Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's time... unload Dirty Secret into my Comment Box!


You guys.  I have a secret.  A very secretive secret!  And I can't tell ANYONE.

So I had to pull out the Dirty Little Secret Box.  

Because if any of you are like myself... and have something that you need to get off your chest... but you just CAN'T... then you can throw it in to the box as Anonymous and get it off your CHEST!

What is my definition of a Dirty Little Secret?

Something that you know, have been told, or are a part of... that you can't tell anybody else, but you WANT to... really really bad you want to... but you can't.

So... put it in my comment box... tell your secret, unload... do it as yourself, or Anonymous... but if you do it as yourself... ummmmm... I promise I won't judge, the others might because their SNOOTY like that, but I won't... and that is all that really matters!!! :)

And SHHHHHHH don't tell Pat I told you this... but I didn't recognize her until she opened her mouth REALLY wide... but I pretended to know who she was when we had lunch together!!!  Then I got to looking at my pictures and was like... OOOOHHHH... it WAS Pat the Nutty Hamster Chick! Love ya girl!

I love how T. is all shy-like-Pat's Face... and April has Pat's face DOWN to a Tee!!! :) 

Now JUMP to the Comment Box... write your Secret... and make sure to mark Anonymous, unless you don't care if everyone knows it's YOUR secret...



Tuesday, April 28, 2009

They went from E-BFF's to BFF's in Real Life!!!

Guess what guys... don't be jealous and DON'T play hate.


Guess who I got to meet and go to lunch with???

April, T.. and Nutty Hamster Chick (NHC) aka Pat...

I saw April right as I walked in and straight way gave her a hug.

We apparently both arrived last. Pat and T. were already sitting and had ordered BOTTOMLESS chips... YUM! :)

It was ENDLESS talking.  WE talked and talked and talked... laughed more.

Even though Pat beat me out of the WICKED ticket that April gave-away on her site... I still loved her... wanted to hate her :) (not really... but couldn't, she was to nice and to funny!

T. kept throwing food at me and dropping my fork on the ground :) hehe but she kept the conversation lively for sure!  April's smile is as gorgeous as it looks in picture... and Pat's laugh is addicting.

At one point, while we all were taking pictures with our camera's (because we are Professional Bloggers like that) Pat asked me to see one of the pictures I had taken... but I thought she was asking to see the big huge GAP in my teeth so I OPENED wide... and Pat was like, "eh... no can I see the picture" and I just busted up laughing cause I felt like a complete idiot!!!  April laughed at me... and then T. and Pat...  Leave it to me right?  

I'm up for that ANY time girls!!!

So the rest of you who's up for the next time, rule is you have to choose the place!!!



P.S.  Thank you April... thank you thank you... you know what for! :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm still alive... barely

DCar--pictures I have been editing.

Don't ask me what's up with his 
Days of our Lives EYEBROW going on?
Well... I survived.

DCar did as good as his little 7 year old body could do... since he missed the dress rehearsal.  He was up North Friday attending his Aunts wedding... he was needed until Saturday morning and so missed his Dress Rehearsal for his Hip Hop performance.

It HAS been, what, 12 years since I have done a performance of ANY kind.

Wait, I take that back... I was a parent couple in the local Nut Cracker... but that doesn't count, because we didn't really have to dance as much as we had to play act (I roped MountainSport Man into that one).  Which I'm terrible at... BTW.  So it wasn't really that nerve racking.

So anyway... remember I edited photos until the WEE hours of every morning last week... Yea I'm still editing.

But had to take a break to attend the ceremony of my 
SIL wedding.  But then I caught the flight back home that night to continue editing and so I could wake up EARLY to attend my Dress Rehearsal.

Overall I'm okay with what I did, how I performed.

But honestly... I'm not gonna lie.

I was a nervous wreck.

The WHOLE time I envisioned me face planting it in the middle of the crowd and body surfing or something.

Or forgetting and running off the stage in total embarrassment.

Since neither of those TWO things happened... I'm okay with how it turned out. The picture there on your right is Me and Scott (Hip Hop Instructor)... yea... I'm SOOO white, no pun intended... but I have a hard time pulling off the proper Hip Hop "Attitude". sigh.

I'll put up a little of both Dcar's and My video later this week... not the full things because it would be WAY long... but just snips to fulfill my promise to ya'll to put them up! :)

But I'm warning you now.  My husband only video'd ME and the person next to me.  He didn't want to miss me and he didn't want to video, but he had to (because I told him he had to), so he compromised by zooming IN on me!!!  Let me just say... I probably should have asked someone else to video.  I'm just not one for close ups when it comes to that.  :)

Totally off subject but...

I have a question... why would someone try and pick ANYBODY up at an airport or on an airplane???  When are you EVER going to see them again?  What's the point?

