Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lets mix some church and state!

May 1st, 2008

Let me introduce you to my nephew here...Z-Dog. I instantly bonded with this kid at see...I was there, at his birth, when he joined our crazy family! I was blessed enough to watch the whole event and I can honestly say it was so amazing and such a miracle to watch him being brought into this world, especially since my sister, Dance Master, gives birth naturally...(without medicine)...yea, she kicks butt!

Z-Dog is definitely one of those kids that says and does the most random things. His imagination is by far one of the most creative I have ever known...Z-Dog being the oldest out of the boy cousins, he always has DCar doing something that he has conjured up in his head and it has brought us some very funny memories. The memory that always, without fail, makes me smile or laugh out right when I think about it is the following story:

Being a memeber of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints or "Mormon", (not to be confused with the FLDS belief) we have the opportunity once a month to stand in front of church members, friends, and family, and share our testimony of what we believe! It is a first come first serve sort of feel the need or the spirit prompt you to share then you proceed to stand in front of the pulpit, and if you're me, start to cry and fumble through your testimony...but anyway, kids are also encouraged to stand up and share with us how they feel about the gospel...because even the beginning of a testimony needs to be shared...

Z-Dog being pure boy and not caring a wit about what other
people think decided that he MUST get up and share his testimony...I think the
fact that his older sister was going up and him not wanting to be out
done...decided to follow her up...I don't think he actually realized the
magnitude of his decision until he sat down to wait his turn to bare his

Finally after waiting there for a good 10 minutes, it
was Z-Dog's turn. He begins thankful for his parents and his
blessings, believes Joseph Smith to be a true prophet, believes Gordon B.
Hinckley (obviously this was a couple of years ago) to be the prophet leading us
today...and then proceeds to say, "and to the republic for which it stands, one
nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all...oh and

I lost was so dang cute...and he flowed right into it
without hesitation that it took a couple of seconds to register that he went
from saying the Pledge of Allegiance. I think he was
meaning to say, "I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ...Amen", but
somehow reverted to the pledge...either way...totally funny and the congregation
laughed out right because it was so unexpected.

aaaahhh...moment came when Z-Dog came back down to sit with us and had the
BIGGEST grin on his face...he was so proud! I mean its scary to do something like that...I believe he was 5 or 6!

***If you have an extra 2 or 3 minutes you need to hop over to Nazel Gazing at its Finest and read this post...She is such a clever and witty writer, but this post for me takes the involves her little girl so I thought I would share it with you guys! It is so much like me, I felt I was reading out of a page in my journal I keep in my head...because her reaction is exactly what I would do and think! So funny!

****Remember if you have something that you feel is funny that involves your kiddo's, brats, punks, or rugrats...please send it my way by email or in a comment box so I can share it on my blog and we can all laugh about it with you! Excellent Therapy!!!--Shelle

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Word-Filled Wednesday: Can you guess?

April 29, 2008

Words, Words, Words...Love em, Love em, Love em...but it seems that A LOT of you don't really enjoy the ANAGRAMS??? Sorry Natalie and Jessica...brilliant as you are, nobody else wants to play with us! Totally fine...I understand not wanting to use the brain more than fact, I live by that! So this Wednesday I thought I would try out my master PhotoShop skills and distort this picture. What is it? Any guesses?

A moment for DCar.... This is of him and his friend Kage! They are waiting to sit with their class for their end of year program...where they sang and danced to "All For One" from HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL! DCar: It was so cute and so fun to watch are such a boy when you dance also...but boy kid, you know how to shake your hips! I love you bud and you did so good and we are so proud of you and your performance at your Spirit Festival! April 25, 2008

My son is graduating from Kindergarten...Kindergarten my eyes are not tearing up because I am sad...they are tearing up out of joy!!! Next year he has ALL DAY school...can we hear the angels singing...ah yes...I can! Not only is DCar going to all day kindergarten, but my little independent PeePs...drumroll please...she is going to 2 hour pre-school!!! That means, ladies and gentlemen, that I get TWO whole hours of undisturbed time to myself...that's right...are you jealous??? I'm jealous of my FUTURE self... :) I'm sorry that if in your eyes that makes me a mean mom...but, come on, TWO hours!

Okay, really I'm not sorry...

But I will say that I hate to see them grow up...I want them to stay in that fun, young, and innocent stage...

I just want what every Mom wants...time...time to sleep, time to scrap, time to organize...REALLY organize without some rugrat sneaking after you to unorganize...ya know...time, time to re-discover who I am dependent of my children and yet be a part of them also.

