Friday, April 9, 2010

Service Soap Box... you should join with me!

There are only a few things I'm truly proud to be a part of.

One is being LDS, Mormon, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Two is being a part of my family, a family.

Three... being a part of this BLOG Service GROUP! (Okay I actually have a long list now that I think about it, but that would have made this email really long and that wasn't the point of it... so just know... I'm proud to be a part of more than just three things, but after the first two the others just fall in any order.)

I'm a Service Soapbox Blogger

I know this is going to be BIG for a LONG time and to say that I was a part of it from the beginning kinda makes me proud. Losing yourself for a bit to do for others is always good, then add to that meeting incredible people that you have only had the honor of conversing with online and you have a group that will not only be able to do GREAT things but a group of people you feel lucky to be involved with.

Our first Service Project is a Baby Shower.
Service Soapbox Baby Shower
Sounds weird, and you may ask yourself... how does this relate to service?

Well go check out that Service Soap Box Button above and see all the cool things that will be happening.

We are throwing it for the March of Dimes Teddy Bear Den and everything brought to that event plus any donations given online will all go to this incredible charity.

You should look at all the SPONSORS so far? If you are someone that wants to sponsor this group please click HERE.

So what I'm saying is this isn't an exclusive group... cool right? Anyone can join and be a part of it! You don't have to live in UTAH even... you can be from anywhere and join in on the virtual baby shower! Just CLICK HERE to get more info on the event. So come join... EVEN GUYS CAN JOIN! I know... totally unheard of!

And hope to see you there!


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