Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday and Heaven...two peas in the same pod!!!

I LOVE LOVE Black Friday!!! The day after Thanksgiving is filled with Euphoria! When I get a MAJOR deal I feel like a warrior...a conqueror...a Samurai Warrior!!!

Seriously, there is no feeling like it!

People don't like the crowds

I LOVE them. It's the only time where you can push and shove...elbow here...bleeding nose there...

Where people over look it because they want to do the same thing! :) It's great!

Not that I do that...I just see it...and fill out all the witness reports for police!

Either way.

I didn't go to bed Thanksgiving night...I stayed up and headed to the outlets at Midnight. Was there for FOUR hours and then headed back into the city to hit all the major stores and their deals!

Yes I came home and crashed...but it was the same feeling of exhaustion and pleasure filled tingles that comes along with know...Bedroom Fun!!!

Then I woke up and went to BOLT with the kids!!!

Hope you all had a good Friday also...if you do Black Fridays, then what deal did you get that YOU want to Gloat about?



Thursday, November 27, 2008

Yea...this is me frustrated...

Before I say anything I want to say...HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I hope your turkey's dead and your naps long!!!

Don't You Hate It When--

Yea Don't you hate it when you put a fun game out there on the internet and people get all crazy over it and make it NOT fun by accusing REALLY good people of cheating!

Let me get this out there so EVERYONE understands my side of things.

First of all...I'm a chill person. I don't take things that seriously (you would probably know that if you read my blog on a consistent basis)...that goes for my contest. I set boundaries and rules and for the most part people adhere to them.

Voting on a poll.

I CAN'T help how the poll vote comes out. It comes out how it comes out. I checked my FeedBurner and from what I could came from legitimate websites. I checked in the history of hits and where they came from. There was a time there where 3 contestants were kind of neck and neck...all getting a crazy amount of votes from a site that blocks peoples someone or people were voting for EACH contestant of the three throwing in more than one vote.

Guess what...

I don't care.

The last votes coming in towards midnight were all legit from what I can tell.

So this is the part that makes me sad...

I'm okay with people NOT happy about the outcome emailing me and venting out their frustrations...

What I really think while I read the emails is this...IT'S a CONTEST...a GIVEAWAY of sorts...its FREE STUFF...why are people crying over it?

I can understand being mad...venting...and then it's done...

sometimes even I have to do that...which is why you are getting this post.

But what I HATE and what made me decide to write this post is--PEOPLE EMAILING OTHER PEOPLE IN THE CONTEST AND SENDING THEM HATE EMAIL accusing them of CHEATING.

I want you to know right NOW...that if you point the FINGER and accuse people you DON'T EVEN KNOW of cheating...then you better be a freakin' SAINT...and I mean PERFECT!

Especially over MY contest...where I am just happy for people to enter and be a part of it! And because I KNOW in my gut that no one cheated on PURPOSE...yes there was someone voting for each contestant from an hide-your-address-site...but that was for those TOP three in the running...and even for the 4th contestant...but only like two votes.

So basically there is NO need to accuse just ONE person...point fingers at all four!

This is what makes people not want to HOST contests or GIVEAWAY's because some immature people.

So this is how it's going to be for this contest.

I am going to FORFEIT the poll and choose myself who I thought was the funniest post along with a few other trusted sources...

Drumroll please...

And the winner a split decision...

Crash Test Dummies!!! Congrats Crash...

Please email me with your address so we can send the quilt VIA snail mail!!! And I'll send you the Amazon Gift cards through email!

Now...nobody cheated and everyone is happy! Or at least I am...and let's be honest...that's all that matters.



P.S. Because Of this...I am going to host the contest probably ONE more time to give the last of my Donated things away and then I'll probably bag it! So watch for my upcoming post for the ONE day in December! Love ya all!

Don't you hate it when that happens?

P.P.S. If you have Hate tendencies where you get volatile over free things...please stop following me because you probably won't like the way I do things! Or how I handle them...and you make me sad. I hate being sad. :)

P.P.P.S. I am blocking comments because I just needed to get this out...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Where I talk to PeePs about love...

This is a day to go down in history.

The day that I talked to my daughter about love.

Picture taken by FunnyFace Photography.


Me: While doing my hair, out of the corner of my eye, I see PeePs walk by and say, "PeePs, I love you..." in my best mother drawl.

PeePs: "I don't love you." I hear her say as she walks into her bedroom.

Me: Not to worried about it, I shrug and say, "That's rude..." in my best...should be astonished voice.

PeePs: "When you take me to McDonalds then I will love you." In her fairy-high-squeaky-voice.

Me: I'm bugged, "PeePs! That is not where you take someone when you love them...have I taught you nothing? McDonalds is a trashy way to tell someone you love them. If you are going to show your love to someone and REALLY show you care for them you take them somewhere a little classier than MCDONALDS. Listen up PeePs and listen take people to Wendy's. Got it?"-***Shakes head***

PeePs: "OOOOkkkkaaayy Mom...can I get a chocolate frosty when we go?"

Me: "No I gotta go to work...Mammy is taking you to McDonald's. Have fun 'kay?"

And here I thought I had taught her better. I mean she has been on this Earth for 3 years...3 YEARS people...that's enough time to know the difference? Wouldn't you say?

I better double check her seat belt on the airplane the next time we fly...maybe she doesn't follow that Etiquette rule either!!!

I'm so ashamed!

Did your talk go any better with your kids? This raising them stuff is hard!



P.S. If you don't hear from me before Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving!!! :)

P.S.S.--Results just in...CONGRATS Crash--you DUMMY! You get the Quilt and the $25.00 gift card!!! :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

When did THAT come unbuttoned?

First of all...I'm I haven't abandoned you, I just have ACTUALLY been busy with photography! I guess Christmas and family pictures go hand in hand!? Who would've thunked it?

But I have read most of your posts in my Google Reader and I expect to get over to your sites to leave my dry humor there!

But first...

