and because I think the world of you, and I have to give props to you because YOU are one of the stylish coolest mom's I know...but I know you'll just roll your eyes at that since you don't realize it about yourself.

I use to think that if you had a really skinny body to adorn all the really cool new and latest styles that it didn't matter what age you were you could pull it off. I was dead wrong.

I have a co-worker that I see at work who is always wearing styles that are just a tad to young for her. She is a beautiful woman, but she just doesn't know how to dress her body, she has a great I envy now and then when I am weak...But she shops at all the trendy teenage stores and it looks more trashy then classy. You understand where I am coming from? You know what I mean right? ( don't worry the lady that I work with barely knows my name...wouldn't realize it was her if I brought it up in it's my opinion, so take a chill pill)

I totally think you can be a classy dresser as a Mom...but you HAVE to make that leap from the teen section of the store to the Woman section of the store. No you may not find those hotter than hot shorts or really slinky tank top to go with it...or the tighter than tight spandex with the weird looking prego shirt...or you might, depending on where you shop...but I think there is just something about a mature lady or woman or MOM who dresses herself in something classy yet stylish. They have designers out there that design just for the WOMAN's BODY! We should take advantage of those styles...

for us bigger women...THANK GOODNESS for layers being in style. They are definitely classy and allow you to wear more stylish tops.

Jeans that fit right are a big one...I have scored hundreds of hours looking for the JUST RIGHT JEANS...because I don't have a gazillion dollars to find designer jeans that will instantly make me look like Jessica Alba, it takes me a while to find jeans that I can turn around in a mirror and say, "Wow, my butt doesn't look THAT bad in these". But again I am no expert because for the longest time I walked around with jeans I thought made my legs look good...which they did, but they also were a little too tight and gave me a camel toe...which I didn't know until I saw a picture of myself...NO ONE ever told me...and I wore those jeans A LOT, I mean A LOT!

I do however believe that a MOM can try TOO HARD. It's obvious to. Like when they aren't facing you and you look at them and they are in the clothes that my friends teenager buys and you think they look cute because all you see is their body(yea the skinny young looking woman)...then they turn around and you are like ICK because their eyes and wrinkles, or botox and plastic surgery, and the one-to-many-times-in-the-tanning-bed, give them a tell tale sign of their age, and then you instantly think...they should wear something a little more their age and they would be a knock out because they really are beautiful.

So style wise...I am still not an expert and most times I try to just looks worse on me because I have the extra back fat and tummy that came along with my two little rugrats...mostly because I was lazy and didn't work out when I was pregnant...but either way, I really have NO idea what I am talking about..this is purely and opinion of what I see when I am out and about with my kids.

I feel like I'm cool even though I DON'T dress it because of what I did this last week with my nephews. I went out to Osh Kosh and bought them those muscle shirts from the picture above...

These button-down shirts...
These T-Shirts...

And then took them out to get their pictures taken so that I could get some practice doing my new obsession. Plus we managed to hit 2 splash pad parks and 2 different swimming pools, with a couple of picnics and a toy store their eyes I WAS the epitome of cool...

and in my life at this time I'll take what I can get that is what counts for me, because I'll never be COOL in societies eyes, because BROOKE I think you're right, you definitely get your cool card taken away by other single adults,...unless of course you are rich and famous and then it doesn't really matter you seem to be cool no matter what you do...

okay, I got my cool card taken away, but if I'm going to be honest...most of the mom's I know ARE COOL and they DRESS COOL, and honestly Brooke, you fit into that category. I'm not just saying really are COOL and you still have a knockout body after two kids and you still dress WAY are so cute and gorgeous that I wanted to hate you before I met you, of course you are too dang nice so I couldn't

Since I'll never be rich and famous...I'm just going to hang around other Mom's that dress like me, dream about what I could do with my body if I hadn't let myself go during my two pregnancies, and smile when my husband says, "You're MILF material to me" because I know he's just saying that to try and get lucky! lol!

So what are your thoughts? What makes a Mom stylish when they dress or COOL? Do you think some Mom's try too hard? Do you not care at all and wish I would just stop know...another thing those blogs said NOT to type REALLY long posts...ummmm...screwed there also aren't I?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

To my Father's!