It boggles the mind.                                                                  

And since people that come to read my blog are INCREDIBLY smart... maybe you can enlighten me! :)



Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm an EMPTY Shell

I'm honestly a shell of a person right now.


In the last 4 days I have had a total of 8 hours of sleep...

Like for instance, my Mom was talking to me at Apple Bee's and I had an outer body experience. It was like she was talking and we were conversing and then I just drifted off...

MORE than I usually do.

I saw her mouth moving, her expressions, her body movements...but just drifted into dream world.  I fell asleep sitting up and talking with someone... and she didn't have a clue, well at least not until she realized she was looking at me but my spirit was not there...LIGHTS OUT!

No, for real though, I was conversing with her and then I realized I had NO idea what we had been talking about, so then I had to play catch up before she asked me something I couldn't answer???!!!

Anyway... For the last four days, every evening, I have been taking pictures for the Hip Hop Studio in my town...2 ONE Productionz.  Then editing those photos until the WEE hours in the morning until I collapsed and the computer was doing whacked out TALKING to me.  (Long Story).

So this is all I got... for Friday Foto Finish Fiesta over at Candid Carrie's... it's my favorite one SO FAR... 

Thanks everyone for yesterday's input!  Although, we all seemed torn on what to do...well except for Sage and Canadian Bald Guy...but that is to be expected since they don't run into sobbing women in the bathrooms, maybe crazy stalking women.. but that is another discussion for another day!  

And ROCK...seriously...ROCK.  And I'm going to dedicate a post especially for answer ALL of your questions, since you took the time to write them! :)

So basically... love you guys.  Have a good weekend!



Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm stumped...

Ya know how I thought I was the Queen of Etiquette when it came to public bathrooms? 

Yea... well I'm kinda stumped right now.

So you guys let me know what YOU think.

Okay... again this is at work.

I walk into the stall...I head straight for a stall that isn't occupied...making sure to check and see that I can have the one-stall-in-between rule...sometimes you can't swing that because the bathroom is busy.

I was in luck though and only one other person was in the bathroom.

I heard a hiccup when I walked in...but didn't think much of it because, of course, my mind was focused on getting to the toilet quickly because I held it to the VERY last minute.

I make sure to cover the toilet seat with toilet paper, jumping up and down and wiggling all around, and sit down to...well...relieve myself.

It's completely silent, as it should be, because I'm not about to discuss the weather with someone while we are otherwise occupied...that would be seriously uncomfortable.


From the stall two over from mine, coming from the only other person in the bathroom, a DEEP, heart-wrenching, gut-stabbing, down-from-the-depths-of-her-soul SOB.  Then silence...and then squeaks...and then another SOB where apparently the flood gates broke open!

I froze...I froze like Crash's stone cold heart.

I even stopped my pee mid stream so that I wouldn't disturb such a personal moment.

I wished myself out of there.

See, I'm not really a touchy-feel-y person anyway, sure with my close friends I'm as loyal as Nutty Hamster Chick is to her BYU Football or Kritta is to her quilting or Lilly is to her husband and helping to find a cure for cancer or Heidi is to her book tour or Binks is to me (love ya girl!) or Daddy Geek Boy is to educating us about getting snipped... and I'll give ya a hug when I see ya, or if ya need one...

But when it comes to strangers?  I'm just not one to walk up to a person in a heart wrenching moment and wrap my arms around and whisper 'it's okay' when I don't know the person...and especially not in a bathroom.

But I felt myself in an awkward situation and not knowing what to do about it.  First of all, was it okay to continue peeing?  Then if it is, and I finish with flushing the toilet and properly get everything put back together to walk out of the I say something as I go to wash my hands?  Do I say anything at all?

Who KNOWS why she is crying?  Maybe it's something I CAN help her with.

Personally, I wouldn't want anyone to talk to me.

Do I break the awkward tension in the room that I was feeling by humming or something?

It really wouldn't hurt to say, 'are you all right?'

But would that make HER then feel even MORE awkward because I said anything?

I DID finish going to the bathroom and I opted not to say anything.  Because I'm a coward...and most likely a schmuck.

So does that make me an unthoughtful person?  Was that mean? 

I mean what does one DO?

What if I could have helped her feel better...made her day or something?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The next Hip Hop Prodigy...

I knew you guys were sitting on pins and needles waiting for another DANCE video from me.  Ya know, cause I rocked the last one with PeePs.

I had another dreaded opportunity-to-clean day, and so what else would I do except clear the SMALL space in front of my computer and spend at least 45 minutes recording video of my kids dancing to nothing but the most UPLIFTING music... instead of actually doing productive house cleaning???

I want to preface this video by saying that DCar DOES take a hip hop class
(which his performance is THIS weekend, which means my performance is THIS weekend... so YES this over-the-hill at 30 washed-up-dancer-who-swore-she-would-never-perform-again is going to huff it through 2-two plus minute dances because she doesn't know how to say NO), so back to DCAR... he's basically a prodigy in this kind of movement, America's Best Dance Crew material right here... our next step is actually finding him a crew...