For the next TWO days you can vote for you favorite Don't You Hate It When post on my right hand side bar for the Month of November. The winner receives the quilt made by
Kritta and a $25.00 gift card from So go ahead and vote! And then next month I will warn you the day before I hold the contest and tell you then what you could win. It will be like in that movie, "Never Back Down" where they text everyone the day of the fight where the fight will be...except cooler because it will be my Don't You Hate It When contest! I'm anticipating great things with all the secrecy!!!

In the meantime...I'm going to continue to post a Don't You Hate It When post because they humor me and make me laugh and I have a plethora of experiences to indulge deal with it!

Don't You Hate It When...

You are speaking to your boss about something important (because why else would you speak with your male boss?)--Only to get up and leave his office to look down at your button up blouse to see that the button that is suppose to be closed at your breasts is open for all to see what color your bra is? (
White, BTW, I'm very boring!)

Yea I HATE when that happens...dang over engorged breasts of mine!!! Buttons have a hard time keeping a hold of's a strain on them... poor things!!!

Does this only happen to me?



Friday, November 21, 2008

Indecisive...middle and white...F X 4

So I know a couple of Friday's ago I mentioned how I just LOVE color in my photo's...and I still stand by that...


I found myself loving the black and white.

I blame it on being the middle child. I'm somewhat indecisive...My opinion jumps around like a grasshopper on about drives my loved ones crazy...if they weren't already crazy!

Plus...I'm feeling a little TWILIGHTish and since SUE absolutely BEGGED me to post about TWILIGHT...I have decided to show these Black and White's especially for her and TWILIGHT and all those who wishes they were with their Sister-in-law's watching the midnight showing in a private rented theater instead of sitting here blogging about it...

Plus...I'm a mom...and I just got done editing these photo's and since I suck at scrap booking and printing my pictures out to put in a photo album...this is their 5 minutes of fame...humor me okay?

Now go have a Fiesta party yourself over at Candid Carrie's!



P.S. I am SHOCKED so many of you did not know about airplane seat belt etiquette...seriously...SHOCKED! Your mothers should be ashamed of themselves...and Fathers too! But I'll forgive...because I have kids and can't remember to hold a grudge.

But if I ever want to get revenge on someone...I'm totally using Momma Trish's suggestion and setting all the alarms for 3 in the morning for the people who get the hotel room after EVIL I love it!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Airplane Seat Belt Etiquette

Since yesterday I have been to 4 different cities and four different flights. I've finally come full circle and ended back pretty close to home. I crashed at midnight and slept until 10:00 am because I'm kid-less and am now checking my email and blogging until I have to run errands!

All I can think about though is this:

I LOVE getting into an airplane seat and buckling up the seat belt to realize that someone sitting in that seat BEFORE me was BIGGER than I was!

It's the same feeling as when you lose 5 lbs...or find money in your pocket! It's exhilarating!

Am I the only one that thinks this way?

So yesterday was a good day. I found a NEW friend...LOVE YOU BSTOD!!!... and each flight I was smaller then the person before me! One seat belt was so big it took twice as long to cinch it to my size! Guys...really...if you want an ego booster...TAKE A FLIGHT and hopefully your seat belt was as BIG as that one was!!!

Now there has been a few times where I get in the seat, and go to buckle my seat belt, and I have to pull the metal thing to make it BIGGER for the person before me was *shush* smaller than me... *GASP*...I know totally rude right? Don't they know plane etiquette? You always...ALWAYS...pull the metal thing out after your flight so that the next person that sits in that seat feels GOOD about themselves...

Doesn't everyone know that?

Well apparently not EVERYONE!

Those times that I have sat down and actually had to adjust the seat belt to make it BIGGER for me...I just think...

"Oh a small child must have used that seat before me...they still don't know all the plane-seat-belt-etiquette rules (shame on their MOM's!)"

So tell the truth...How many of you have been class-less and pulled the seat belt smaller so the person who sits in your seat next gets depressed and ends up spending the rest of the flight purging in the airplane toilet?

Come on? Admit it...

And when you do...will you leave your name, email, and address so that I can send you hate mail and send a bottle of spit to you via snail mail? It would really help in getting the message out!



Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Catwalk and Hip Hop...hmmmm

***Congrats are in the finals for the quilt and Amazon card!!!

While I hop on a flight early this morning, I have posted that video I promised from yesterday for your viewing pleasure!!! The pictures are from a recent photo shoot with me...

These Munchkins...

wanted to be my models for the video below! :)

What nuts...seriously!

They volunteered I threatened their lives to model some of my GREAT merchandise I talked about in the post below this one...(since my computer wasn't uploading the video I couldn't post it yesterday)...but no worries, we got it now!!! son's freestyle at the end of this...


Those hip hop classes are really paying off! lol!

So without further is the video I promised from yesterday!

If he's not ready for high school dance circle's...I don't know WHO is! :)



Mail CAN be GOOD! So Pay-It-Forward!

Usually when I receive mail, it holds things like, "Payment Due" or "Reminder" about this or that, or "In need of a Hearing Aide?" some how I am on the mailing list for Medicare and Hearing Aide supplies...(yea, my husband gets a kick out of that--my parents don't even receive hearing aide mail...can someone say, PUNK'D?)

Well not lately...

All those that were like, "Shelle, get a life! Blogging is going to take you no where!"

Can move into my line of spit...because even though it has TAKEN me NO WHERE...I'll concede on that point...

It has supplied me with MANY laughs and it makes me feel popular in a middle-class-popular kind of way...

Plus...I have started to WIN things and RECEIVE them in the MAIL!!! It's like the Price is Right except without PLINKO, LIGHTS, and TV...oh, and the WHEEL...

Last month I entered at MOMSHOTS.COM and received a VERY helpful photography book!

Then I entered this SPOOK-A-RAMA contest with CRASH Test Dummies site as one of the hosts, HER being the other...and was one of the qualifiers for the FUNNY SPOOK STORY category--

I was FIRST loser to JEN (because she stuffed the ballot...and her Aunt's Husband's Nephew was on the panel...just saying) and here is how she spent her money...Keep in mind I would have spent it on the starving pigs in New Guinea...

But when MY prizes came in the mail from SeriouslySOBlessed...who CARES about money?

Relief Society sisters went BIZERK over this t-shirt at SUPER SAT!!! Thanks!

