Thursday, November 6, 2008

Kids should've named our BODILY FLUIDS!

Kids should have named things. They should have been in charge of coming up with the names of illness or bodily fluids...

Remember that jogger I posted a couple of weeks ago. The one that WOULDN'T stop jogging in order to go to the bathroom? I'm not a runner...I don't understand it...maybe SHER will enlighten us since she ran a marathon in my town...but REMEMBER THAT PICTURE?

Totally disgusting...



Okay, well now since we are on the subject of THAT subject, I need to tell you a funny story.

MountainSport Man and I were brushing our teeth on Saturday. I know, totally cute we do it together right? (We really only have one not cute...annoying and frustrating!)

PeePs runs in and pulls down her cute princess undies and pops on the toilet...

...then comes this conversation:

PeePs: "I have water poop on my panties."

Me: I stop mid brush and stare...thinking to myself...OH CRAP!

MSM: "You pooped your pants?"

PeePs: "NNNOOOO...Water Poop!"

Me: "PeePs, did you poo your pants?!" Then the smell hit my nose and I began dry heaving and spitting my toothpaste out as quickly as possible "Oh my gosh, you did POO your pants! Why?!" --shrieking like I had witnessed a murder!

PeePs: very calmly, "No Mommy...not poop...just WATER POOP!" then she touches it.

Me: "PeePs...DON'T TOUCH IT!" Still confused as to what water poop even is, but totally relieved she didn't POO her pants.

MSM: Walks over to inspect. Then starts to chuckle. Then looks at me.

Me: "What?"

MSM: "She went Diarrhea in her underwear a little before she made it to the toilet!" he says still laughing. "A perfect way to describe what it is!"

Me: With my shirt over my nose, "She is a smart little one huh?" as I begin to laugh. And then I remember she touched it!



Anything your kids have said that explain things better than what they are normally called?



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