Friday, January 29, 2010

My daughter and Grape Medicine...

So I think my daughter might be a Hypochondriac? But not in the sense that she is worried about her health as much as she really likes the taste of medicine?

Does anybody else find this odd?

We buy grape medicine whenever we can. I hated the bubble gum taste of medicine when I was a kid so I feel I shouldn't subject them to something I think is atrocious. But now I think as an "intervention" I might have to introduce my daughter to bubble gum tasting medicine so that she isn't "sick" all the time.

See she uses her "pains" as a convenience. Like if Max and Ruby or Dora the Explorer is on, then her belly hurts, until the show is over, then she can come to the store with us or whatever. Now I'm not a pushover so I only allow this if I need to twitter, facebook, or blog. Other than that... I'm so super tough on her...I roll my eyes and drag her with me to the store or whatever...

I might have indulged her once or 10 times (but only two handfuls of times) when it was Sunday and I could get out of church to take care of my "sick daughter" because I wanted to sleep in and it was early church. (What!? Don't look at me like that!?).

But either way... it's odd.

So I'm off to buy bubble gum tasting Children's medicine and making all my family write a letter of how much we love this little girl and why she is important to us and changing her beloved Grape medicine to Bubble Gum medicine is because we LOVE her not because we want to punish her.

Everyone else have a good weekend!!! :)


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WIMTS--Get out of my bedroom!

What I said, "Sorry about the state of my bedroom, usually no one is allowed down here! :)"

What I meant to say was: "What the HELL--O are you doing in my bedroom? What kind of person just walks into someone's house and walks down into their personal space??? If I didn't answer the door there was a reason! I was taking a nap!!! Please get the &*!* out of my bedroom!!!"

I kid you not people. I have someone who comes into my home and makes themselves comfortable by coming downstairs into the back rooms where my bedroom is, the room in which "all the magic happens" yea, that room! Is this abnormal to anyone else???

Now click on the Picture at the top of this post and go see who else is playing along!!!


P.S. Group Therapy post over at Real World today. Her husband and her don't have the same S.E.X. drive... she needs advice! Go over and see how you can help!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Life dropped kicked us!

I think when one gets comfortable in life it is exactly the time when the man upstairs says, "Ah, perfect teaching moment!".

In life my husband and I are really similar in the fact that we both like and enjoy change and that we are pretty laid back and take life as it comes to us. I'm lucky that my husband doesn't overreact to much. I'm lucky that we both live and believe the same principles and the same gospel so that we look at experiences the same way and have similar goals in where we want to end up beyond this earthly life.

I have to admit that we have been blessed. And moving to where we live now was beyond a shadow of a doubt the RIGHT thing for us to do. We have almost been here four years we had only planned on two. Either way we are still here. MSM has one more semester and he is done with school.

His job has been great to the fact that they have worked with him so that he has still been able to get mostly full time hours and still go to school full-time.

Like I said. We have been lucky.

We were comfortable.

A week before New Years my husband was told that his office was being closed down.

He had a week maybe two and then he was out of a job.

For him, having worked with that job for over 15 years and wanting to get out of it for the last 10 years. His burden has been lifted. Sure he planned on finding a new job as soon as he graduated. That was our plan. Now we are being forced to do it. We will not give up this last semester though, he will graduate, so we will muddle through. Which means that I am the sole provider of the family.

It's a dichotomy to me. I don't WANT to work (I know I know-guys do it all the time and a lot of women now do), but I must. I have the insurance and right now I have the job. I don't want him to give up one semester before graduation because I can't give up a few things in my life so that he can't continue with school. No he NEEDS to graduate, he NEEDS to finish school.

So I must work.

I will tell you though. When I first heard the news I was a bit excited! Change! Yes! But then I realized it wasn't a good change. At least for right now. In a sense, at least for us, we will be--for the first time in our married lives, kinda struggling. So to speak. We will have to cut back on a LOT. We are selling our van to get rid of the payment. (Anyone need a Nissan Quest 2005 at a killer deal???) We are cutting back... which we have never really HAD to do. At times we chose to... but we have never really been forced to do so.

Now we have no choice.

I just hope I can obtain a semblance of myself. I hope I stay happy, positive, and optimistic because that is my character. I hope working more hours doesn't drain my personality like I've seen it do to so many. I hope that I can still give my kids part of myself when I get home from a long day. That the time I spend with them will be quality because I won't have the luxury of quantity right now. I hope at those dark times that I know will come (because they always do, no one is perfect or obsolete from times of depression and self doubt), where I'll turn into myself and my soul will curl up in a fetal position and I will wonder if this is all worth it because I won't be thinking straight from the exhaustion and drain that comes with such a responsibility--I hope that I won't take it out on my husband or blame him. I hope I remember that we are in this together, that this is what we want.