And this BEAUTIFUL piece of artwork came in the mail that I have FALLEN IN LOVE WITH... (my video Catwalk I recordedof my children showing it off wasn't working)...that will come I snatched this pic of what Vanessa does over at A Fanciful Twist...

She's AMAZING...believe NEED to look her up and get some stuff!!!

Then I jumped in and tried to be one of the TOP THREE commenters to win this camera STRAP by MOMSHOTS.COM again...and guess what! I did...I commented as fast as I could and was one of the top three!

This is what it looked like...except for different material...
THIS material! Believe me...when I get my video I did of my models, modeling this stuff, you will be FULLY impressed! Thanks Jessica!!!
So now I want to continue to in order to participate all you need to do is be one of the FIRST THREE commenters and be willing to Pay-IT-Forward also!!!
So if you are NOT willing to continue with the fun...then don't comment until I get my FIRST THREE okay?

Now being that I have NO time for crafty or creative...and with Photography I only pretty much shoot People...I have decided to give away something I'm passionate about...and that is AMAZON.COM!!!

First three commenters get a $10.00 AMAZON.COM card. If you've never purchased something from AMAZON you might be weary of winning this because it's totally addicting and I'm not even getting PAID to say that!

K...Be one of the FIRST THREE commenters and win the card...other than that...

What have YOU won?



Sunday, November 16, 2008

Green Beans or Asparagus? Don't You Hate It When...come play!

Remember you have today to enter and tomorrow to VOTE!

Don't You Hate It When...

You don't know the difference between Green beans and Asparagus and you are just meeting a BBFF in Real life so you show how much of an airhead your really are? Yea...I hate that too!

Okay so you all know that I met Binks in real life in Vegas a couple of weekends ago. I explain it all here ...and what a beautiful person she is...and Binks explained her version here.

I also met her sister Barbs.

They took us to a Wolf Gang Puck restaurant...and I'll be honest, I had NO idea what the food even was.

But they brought out a some Green Bean dish, "Courtesy of the Chef" (I wasn't sure if they were going to have us DO SOMETHING for them if we took the beans...but then I saw that the Chef was being courtesy to everyone...) they said...but in honor of my pride here they were shriveled and had some delicious sauce on them.

Anyway...even though I heard the host guy tell us they were Green Beans, when we were discussing later what vegetable we were eating, (because somehow three women and one man couldn't remember what the host guy had said)..I said something like, "I may not know my seafood, but I know my vegetables and this is Asparagus!"


It was Green Beans.

I'm a total airhead!

But I had them for a second...because those shriveled up Green Beans looked ALOT like Asparagus (The picture above is NOT the green bean dish we had...the green beans we had were WAY more shriveled up at the end)...but then their brains kicked in and they were like, "Didn't the host guys say it was a Green Bean dish?"

Ummmm...Hello? Didn't they know that this was our FIRST time meeting and it would have been REALLY nice just to let the airhead say and think what she wants? Doesn't anyone have first-time-meeting-blog-friends etiquette anymore?

Here's a run down of what you need to know:

1. Don't you hate it when is the theme. Your post must TRY to be humorous or awe inspiring! You can link a picture, personal or not, tell a story, link to a video or post a personal long as it is attempting to make us Roll On Floor Laughing, or in text form (ROFL)! Click here for examples. Then add your name and the specific post for the contest to the MR. LINKY at the bottom. If you add a video, story, or picture that is NOT yours or originally yours...then you must give credit where credit is due. But you all know that.

2. Please remember to link back to my site so that others can play along with us!!!

3. Keep it clean in a PG-13 kinda way. If there is a post that is my eyes only...then I will be forced take them off, which I hate to be forced to do anything. And for those that feel they can judge and want to email me that they feel a post might be inappropriate...don't waste your time, because I will ignore long as I am okay with it...sorry, your opinion doesn't matter. But I still love ya! :)

4. Oh and Have Fun...most important must be able to laugh at your own posts! :)

Now you have TODAY to enter and voting starts tomorrow-Tuesday in a voting poll on my sidebar!

Here is what you are playing for:

This beautiful Quilt (just started, yet to be completed) that Kritta22 is making over at Protect and Provide ...And a $25.00 gift card from -------------

What's going to be different about this contest:

Okay...this will be the last week we are doing this for this month. So whomever wins this week will be the final entry for the Grand Prize!

And then for the Don't You Hate It When contests...I have decided to choose ONE random day each month to throw the contest. Whomever enters will be up for the prize. I have a volunteer panel who will choose the TOP TWO funniest posts and then you guys will vote for the FINAL winner! Then they will win the prize!!! So I will be going from doing it EVERY Monday to one random day out of the MONTH...I will let you know the day before it will be and what the prize will be so don't fret TOO much!


Just a tad bit serious...

As I sit here and prepare a lesson that I will give for the sisters in my heart goes from heavy to light.

It's like I'm being tossed around in a sea of emotions. My mind is tired...but my heart will not rest.

By now you probably have figured out my pattern. This blog is light hearted and happy...but on Sunday's I love to write about things that bring me peace. For me it is religion and family and knowledge that comes with both. So even though it is still is more happiness from HOPE and FAITH, instead of comedy by Shelle! :)

Like my good blog friend Crash wrote a few days ago Make Someone Happy (In which she totally makes you laugh while making a point--she's incredibly talented at doing that--plus she gives me some linky love), that is my goal almost daily with this blog, hopefully to make people happy. It use to be to journal for myself...but when I began to get an audience I reverted back to what makes me comfortable...and that is making people laugh. I love it...I love to be happy, I love to laugh, and I love to be in the company of others that also laugh. (It's all a journal of my feelings if you think about it!)

It's how I roll...

But the GOSPEL in my life also makes me happy in a totally different way. And I also LOVE to be in the company of others that are happy in that way also, or both.

So what I'm saying is...if you only want to laugh WITH me or ABOUT may want to skip this post.

Where was I?

Oh yes, preparing my lesson. So I'm just going to unload all my feelings here...just pour them out for you to get ready!

The lesson is Chapter 21 in the Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith and as I read...and weep...and smile...and read...and prepare, I have to say, without a doubt in my mind, that I believe WHOLLY that he is coming...AGAIN.