* * * * * *

This young man pictured below is my nephew Z...who let me practice my mad obsession with Photography on him! Ten years ago when I met Z he still had child pudge and agreed with everything I said to him.

Now the graduating senior, Class of '08, has most definitely lost the CHILD pudge and has grown up to be a GUY, who most definitely doesn't agree with anybody...and like my husbands side of the family, he believes his opinion is rock solid right all the time! Still shocks me yet it shouldn't...I deal with it on a daily basis! Anyhow, I was taking Z's pics...because he's cool like that...and I kept thinking to myself...
"Self, he reminds me of someone"?

Then it hit me! He most definitely reminds me of what JACOB BLACK from the "Twilight" series written by Stephenie Meyer, looks like in my mind...what do you think? Pop over to my Plush Moments blog and check out the other pictures of him...I mean, kind of... right? You can't tell from the black and white picture but he's naturally tan...and believe it or not...has some Indian blood running through his veins!

Ya know when you first meet JACOB in the book and you imagine him awkard and just barely entering high school...but mid-Twilight series JACOB, I think, would and should look like my Nephew...just about to graduate high school!

When I told him that...he just started laughing and said, "A girl just told me that the other day!" Then shook his head...

Just throwing it out there! Enjoy your Wednesday!

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TimeLess Tuesday: Kids Say? Kids Do?

I got some great stories and sayings that have been emailed or that I have found on the Internet! Here is one from Natalie about her sister-in-law...

  • For instance, my pregnant sister in law was throwing up in the car the other day when her 3 year old reacted and said, "Mmm..I smell yummy salad. Yummy, yummy!"
Okay so that is just gross...I remember driving with my sister Lisa aka "Dance Masta" when she was pregnant with her first child and I was helping her get somewhere because she was too sick to drive...and she said, "Shelle, pull over quick", I slammed on the breaks (probably causing a pile up behind me, but at the time I didn't care) pulled over...nearly hitting something I'm sure... and my sister proceeded to open the door and barf all over perfectly good pavement! I had to plug my nose and take breaths through my mouth.
***You see I am a sympathy barf-er...I smell it and I believe me, it has never smelled like salad to me!!! lol!

And I found this cool blog called and he has some awesome fun stuff he does with his kid he calls "Fury". One of them being this cooking competition with a fellow blogger, I believe it's a different blogger and their child everytime but it is so cute and so creative, thought you would enjoy a bit from Iron Chef Fury: Kitchen Stadium Showdown
(Seriously take the time to read!) On his right side bar he also has a section he calls, "Kid Words" with funny things his kid has said...but I'll probably post a couple of my favorites in the near future! So Enjoy!

And BTW (because I love typing that and imagining me saying it like a Valley Girl) I'm having way too much fun with this! I could spend hours reading and laughing at this stuff...that could be bad, but don't think of it that way...think of it as helping me release much needed stress, because laughter helps with that, right?

Email me or like I said, put it in the comments section...Thanks for those of you sending me stuff and KEEP IT COMING...I don't think I could ever have enough!

Song of this week that I wish I could sing and play on the guitar is, "Best Days" by Graham Colton (I try to keep it just acoustic or as RAW and unplugged as I can find...but this is the best I could do:

This is my niece, "Addy"! Doesn't she have the most gorgeous set of blue eyes...Almost as gorgeous as my kids! :)! Anyhow, I was snapping away because I seldom get to see the young beauty! I'm going to post more pics on my Plush Moments blog later today...but thought I'd give you a sneak preview as always!

I love love her BIG smile! And you have to love the neck rolls (pictured in color photo)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kids-What goes on in their little minds?

***Update from last night: First of all, made it into work...second of all, I received happy news from a co-worker...
I'm just saying, I want to take one for the team and join this study...Because I have always had that "gut" instinct that chocolate might be GOOD for me and taste good also! Ya know...just saying! (Belgium chocolate is never bad right?) There also might be a wee problem because I'm not post-menopausal...can they tell that? lol!

11:27pm and I am up writing on my blog, seriously, I need help! I have to be to work in what?...3
1/2 hours?


But I wanted to post about this fun idea I had...Just roll with it here...

I was blog surfing like I do, and one of the things I love most to read on blogs is funny things that happen with kids and their parents. Like when kids say funny things or they do funny things. I just get a kick out of it!
My favorite age of a child has to be between 20 months to 3 or 4 years. When they are using more of their brains then we do, and are soaking up language, human behavior, and physical abilities and watching them try and make sense of it all. Their personalities are budding forth and all you have to do as a parent is stop for a bit and watch, and without a doubt, somehow you are entertained, or better yet, you are taught or reminded of a valuable lesson, forgotten in our adult state of mind!!! At least, that is how it is with my kids and us (my husband and I). Like when DCar reminded me of What Jesus Would Do...or like laughing at PeePs just the other day, here's how that went:

I'm holding her on my hip so that she can see into the cupboard...

