Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mail CAN be GOOD! So Pay-It-Forward!

Usually when I receive mail, it holds things like, "Payment Due" or "Reminder" about this or that, or "In need of a Hearing Aide?" some how I am on the mailing list for Medicare and Hearing Aide supplies...(yea, my husband gets a kick out of that--my parents don't even receive hearing aide mail...can someone say, PUNK'D?)

Well not lately...

All those that were like, "Shelle, get a life! Blogging is going to take you no where!"

Can move into my line of spit...because even though it has TAKEN me NO WHERE...I'll concede on that point...

It has supplied me with MANY laughs and it makes me feel popular in a middle-class-popular kind of way...

Plus...I have started to WIN things and RECEIVE them in the MAIL!!! It's like the Price is Right except without PLINKO, LIGHTS, and TV...oh, and the WHEEL...

Last month I entered at MOMSHOTS.COM and received a VERY helpful photography book!

Then I entered this SPOOK-A-RAMA contest with CRASH Test Dummies site as one of the hosts, HER being the other...and was one of the qualifiers for the FUNNY SPOOK STORY category--

I was FIRST loser to JEN (because she stuffed the ballot...and her Aunt's Husband's Nephew was on the panel...just saying) and here is how she spent her money...Keep in mind I would have spent it on the starving pigs in New Guinea...

But when MY prizes came in the mail from SeriouslySOBlessed...who CARES about money?

Relief Society sisters went BIZERK over this t-shirt at SUPER SAT!!! Thanks!

And this BEAUTIFUL piece of artwork came in the mail that I have FALLEN IN LOVE WITH... (my video Catwalk I recordedof my children showing it off wasn't working)...that will come later...so I snatched this pic of what Vanessa does over at A Fanciful Twist...

She's AMAZING...believe me...you NEED to look her up and get some stuff!!!

Then I jumped in and tried to be one of the TOP THREE commenters to win this camera STRAP by MOMSHOTS.COM again...and guess what! I did...I commented as fast as I could and was one of the top three!

This is what it looked like...except for different material...
THIS material! Believe me...when I get my video I did of my models, modeling this stuff, you will be FULLY impressed! Thanks Jessica!!!
So now I want to continue to Pay-IT-Forward...so in order to participate all you need to do is be one of the FIRST THREE commenters and be willing to Pay-IT-Forward also!!!
So if you are NOT willing to continue with the fun...then don't comment until I get my FIRST THREE okay?

Now being that I have NO time for crafty or creative...and with Photography I only pretty much shoot People...I have decided to give away something I'm passionate about...and that is AMAZON.COM!!!

First three commenters get a $10.00 AMAZON.COM card. If you've never purchased something from AMAZON you might be weary of winning this because it's totally addicting and I'm not even getting PAID to say that!

K...Be one of the FIRST THREE commenters and win the card...other than that...

What have YOU won?



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