I love this quote and thought I would share it:

"He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it." ~Clarence Budington Kelland
If there is any father who lives out that quote it would be MY children's father! MountainSport Man is not only our provider, husband, father, dad, and daddy, he IS our best friend! He is so incredibly good with our kids. Just yesterday I was preparing for a lesson I had to teach today...he decided that he would take the kids swimming at the new pool that just opened...just him and the KIDS, so I could prepare my lesson! This is not abnormal behavior for him...that's just what he does!

With PeePs, he takes her on walks, or rides bikes or scooters with her.
Another example would be taking DCar up every weekend during the winter to teach him how to Snowboard so he would have a snowboarding buddy...during the summer he takes him every Saturday morning to the skateboard park to mess around on the skateboard!

He is also a great example for them. He is a hard worker...he is the perfect person to have around when you want to get something done. He will work and work and work until the job is finished...he hates leaving things half done! Thank GOODNESS for that...or ALL our projects would be just a thought without the work and completion since that is more MY work ethic! I live by that quote, "Isn't it the thought that counts?"

He loves the gospel, his Father in Heaven, and Jesus Christ. He knows it and has studied it...and one of the reasons why I married him was because we could talk COMFORTABLY about the is so nice not to feel stupid when I don't understand something!

Most of all though...he is fun...he shows his kids that there is time for WORK but there is always time for fun! His laugh is infectious...sometimes annoying when watching a funny movie because he is LAUGHING NONE STOP, but mostly infectious!

Honey, we LOVE YOU FOREVER +1!

TY: The quote that I love that goes with him is:

"I don't care how poor a man is; if he has family, he's rich." ~M*A*S*H, Colonel Potter

This motto he project to his kids! He is definitely rich because of his family of 7 kids!

This is my Father-in-law Ty! I just call him TY...i love this guy. He has taught me alot about endurance and keeping your faith! He has one of the STRONGEST wills I have ever seen! He has been through so much these last couple of years...but every time I am around him he jokes around with me and the kids.

Plus, he is so lovable...I just love giving him hugs and squeezes and little kisses on the cheek!

This is how he has been with my kids since the first. He LOVES having them around and having them sit on his lap and tell him all about what they have been up to...or just watching TV with them. They usually end up falling asleep on them. MY KIDS LOVE talking and being with their Granpa I said, it's most likely because he is SO lovable!

This rings true when it comes to my DAD:

"A father carries pictures where his money used to be." ~Author Unknown

My Dad is someone that I can talk with and argue with. He respects what I say, and I don't know very many Dads that feel that way. If he doesn't respect what I say, then he ACTS extremely well and we know where Broadway gets it from! lol!

Growing up my Dad use to take me on rides to the grocery store and I would talk and talk about what was going on in my life. We built such a good repoirte together and have continued to have an incredible relationship!

He was a good example to me in the gospel of our church and in what man I wanted to look for when I was to be married. I did marry someone similar to my Dad. I never questioned if my Dad loved me...or if he would be there for me...I know he did and he was!

Then look at that could you NOT love a man that twinkles when he smiles!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all those father's out there...but especially to the THREE main father's in my life! I love you guys!

My husband got a IPOD touch for Father's Day that he has been wanting for FOREVER!

What did you do for the "father" in your life today? I always like creative ideas for next year! how about things that DON'T cost money...yea that would be nice...any ideas guys...any? Come on, help a sista out here! :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

PeePs is 3!

UPDATE: No I have NOT watched SYTYCD...I am still waiting for the first night to magically appear somewhere on the internet...if you have ANY clue as to where I could find that, it would be AWESOME! My husband decided to keep me at home locked away in our room instead of checking me into a Mental sweet right? lol!

Today though, today is ALL ABOUT PEEPS!

"Hey PeePs, show me how old you are!"
She looks over to DCar..."How old m' I?" DCar showed her three fingers and said, "Three, like this".
It took her a minute, but she finally got it! She is 3! Thanks to the 3 one dollar bills in her was easier for her to put a number to an actual amount! Thanks to Grandma M. for that MULA!
DCar said, "Hey Grandma M. is the nicest, because we ALWAYS get money in our card!" Yea that is most definitely the definition of nice! :) Thanks DCar for that...