After a 150 years...the MOBS are back. But it is a sign of the is meant to come to pass.

And I can't WAIT!

Do I tremble when I read what has to come about before we see HIM again? Yes!

Am I prepared to meet HIM again? Not fully...I strive most days to prepare...but I am human and weak and every step forward I feel when I fall, I fall two steps back...yet, I still am on a straight path. Forward or back is okay...falling off is not.

The heavy heart? The rollercoaster emotions you ask?

It has a lot to do with things I have found out this week...things that, to me, show we are ever nearing the time when HE will be here again...things that must happen, yet, I have to rear and raise children in all of it...and MOMMA BEAR comes out quite a bit.

My greatest fear comes of what HE will think of me...what HE will say...everything else is just something that must be endured...MUST BE.

But then...then...I read, and I feel, and I know that, in the end, it will all be OKAY. :)

And like I said last gives me HOPE and happiness that I might see HIM come again...and that if I hang on to that ROD I have been given...that it will be one of the most GLORIOUS things.

This incredible photographer put in pictures what I cannot do eloquently in words:

So I can't wait...I can't WAIT to meet HIM and I can't WAIT to see HIM...and I hope I am worthy of both. :)

So forgive me for bearing my soul...for being a tad bit serious.



P.S. Tomorrow will be the Last entry for Don't You Hate It When for November(I know, I's not the last week, but that is how I'm doing deal with it!). So if you would like to win the Grand Prize...get your posts ready. Be sure and read the FULL post tomorrow because some things will have changed for the following Month! :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chipmunk Cheeks...let me explain...

I have what we call, "CHIPMUNK CHEEKS", which pretty much means they always look like I have something in my mouth...they aren't the LEAST bit gaunt, or defined, or anorexic-model-high-cheek-bone beautiful.

And as I was going through old pictures I came upon these (My younger brother's wedding reception) and hit upon a SHOCKING revelation!

Most of my family members were cursed with them: Evidence below

Okay...she doesn't really have them, but my lil' sis would be offended if I didn't include her...she's the youngest, they seem tender about being left out of things!

okay...same goes for my older sister...

basically it's just my brothers and me that got the cheeks...totally unfair(And is yet another reason why I have EVERY right to envy them)!

My Youngest brother, I have no picture of, but he MOST definitely has the cheeks...he was getting married this day and was understandbly absent from my picture taking mayhem!

But I had this naive idea that I was creating my children...helping out...doing the work...that I could request small favors in the making/creating of these children.

I asked this one small, itty-bitty, thing...

for my kids to NOT have my cheeks.

That's all...

I wasn't asking much. I even OKAY'D the spattering of freckle's...I believe in giving and taking.

Well the older my son gets...the more I realize...HEY!--nobody listened to me-- it's SHOCKING, and illogically why wouldn't my request be granted? Why do GENETICS always have to come into play?

How do I KNOW nobody listened to my plea/request? Look below...

The boy MOST DEFINITELY has my cheeks!

Is there anything YOUR child got from you that you had hoped they wouldn't?

Hop on over to Candid Carrie's and see other Friday Foto Finish Fiesta's...then add your to the fun!



P.S. See where my husband was?

Gosh I love that man!!!

Half-Taught Dr. Shelle

First of all can I just say...for those of you who UNLOADED are INCREDIBLE! Whether you were anonymous or not...just thanks for giving me something interesting, funny, and thought provoking to read.

What I would really like to do is analyze about your comments. I went to school to eventually end up being a Marriage and Family Counselor. I met MountainSport Man and even though I finished my Bachelor's, I never went on to finish my Masters. Anybody who knows about that degree would know you HAVE to have a Masters to get a job anywhere in that field of study.

But I still love playing the part. Ninety percent of the reason I went into that field is because growing up I LOVED for people to unload on me and then try to mull over the problem in my head to see if I could figure things out and maybe help them a bit.

The problem with people is that they are ALL what works for one, DEFINITELY doesn't work for another. And there are SO many theories out there you could go ANY direction and still not solve a thing...yet I LOVED learning about EACH theory, I LOVE talking with people, and I LOVED helping when I actually could. It was such a natural HIGH!

Eventually, I would still like to finish my Master's Degree...until then, I just like to play the role among friends and family...and get this, people ACTUALLY talk to me...and even listen sometimes. What a rub of the ego heh?

Unfortunately some of those comments were directed at my blog layout is confusing. I KNOW I KNOW...please HELP me! I WANT to make it pretty and better and less confusing but I'm totally at a crossroads. I'm in the process of making it into it's own website (months down the road) and so I just leave it, hoping that some blog fairy will sweep along and magically make it into the most BEAUTIFUL and non-confusing blog on the block! If I had money...someone would be one blog remodel richer. Alas, I am not rich...and the economy tells me I need to save whatever green, nickel, and zinc/copper I have. STUPID ECONOMY!!! (Which is why I have ADS on my blog...sorry person that hates ads on peoples blogs...but it's really nice to get that check in the just is...DANG IT ALL!!!)

Luckily, I know what I want to do with the Don't You Hate It When contests! And so that I don't bore those people who don't want it around anymore...I will post what the changes are on Monday...I think it will go a lot THANK YOU FOR YOUR IDEAS!!!

So I feel that the Secret Box was great for ME...learned a lot about secrets...some dirty, disgusting, and down right wrong. Luckily no one REALLY admitted to picking their boogers and then EATING them *gag, choke, wet-heave, spit*...I would have spit in their general direction with the throw up that would have been in my mouth! But I'm not judging--total nautral body reaction...can't be helped...can't be avoided!

And for those of you that WEREN'T are ALL comment whores and should go over straight away to Kristina P.'s (she's had a make-over, she looks great, her blog layout isn't confusing!) site and pick up a comment whore button. But I get you...because I'm all about attention and spotlight! So go grab a are what you are!

So ALL I'm saying is that if you want me to be your personal therapist...I'm here for you! I may laugh at your problems...maybe even spit at you...but I'll listen. And just to make this clear so as not to get sued since proclaiming to be a half-taught therapist...