Me: "PeePs what do you want for breakfast?"

PeePs: "Ummm..." then points to Raisin Bran.

Me: Knowing that last time she ate this cereal she wasted it because she didn't like how it got "mushy" so quickly, I said, "Oh that is Big people food. What about oatmeal that is kid food!"

PeePs: She gives me a sweet patient look that says, Parents just don't understand, proceeds to hug me and then says, "Mommy, I'ma not a Kid, DCar is a Kid, I'ma BIG GIRL!"

Me: Laughing, "What do BIG GIRLS eat?"

PeePs: Smiling mischeiviously, "Dat" and points to the Raisin Bran.

She ate oatmeal!

So I was thinking just yesterday that it would be nice to share some of the funny things I read on other peoples blogs...friends and family and fellow bloggers...because first of all they are way better writers then me and make me laugh out right when I read the funny things that happen to them with their kids...and second of all, I think a lot of you would enjoy them also! Plus I know that most of you don't post half of the funny things that let me!!!

Don't be surprised if I ask you in the near future if I can post your funny kid story on my blog for my personal enjoyment and maybe others...or even would be cool if you guys would send me some funny stories of things your kids say...or a funny story of you and your kids. Anything about kids that is just plain entertainment! I seriously love it! That means YOU...yes you...all ya'll that have a story...anybody, everybody...everyone! Get it? :)

You most definitely can remain anonymous...but if you would like, I will link the post straight back to you too! So write it as a comment or email me at and I will post them...hopefully if I start getting enough daily, like my UNWORDS, I can post a different one everyday, or randomly as I get them! So send me some stories especially with those of us that need a good laugh or a "aaahhh cute" moment! Someday, I'm sure, you will be thankful you you ask? I don't know...I just have a good feeling about this....hahaha!

So that's that...To help you out I thought I would post this fun clip of Art Linkletter's, "House Party" where at the end of the show he would interview kids and they would say, "the darndest things" cute and funny! It's about 7 minutes...but so fun to watch!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Humiliation Chronicles-Story #1

Well to begin...Watch the first clip below...I am not here to make fun of this guy, but I will admit that I laughed out loud and had to watch the clip more than once! My little bro HAD to show me, and then he said, "Ah, Shelle, this takes me back to when I had to watch you do your solo's!" How very nice of him to remind me.

We got such a great laugh that I thought I would start documenting my humilating experiences for your enjoyment...and for later on when my children can read, and they have their unfortunate embarrassing times in life, then I can show them to this post, and others like it, and they can read and watch and get solace in the fact that moms is way worse!

So I'm going to throw in these funny, you probably had to be there, stories...every once in a while, and not in any chronological order...I'll just write them when I remember them...there are SO many it's quite hard to remember them ALL, but I will try, because I think the generations after me...might enjoy never knows!

I'm really not a "top that" (name that movie) kind of person...but embarrassing and humilating things happen to me quite often...actually daily...some big and some small...but it's like they are attracted to me...whatever...just enjoy!

Poor guy...I feel his pain...literally, I have pulled my hamstring before, while kicking, and it doesn't heal very quickly...I mean at the end of that clip he seems completely dazed and out of it! Really poor guy!

I have also humiliated myself on National TV, recently...I haven't posted the clips because I didn't know that they would be embarrassing at the time, but it has to do with a certain workout video and it being on ET Online and Entertainment Tonight show on television...I had my 30 second debut and totally bombed...because ET happen to be recording at the time...

(believe me if I knew they were recording I would have killed myself to push through, although I don't know if I could have, but I would have tried...I really would have)...

the part in the Jive Exercise section where he chooses to do a "walk" version, a "jog" version, and a "run" version...after being there pretty much ALL day.

Already having been involved in the "Cha Cha" Exercise section and being totally exhausted, because let's be honest, I work out 3 to 4 times a week, but I really am not an active person.
So make me push through a 30 minute treadmill or elliptical work out...or hang in there for a 45-60 minute aerobic exercise class...but to make me WORKOUT all day long, and smile at the same time...I'm just going to get it out there and say I was exhausted and am TOTALLY out of shape...which I already their minds, Luis Van Amstel's and Carson's Mom, I was perfect for their video. They did want average looking very nice of them!