The Day of PeePs' Birth:
PeePs on June 13, 2005, after being washed and primped the nurses brought her into me! Aren't the pink bows the BEST...I love feeling a baby's soft skin, especially right after they are born and cleaned...they smell so yummy and their skin feels like velvet! You can tell in this next pick that it was a little rough for her through the passage to get here to ME...but she made it!

All bruised and swollen... :(
I look at these two photos and think, "Gosh she is so beautiful and perfect!" I loved her cute round head and fat little thighs!

But you showed me from the first that you had a MIND OF YOUR OWN because you were 4 days late...and when my patience couldn't hold any longer waiting for you to come on your own, I set an inducement date. You decided to come that day...on the day you were suppose to be induced! So I ended up NOT having to be induced...because I'm sure you were thinking, "FINE Mom, I'm coming, don't get your garmies in a bunch!"

Turning 1:
June 13, 2006--Eating of the cake! We had a BIG Costco cake all done up for you! All of your family that lived in our town came over and we had cake and ice cream.

You were so funny waiting to blow out the candle and dig into the cake! You definitely weren't one that was going to be shy...or that didn't like were at home with everyone watching you and flashing pictures!
You definitely DUG in! You kept liking your face, lips, and hands trying to get more of the frosting, you wouldn't have anything to do with the actual cake part! Even NOW you only lick the frosting off of the cup cakes or cake when we have it...
This is just a pic showing how you mostly were your first year of life! Happy and wanting and absorbing whatever attention you could get...that included tantrums, but I try and focus on the positive! :)

Turning 2:
Now this birthday was fun because everything you opened you would say, "Wow, tat is soooo coot!" or "I wuv it, fank u"...You made everyone feel that their gift was MOST important. Again family and friends that lived around came over for some cake and ice cream!
We tried the CHOCOLATE DOUBLE LAYER CAKE from Costco this birthday! YUM YUM...but again you only liked the frosting.
Your first scooter. MountainSport Man looked at a couple of stores to find the perfect PINK and PURPLE scooter since those are your favorite colors! You are most definitely a girl!

Turning 3:
You woke up this year to a bunch of balloons all over your room. Bampa said that you gathered them ALL up and went up stairs to show him what you had found! He said you could hardly get them through the door way...but you had the BIGGEST grin.

Daddy called you from work and said, "PeePs, what day is it today?"

To which you replied, "It's my Birfday are you going to sing to me?"

Daddy said, "Not at work honey, but tonight, tonight I will sing to you!" MountainSport man gets a little stage fright when it comes to doing stuff like that with people around...way to dash her hopes honey...but when he got home he did sing for her more than once...and MSM has a sexy voice...but to PeePs, it just her Dad and she was smiling from ear to ear!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart! We love you so much and are so excited to see you becoming such a fun, spirited, yet determined little girl!

I have written great posts about this little rugrat and these are some of my favorites DRAMA FOR MAMA and IS THIS WEIRD TO YOU
Of course you can always click on the label "PeePs" at the bottom of this post, or the other ones, and get loads of fun facts and posts about the princess we call "PeePs".

This BOW was made by my MOST TALENTED sister-in-law Mands! She is incredible at designing and making things...especially bows! She has a company called Polka Dots in Patterns because she uses polka dots on all her stuff! She is just setting up the business so her website is not up yet...but she is amazing...and everything she does is custom there is usually never more than ONE thing made exactly the you are getting an original. I say "usually never" because you can request something be made EXACTLY the same.

If you are interested in more of her products email me at and we can send you some pics...she is amazing, I'm not just saying that because she is my sister-in-law, the girl has talent!

Are you a cake and ice cream person at birthday's...or is there something else you feel is better than that? Especially when it comes to your children? What neat traditions do you have on your kids' birthday's or what happened everyone of your birthday's that your parents did for you? I would love to hear ideas and things...cake and ice cream can be boring!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I've gone postal...see ya! I get home from my photography class and was jumping up and down like a dog for a treat, in anticipation of watching So You Think You Can Dance.