I am not discriminating by laughing nor by spitting...I do it about my OWN who are YOU to assume that you should be treated any differently...

Just wanted to get that out there so there was no confusion.


Dr. Shelle

So any takers?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What's YOUR Dirty Little Secret?

Commenters? Commenters? Where are you? Where have you gone?


Channon slid in for the WIN this week...Congrats...and your disgusting! hahahaha!

Okay...Kristina P has done this and Georgie over at Decisionally Challenged has done this...I think it's such a great idea...and I love myself a good DIRTY LITTLE SECRET!

Of Course...they have WAY more followers and commenters (jerks) than I do...but I LOVE those of you that comment...I feel like I know you, I feel like we are BBFF' I know that your secrets will be So CRAZY...SO HUMOROUS...SO DEEP! So I want to know what MY friends come up with! :)

So think of this as a SECRET BOX...

So make a comment...make sure to mark Anonymous...and tell your deepest, darkest, secret!

I hear that once you let it out...publicly...yet takes those ROCKS out of the backpack...lifts the weight off your shoulders...makes the world go round!

So guys...LET THEM GO...unload those secrets! Don't worry...I'm going to add mine, but you won't know because it's, ya know, ANONYMOUS!



P.S. Could you fit in somewhere in your secret if I should just BAG the Don't You Hate It When Contest? Thanks...'preciate it! Of course AFTER this Month!

Elliptical schmiptical

GO VOTE ON MY RIGHT SIDE BAR and then come back and read this if you want!

Okay...I wanted to REPOST this...because I'm having somewhat of a weird couple of days...feeling bleh, which is quite unlike me...

But yesterday, while going through posts to delete...I found this one and it made me laugh...thought you might enjoy it also! Love Shelle

April 12, 2008

Mr. Elliptical and ME use to have a pretty good see, I would get on him (the Elliptical machine has to be a guy, because only guys make your heart beat faster than it should and at most times they somehow give you uneccessary pain...but you keep going back for more torture...hey, get your mind out of the blog is G rated, or at least PG, ok sometimes PG-13, but never above that!)...Anyhow, I get on MR. Elliptical and usually we get along fine, I have a good workout and there is some discomfort, but usually I can work through it and I have a pleasant, sometimes invigorating workout, depending on what I am listening to on my IPOD!

Well, this last week it seems that Mr. Ellliptical was out for revenge...I haven't visited him much these last couple of months. Since jumping back on the exercising wagon I have opted for the treadmill to run.

I think he noticed, Mr. Elliptical, because on Thursday when I went to get on him everything seemed fine. I started pumping my legs and pushed the "Weight-Loss Program" and entered my weight and age

(I am always so tempted to lie, in case the people on the treadmills behind me are watching, but that defeats the purpose, right? I mean how could it accurately give me my calories burned if I type in a much lower weight with a few years younger age?)...

I get going and instantly, I'm not kidding, instantly I feel that deep burning in my hurts, but I just tell myself, "Shelle, you can work through this, don't let other people see that you are desperately tempted to get off this machine, even after" and I look at the time, "it being only 3 minutes into the workout" I groan a bit to myself.


It's only been 3 minutes? Do you think the people behind me will notice if I struggle off this thing breathing heavy after only just getting on? I'm not going to test that...I can endure this, I think to myself, I can do this

But my heart is beating REALLY fast, almost to the point where I feel that if I don't do something about it I might humiliate myself more by I'm kidding, It wasn't that bad, but I still contemplated the idea, maybe to fake it so that people didn't think I was a complete dork by getting off Mr. Elliptical after only 3, and now 1/2, minutes of being on him. I also know at 4 minutes Mr. Elliptical changes from a level 2 incline to a level 9 incline, can I take it?

I did get through the 28 minute exercise...that's right, it's only 28 minutes, but it really felt like a 55 minute kick boxing aerobic class workout...and I literally felt like I had lit a match to my chest and had taken a hammer to my butt, legs, and thighs!

I swear, it has never hurt that bad before...what was different? Did the evil workers at the Rec Center somehow guess that, that day I was going to get on Mr. Elliptical and tighten the bands or something?

And today, TWO days later, I am sore...sore like I had only worked out yesterday or something, sore like I can't sit down on the toilet normal sore, or sore like I can't walk down stairs sore...I bet it was a funny sight when I attempted to walk down the airplane stairs yesterday, stiff legs, like stilts walking down the stairs one leg at a least I made someone else smile...

I might have to remember that "hell hath no fury like an Elliptical Machine scorned!"

This promise is for you Mr. Elliptical...I promise to visit with you at least once a week...I won't abandon you again for so long and I hope to make that two times a week if I can fit it in...because I don't EVER want to hate you as much as I hate you now, or on Thursday when we had our workout session, because I am not a hateful person and I just plain don't like having these feelings of I hope you accept my promise and in return take it easy on me next time

P.S. How do you make really sore muscles unsore so that you don't have to pop IB Profin in every 6 hours like a drug addict? Anybody? I still want to know the answer to that question...

Also, I got this Elliptical machine picture from
this URL, just incase it's copyrighted. It's an exact replica of the one I worked out on, on Thursday!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Don't You Hate It When-Break Dance Style...Come Play!

***Update: Voting doesn't start until Tuesday--Today you just get to enter and browse/laugh through the other entries(Kristina P. :)--she's so lucky I look forward to her humor everyday!)

Don't You Hate It When--

A kid can do what you have been trying to get for years!!! Luckily I gave up the break dance dream years ago...but this kid is so AMAZING!!! Thought you guys would enjoy it! Not humorous but definitely AWE inspiring! (Go to about 1:55 and be ready to say HOLY COW!!!)

Don't look now but my Hip-Hop class is performing for a community thing and just for blog funny purposes I might do it and record it. Then YEARS down the road I can pull out the video and reminisce at what was! lol! (that LOL was for you ANNIE)

So ready to play?

