Friday, April 30, 2010

I found out I'm just like a six year old boy...

My kids are allowed to ask for ONE thing from Santa and one back up thing, just in case the elves at the shop aren't able to make enough of the first toy in time for Christmas.

A couple of Christmases ago my son asked for a Ben 10 watch.

He had watched the commercials over and over again. (What!? Don't judge that the TV was his babysitter…don't you DARE judge ;)

When I finally went to the store to see what was so cool about this watch, since it was the one thing he wanted above all else, I stood there dumbfounded. It wasn't much. It cost all of $9.95 + tax (the price was the only positive point) and made of plastic. Basically you could look in this hole and it would pop up different monsters as you moved the dial.

It was a dumb toy.

I tried and tried to get him to want something else from Santa.

But the little 6 year old was determined that the "Ben 10" watch was THE toy.

So come Christmas morning he got his wish. Only that the day was a disappointment for him. See the expectation of this watch was that it would transform him into an alien. That's right, you heard me correctly, he would put this watch on and "abra cadabra" he would be an alien and fight other evil aliens just like the "Ben 10" show. It broke my Mommy heart to see the fall of his Christmas Morning face of joy to one of disappointment and disgust.

Him: Tosses the toy aside.

Me: "What's wrong? Is that not the right watch? Did Santa get it wrong?"

Him: "No, but it doesn't DO anything. Ben 10's watch turns him into aliens".

Me: "Oh! Well... you can see pictures of aliens!!! Isn't that cool?"

Him: Looks at me like I'm insane, "MOM! That's DUMB!" Sigh of a 6 year old's disappointment and frustration.

Yet, each year he still keeps up hope that the new toy he wants will fulfill his childhood fantasy!!!

I found out this week that I'm no different then a six year old boy who expected a watch to transform him into aliens.

A conversation between MSM and I (The following conversation may or may not be verbatim or what I choose to hear and choose to make up in my mind… just sayin…)

Me: "So when do you think we will move into a house after you graduate? I have ideas and stuff I already am thinking of--like, stuff we need and stuff I want, and dividing them into a list of importance--the wants sometimes coming before the needs and I just can't get to far with that list until I know what size our HUGE mansion is going to be or are we going to decide on a BIG piece of land and a moderate size house... and who will clean this house and stuff like that…" (You know because we deserve all of this right off)

MSM: sighs and looks at me bored, "I need to find a job first Shelle".

Me: "WHAT!? You mean you don't graduate and just get a job!?"

MSM: "Funny--but no I didn't plan on looking for a job until after I graduate."

ME: "But…But… I told myself I was done as soon as you graduated. Done with working full-time, done with the crazy life, done living in a basement… done done done!!!"

MSM: "Well--as much as I would love to accommodate your expectations (and fantasy world--I heard him say that in his mind) it's just not going to happen. I first need to concentrate on my Senior project and my finals so that I CAN graduate before I can think about anything else. You do want me to graduate right?"

ME: "But…But…" as I phase out and drool begins, my expectations shattered with every breath and word that comes out of my other halfs mouth.

The hole at the end of this proverbial tunnel just got a little further away. In my mind, "graduation" was the end of that tunnel, but my husband forced me to realize that the "end of the tunnel" is just a mirage in a desert. It's as if he is singing to me, "First comes Graduation, then comes job search, then comes the entry level position and the fight to move up!" I think that is how that song goes?

My Christmas morning over joyed face… had fallen. And it wasn't pretty, it had wrinkles and freckles, and a KILLER ugly scab from the KILLER ugly cold sore I had.

Yet… yet… this week.

I can't find myself to give up hope or to be unhappy for long because, my HUBS is graduating and we can begin our life again… no longer feeling like we are frozen in time while everyone moves ahead of us at a quick pace. Not that I ever move at a quick pace (just ask my husband) but we WILL be moving (in life), at our own lazy pace, but moving nonetheless. How cool is that!?

Now I just need to decide if I want the Mansion or lots of land with a moderately sized house on it… tough decision.

Comic taken from here.

Can anybody else relate to being a six year old boy???

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Last Challenge...Elephant March what???

Last Challenge until the final two. How have I made it this far??? Does the world have something against me??? I've stuffed marshmellows in my mouth and almost chocked to death, let crickets crawl up my arm and on my face, tried to make stuff, and threw on a pair of nylons over my face like a bank robber... Every week I KNEW I was getting booted...

But I'm not a quitter...

