Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting Polls and Fortune Cookies

Okay...so I like to change things up if you couldn't tell!!!

So not ONLY do you get to go and vote for who will RUN this country today! You also get to vote for something JUST as important!

Who will win the FIRST week in NOVEMBER of my Don't You Hate It When contest!

I know, LUCKY YOU!

So if you make a comment...please vote(over there on my sidebar)...even if you vote like you do at THE POLLS today...you know who you are going to vote for, for President...other than that, the rest of voting is a little in the gray area! :)

Voting ends today at MIDNIGHT MST!!! So click your little heart away! You can vote for more than one person...but try and vote for them ONLY once! :) Easy enough right?

If you forgot who posted what...or WHAT the posted about...click here!

Winner will be announced TOMORROW!!!

Moving right along to bigger and yet better things!

I want you to know that I live my life according to the Fortune Cookies I get. I go to only the most Exclusive Chinese Restaurants...partake of the over-the-top-religious-heaven-like-meal and then when it is time to choose the all important Fortune Cookie...I wave my head over the Fortune Cookie Aura's and I am drawn to the one that BEST defines me.

It's Fail Proof...and my life is deeper and more enriched because of it.

For instance, I always had a gut understanding of how people perceive me...I know people stare...I am an anomaly...but a couple of days ago, after going to the Exclusive Restaurant, Panda Express, my Fortune Cookie solidified my gut feeling:

I can only take that as Doctrine!

I'm just saying...if you can't live your life by the great guidance of the FORTUNE COOKIE...how ARE you to live your life? I don't even want to know.

Also...my son, I have found out, is somewhat of a psychic. He was asked to write what he would like to be when he grows up and then draw a picture of it. This is what he sees in his future...

That says, "When I grow up I want to be a SmootheMan". At first I thought he meant...like a smooth man...like Mr. L Suave...but he rectified my misunderstanding and said, "I am going to be a Smoothie Maker!"

Who am I to argue?

So what have your FORTUNE COOKIES predicted in your future?



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