So before I throw this keyboard into the computer...I am going to get this out there...

My DVR...the one I use to love and embrace because it became my best friend...ya know, there for me, a shoulder to cry on when I was having my own pity parties...yea, THAT DVR...well it stabbed me in the back!

I'll admit...I have been neglecting it lately...only getting on it to watch SYTYCD. I have been busy!!! I have signed my kids up for a lot of FUN things this summer...I am working out...I am going to community classes for photography...I am taking a hip hop class...I am working full-time...I am reading...I am blogging...I am making sure my kids get outside to play, especially swimming since it's already pushing a 100 degrees where I am at...oh, and I cook dinner, do laundry, and try to be a better wife, those last three things I am failing out miserably, but STILL I am trying. I know a LOT of you are busier than that...but I am just too tuckered out to watch TV or even my time for it!

Only Exception...SYTYCD.

Yea...well my DVR decided that it would FREEZE up during the two hours of SYTYCD. When I turned it on to have it play...ummm first clue was that it said it recorded 841.50 hours. Yea right...DVR's, in case you aren't up-on-the-up, don't HOLD that many hours to record.

So I tentativley tried to play the episode! NOPE...nothing...notta! Said it recorded it...I saw the RED light during the two hours it was recording flashing ON and working fine...but nothing! That's right DVR failed GLITCHED, or so Dish Network said. There was "nothing they could do"...I had to delete it.

SYTYCD doesn't do what other really GREAT shows like, Grey's Anatomy, can't get on ITUNES and buy the episode...or view it on FOX's website like ABC does for Dancing with the have to wait until somebody smarter than me...transfers it from something or other to YOUTUBE or some OTHER fantastic video site!

So in case you aren't following me very well...NO I did not get to watch last night's episode...and it took every little ounce of will power for me to not YELL at the sweet tech lady helping me last night...

I knew when I called there was nothing they could do...

I knew the stupid thing did it to get me back...I REALLY believe it has a mind of its own...

okay I don't...but the way I was pushing the buttons and calling it names last night, you would have thought I ACTUALLY believed it could hear me and that it was scared and ashamed of itself!

Until I find some great way to view the show...or one of YOU wants me to come to your house and watch it...I'll be waiting for someone to put the episode on the internet so I can view it!

Okay I need to go bang my head against a wall right now...oh and take care of my kids and I'll check you later...

If I haven't blogged in a few days, don't worry, my husband probably checked me into a mental institution!


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Part 2 of 1993-All About Me

Let me introduce you to Jammie my Indian sister, Navajo to be exact...she wasn't actually my sister by blood, just in case you were thinking that, we look so similar you might have been confused...but she stayed with us from fall of 1993 to summer of 1995...she was such a gem and we had a good time together. There was this program in our church where those kids that were a part of it could choose their school on the reservation or go to school and live with a foster family in our town. We were lucky enough that she chose to go to school in our town because she taught me a lot of wonderful stuff...and we LAUGHED so much! I was sad to see her go when it was time for her to go back home...but one little thing, it felt good to have my stuff back and not have to share we all know I'm shallow, lets move on!

This was the beginning of my "skater" period. No...I didn't actually skateboard, but apparently they had a sale at Miller's Outpost. Those white shorts...yea...loved them too! I did actually scrunch down the totally cool! No worries...we shared those shirts...
This picture was put in to give you another shot of my Indian sister and I need you to take note of my totally hot slippers...I believe they were crocheted and I wore them around with pride...thanks Grandma! I look so hot in those sweats also...I know, you don't have to tell me!
Again with the white shorts...and that shirt, not only did I own a shirt with that picture on it, but I also owned the poster...I proudly had that up all through 9th grade and until I graduated and moved up to the red room...
in our house, the red room was a mini had its own bathroom. It was a sweet day when I was able to move into that red room....

oh excuse me, I drifted off riding down sweet memory lane! I'm back now...I'm totally re-committing myself to the post.

Note: Those shorts ARE at my waist...I was cursed with the short body LONG legs deal...the shorts look like they are practically up to my breasts...which hadn't quite developed worries, I have made up for it since...I'm HUGE now, with me, it's either one end of the spectrum or the other, no middle ground.