Now this one I put on because I didn't move the vacuum behind him the first time...and so he gets hurt and the way he reacted is priceless... seriously, the best part is when he says, "I'm back"! :)

And I may be bias, but I think he has REAL potential as a professional singer?

What do you mean, '
am I being facetious?' hehe :)

He's such a dorky goof ball...

I couldn't be prouder! :)

Now my question is... should I think about putting him in a hip-hop dance off... cause he's so STREET... if it wasn't blatantly obvious what color he was I'm sure you would have confused him with Shane Sparks! (You can Google him Sage).



Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm going to be STUCK watching a lot of baseball...

I've told you already how much of a SIDELINE mom I am.

Because what are kids for if you can't live vicariously through them?

I mean really?

I must say though...I could be a lot worse.

I asked DCAR if he could hear me screaming at helping him from the sidelines as he's playing.

He said, "Mom...I'm playing soccer...not listening!"

aaaahhhh...that explains a lot.

He listens to his coach, at least when he's not "playing"--his coach was pretty sweet actually--he was way good with the kids-yet he looks like after the game he is going to get on his Motorcycle and go muff's someone's face up (Don't let the plaid shorts and sneakers fool ya)... but nah, the guys a teddy bear.

K--we are just about to start the game.

DCar gets the ball...good, good

We are working on kicking closer to the grass :)

But he's flexible...which equals potential right?

And then this... the ball is still in PLAY mind you. And this is where my boy sits... waiting for the ball to come back UP to him?
*shakes head*

I think this game ended well. But the game before that one, we lost by quite a bit...and you know what the kids cared about? Whether or not they got treats?

Where's the PASSION??? The competitiveness?

If I don't pound the LOVE of Soccer in him now then I'm going to be stuck watching a lot of baseball... and let's be honest, WHO in their RIGHT mind likes to watch little league baseball???



I think my husband is prettier than me!

Okay, I had an experience over the weekend that MUST be shared and MUST be discussed.

I was shopping at WalMart aka WallyWorld aka WalMarts aka the store one step below Target.

MountainSport Man was with me.

Go figure.

We were checking out, minding our own perfectly oblivious business...

The Checker, nice lady named Barb, said her Hi to us.

I looked at my husband and said, "Hon, do you have your card handy?" Because mine was in my purse underneath ALL the groceries...why I put it there? I don't know? It's just one of those habits that is hard to break (It's a HARD habit to break...come on, SING IT WITH ME--you know you love Chicago).

MSM: "Yea, here I got it"

Barb the Checker: "Oh!" looking surprised! "Are you guys...oh...your married?"

Me: Giving her a DUH look.

MSM: Giving her a woman-your-crazy-if-you-think-I-would-deal-with-this-girl-if-I-wasn't-married-to-her look.

Barb the Checker: " guys have picked up each other's characteristics. You look similar."

Me: Giving her the whatthewhat?-you-did-not-just-say-that-I-looked-like-a-guy look.

MSM: Starts to smirk.

Barb the Checker: Looks at me and then starts back pedaling, with a sweet as honey smile she says, "I mean to say, you guys compliment each other...a very good looking couple."

I just smiled. My husband THANKED her for the compliment.

We bought our groceries and started walking out to the parking lot.

My husband being, my husband, turned to me with a smart smirk on his face and said, " you think she was saying I was getting prettier? Or you were getting more handsome?" pause... "I think she was saying I was getting prettier..."

In her defense...and for the sake of my pride... I was wearing a hat, hadn't showered, and my natural beauty wasn't shining through (I'm sure).

Either that...or I should be worried that my husband is prettier than me.

He DID buy designer jeans that looked freaking HOT on him a few weeks ago.

This one is pretty recent, self photo, and yea don't know why I looked freaked out here... my hubby is 30 pounds heavier here, I think he would like me to make note about that, he's pretty vain about it...

Hmmmm... can't tell with the sunglasses really... maybe that was her trying to tell me I had a 5 o' clock shadow?

No, not possible...I just got waxed... :) this one freaks me out a bit...

What does that MEAN? I wonder when my hubs and I are holding hands or necking in the parking lot if incest comes to people's minds?

Oh my GOSH, I gotta go, I just threw up in my mouth.

Anybody else out there get this? Am I alone? Please tell me I'm not getting Handsome-er!



P.S. Hope y'all had a good weekend!

P.S.S. If you got time, go check out the most recent post at The Real World Venus vs. Mars...and then do yourself a favor and FOLLOW cause we are having some GREAT discussions over's like our OWN suburban neighbor hood where we BBQ on our street and the kids are running around being crazy and the Adults are chatting away tuning them out! It's GREAT!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Serious Sunday: Melancholy

I'm feeling melancholy today.