Here's The last challenge--

Elephant March:




1. Prior to game start, contestant must be standing and have ball resting on pre-determined mark, with pantyhose on head in starting position.

2. Contestant must keep one foot on either side of the dividing foul line during the game.

a. Repeat crossing of dividing foul line will result in elimination.

3. Contestant may knock down water bottles in any order.

4. Contestant may not use any part of body (i.e. hands, feet) to propel the baseball at bottles of water.

5. To complete the game, contestant must knock over eight bottles as described within the 60-second time limit. FASTEST TIME WINS.

8 bottles
1 pair of pantyhose
1 baseballs

UUUUMMMMM yea... so let's just say who doesn't love making a complete Jacka$# of Themself???

Here's the video for proof... if you're new to my blog, don't judge me mmmmm k?

(Supah...I'm making you a voodoo doll--seriously what the HECK!?)

Click HERE to see the others...

The catch to this challenge? Anyone who was voted off could participate and if THEY won the challenge they were allowed to give the immunity to whichever of the remaining survivors that they wanted...which basically means... I'm screwed.

WIMTS:Happy Birthday you Princess of Sarcasm you...

Today is a very special day and WHAT I MEANT TO SAY was...

Happy Freaking Birthday Princess of Sarcasm!!!

Will the Real Princess please stand up???

This is my look a like picture of Princess's profile pic.

Her mug shot:

My Mug Shot:
It's like we are TWINS!!! The likeness is uncanny!!!

I didn't have a tiara so I used my Kentucky Derby hat from Supah Survivor which we are both in and is the reason why I know Princess!

SO love ya and hope you have a Happy Happy Birthday!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Daddy Can't Hear You..

I rarely promote blogs or anything... (dripping with sarcasm)

But there is a blog that just kind of started and I want to tell ya about it.

It's Daddy Can't Hear You... and I'm proud to say that I kinda came up with that name. It was a glitch in my mind I'm sure but either way...

He is a dad that tells his view point of raising his children and being married while also being deaf.

It's very interesting. He has a "Deaf P.O.V." series where he writes his point of view of daily things that we kinda take for granted, and a "Say What" series where he writes how sometimes he misinterprets while reading people's lips.

He also answers any questions you might have for him. Here is a post he wrote to answer my question on how he communicates with his girls...

Here's an excerpt but you should click over and read it...
"I will tell you was very frustrating for me to try to understand what my daughters were saying as they went through their babbling stage and their mispronounciation of words stage. What most people don't realize is how equally frustrating it can be for them when their daddy cannot comprehend what is being said to him.

You could be thinking "What about his hearing wife?" Yes, she does step in and help clear up the chaotic messages...when she is there. She has a job so she can't be there 24/7. Now, you can see how frustrating it can be for all of us."
So you should go check him out and follow.

That's all. Carry on.

I'm shutting off comments in hopes that you'll scurry on over there, or runway walk yourself over there... or mosey, run, jump, skip, which ever is your chosen way of "surfing" the interent.. or just click, but that is SO not creative... okay freak, click already!!!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Play time...

I laugh a lot yet I still overwork myself. I came across this quote and though I'd post it!

"A child reminds us that playtime is an essential part of our daily routine."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hope you all have a good day!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

So once in a while I get bugged...

I never use this blog as a platform for anything really. I mean I don't make it a habit.

Sometimes I read things and I want to vent my little heart out, but then I see something sparkle and I'm off to see what it is.

So basically I don't have the attention span to really promote anything or have a passionate cause or something...

I've even slightly lost track in what I was going to say to drag, you the reader, in to continue reading, but I probably lost you up there somewhere with "I never use this blog"...

So let me just say.

This post has kept my attention and yea, it bugs me.

So what better way than to share it and let you be bugged or not...

I guess it really depends on you.

Ya'll know I'm LDS.

So yea... this crap bugs. It happens a lot and not just to the LDS religion, but sometimes I think people like to say asinine things just because they either want to sway the masses or bug the masses or whatever reason they do what they do, or maybe because there just sad people and doing this kind of thing makes them feel better about themselves???? To me they just sound like the first syllable of the word AS-I-NINE. (I know I know... so bad of me)

Click HERE if you want to know the site I got this from. But this is being copied verbatim from the blog post...

Granted, media bias is a favorite chew-toy for bloggers. And while it certainly exists, its probably best to grin and bear it and move on with more important things.