Well, ET happen to video and put out on National TV and on ET Online the clips of the "Run" section...(Let me just note here that it seemed more like a "walk", "run", then "sprint" to me...but that's just my opinion)...out of sheer bad luck...they put me in the front row next to skinny, but in shape, Luis (comparatively, I look like a GIANT)!

This is how it went, in my mind--

"Walk" version--I'm still wasn't bad...after a few takes...I was still good, sweating glowing from the hot lights on set...but makeup girl Ashley...took care of me, and I was ready to take a "Jog"...I was laughing, still in a good mood.

"Run""Jog" version (but to me it felt like a run, just saying)--I'm panting, people are laughing around me and I can still make sense of what they are I must still be present in my body...I attempt to smile back and make a joke...I get odd looks...I make a comment to the Tall guy behind me, "Mike, if I faint what will you do?" he doesn't miss a beat and answers back, "I'll just kick you out of the way with my leg and take your spot in the front!" It's nice to know he has my back!

"Sprint""Run" version (but again, by this time, if felt more like a sprint)--I can barely see and we are only half way through...Luis keeps looking over to me and I am smiling, but by this time my heart is beating so fast and my lungs are burning so bad that all I can really think is, (Take me dear Father, let my spirit quickly rise out of my body, let me experience at this point in time that "out of body" experience...I can handle won't seem weird)...

but wait, I am still thinking...a good sign...I tell myself.

We get to the part in the "Run" version where we twist our legs back and the famous "twist" move...but Luis doesn't do the normal 8 seconds-
like we have done before...
Luis continues it for a VERY long time,
evil drill sergeant...
and I am feeling all the pain and burn...I mean, one simple move shouldn't be so HARD, but it was...oh how bad it hurt! By the "Sprint" "Run" version I couldn't think straight and fumbled my moves quite a bit...
they are being honest when they say we learned them THAT my mind couldn't go into automatic mode like it use to when I performed dances all the time in high school and college.

My body is hunched over...I can't even try to think anymore (but really, in my mind, I had thought I pulled it off, that I didn't look all that bad, I convinced myself that when the videos came out for the masses to buy and take to their homes, that they wouldn't be distracted by my utterly horrible "Sprint""Run" version of the Jive)

...and THAT is the clip that is put out there for whomever wants to see it, my fumbles, my slow motion feet...humiliating and embarrassing; and possibly the funniest thing out there recorded of me to this date (that could be argued)!

My little bro., MountainSport Man and I, laughed and laughed, cried, and tried to breathe! It's horrible, yet if it makes someone else out there happier and feel better about themself...then I am here for you, because I am so use to people laughing at me that I have gotten quite use to it...I will feel bad if it doesn't make you at least quirk one side of your mouth in a half-smile at how funny I look compared to everyone else out on that floor...they are all going 10 times faster than me...I look like I am doing it in SLOW MOTION...

So here I am laid out there for your entertainment...because if you can't laugh at yourself then you live a very sad life...or life is sad and I laugh at myself all the time...I'll stop with the quirky phrases! Love ya all and Enjoy!

I couldn't find the clip that was on Television...if I worries...I will post it!
Now you can see the necessity for my Goal #3! Love Shelle

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Scooter it up!

I worked on Goal #3 I am trying to do every Wednesday through Saturday, but PeePs slept in...thank the heavens above...

After having to wake up at 3:15am by my cell phone to try and get to work by 4am...but somehow being able to dismiss the alarm in my sleep and not remembering that I did it, then suddenly waking up out of deep sleep frightful that I have missed something very important...looking at the clock...realizing that I slept through my cell phone alarm and MountainSport Man's own massage (keep bugging Shelle until she grunts, throws limbs around trying to hit annoying man behind her, then toss covers off of her in a temper and toss body pillow over annoying mans head to let him know how bugged Shelle is) sort of alarm...frantically and begrudgingly I wake up, throw my hair back, slip into favorite sweat pants that need to be desperately washed and one of MountainSport Mans long sleeved cotton shirts for comfort (because at 4am I need that warmth and comfort, and the smell of MSM gives me that...creepy I know, but one does what one has to, to go to work so early and miss waking up to such a gorgeous face, minus the less than perfect lips!) and fly out of the house at warped speed to clock in at 5:15am, almost two hours later than planned.

Luckily I work on a flexible schedule so I am only late for what I set for myself to get the needed amount of hours in to keep benefits and be at home with my kids during the day!