But in a good way.

I'm a teacher for my Relief Society.

That is my calling.

I enjoy it SOOOO much... but every time I go to prepare a lesson I read and research and read in hopes of covering what I need to cover and picking out the best possible thought or lesson embedded in ALL that we are given to present.

Sometimes, I feel, I must admit that I am overwhelmed and under-qualified.  I thought that after a while I would feel more comfortable and less overwhelmed...but I haven't yet.

Every lesson effects me differently... sometimes I am filled with hope, sometimes I am filled with guilt, then sometimes I am melancholy.

Like today.  My lesson was during the time Joseph Smith was in Liberty Jail.  Where we get Doctrine and Covenants sections 121, 122, 123... like other religions and people, the saints suffered persecution, imprisonment, and death because of what they believed.  They were different in what they believed, unknown, and feared.  The authorities that put the Prophet and some of the leaders in jail admitted that they (the prophet and leaders) did nothing wrong, but the state authorities and officials were afraid of what the MOB would do if they were to release the prisoners.  For MONTHS they were kept in horrible conditions for no other reason then one of fear.

You know what brought the Prophet and Leaders the most anguish while they were imprisoned?  Hearing what the guards were saying was going on to the saints... about persecuting, beating, and driving them from their homes.

I don't get that?  I can't wrap my brain around it.  I taught the lesson, I understand what lessons they learned, I get that part.

I just don't get cruelty at all.

I know it just isn't our church, there are other religions and groups of people who have been or are going through this kind of cruelty...

So I'm melancholy.

But it's good...cause it reminds me of the person I want to be... 

I may not be able to make a HUGE difference being just me, but I don't have to add to ignorance that is combined with cruelty.

Hope you had a good Sunday...



Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pictures...for you NON readers out there.

Since I understand you don't have a lot of time to read... and some of you are just NOT readers... hence the low comments on my LONG post yesterday, so I thought I'd mix it up, make EVERYONE feel comfortable...I'm going to give you pictures to look at today.  You don't even HAVE to read the words if you don't want to.  I understand...


What do you get when you gather a couple of teenagers, a twenty something chick, and a 7 year old boy on a trampoline?


What about a teenage boy...who want to get "popped" in the air...mixed with a REALLY stretched out mat on a trampoline?

Teenage boy in green shirt...
About to get Popped...
Oh wait...never mind, he's grounded...HA!
His tailbone was sorry after that! :)

Join Candid Carrie for Friday Foto Finish Fiesta!



SimpliStick and I've been nominated for Prom Queen...well sort of

Okay, you know how I'm living "THE Dream" while my husband goes to school?  Living in the basement of my parent's house.

Yea, I'm living the "dream"...and what stinks about living the dream is when I want to be all HOMEMAKER-ish and make my kids room, well, look like a kids room, decorate it and stuff, like a Good mom/wife/creative person would.  But I can't because it's not my home, so I have to squash that instinct...that for me...only comes around once every leap year.

Yea...not often.

But my poor kids for the last 3 years has been living in a room with 4 white walls...I might as well lock them up in a mental institution for all the inspiration that room brings about...

So then my sister-in-law KT shows me this new product she is in love with... which I'm always hesitant to jump on board with NEW things because I hate when someone is completely excited about something and I...well, just am NOT.

But I let her show me.

Seriously...I love it.  It's called SimpliStick...they have these creative artists that work for them and they print off these cool designs on this material that you can then place ANYWHERE.  I'm not kidding...brick, window, wall, mirror...and it literally looks like you have professionally painted something on your wall or wherever else you put it.

So then I was like...nice idea KT but my kids will just peel it off and ruin it you know what she did...she pulled the SimpliSitck thing off the wall...crumpled it up in her hand...then RE-applied the thing back on the wall...

it was MAGIC...not a crease on the thing...still looked brand spankin new and painted!  And you can take it off and re-apply to your hearts desire.

It's perfect for my situation...but I think it is perfect for ANYBODY's situation.  And although I LOVE my SIL...I wouldn't be telling you about this if I didn't love it...honestly, you should go check the site out. 

I'm not getting paid for this...but DANG...I sound like an OXY CLEAN add right now! :)  But honestly... seriously... remember love at first comment?  Yea, this is love at first click.

And if you DON'T go over there to check it out...I'll slowly but surely go into a deep depression...the likes of which NO ONE will be able to pull me out of...

But no pressure...seriously...

Okay...I'm a complete SCHMUCK...I have had some INCREDIBLE bloggers pass out awards to me.

And I've gotten some awards and was going to save them and put them on their own little award page...kind of like my own Scout Merit Badge page...but it would be a BLOG AWARD page.

But I got my new computer...didn't save my other awards...and now can't find them. And have no where to put my new ones.