However, I think it’s appropriate to call out a journalist when they have a pattern of deeply unfair stories. The Associated Press’ Jennifer Dobner certainly falls into that category with stories that repeatedly give Church critics a platform to bash the Church, no matter how out of place or unfair (e.g. President Monson’s calling as prophet or gay activist protests against the Church).

Dobner’s latest offense occurs in covering today’s news that a Utah judge approved a convicted murderer’s execution and the convict’s choice of method: firing squad.

Lydia Kalish, Amnesty International’s death penalty abolition coordinator for Utah said her organization opposes the state’s effort to see Gardner executed. But despite Utah’s strong religious roots — it’s the home of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — most here support the use of the death penalty.

“I think in Utah, when it suits their purposes, they go back to the Old Testament and the ‘eye for an eye’ kind of thing,” Kalish said. “These people may be the worst of the worst, but if the best we can do is repeat the same thing, it’s so obviously wrong.”
(Gardner gets to choose death by firing squad since he was convicted before the state removed the option in 2004.)

Yes, the state of Utah still has the death penalty, but so do 34 other states. Never mind that in the “modern era” of U.S. capital punishment, Utah has only executed 6 people in the past 34 years and the last one was in 1999. In order to advance the notion that Utah’s – and the LDS Church’s – “eye for an eye” bloodlust, it might be helpful to compare its record to the 19 other states that have had more executions in that same period.

Since mentioning Utah apparently requires mentioning religion, Dobner injects her personal assumption that there is a contradiction between a community of “strong religious roots” that supports capital punishment. Pardon my link to Wikipedia (as an outraged defensive blogger it’s a requirement), but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

If the Church is going to be inexplicably dragged into this coverage, it might be useful to ask the Church for a comment or at least mention that the LDS Church officially has no policy on capital punishment, neither promoting or opposing it. But apparently an Amnesty International spokesperson was sufficient.

It’s hard to get exercised when over-the-top South Park gang set their target on the Church for satire, because any reasonable person won’t take them (too) seriously. But it is frustrating when the supposedly serious Associated Press acts just as clownish.

I mean that's it. But really?


Any feelings? You don't have to be LDS, just wondering overall what you think when media does this in general? Freedom of Speech and all of that, but whatever happen to getting facts straight?


Friday, April 23, 2010

Come Meet ME and free the prejudice!!!

I use to feel sheepish (I'm actually ashamed to say that) when I first started this whole blogging thing when I'd take actual time to drive to someone and meet them.

I can't tell you how I've been laughed at for making trips to attend bloggy get togethers.

"Now what are you doing up here" -one of my family members would ask.

"I'm going to meet some bloggers. Like a blogger get-together". I would say, somewhat sheepishly.

"Who are you going to lunch with?" a co-worker would ask.

"Some blog friends." I would say.

April, Me, T, and Tauna

My husband never mocked me (in front of my face)... he's cool to just let me do what I want... most of the time anyway ;) Shelle Edit: He even came with me to meet VAL!!! We had custard with her last weekend!!! I love you I love you!

Then after a few times these women, these INCREDIBLE women, became my really good friends...

And you know what? Why should I feel sheepish about meeting good friends?

Even the ones I haven't met in Real Life...I still think of them as really close friends--Like Kritta and Anjeny and Blogging Mama and Wendy and Chief and SO MANY OTHERS...

So what if I meet them in the blogging world? Does that make it silly? I guess that depends on how much you understand blogging?

So now I am not sheepish about it... in fact, I'm excited and probably over gush about it. I try to make as many things as I can and not look or seem like I'm a stalker.

I feel really lucky these ladies are a part of my life, truly. And it is so nice to walk into those things and hearing your name "Shellie!!!" (even though my name is actually Shelle, or Shell if that's easier-- I look past that:) and you get embraced with a big hug and a big smile!

This is Sherrie the PianoRunner who has an amazing piano CD she has out and we have tried to meet for SO LONG and finally got to last weekend at the GNO Sassy Scoops event.

Here are some others that I knew or met. Veronica, Sherrie, Amber, Annie, Motherboard, Kristina, and me.

You're missing out if you don't take the opportunity to meet those bloggers you love to read when you can. I'm just telling you.

Plus I want to convince you that I want to meet YOU, yes you, and you, ummmm...not you, OH! Yes...YOU FOR SURE! And when you meet me we need to have a picture taken so I can put it on my Shelle Blok's Facebook page under my famous "Bloggers I've Met" Photo Album.

Your. Welcome.

