Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Round 2-What I meant to say is...not really

When you asked me the other day if I still liked you because I seemed off? "Of course I do silly!" I said.

What I meant to say is:

"Sure I like you, I like everyone. But would I hang out with you everyday, go to lunches, go shopping, talk about out deepest darkest (or lightest) secrets? Heck NO! I want to slit my wrists after 1 HOUR with you! You're arrogant and try to one up me all.the.time! I'm sorry you have a sucky boyfriend/ life but hearing about them anytime we HAVE to get together is draining on a person! And PLEASE spare me your sex life!

I have things going on in my life and YOU are the last person I'm worried about! So sorry if I'm not my cheerful and uplifting shoulder-to-cry-on self!"

Aaahhhh Thanks guys. That feels better.

Go see who else is playing today over at Chief's place!


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