Because this IS what we want.

But that is OUR BIG CHANGE IN LIFE that I was talking about. I have already been working like crazy with photography... this last few months being the busiest. But I always had a choice in it. I wasn't pressured to gain more clientele and it wasn't about the money. Same with my job at the airlines. It is flexible and so were my hours. So me working was more so that we could have the extra things.

Now the shift from being allowed the choice to mainly not having that freedom any longer seems more like a jump across a huge river rather than a small leap across a stream.

At the other side of this we will look back and see this as a major blessing.

I have every bit of faith that we will be fine. My husband is a great guy. He will do everything in his power to support us. He would work 2 or 3 jobs if he had to so that I and my children could live the life he wants for us.

So I can do this for him. I can be the sole supporter so that he can go to school.

We will be okay. Teaching moment that it is. I have no doubt we will be strengthened by it.

Before all of this happened I read a great post by WhyIsDaddyCryin about him losing his job. Incredible post. I think it puts into words how a lot of us feel in this position. Take a read if you have a minute.


P.S. WE have a great Guest Contributor over at Real World today! She talks about HER cooking versus her EX's cooking!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Round 2-What I meant to say is...not really

When you asked me the other day if I still liked you because I seemed off? "Of course I do silly!" I said.

What I meant to say is:

"Sure I like you, I like everyone. But would I hang out with you everyday, go to lunches, go shopping, talk about out deepest darkest (or lightest) secrets? Heck NO! I want to slit my wrists after 1 HOUR with you! You're arrogant and try to one up me all.the.time! I'm sorry you have a sucky boyfriend/ life but hearing about them anytime we HAVE to get together is draining on a person! And PLEASE spare me your sex life!

I have things going on in my life and YOU are the last person I'm worried about! So sorry if I'm not my cheerful and uplifting shoulder-to-cry-on self!"

Aaahhhh Thanks guys. That feels better.

Go see who else is playing today over at Chief's place!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

An existence beyond this Earthly Life... do you question it?

If you have ever lost a loved one or question the existence of something beyond this earthly life then you need to read THIS by Terresa at the Chocolate Chip Waffle post. It has to be one of the most incredibly beautiful things I've read it about someone and their experience with death and a loved one.

I am so lucky because I've never questioned that existence or the power of something more than we are. I believe in the beauty of creation and a loving Father in Heaven who loved me enough to send me to this Earth to learn and grow and become like him. To wade through the dark, rough, unbearable times so that I might appreciate the light, smooth, and joyful times.

Yes, I'm lucky.

Being able to look at the bigger picture makes smaller details seem just a bit easier to endure.

Seriously, read that post above. It's incredible.


Friday, January 15, 2010

My thoughts on Comments... I'm a stuffer I think...

Stuffing comment boxes with comments.

Okay here is my thing. I was reading over at SciFi Dad's about his quest to get 100 comments, if he does he will join twitter. An ongoing inside joke with him and I, Him not wanting to join Twitter, ME trying to bug and irritate him about it until he joined (just cause I'm that kind of person) I was all stoked for the 100 comment challenge. But then he puts in a disclaimer, "No stuffing his comment box" or something similar to that.

Now he's not the only one I've heard say that before.

They don't want people just writing one worded comments in their comment box or saying things that do not have to do with their posts.

I get that. And in SciFi's quest I understand it completely. He wants his lurkers to De-Lurk and doesn't want people like ME just saying random comments to fill his box to 100 so that I get my way on our own little inside thing we have going on. I totally understand that. And it was a smart move on his part.

But it just got to me thinking. And then my mind went to commenting in general.

So this is my take on comment boxes (Not SciFi's but in general)

Who cares?

Honestly why is it a big deal?

Kritta use to do that before she became inpregnanted and moved to another state. But she use to be up while most of us were going to bed and she would "stuff" my comment box with her thoughts. I loved it. Didn't mind it one bit. And even some of her comments gave me ideas to post about.

I use to hold Random Thought Fridays and people would comment numerous of times "stuffing" my comments with some of the funniest stuff ever! But if someone commented 20 times others would say stuff like, "So and So must not have a life" or something like that. Does it matter!?

I remember on one post when me and two other friends Sage and Jules were commenting back and forth to each other on a Random post on a blog and someone made the comment that we needed to get a room and stop filling up the comment box!?


I know over at Crash's when I have time to comment on her posts you can read anything from comments on the posts to what happened the other day at So and So's house. I think it's funny and I usually follow comments because I love to see the conversations going on.