Let's stand against our prejudice of meeting "bloggers"--WHOSE WITH ME!!! (Fist Pump)

You'll have your chance tomorrow morning at THIS event!!!
Service Soapbox Baby Shower

So COME ON! Come join in for a good cause and meeting some of your favorite people!!! Hope to see you there!!!


P.S. I also wrote about the bad things my husband teaches my kids... Real World Venus vs. Mars... questionable...very very questionable.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Challenge #10: Soup Can Balance. Please help me...

Okay Supah Survivor Challenge #10.

Stand on a 22oz-26oz can with your barefoot and balance. Arms must be out and the other foot off the ground.

SUPAH, HARV, PORK CHOP... your killin me. Literally killing me.


Here's the dumb video.

This hurt my foot and I'm pretty sure I split my big toe on the edge of the can!!! (okay I didn't, but it felt like it!)

Oh and have a heart and remember that my video camera adds 20 lbs. I'm getting it looked at tomorrow ASAP... where was the recall!? :)

Below sends you over to Real World where I wrote something short. Check it out. And purge this video from your memory! :)


You can find me here, or there, or anywhere

Venus and Mars

I'm over at Real World today shining my light and expertise on what I think is KEY to a long lasting relationship. I know, I sound all hoity toity--but I think I'm onto something here.

You're impressed?

You shouldn't might disagree with me (which is dangerous, remember the voodoo dolls?).

Go over and check it out. Short read for those with ADD or ADHD and there is even a picture--

Seriously, I'm not yankin your chain, it's short and I feel lonely without my peeps over there-so for the love of insanity (by the way Candace how IS that going---the INSANITY workout???) please go click on the picture above or the link above and read the post.

Challenge #9 or #10 for Supah Survivor should be up later tonight...I have to stand/balance on a can!? Please meditate for me...

Much love,

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Glamour Shot Carnival calling one calling all!

So Kristina P. One of my favorite people is having a Glamour Shots carnival? Is that what you call them?

Anyway... we never had money to do Glamour Shots.

But if Kristina P. is throwing a party who am I not to attend? She'll stick Mario Lopez on me and then, well, that wouldn't be good.

SO here I go...

*click on this to take you to her page where you can see other REAL Glamour shots... be prepared to mock them cause they are hilarious!*

We couldn't afford Glamour Shots so we made our own... cold sores and all.

Don't you love that my legs were so knocked knee'd when I was 15 I couldn't even put them together!!! LOL~ This is me right before Cheer Try Out my Freshmen Year... if that isn't the best darn Glamour Shot you've ever seen I don't know WHAT is!


Supah Survivor Challenge #9: Harv Meet Roxy!

Supah Survivor Challenge #9. Make a puppet that Harv can go on a date with.

Hello Harv my name is ROXY: I really really want to meet you, here are the answers to your questions. ;)

1. Tell me a little about yourself - in 200 words or less. I don't like to share the limelight for long: I'm a natural redhead and I love to have a good time. I'll try anything once and I love to live on the edge. I drive a motorcycle because I love the wind in my artificial hair and the vibration under my--*cough* I mean I love to help the environment...yes that's it, the environment. I am a widowed single Mom and have a beautiful daughter, as Harv does, who is five. My deceased husband (God Rest His muppet soul) died he left with me his entire life savings which leaves me open to work in my favorite charities such as Muppets Who Need a Sewl where I work with muppets who have been torn and ravaged through brutual treatments by their puppeteers for a laugh and find someone to sew them up and make them over and give them a new start to life. I am also part of a group who pickets at the comedy clubs around the city called "Stick It To The Man" where we fight for those puppets who feel they have no other choice then to make money getting it up their *BLEEP*. I'm a lover though and need a good man in my life for my daughter and for me.

2. If you were an ice cream what kind would you be and why? Rocky Road with a side helping of bubble gum. I've made it through a rocky past and ridden the road to my own happy and successful life. Plus I always have bubble gum in my mouth helps me keep it closed while riding my motorcycle.

3. On a first date what animal are you most like and why?
I don't like spiders. Just a reminder. Why I would be a Gazelle. The epitome of grace and beauty their bodies toned and their lines seductive. My hair rivals their reddish hue on their backs and neck so that is obvious. They are known for their speed, not only am I fast on my motorcycle, but I'm a fast learner in the art of conversation and getting to know a person as well as the art of making out *cough* I mean making out a persons character... yes, yes, that is what I mean.

4.. Finish this statement the best of your muppet ability ...Harv, I'll do anything for you BUT.... clip your toenails or change your diapers when you get to old to do it yourself.