But honestly, when someone gives me an award...I kinda feel like I have been nominated to be Prom Queen or something...I bask in the glory I do.  

I'm pretty sure they pulled my name out of a hat...because I honestly didn't think these bloggers even knew who I was...

I mean, I comment on their sites...but...

Well anyway...they can't take them back (can they?) and so to seem even COOLER...I'm going to tell you who gave them to you can think I'm like the SHIZ or something.

So thanks Always Home and Uncool...who's blog I adore, not just because he's male and writes REALLY well...but because he's one FREAKING cool Dad, and you know how I feel about Dad's and their kids.  He gave me THIS award.

And it says this about it.

And I'm pretty sure he drew my name out of a hat.

But I'm suppose to pick 8 bloggers...sorry, I'm going to pick just a few, doesn't it make it MORE special that way?  And the power goes to my head a little.

Write Stuff...just found her...but I was stuck at her blog for like a 1/2 hour reading old posts!  She has a way with writing and making me laugh as I read along...I love that.

Crash Test Diaries...she is my blog twin and she has the biggest heart EVA...AND if you haven't read her and chatted in her comment box...then you just aren't TRULY a real blogger.  Just saying. Plus she nominated me for Hottest Mommy Blogger after I threatened her life, so I kinda owe her.

John Deere Mom- for THIS post alone I'm nominating her...because of the way she reacted to the mouse AND she puts her kids in the tub nekkid to color Easter Eggs...HOLY GENIUS!!!  I want to be her friend! :)

Then American in Norway just gave me this award.

But I'm telling you the truth when I say I'm ecstatic she even KNEW to put my name in her HAT!!!  Thanks.

I'm suppose to pick 10 bloggers for this award.  But again...I'm making my own rules.  It's an Gratitude/Attitude award.

Raders out Loud-- She is someone that I wish I could emulate.  Honestly.  I just met her and quickly we have become email buddies.  Thanks for making me smile every time you comment!

Lilly-Roy's Progress--This blogger is worth reading because she, well, gives stuff GREAT stuff...and I know, cause I've won.  But not only that she is also personable.  That is what I like best about blogging.

Naulu Tribe-- She is funny and always has blogger material because of the size of her clan.  But THIS awesome.  Plus she doubted my loyalty to our friendship.  This fixes it right? :)

WoW...I wonder how many awards a girl has to get before she becomes PROM QUEEN???  Anybody know?  And if I have people have to vote for me?  Do I have to give a speech? Do I need to solve any World problems?  And most of I need to have over bite teeth?



Tuesday, April 14, 2009

VIDEO: Surprise! Look what I picked up at the Library!

I'm sorry I'm all up in your face on this one...didn't realize I was sitting so close to the monitor...

Someday I'll get this video thing down.

So I picked up a little surprise at the Library!!!

Heidi Ashworth is a gal I consider one of my CLOSE blog friends. She may think differently, but it's my blog so I get to state it how I want to see it.

It was love at first comment. I first saw Heidi hanging out at Crash's site...obsessed with Crash...wanting to read her FIRST thing every morning!!! And I was like...I NEED dedicated bloggers such as Heidi.  And plus I laughed and laughed at her witty comments...the girls a crack up!

She never DID become obsessed with me...

So I checked out her blog...and then found out she is an author...published, so like she does it for a JOB...

So then I envied her.

But I couldn't hate her because I already loved her from Crash's comment box...dilemma...

I might even be able to meet her next weekend, in real STOKED!!!

So preparation, and fingers crossed that I actually get to come see you, ...I'm going to read your book...YEA for great timing with the LIBRARY!!! :)

Anybody else want me to fall in love with you at first comment???

Let's be honest, I most likely already have or I wouldn't stop by and comment...I'm bratty like that...

Seriously, tell me the truth, is it sad that sometimes I feel closer to BLOG world friends then I do Real life friends?  Unless my Real life friends blog...well, they have an advantage.



Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm so VAIN!!!

I'm admitting right now that I'm completely vain when it comes to pearly whites.

If there was a vain person anonymous I would sign myself up.

I'm here to see what you guys think.

My teeth are pretty okay.  I get my 6 month cleanings...I whiten them when I think they might be the color of Mother of Pearl...

But, by genetics, I have two spaces in my teeth.

Big ones.

Right by my Vampire teeth and the second one over from the Center teeth.  Don't know the official name and I'm not going to Google it.  Sorry...just deal, okay?  This is about me here.


I also have to say...all 4 of my Wisdom Teeth have grown in.

Since the last one grew in, I noticed that instead of moving those spaces closer together...they seem to be getting further apart.

Seriously, what IS that?

So my younger brother (27 yrs old) has had braces on for the last 18 months.  He just got them off.  I have TEETH envy.  They are so beautiful and straight and WHITE?  I am in LOVE with his teeth.