The only comments I find are a waste of someone's time is, "Nice post" or something generic. And that's it. It usually has me rolling my eyes knowing they didn't read the post. Yet I don't want them to NOT comment... a comment is a comment.

So what I'm saying is stuff away. I don't mind. Say what you want. Get something off your chest. Be Generic. Make me laugh. Say something deep. Whatever you want. Say more than one thing! Come back often and comment again and comment on someone else's comment!

We try to do that over at REAL WORLD. In fact we WELCOME it! The comment box is meant to be our little chatty community where people say their opinions and then comment on other's opinions and on and on... (You should check it out today if you have ever wondered what Sage looks like or IS like)

Oh! and go over to SciFi Dads and read his post (he's a daily read of mine because his posts are open and honest and if you check out his comments most of the people that frequent there have LONG comments because they care and have something to say about what he writes) and then comment, but don't stuff his comment box I want it to be legit... and don't do it for me to get him on Twitter. Do it for HIM and help him reach 100 comments by Sunday because it is a goal and all goals should be met if they possibly can be ;)

***What do YOU think about the whole commenting and then commenting and then commenting on someone else's comments? Or just putting in your random thoughts in someone's comment box? Or making your comment box like some random chat community???

All I'm saying is I'm for it! All about it! :)


Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm kinda a debater-er

Hey guys! I've kinda been whacked upside the head with life this last week. So sorry about the no posts.

But I did make/ join the Debate Club... well not really, but I'm debating something over at Real World Venus Mars today and I'd like your opinion!!!

Venus and Mars

I'll be writing a post about the change in our lives soon... so stay tuned. In the meantime give that cute button a click and read my HE Said/SHE Said post!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What I meant to say...

Okay my good friend Chief is starting this "What I meant to say" thinga majig. Everyone is so witty and funny I'm going to seem like a total bore.

But oh well... Here we go.

To the girl at Hip Hop who saw the bump I have left over from my collar bone healing and looked at me like I was alien:

What I said was:

"I know huh! It's like Hump Back of Notre Dame but on my shoulder, sorry it scared you, should have warned you before."

What I meant to say was:

"Thanks Jerk now I'm going to be even MORE self conscious of it then I already am! Next time I'll warn you before showing you by poking your eyes out so you will be a little more tactful before gazing upon it".

That's all I got...

Go over and join Chief--just click on the link at the top :)

Curious... what would you have said?

Oh and I have an interesting question up for Group Therapy over at Real World that I think you guys should give your opinions on!!! Dad's AND Mom's alike!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

What is MY song???

As much as I like to jump on the bandwagon and do what everyone else is doing... I just can't bring myself to write resolutions or give you a low down about my blog for the year!!!

I sniff failure in the air and those of you that have gotten to know me know THIS... I fail a lot... so WHY would I set myself up to fail again when I can prevent it???

Plus who has time to think of crap like that? Besides all of you that have written them?
Let's talk about more important things like... my kid DCar, has decided he has "a song".

Yes. He announced on our drive down to our annual BreakFast in a city south of us, that he has made THIS song HIS. It is HIS, if any of you try and steal it and make it YOURS or YOUR kids' I may have to slap you on the wrist with one of those SLAP ON WRIST bracelets I use to covet but my parents could never afford. (When I turned old enough to make my own money and buy my own stuff I owned now less than 5 slap on bracelets... and they were totally out of style, but I rocked them.)

Here is HIS song:

Now his Dad, MountainSport Man, is an avid fan of Red Hot Chili Peppers... thinks they are a band that is pretty much infinite and eternal so no surprise that whenever they needed to run to the store he would play his Red Hot Chili Peppers CD's.

One snag... my son is like me in so many ways. He sings the songs at the top of his lungs but doesn't ALWAYS get the words write. So when the song says, "FINALLY" he thought it was saying, "FAMILY". And even after we corrected him he says he likes it better the way HE sings it. (I wonder if RHCP will redo the song for my son... since it is HIS song? What do you think?)

My daughter has vowed that this song(DCar's song) is also hers... even though not the day before she said this was HER song and made me play it no more than 999,989 times while she shook her booty better than Shakira ever has and I pounded my head against my desk. But now I like it and find myself listening to it when she isn't even around???

The reason I mention this?

Cause I feel now the need to find my OWN song.

Maybe in lue of you guys, my friends, I should make THIS my song?

Well I'll leave you with that today. And my goal for this week is to find MY song. But I'm all talk usually so we will see...

ANybody have suggestions on what you guys think would be MY song??? If you come up with a good one and I choose it then you will be RICH for the rest of your LIVES!!!

Do your in-laws get involved with raising your kids? Read how Sage's do over at Real World today! :)

OH! and this kinda sorta ROCKS like BIG time if you have time to view it! CLICK HERE!

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