5. On the night of our first date I text you that I am sick ( cough cough fake) how do you respond? That obviously means you want me to cook for you, which I am an excellent cook, which also means you want something else from me a man doesn't get a full belly and not let his mind wander to OTHER needs, like his BACK RUBBED people! I'm alady! So I would cook you my special homemade Chicken Noodle Soup and head over to your house and I have one word for you...CHAPS. (What!? for the BACK RUB!!!)

Monday, April 12, 2010

He's got it, the IT factor.

I'm writing the FEMALE PERSPECTIVE on when I knew my husband had the IT factor over at The Real World Venus vs. Mars click HERE... Come on over!

Here is a little sneak peek:

When did I know my spouse had the IT factor?

I was 18 when I met him.

At that time boys or men or guys were more a tool than anything else. Not a tool as in they bugged me but a tool as in they helped me... hehehe in th
e best way possible.

Guys for me were more for FREE movies, dinners, rides, clothes, travel, help with homework, and for a feel good make out session every once in a while. I also had a select few guys that were more the brother-friend type that I hung out with all.the.time. but could and would never think of doing anything more with then just be really good friends because that would be like doing MORE with your brother... and that's just wrong (plus I was never their type, as they eventually found out).

I didn't really NOTICE my husband at first. He was just another guy that started to hang around my group of friends. In fact, one day at a football game we both attended he attempted to say HI to me and I had NO idea who he was at first, and as soon as it dawned on me how I knew him (while giving him the nice HI-back-but-I-don't-know-you nod and smile) I still couldn't remember his name.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Serious Sunday-DCAR is a member!

"We believe that the first principles and ordinances of the Gospel are: first, Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; second, Repentance; third, Baptism by immersion for the remission of sins; fourth, Laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost." Articles of Faith #4

Yesterday for me was an incredible day.

My oldest and only boy made the decision to be baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

We decided that we would ask our kids. We would give them lessons to prepare them, but then we would ask them if they wanted to be baptized.

My son didn't even hesitate when we asked him... it was a "YES!".

But then I wasn't very surprised. When one of us feels sick and the rest of us decide that we should all stay home to take care of the sick person, DCAR was the only one who still wanted to go to church, and would go. If we decided that we needed to leave church early because of this or that (usually family who were visiting deciding they were going to head home after sacrament), DCAR wanted to stay--so we would let him stay and pick him up after.

And I mean he was like this since we can remember.

Ask him a question about something spiritual, and he will answer, and what he knows amazes us.

He's amazing and incredible.

After he was confirmed a member of the church he came walking back to his seat and he looked at me with a HUGE smile on his face and said, "That was cool".

I can't express in words my feelings yesterday precisely but the closest I can get is I was proud and humbled and so happy.

"Baptism by immersion for the remission of sins, by one having authority, is a true principle, because Christ taught it; Christ obeyed it, and would not fail, for anything, to fulfill it—not that He was sinful and needed to be baptized for the remission of sins, but He only needed to do it to fulfill all righteousness, that is, to fulfil the law." Joseph F. Smith

Hope your guys' weekend was as "cool" as ours.


Friday, April 9, 2010

Service Soap Box... you should join with me!

There are only a few things I'm truly proud to be a part of.

One is being LDS, Mormon, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Two is being a part of my family, a family.

Three... being a part of this BLOG Service GROUP! (Okay I actually have a long list now that I think about it, but that would have made this email really long and that wasn't the point of it... so just know... I'm proud to be a part of more than just three things, but after the first two the others just fall in any order.)

I'm a Service Soapbox Blogger

I know this is going to be BIG for a LONG time and to say that I was a part of it from the beginning kinda makes me proud. Losing yourself for a bit to do for others is always good, then add to that meeting incredible people that you have only had the honor of conversing with online and you have a group that will not only be able to do GREAT things but a group of people you feel lucky to be involved with.

Our first Service Project is a Baby Shower.
Service Soapbox Baby Shower
Sounds weird, and you may ask yourself... how does this relate to service?

Well go check out that Service Soap Box Button above and see all the cool things that will be happening.

We are throwing it for the March of Dimes Teddy Bear Den and everything brought to that event plus any donations given online will all go to this incredible charity.

You should look at all the SPONSORS so far? If you are someone that wants to sponsor this group please click HERE.

