Thursday, August 16, 2007

Slayde's first day of Kindergarten!

August 16, 2007

DCar started Kindergarten today! He HAD to wear his Tony Hawk Shirt and his Tony Hawk shoes and his new shirt! He was so excited he woke up twice during the night because he couldn't sleep, he blamed it on bad dreams...but Mom and Dad really know why he couldn't sleep! These pictures bring back memories of when I went to school 'bout the rest of my fam??? Any memories...Rance, Ryan, Krystal??? hahahaha...just laughing at myself. Oh and yea DCar made sure he picked out a SUPERMAN backpack! He was set and ready to go to school The last picture is of him in line getting ready to go into his teachers classroom!

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Seven Peaks with the Stods!

August 10, 2007

DCar went up to the Stod's for the week of August 5-11 and so I flew up to bring him home on the 10th! Dance Master took us to Seven Peaks and DCar had a BLAST with his cousins! Dance Master and I lounged around or chased after Rian in Dance Master's case! It was good times!

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Wii would like to play!

YEA!!! After months of searching and waiting we finally found a Wii! "Wii" love to play it! This is Mandi and I boxing it out...I just want to say that it sucked...but it was fun...My arms were SORE afterward. It was funny because we were punching away and I was getting really tired but knew I couldn't back down to my nemesis Mandi :) and we realized it was just warm up...we had a whole 3 rounds left to play...let's just say someone got "knocked down and didn't get up again"...hahaha...and it wasn't me!!! :)

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PeePs sleeping under her bed!!!

It was quiet for a while so I went looking for trouble aka PeePs...and this is what I found!!!

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On our way home!

July 24, 2007

On our way home from Canada! We stopped in SLC and stayed a night. Katy had her baby (Knox Bennett) and so we wanted to see him! Grandma Viv helped Bart out and watched Beau for part of the day on the 24th and so I was trying to get a picture of the girl cousins together but the girls weren't cooperating...even though Beau was giving her best smiles!!! hahaha! So cute!

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Nursery Rhymes

Follow the yellow brick road, cute cottage house that Ava looked adorable in, and the biggest tree house in B.C.

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Everyone had fun! But the girls were so cute together, one of the rare times they got along because they weren't fighting over anything!

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Bathroom Breaks!

Um...they couldn't hold it?

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Enchanted Forest

July 23, 2007

Some more pictures at the Enchanted Forest!

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