Friday, November 7, 2008

Meeting BBFF's...F X 4

For my F X 4 I had to put up the picture of the VERY first BLOGGER I have met in REAL LIFE!!!

So Binks in her Twitter told me her and her husband were flying off to Vegas for a business trip of some kind...WHO CARES ABOUT THE DETAILS...I live somewhat near least withing driving distance so I told her that!

We then planned a time to meet and get together for dinner before they had to jet out again!

I've read her for so long I felt like I had already known her I wasn't nervous to meet her as much as I was extremely excited! It was the same feeling I get when I go and visit my Old Neighbors from where I use to live.

MountainSport Man came with me and Binks was exactly how I pictured her to be! She was funny and sweet and totally charming...

Unfortunately I was a complete mess! Half of it I blame on getting up way early in the morning...half of it was pure me...but she laughed at my jokes and that's all that counts. I mixed Calamari up with Escargot...and then the dish that was the compliment of the cook was Green Beans doused with this delicious garlic and seedy dressing with some kind of nut...but even though I heard the server mention it was Green Beans I called is just so you know, so that you don't do what I did and say, "I may not know my squid or snail but I know my vegetables...this is Asparagus"...Green Beans boiled and shriveled up, look ALOT like Asparagus! All my husband had to say to that was, "She's a lot of fun to have around!" Thanks hun...way to have my back.

I also got to meet her sister Barbs...who was a ball of if she did need to have her feelings validated over food...I get her, I get that! :)

So even though the picture has me tweaking my chin around...looking like the half brained person I was that night...we had a good time!

Binks is an incredible person! Thanks for EVERYTHING...I totally OWE YOU...and I can't wait to get together again! :)

How about you guys? Who have you met in the BLOG WORLD?

Go over to Candid Carrie's site to play F X 4...and BTW I talked to her on the phone in REAL life...she says she doesn't have an accent...but she totally does!!! :)



P.S. Binks...I want all your pictures because I only got to snap this one off before my battery died on my camera! :)

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