So what I'm saying is this isn't an exclusive group... cool right? Anyone can join and be a part of it! You don't have to live in UTAH even... you can be from anywhere and join in on the virtual baby shower! Just CLICK HERE to get more info on the event. So come join... EVEN GUYS CAN JOIN! I know... totally unheard of!

And hope to see you there!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My attempt at making a Hat to SURVIVE--Survivor...

I fail as a person who can do any sort of creative.

Challenge number Eight for Supah Survivor was to make her a hat for the Kentucky Derby...sigh. All we could use was TISSUE PAPER that you stuff in Gift Bags and TAPE. (Might as well cut off both of my hands and my pinky toe). This is going to be my downfall, even worse then me screaming over a cricket I think.

I put shame to the female gender.

My niece was there to help and model and I thank her for that.

Sorry, had no time for a VLOG. So you get it picture style:

There you go Supah... I'm "modeling" the hat for you. I put lipstick on you guys, but I swear that's it, the red in the cheeks is a sunburn from Havasupai and running... PROMISE!!!

And my niece modeling the hat...

Front View...

Back View...

And NO, it's NOT a Mexican Sombrero--That wouldn't even be fair to even compare it to that.

What would YOU say it was on first look... even I didn't tell you and give it away? Please I'd love to know.

Someone said licorice ropes... bwahahaha!


Monday, April 5, 2010

Havasupai and roughing it--I lived...

Let me begin by saying I'm not THAT girl. That cool one that hikes and runs and bikes and loves it.

No I'm not really that girl. I'm kinda a girly girl and sure I'll do the things mentioned above but I drag my feet. I do end up loving that I either a) did it and thoroughly enjoyed myself like biking/cycling or b) I am thankful I lived through it like running or hiking.

My husband, however, loves to hike and bike and is one with the outdoors... well except for running, he only runs if he's chased.

Anyway... I just didn't want you guys to be fooled into believing that I'd rather rough it on the ground wearing Teva's or running/cross training shoes than dressing up to the nines and being treated to a nice steak dinner and staying at a 5 star hotel somewhere and spending loads and loads of money on myself.

Wanted to make sure that was crystal clear. If my genetics didn't call for me to do physical exercise in order to stay healthy or my husband didn't love it so much, trust me, I'd never do it.

Moving along...I am actually happy I did this with my Husband. He loves this stuff and the place we went to Havasupai is so incredibly beautiful! It's this Oasis in the middle of the Arizona desert. Amazing. But also one of the hardest hikes I've ever done and I finished that very happy I lived through it... because there were times I thought I wasn't going to make it.

Anyway... To those I was honored to go with. Thank you so much for one of the best experiences of my life... even if I almost killed someone with my water bottle and had to actually sleep on the ground with our kid play tent! heh! It was so cool and something I will always treasure, especially because I got to bond and get to know you guys more!

Onto the pictures:

This is where I am happy. Morning of the first day before I hiked 10 miles. Gotta love optimism!

YAY! Love this group! I'm the only one missing (that is on purpose) someone's got to press the button!

That red and blue is NOT edited. It was piercing. Almost hurt to look up at the colors were so bright.

MSM is hanging from a cliff... mission impossible style.

MSM and I... thought that rock was cool just sticking out of there. It was massive. See us compared to it at the bottom of the pic there?

There was a massive flood 2 years ago and according to the people that went before the flood... this is a major change. That green use to be through that whole area. This waterfall is new since the flood. Called the New Navajo Falls.

There are two parts to the falls. This is the second part up close. The water is SOOOO clear.

This is Havasu Falls. There are people down there so you can see how BIG it is... It looked so inviting to swim in. My mantra because I googled the place before I went was that the water is a cool 70 degrees year round. Can you see how blue and clear it is?

You have to hike down this cliff face to get to Mooney Falls. It's worth it. But let me tell you... I feared for my life... and this sign right before you head down to scale the side of a mountain isn't to promising...

I waved because I'm a trooper...but I was a bit woozy and surely thought it was suicidal to take a picture at that time!

Anyway... this is a better look... yet it really doesn't capture how freaky it was...

Here's another look at Mooney Falls.

If this doesn't look like a Honey Moon Classic picture in Hawaii or something like that... I don't know what does... bwaahahaha I died when I saw that. There ya go... we look young enough to have just gotten married right? It's okay to lie when I ask you directly!

Go ahead and mock us in comments.

It won't matter... I hiked out of that canyon and lived to tell the tale. I can't even tell you what an accomplishment that is it's something you HAVE to experience.

Hope you all had a good Easter weekend!

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