This is my Grandma M. She made the slippers from two pictures above! At least I think that is who made them...I know she gave them to me, but who knows if she REALLY made them. OKay I kid...she made them. I think.
Anyhow...this was my Mom and Dad's 25th wedding anniversary...I was having the time of my life...and I totally dressed up!

I'm going to get this out there right now. Lake Powell is the bomb. Everytime I have been there for a vacation I have had a good time. But this time...this time in 1993 was my ABSOLUTE favorite time! We went with my CRUSH. My brother-in-law's, BIG T's, little brother Kev. You might remember him from this post. My every second on that trip was spent wondering where Kev was, what he was doing, if I looked presentable...ha...we all know that in my twisted newly teenage self I did, but NOW I know that I absolutely did not...ummm...most likely because I NEVER did my hair!lol!

Anyhow...I just had to stick this up there and let you know that if you ever think about going to Lake Powell you should.

One of my other best friends in the whole world was at that Lake Powell trip also...Him and his gorgeous wife, who have a straight-out-of-magazine-cute boy and live far, far, away from me now...but the guy got me through a lot of rough times by just being him and just being there for the when I wasn't obsessing over Kev...I was laughing with my BFF, who happen to be with my brother. We all got to invite one friend. My friend was Annie, my brother's friend was Rich (my BFF). Now you understand why it was such a GREAT trip. We played a LOT of the card game SCUM...aaaahhhh love that game!

I just LOVE this picture. It totally depicts my attitude in 9th grade. Remember I was a
'skater' there is NO smiling, or at least that was my outlook on it. Yes that is a WALKMAN I am listening to...don't be jealous, don't play hate!

I was hangin' in my older brother's room...I loved hanging out in his room...the red room...because, well, it had its own bathroom...I mentioned that already didn't I? Sorry, but I really, really liked that bathroom. (It was called the red room because it has red shag carpet...still does). Note the white shorts...told ya I loved those shorts.

I also had mad skills in middle school as a flute player. This is one of the parade's they BEGGED me to be in because I was JUST that good. Okay, it was mandatory or I would have failed the class...but you can imagine how excited I was when I found out that we had to all wear these REALLY HOT shirts with WHITE shorts! That's right, I got to wear my favorite white shorts.

I also started wearing make-up this year. For some reason I thought it looked REALLY hot to put eye-liner on the bottom of my eye's...I had NO idea how EMO I looked...I thought I looked totally hot. Then I saw a picture of me and realized how unkept it made me the fact I never did my hair.

Then one day I read in a magazine that if you want great pictures of you taken, then you shouldn't wear makeup under your eye. At that time in my life, magazine's where like the I stopped wearing under eye make-up. I realize that they meant only when you took pictures...but I never knew when a picture opportunity would come up and I wanted to always be prepared! :) Please note again: The white shorts and the cold sore...which I get one STILL every Fall, Winter, Summer, and Spring...Every morning at 5:30 am our family would have scripture study. My mom would march through the house and wake us all up. We would drag ourselves out of our warm beds to read together. At that time in my life I grumbled and cursed my Mom for making me do that...especially because she wanted to give EVERYONE an opportunity to read. Even my younger brother and sister, Roburto and Suns fan #2. They were SO SLOW...and of course, that is hard on us, ya know, those of us that have superior reading sit and listen to someone read who is INCREDIBLY slow. (Yea you Roburto and Suns Fan #2, are you reading this? Are you picking up what I'm putting down?)

Okay they were only 11 and 8 at that time...but you understand feel me...we are one in the same thought. Hey I smiled for the picture...I played the role...I didn't complain out loud like I did in my head...I grinned and bore it, so to speak. lol!

This was one of my ballet Christmas performances. Every year our town did this big Christmas Spectacular where dance studio's from all around participated and it raised money for Good Causes and it was free advertising...

I wonder who picks out costume's for performances? Just saying...I remember taking that picture and thinking...gosh I hope no one I know goes to this performance...

So did you have a favorite piece of clothing? Bet you can't guess what mine was? lol!

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