Thursday, November 20, 2008

Airplane Seat Belt Etiquette

Since yesterday I have been to 4 different cities and four different flights. I've finally come full circle and ended back pretty close to home. I crashed at midnight and slept until 10:00 am because I'm kid-less and am now checking my email and blogging until I have to run errands!

All I can think about though is this:

I LOVE getting into an airplane seat and buckling up the seat belt to realize that someone sitting in that seat BEFORE me was BIGGER than I was!

It's the same feeling as when you lose 5 lbs...or find money in your pocket! It's exhilarating!

Am I the only one that thinks this way?

So yesterday was a good day. I found a NEW friend...LOVE YOU BSTOD!!!... and each flight I was smaller then the person before me! One seat belt was so big it took twice as long to cinch it to my size! Guys...really...if you want an ego booster...TAKE A FLIGHT and hopefully your seat belt was as BIG as that one was!!!

Now there has been a few times where I get in the seat, and go to buckle my seat belt, and I have to pull the metal thing to make it BIGGER for the person before me was *shush* smaller than me... *GASP*...I know totally rude right? Don't they know plane etiquette? You always...ALWAYS...pull the metal thing out after your flight so that the next person that sits in that seat feels GOOD about themselves...

Doesn't everyone know that?

Well apparently not EVERYONE!

Those times that I have sat down and actually had to adjust the seat belt to make it BIGGER for me...I just think...

"Oh a small child must have used that seat before me...they still don't know all the plane-seat-belt-etiquette rules (shame on their MOM's!)"

So tell the truth...How many of you have been class-less and pulled the seat belt smaller so the person who sits in your seat next gets depressed and ends up spending the rest of the flight purging in the airplane toilet?

Come on? Admit it...

And when you do...will you leave your name, email, and address so that I can send you hate mail and send a bottle of spit to you via snail mail? It would really help in getting the message out!



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