Here's a run down of what you need to know:

1. Don't you hate it when is the theme. Your post must TRY to be humorous or awe inspiring! You can link a picture, personal or not, tell a story, link to a video or post a personal long as it is attempting to make us Roll On Floor Laughing, or in text form (ROFL)! Click here for examples. Then add your name and the specific post for the contest to the MR. LINKY at the bottom. If you add a video, story, or picture that is NOT yours or originally yours...then you must give credit where credit is due. But you all know that.

2. Please remember to link back to my site so that others can play along with us!!!

3. Keep it clean in a PG-13 kinda way. If there is a post that is my eyes only...then I will be forced take them off, which I hate to be forced to do anything. And for those that feel they can judge and want to email me that they feel a post might be inappropriate...don't waste your time, because I will ignore long as I am okay with it...sorry, your opinion doesn't matter. But I still love ya! :)

4. Oh and Have Fun...most important must be able to laugh at your own posts! :)

Now you have TODAY to enter and voting starts tomorrow-Tuesday in a voting poll on my sidebar!

Here is what you are playing for:

This beautiful Quilt (just started, yet to be completed) that Kritta22 is making over at Protect and Provide ...And a $25.00 gift card from -------------

Now link up!



Saturday, November 8, 2008

HOPE...such an incredible word!

I have been reading blogs...(duh) and it has been so cool to read some blogs where they are finding something to be thankful for EVERYDAY or everytime they post. I'm not sure for how long...if it's just for November or just until Thanksgiving or what? But I love it nonetheless...don't you just love words like that...nonetheless...all written together? I do.

Well I'm not one to stick with something, but I can add my two cents and contribute to telling you what I'm thankful for. I pride myself in being a well-rounded person (no pun intended)--I love to laugh, I'm known to cry, and I'm only crazy 3/4 of the time...the other times...

Here is the OTHER times...

I'm thankful for my religion. For the gospel I'm lucky to have in my life...and the thing I am most thankful for about the gospel, I so the hope that comes with it.

I couldn't begin to say in words how I feel, but when I re-read this talk given in the last General Conference we had (Oct. 2008)--well he explains it SO much better!

So as not to massacre what I would like to relay, here is an excerpt from that talk "The Infinite Power of Hope" by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf Second Counselor in the First Presidency:

The scriptures say that there must be “an opposition in all things.”15 So it is with faith, hope, and charity. Doubt, despair, and failure to care for our fellowmen lead us into temptation, which can cause us to forfeit choice and precious blessings.

The adversary uses despair to bind hearts and minds in suffocating darkness. Despair drains from us all that is vibrant and joyful and leaves behind the empty remnants of what life was meant to be. Despair kills ambition, advances sickness, pollutes the soul, and deadens the heart. Despair can seem like a staircase that leads only and forever downward.

Hope, on the other hand, is like the beam of sunlight rising up and above the horizon of our present circumstances. It pierces the darkness with a brilliant dawn. It encourages and inspires us to place our trust in the loving care of an eternal Heavenly Father, who has prepared a way for those who seek for eternal truth in a world of relativism, confusion, and of fear.

And if that isn't cool enough...if that doesn't make you picture exactly what HOPE should be or mean in your life...this should clinch it for you:

Hope is not knowledge,17 but rather the abiding trust that the Lord will fulfill His promise to us. It is confidence that if we live according to God’s laws and the words of His prophets now, we will receive desired blessings in the future.18 It is believing and expecting that our prayers will be answered. It is manifest in confidence, optimism, enthusiasm, and patient perseverance.

In the language of the gospel, this hope is sure, unwavering, and active. The prophets of old speak of a “firm hope”19 and a “lively hope.”20 It is a hope glorifying God through good works. With hope comes joy and happiness.21 With hope, we can “have patience, and bear . . . [our] afflictions.”22

HOPE...I am SO thankful for HOPE. With the trials and tribulations that chip at me and mold me into who I am...there is NO WAY the sharp edges and angles could be buffed away by anything other than HOPE. Someday I HOPE to reach the potential of the master piece I can become.



P.S. Get your POST ready for Don't You Hate It When tomorrow...because look what you could WIN for the month of November!

This beautiful Quilt (just started, yet to be completed) that Kritta22 is making over at Protect and Provide ...And a $25.00 gift card from -------------

Friday, November 7, 2008

Meeting BBFF's...F X 4

For my F X 4 I had to put up the picture of the VERY first BLOGGER I have met in REAL LIFE!!!

So Binks in her Twitter told me her and her husband were flying off to Vegas for a business trip of some kind...WHO CARES ABOUT THE DETAILS...I live somewhat near least withing driving distance so I told her that!

We then planned a time to meet and get together for dinner before they had to jet out again!

I've read her for so long I felt like I had already known her I wasn't nervous to meet her as much as I was extremely excited! It was the same feeling I get when I go and visit my Old Neighbors from where I use to live.

MountainSport Man came with me and Binks was exactly how I pictured her to be! She was funny and sweet and totally charming...

Unfortunately I was a complete mess! Half of it I blame on getting up way early in the morning...half of it was pure me...but she laughed at my jokes and that's all that counts. I mixed Calamari up with Escargot...and then the dish that was the compliment of the cook was Green Beans doused with this delicious garlic and seedy dressing with some kind of nut...but even though I heard the server mention it was Green Beans I called is just so you know, so that you don't do what I did and say, "I may not know my squid or snail but I know my vegetables...this is Asparagus"...Green Beans boiled and shriveled up, look ALOT like Asparagus! All my husband had to say to that was, "She's a lot of fun to have around!" Thanks hun...way to have my back.

I also got to meet her sister Barbs...who was a ball of if she did need to have her feelings validated over food...I get her, I get that! :)

So even though the picture has me tweaking my chin around...looking like the half brained person I was that night...we had a good time!

Binks is an incredible person! Thanks for EVERYTHING...I totally OWE YOU...and I can't wait to get together again! :)

How about you guys? Who have you met in the BLOG WORLD?

Go over to Candid Carrie's site to play F X 4...and BTW I talked to her on the phone in REAL life...she says she doesn't have an accent...but she totally does!!! :)



P.S. Binks...I want all your pictures because I only got to snap this one off before my battery died on my camera! :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Kids should've named our BODILY FLUIDS!

Kids should have named things. They should have been in charge of coming up with the names of illness or bodily fluids...

