Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chipmunk Cheeks...let me explain...

I have what we call, "CHIPMUNK CHEEKS", which pretty much means they always look like I have something in my mouth...they aren't the LEAST bit gaunt, or defined, or anorexic-model-high-cheek-bone beautiful.

And as I was going through old pictures I came upon these (My younger brother's wedding reception) and hit upon a SHOCKING revelation!

Most of my family members were cursed with them: Evidence below

Okay...she doesn't really have them, but my lil' sis would be offended if I didn't include her...she's the youngest, they seem tender about being left out of things!

okay...same goes for my older sister...

basically it's just my brothers and me that got the cheeks...totally unfair(And is yet another reason why I have EVERY right to envy them)!

My Youngest brother, I have no picture of, but he MOST definitely has the cheeks...he was getting married this day and was understandbly absent from my picture taking mayhem!

But I had this naive idea that I was creating my children...helping out...doing the work...that I could request small favors in the making/creating of these children.

I asked this one small, itty-bitty, thing...

for my kids to NOT have my cheeks.

That's all...

I wasn't asking much. I even OKAY'D the spattering of freckle's...I believe in giving and taking.

Well the older my son gets...the more I realize...HEY!--nobody listened to me-- it's SHOCKING, and illogically why wouldn't my request be granted? Why do GENETICS always have to come into play?

How do I KNOW nobody listened to my plea/request? Look below...

The boy MOST DEFINITELY has my cheeks!

Is there anything YOUR child got from you that you had hoped they wouldn't?

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P.S. See where my husband was?

Gosh I love that man!!!

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