Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday and Heaven...two peas in the same pod!!!

I LOVE LOVE Black Friday!!! The day after Thanksgiving is filled with Euphoria! When I get a MAJOR deal I feel like a warrior...a conqueror...a Samurai Warrior!!!

Seriously, there is no feeling like it!

People don't like the crowds

I LOVE them. It's the only time where you can push and shove...elbow here...bleeding nose there...

Where people over look it because they want to do the same thing! :) It's great!

Not that I do that...I just see it...and fill out all the witness reports for police!

Either way.

I didn't go to bed Thanksgiving night...I stayed up and headed to the outlets at Midnight. Was there for FOUR hours and then headed back into the city to hit all the major stores and their deals!

Yes I came home and crashed...but it was the same feeling of exhaustion and pleasure filled tingles that comes along with know...Bedroom Fun!!!

Then I woke up and went to BOLT with the kids!!!

Hope you all had a good Friday also...if you do Black Fridays, then what deal did you get that YOU want to Gloat about?



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