It's completely true...I would not lie about this.  And I can't help myself about the envy thing okay!

SOOOOO...I asked MountainSport Man in the car the other day.

Me: "Seriously...give me your opinion.  If you were me, and you had these spaces in YOUR teeth, would you get braces, knowing ME?"

MSM: "Is this a trick question?"

Me: Rolls my eyes, "No!  I REALLY want to know."

MSM: "Okay then...YES I would."

Me: "Really?  So does it disgust you when we kiss?  To feel that space in my teeth?"

MSM: " doesn't disgust me." Shakes head.

My sister-in-law happens to work for an Orthodontist.  

I went in for a consultation.

Guys...I think I'm going to get braces.

How freaking VAIN is that?

To be fair...the ORTHODONTIST told me that it would only get WORSE as time went on because...wait for this...

I have an OVER BITE!


Apparently that is the case.  And I'm ashamed.  I never even knew!

They did however compliment me on my teeth...saying they were pretty teeth...that we "just need to pull them together and fix that over bite".

Who feels like Elliott Yamin before his Dental surgery about now?  

Yea...I did.  ( I know, I know, they guy has an under bite...but just stick with me)

So now I'm debating if I want to pay the portion of braces that my dental insurance doesn't cover?  Cause the only way I'm going to afford it is to donate PLASMA for 18 months!

When I approached MSM about it...I made sure to mention that I would also be saving lives as I saved my teeth from future HORROR-ness. (It's only fair...he got to get his laser eye surgery, hmph like THAT is more important then TEETH!)

So if I don't smile in pictures for about 18 months and I looked drained, of plasma, just remember I already know I'm being VAIN for even thinking about it!!!


But really, honestly, would you do it? ( I don't want your opinion if it's not the same as mine!) Oh oops...did I forget to make that small?



The Easter Bunny is a jerk.

Okay Easter...Just random stuff I thought I would share.

I'm talking about the Easter Bunny not the religious part of it.


First off. For our Annual City Easter Egg hunt.

It was raining.

But I forged ahead because I'm a cool Mom...or maybe they think I'm a Mom that torture's them...either way, I was going to give my kids that WONDERFUL Easter Egg Hunt experience, where you run at full speed for the eggs that are going to get you prizes hoping that you aren't breaking anybody else's bones but not caring if you do.

So as we rush to the park to make it to the Easter Egg Hunt because we had 5 minutes until start time (yea, I'm horrible with time...don't judge me!) and I'm preping my kids to find the BIG eggs cause they are more than likely going to have cool prizes in them, I'm realizing it might have been smart to grab the umbrella because I don't think my video camera is water proof!

My husband and son stay at his area and I run my girl over to her area.

Some sweet lady shares her umbrella with me. I looked like a drowned rat...a really pathetic drowned rat, not even in a cute drowned rat sort of way like on the SPIDERMAN movie where they have that kissing scene in the rain and the Spiderman kisses lead girl, I looked pathetic enough that a lady didn't even ask, but just stood by me with the umbrella over me.

and Yes...I thanked her.

They started counting down...I leaned over to my daughter and said, "Okay PeePs, just run as fast as you can and fill up your basket!" all sweet in a dripping with honey sort of way. I'm hoping she read between the lines, because that was really code for, 'You better get an egg with a prize or don't come back!'

Then they were off...I tried to follow her around with the camera...yea RIGHT!!!

I should have trained her better...instead of actually staying in one area and sucking up everything around her, she flitted, FLITTED, around and daintily picked up one candy and then FLITTED a little farther down and DAINTILY picked up another candy.

I think I lost her like 6 times.

Neither of my kids got any eggs just the candy.

When we got home and dumped out the rest of the loot...we found that ALL of that sacrifice in the rain, the rush, the drowned rat, the flitting around and getting nothing CITY gave my kids OLD valentine and christmas candy.

What the WHAT???

On top of that...I have been off sugar for like 9 weeks. I was going to allow myself one day, EASTER, to eat sugar.

I thought FOR SURE the Easter Bunny, knowing me as he does, would get me my favorite treat...Peanut Butter M&M's (for the protein of course). Come Easter Peanut Butter freakin M&M's.

So the Easter Bunny is a jerk.

I ate sugar though...I showed HIM! In fact, I ate SOOO much sugar I was in a state of coma for an hour in the middle of the day. On the Love Sac. With my mouth hanging open. And chocolate all over my mouth.

So how was your Easter?



Sunday, April 12, 2009

Remembering...and soothing your spirit.

I know not everyone that reads my blog believes the same as I do. I know not everyone understands why I choose to believe and follow the religion I do.

You have heard enough from me of my feelings of the Gospel, and of Jesus Christ, and my Father in Heaven. So to spare repeating myself I'm going to Direct you to Annie's words. Thanks Annie...I totally love when I read something and completely agree.