Remember that jogger I posted a couple of weeks ago. The one that WOULDN'T stop jogging in order to go to the bathroom? I'm not a runner...I don't understand it...maybe SHER will enlighten us since she ran a marathon in my town...but REMEMBER THAT PICTURE?

Totally disgusting...



Okay, well now since we are on the subject of THAT subject, I need to tell you a funny story.

MountainSport Man and I were brushing our teeth on Saturday. I know, totally cute we do it together right? (We really only have one not cute...annoying and frustrating!)

PeePs runs in and pulls down her cute princess undies and pops on the toilet...

...then comes this conversation:

PeePs: "I have water poop on my panties."

Me: I stop mid brush and stare...thinking to myself...OH CRAP!

MSM: "You pooped your pants?"

PeePs: "NNNOOOO...Water Poop!"

Me: "PeePs, did you poo your pants?!" Then the smell hit my nose and I began dry heaving and spitting my toothpaste out as quickly as possible "Oh my gosh, you did POO your pants! Why?!" --shrieking like I had witnessed a murder!

PeePs: very calmly, "No Mommy...not poop...just WATER POOP!" then she touches it.

Me: "PeePs...DON'T TOUCH IT!" Still confused as to what water poop even is, but totally relieved she didn't POO her pants.

MSM: Walks over to inspect. Then starts to chuckle. Then looks at me.

Me: "What?"

MSM: "She went Diarrhea in her underwear a little before she made it to the toilet!" he says still laughing. "A perfect way to describe what it is!"

Me: With my shirt over my nose, "She is a smart little one huh?" as I begin to laugh. And then I remember she touched it!



Anything your kids have said that explain things better than what they are normally called?



Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm being TORN apart!!!

Okay...for the very first time...we have a TIE in my Don't You Hate It When they will both be in the running for the final prize!!!

Crash Test Dummies and Honey I will email you your cool blog buttons soon! Thanks for playing this week! It was fun!

I'm feeling a little reflective today...and less humorous and witty.

So if you are a creative person, you'll totally get this post. If you are not...

I look down my nose at you!


If you have been reading my blog for ANY amount of already know that Dance is a BIG part of my life. My Mom taught dance...she learned it from HER MOM...I learned it from MY MOM...

You see the pattern right?

Well...Dance and Music go hand in hand. And for the first years of my dancing career I got to enjoy how the two worked harmoniously together. I got to feel the music in the step of the dance I was taught...I got to listen to the lyrics and move my body with the feel and spirit of the to speak. I loved just being a DANCER. I loved learning. I loved getting a really difficult step. I loved being inspired by a choreographers idea.

But at a really young age...when I listened to music...I could see a dance in my head. In fact, for a really long time I thought EVERYBODY saw what I saw when they listened to music. I thought it was totally normal. Only later did I find out that I was the minority. Go is the story of my life :)

I moved about 3 years ago back to my hometown. The thing about moving is I feel I have to start all over because the Dance Studio Owners don't know me anymore nor do they know what I can do. It's like beginning all over and having to get my name out there.

Luckily, there is ONE adviser at a high school that knows me and I can get my fill of dance and choreography through helping them. But I only help when they NEED me...because they don't have the budget to keep me on permanently!

But when a new song comes out, and I'm not in need at the high school, it sucks because I don't have anyone to unload my ideas on...nobody to dance to the music the way I see it in my head...I feel like admitting myself into an institution!

For instance...last year I had this song on my MIND...and luckily about 6 months of suffering with it bouncing around in my head...that High School Advisor called me and asked me to choreograph a piece for her concert...and I loved the quirky-ness of the song and you know me...humor and quirky go hand in hand! It was a little difficult because I had to choreograph for group of girls with varying levels of technique...but it turned out well enough...So I was able to have my Creative Outlet...UNLOAD, and have some semblance of peace again...
Here it is (I'm going to apologize for the poor quality of was done on my point and shoot camera...their costumes where part and funky and add SO much more to the piece):

But even though this was a fun dance to ultimate love is Lyrical/Contemporary.

So when I heard this version of the song BELIEF by Gavin DeGraw...the madness began again!

So, I find myself, CONSTANTLY thinking about it. And for some reason, the last couple of weeks, it has been BAD. Its KILLING ME!

I think a part of it comes from going to a Hip Hop class and learning again...I think it triggers something in my brain and I'm wrapped up in the frenzy of the Dance world and the passion and obsession that goes along with it!

But its also something about the song that pulls me...wraps itself around my mind and gently begins to embed itself within's crazy! And I don't get a reprieve until I am able to "unload" it!

But then...then...I was listening to my IPOD on shuffle and first song that comes on is BELIEF...torments me...then this song came on right after:

Might as well put my Mind and Heart through a meat grinder! It was almost to the point of depressing I so YEARNED to work and create and move!!! There is just nothing compared to the acoustic version!!!

And seriously! If I don't find a group of advanced contemporary dancers to put these songs to...I'm going to BURST!!!

I haven't felt like this for such a long time. I don't know what to do.

Weird right?

K--well now that you are probably totally confused...and think I'm more crazy then before!

I will say "until tomorrow"!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting Polls and Fortune Cookies I like to change things up if you couldn't tell!!!

So not ONLY do you get to go and vote for who will RUN this country today! You also get to vote for something JUST as important!

Who will win the FIRST week in NOVEMBER of my Don't You Hate It When contest!

I know, LUCKY YOU!

So if you make a comment...please vote(over there on my sidebar)...even if you vote like you do at THE POLLS know who you are going to vote for, for President...other than that, the rest of voting is a little in the gray area! :)

Voting ends today at MIDNIGHT MST!!! So click your little heart away! You can vote for more than one person...but try and vote for them ONLY once! :) Easy enough right?

If you forgot who posted what...or WHAT the posted here!

Winner will be announced TOMORROW!!!

Moving right along to bigger and yet better things!

I want you to know that I live my life according to the Fortune Cookies I get. I go to only the most Exclusive Chinese Restaurants...partake of the over-the-top-religious-heaven-like-meal and then when it is time to choose the all important Fortune Cookie...I wave my head over the Fortune Cookie Aura's and I am drawn to the one that BEST defines me.

It's Fail Proof...and my life is deeper and more enriched because of it.

For instance, I always had a gut understanding of how people perceive me...I know people stare...I am an anomaly...but a couple of days ago, after going to the Exclusive Restaurant, Panda Express, my Fortune Cookie solidified my gut feeling:

I can only take that as Doctrine!

I'm just saying...if you can't live your life by the great guidance of the FORTUNE ARE you to live your life? I don't even want to know. son, I have found out, is somewhat of a psychic. He was asked to write what he would like to be when he grows up and then draw a picture of it. This is what he sees in his future...

That says, "When I grow up I want to be a SmootheMan". At first I thought he a smooth Mr. L Suave...but he rectified my misunderstanding and said, "I am going to be a Smoothie Maker!"

Who am I to argue?

So what have your FORTUNE COOKIES predicted in your future?



Sunday, November 2, 2008

Don't You Hate It When--New Month, New Prize!!!

UPDATE: Hey I have decided that I will give you all one day to enter...and one day to vote! How very generous right? Right! So keep your entries going...and tomorrow I'll put a pull up to vote!!! Good LUCK!!!

Don't You Hate It When--

Your kid is TOTALLY cooler than all the rest?

Okay, I had to give a shout out to my boy...because I'm proud as a peacock!


Are Peacocks really proud? I mean, who knows for sure? Maybe when they spread their beautiful feathers they are doing it out of cowardice?

Oh well...

My son came home one day and handed me his back pack. I usually go through it and throw away everything I think is junk...keep the cute stuff in his school box...and then give it back to him. Well there was a flyer in his backpack and it was for the Reflections contest with the theme being this year "WOW". This is the conversation we had about it:

Me: "DCar, are you going to enter the Reflections Contest?" at this point I don't really CARE if he enters...I never did because I was too afraid of failure, but he didn't know that, and I wanted him to decide for himself.

DCar: "Ummmm..." as he's watching T.V. "No, it's too hard!"

Me: oh no he didn't..."What do you mean it's too hard?"

DCar: "It's just to hard. I don't know what to do."

Me: "So you are telling me that you aren't going to even TRY because you ASSUME it's too hard. How do you know it's too hard without even giving it a chance? When you couldn't get Guitar Hero at first, did you give up? Or not even play in the first place because you thought it was TOO HARD?" I ground out, while huffing and mind in a frenzy because I'm afraid my son is going to be just like me, and talk himself out of things before he even gives himself a chance! ( I know I'm a dead ringer for the Motivational speech writer that wrote Brave Heart's final battle scene!)

DCar: Rolls his eyes..."Okay, fine...I'll try it! But I'm not doing it if it's too hard after that!"

That's right. The kid and I threw around ideas and came up with him doing some kind of photography. He took a pic of himself in the mirror with his Dad doing WOW with his hands. Then we got on photoshop and I helped him mess around with Actions and Erasure's. He made all final decisions on the look of the photo himself. I thought we would just enter it and that would be that...and chalk it up to another teaching lesson!

And then we go to the Reflections evening to find out the winners and him and one other kid are moving on to the REGIONALS!!! Crazy huh!

Can you tell he's totally embarrassed of me taking his photo right here?

Here's the actual photo...not bad right? So I'm proud as a PEACOCK!!! And that's pretty PROUD! Would it be wrong of me to make a necklace out of the photo and walk around with it on my neck at work with the words written on it, "My son is a WINNER!!!"

Yea, you're right...that's tacky!

I'll just wear it on my back and when people say something about it I'll just look shocked and say, "My son...that little trickster must have taped that to my back...he was so excited to WIN the CONTEST!!!"

You ready to play today?

This month's prize is SO awesome I wish I actually could enter...but I won't...because I would totally rig it to make me win.

So my friend over at Protect and Provide:
Creative Blog Designs

Is going to make a QUILT for the winner!!! She is amazing and quilts all of the time...but also makes purses and aprons and TONZ of other things. I'm going to pay her to make me one...but one of YOU lucky players will get one for FREE!!! Seriously...if that isn't enough to make you enter...the LUCKY winner will also get a $25.00 total Amazon card donated $20.00 by an Anonymous player and $5.00 from Georgie over at Decisionally Challenged! Thank you THANK YOU contributors (Always accepting more donations!)...I'm so lucky to have such great people around me in this blog world I've created for myself! :) I also may add more to the prize...I have some prizes that I'm not sure if I want to give away this month or the PRIZE PACKAGE could grow!

Okay here is what you need to know:

1. Don't you hate it when is the theme. Your post must TRY to be humorous or awe inspiring! You can link a picture, personal or not, tell a story, link to a video or post a personal long as it is attempting to make us Roll On Floor Laughing, or in text form (ROFL)! Click here for examples. Then add your name and the specific post for the contest to the MR. LINKY at the bottom. If you add a video, story, or picture that is NOT yours or originally yours...then you must give credit where credit is due. But you all know that.

2. Please remember to link back to my site so that others can play along with us!!!

3. Keep it clean in a PG-13 kinda way. If there is a post that is my eyes only...then I will be forced take them off, which I hate to be forced to do anything. And for those that feel they can judge and want to email me that they feel a post might be inappropriate...don't waste your time, because I will ignore long as I am okay with it...sorry, your opinion doesn't matter. But I still love ya! :)

4. Oh and Have Fun...most important must be able to laugh at your own posts! :)

VOTING-it's easy...After reading those who entered...just scroll down to the VERY bottom of this post...past MR. LINKY...past the P.S. and there should be a link that says "comments" click on that and vote away for your favorite post! "I vote #0 Shelle". If you are ANONYMOUS I ask that you attach your name and email address at the bottom of your comment...or shoot me an email to vote, all of this so that I know you are a REAL person! :) And can only vote once!

I just ask that you actually go and READ the other posts before you vote...because you seriously will laugh at them...there have been some entries that have literally had me shooting pop out my nose! So embarrassing when I'm in public reading them!!! If November is anything like OCTOBER won't be disappointed!!!

Now link up!

Love Shelle

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