Annie references this video...

When you watch something, such as this video for me, and it pulls at something inside of you, soothing your's just tough for me not to share.

Have an incredible Easter everyone! :)



Saturday, April 11, 2009

Guy's and influneces

Over at Real World Venus vs. Mars I have a shout out up to all MALE writers to come join us over at the site and let your opinion known.  If I could convince my guy to write believe me...he would be writing, because BOY does he always have something to say... his favorite phrase, "If everyone would just listen to me this world would be a lot better off!"

No lie!

He may not be able to write is thoughts on a blog post...but...

I always talk about how my guy is SO extremely good with kids.  Our kids or any OTHER kids for that matter.  They tend to flock to him and want to hang out with him.  He's a great person...which makes him a pretty incredible influence on OUR kids.  He's definitely SuperMan in their eyes.

There is just something about a GUY who gets really involved as a Dad with their children.

So as I was blog surfing I ran along these two video's...both with guys who are extremely Great influences!

MountainSport Man wouldn't hesitate to do this for his little PeePs! Thanks to Purple Diva for showing this on her blog and sharing it with me!

This guy teacher is obviously a GREAT at teaching! Thanks to Natalie for showing this on her blog and sharing it with me!

If that isn't the coolest thing...those kids are awesome!

Have a great Easter!  Don't forget the one man who is the GREATEST influence of all.  Because of HIS sacrifice I am blessed with knowing I will one day live again with HIM.



Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lil' Sis

My best friends are my sisters. I love them...even when we fight, which is hardly ever. They also suck...because they both never had AWKWARD stages growing never. They both were cute from the time they were born. See I have TONS of horrible, embarrassing, ugly growing up stage pictures...they just don't. They suck. But I love them. Ya get it?

We are almost NEVER like this. We are always laughing when we are together. They allow me to take center stage, of course, because making people laugh at me is one of my greatest least that is what my therapist tells me to tell myself. :)

Yea more like this...Sorry, Dance Masta for squishing your face on this shot...I just LOVE ya so much! :)

Here's the rest of my sisters...the two are my blood...the other two are IL's...but I love them to. 

The only request I had of my brothers was to marry someone who wasn't cuter or prettier than I am...they both failed. Not only are they pretty on the outside...but they also have freakin' great personalities.  They suck also...but I love them still with me?

Well today isn't really about is about my Lil' Sis.  My soon to be little mommy sis.  Who just had a birthday.  And because I didn't have my back up picture CD to show you other pics of her...I had to use what I had in my Picasa Web Album...hence, the three pics above.

Lil' one of the GREATEST Aunts around. My kids adore her. She is one of those Aunts that takes them swimming and buys stuff for them...and they just think she is the shiz. She is going to be a GREAT mom! No, an INCREDIBLE MOM :)

One of the things I love most about her... is she lets me take pics of her to practice my photography. I envy her green eyes and super nova eye I'm always focusing on her eyes!!!

Oh and I LOVE her profile...I'm always saying..."Hey turn your face to the Left..." and then I'll snap her picture...She just has that cute pert nose...I envy that also...sigh.

We hang out...and she doesn't care to be dumb and just do whatever... she is always up for anything.

We talk for hours about whatever...and I honestly don't know what I would do without her being a big part of my life. She is a big example to me with just being who she is. She is honest to a fault and has one of the biggest hearts I know of.

So Lil Sis...I love you. Happy Freaking Birthday!

Now go join others in Friday Foto Finish Fiesta!

And Please eat all your BOILED eggs that you color and don't hide them SO well they won't be found...they leave a terrible smell after a couple of days...I'm just saying...learn from other people's mistakes!




Your Purse opens the DOOR?!

To get into the building at my work you have to swipe your ID tag in front of this SECURITY box and it beeps to let you know it has unlocked the doors and you can go in.

Most everyone wears their ID badge around their neck because it SUPPOSE to be required to have it dangling somewhere so people can identify that, in fact, YOU DO work there and are suppose to be roaming around the work place.

Ya know, sort of a SECURITY safety issue or something. :)

I don't wear my ID badge.  I carry it in the front of my purse so it is ready to whip out at a moments notice...I won't bore you with the details of why I don't have to wear my ID badge while practically everyone else 
does...let's just say, I'm SPECIAL. :)

So, because I'm lazy a genius, when I walk up to the Security Scanner Box to swipe my card in front of it, instead of taking it OUT of my purse, I just lift my purse up and wave it in front of the Security Scanner Box and it beeps and lets me in.

Well...the other day I was rushing towards my work building and as I approached the front door of the building, a girl from another department, we will call her LUCY,  got there about the same time as me...

I was slightly ahead of her so I just look over my shoulder and said, "Don't worry about getting your badge out, I'll get it".  So I lift my purse up and it beeps and lets us in.

The sweet, sweet, girl says, with a shocked expression on her face, "Your purse opens the door?!"

The first thing that pops into my head is, HERE's YOUR SIGN, as I start laughing and reach inside the front pocket of my purse and whip out my ID Badge.

"Oh, she says, I get it."

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Etiquette Lesson #3

K...I have a secret to share.

I shouldn't say anything, I told them I wouldn't tell anyone, but I'm going to tell you guys anyway, but you have to PROMISE not to tell anybody else.



I HATE when people say that to me. no really...I DO!

Don't TELL me if you don't want me to tell anybody else...and DON'T be hypocritical by telling ME and then telling ME not to tell someone else!

Because then I have some random weight put on my puny shoulders and JUST because you told me NOT to tell someone...I'm itching to TELL someone!

So here is etiquette lesson #3.

At least I think we are on number 3.

Only say, "I'm not suppose to tell anyone" ONLY if you actually want that person to TELL someone.

You got it?

It's kinda upside down and sideways...but once you grasp on to this form of etiquette your life will be forever less dramafide.

It took me a while to latch on to this concept...

So it's only natural that when YOU are approached with these words, "I'm not suppose to tell, so don't tell anyone else"...that translates into, "Please go to the nearest TV station and announce my secret to the world for everyone to hear."

Your. Welcome.

It's only natural that I share my wisdom.

Thanks Anonymous who wrote: "When someone tells you a secret that THEY weren't suppose to share anyway, and then asks you not to tell anyone...should you listen, should you ask them not to tell you...what is the Social Etiquette when it comes to that?"

So what do YOU guys think? I mean...I think I pretty much ACED that test, but I'm curious to know how YOU would handle the situation?

P.S. This post is DRIPPING with sarcasm...but I shouldn't have to say that if I was any good at writing would I? lol!

I'm also dishing about a disagreement with MountainSport Man and I at The Real World Venus vs. Mars and it involves a toilet seat...are you surprised? Didn't think so! :)



Dry Climate and Hot Steaming Showers

You know what I REALLY hate about winter/spring but still winter?

Not the cold that.

Who minds all the big comfy clothes all the time?  NOT ME!

I hate my HAIR during the winter.


Ya want to know why?

Well, I'm going to tell you anyway.

I live in a DRY climate and I love HOT showers.  Not cool, not warm, but STEAMING HOT SHOWERS.

Not a very good mix for hair.  Leaves it limp and dry and it tends to fly away.

I could solve this problem by washing and rinsing my hair in COOL water.

I just can't bring myself to do it.

So I wash my hair...blow dry it...and not 15 minutes later it is flying up and static-key like I rubbed a balloon on it for CRYING OUT LOUD!!!

That goes for skin also.  My skin is dry by nature...add Steaming HOT water and DRY climate, and if I don't apply lotion my skin

But on the softer side of tears...I released my angst yesterday by closing the door to my room, turning up Lady Gaga...JUST DANCE...and lip syncing like I was a rock star...I haven't done that in YEARS, I forgot how good it feels!

Just saying...

You should try it! :)  Anybody else want to have a vent session with's always better with company! :)  

If you have perfect hair and live in perfect climate, I BLOK you from this blog...meaning I'll be nice to your face, but talk behind your back...


I can't tell the TRUTH when I vent?

Fine...I love everyone equally...even if they have long-beautiful-non-dry-locks and great legs, butt, thighs, abs, and chest!



Monday, April 6, 2009

LIVE: Dancin' with PeePs

I was going to post some random video blog about something as important as finding the right SONG to go with your friends.

I know...I'll definitely explain that one later.

But I have to tell you what kept me busy last Friday.

My daughter, PeePs, decided that she liked seeing herself on Video.

All Friday I got, "
Mom, can we dance again? So I can see my hands and face again?"

You see...I was working on the computer...
editing photos...when she came to sit on my lap and watch.

So I
made the mistake got the opportunity to show her what iMovie can do.

We were sitting there and I pulled iMovie up and she was ENTHRALLED.

THe girl
LOVES to look at herself. Remember when I posted the video of her dance recital, and I believe she didn't know the dance because she paid more attention to the mirror then to the teacher?

Yea...well I pulled up my iTunes and we started jammin' to one of my favorite feel good songs by MIKA, LOVE TODAY.

Then we made another and another and another...and each time we did it I
got more crazy...I think I started enjoying it even MORE than she did! lol!  My only excuse is that I was tired and doing ANYTHING I could to get myself out of cleaning and laundry.

I look like a complete idiot...
it was cleaning and laundry day so I look the part...but I had to show you my girl in ALL her chocolate face glory and her fascination with herself on cracks me up!

I want you to know this wasn't choreographed...c
ompletely impromptu...

I know, we look like professionals, I just didn't want you to get the wrong idea and shout our praises and all! :)



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