After all that...PeePs slept in and so I slept in after I got back from work...and because I slept in I missed my window of working out at the Rec Center because they only have the day care open for a certain about of time. I had slept pass that time and therefore couldn't go and run on the treadmill or workout on Mr. Elliptical (he's not going to be very happy with me)!

I wasn't going to let that mess up my streak of working out 4 times a week that I have been so good (after checking to see if I had, by some miracle, surpassed my 7 comment hump by noon...I hadn't, well not truthfully, Thanks Kiss for're a dork and I love it, but I don't think commenting one word at a time counts)... I gathered up the brats and had them get their scooters and we rode over to the track...well I jogged. PeePs' princess scooter, a three-wheeler one, I noticed...kinda...well, really sucked. So I told her that if she would be good at the track for Mom while Mommy jogged her two miles, then I would get her a new scooter.

We can have a discussion about spoiling your kids another time, but I was happy to do this for her, especially after she refused to ride her scooter anymore because, "Mom, I no ride my scooter, my legs not work on it!"...I'm sorry but she just deserves it, I mean her legs don't work with the one she has...I HAD to offer the new one, in order to bribe her to be good so I could get my workout in, all right I didn't have to, but it just felt so good!

To my surprise...literally, BOTH of my kids ran at least 2 times around the track and walked another 2 alongside me...during warm up and cool down! They were amazing...I was impressed and proud as a Momma Bear!!! They either sat and watched me the rest of the time or they played whatever they play on the stadium stairs...I know, I'm lucky! We threw a frisbee around and kicked the ball we brought for awhile...then we headed home and took showers and went to Wally World Walmart to look for a girlie scooter and DCar got to pick out a movie that was on Sale...all was right and happy on our BLOK!!!

So I knew you wanted to see this well earned scooter of PeePs'. She thought she was Queen Bee for sure!

Yea it's a Barbie Scooter because there wasn't a princess one.

It was so warm yesterday...PeePs was sportin' her tank top!

MSM helping out, as is his norm!

My brats are competitive towards each other, but DCar is always nice to "let" PeePs win!

DCar was showing me some air! I started this from scratch and did the cool effect...or I think its cool...on photoshop all by my lonesome, well except for the color...I boosted it by applying the PW Actions again....but the effects are all my own!

I'll post the rest of the pictures on my Photography blog...some before and afters...always fun to see the difference!

P.S. Here is my favorite Idol performance of this week...sorry about Carly...I thought it was Syesha for sure...but I was wrong...oh well! Archuletta I love your voice...but Cook's song choice and the way he sang it...well, it gave me the tingles!

David Cook, "Music of the Night" from Phantom of the Opera.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Word-Filled Wednesday (LDS does not = FLDS)

Since it is Word-Filled Wednesday...we have to fill this post up with words!!! That shouldn't be too hard for me...ya think? Anyhow, this article: "A Mormon View" written by Cassandra Handley...which I have also put on my right side bar so you can view it at anytime...was written for Vanity Fair Online and the author is witty and it's just a plain good read. If you have time you should also pop over to this blog A Ton of Authors and a Wannabe and read the post called, "Mormon Boys" Get Noticed Down Under...and not just because I am interested in all things Australian, but because it mentions more about the polygamist issue and the difference between the LDS and FLDS; then it gives a shout out for her book! Well it is a blog about Authors and one Wannabe...I wish that were me...I'm my own wannabe I guess.

I am always shocked about what questions that come up when I am traveling and people find out that I am "mormon". The first question is always, "So what wife are you?" (Okay, not always a question personally asked to me, but it has been asked) I just chuckle...I don't understand and am ignorant to other it is only fair that other people are ignorant to mine. My husband says, "there is no way I could handle more than one wife..." basically saying that I make the job of a husband a one woman job...yea honey, you remember that! I love how the author answers these frequently asked questions...another one, "Where are your horns?" If you have time you should read it, especially if you are not LDS, it might answer some questions you have keep in mind the article is meant to be light hearted and not offensive.

Okay so I love this picture of Brandyn and Tal...thanks to PW Actions and some fine tuning this turned out so awesome...okay I'm proud!

ANAGRAM TIME sorry no extra $$$ this time...but still play...practice makes perfect and what else are you doing right now?:

Since Brilliant Jessica already received our prize for the month... I still wanted to post and do another Anagram just for practice for next month! It's 4 Words this another phrase...and has to do with the article mentioned above...what's your guess???

Savored Hmm Honors No

I think I'll change the rules a little for next month. All of those who guess the Anagrams on a weekly basis will be put in the drawing at the end of the month for some cool prize (Anybody want the newest season of "THE OFFICE" out on DVD...just thinking not sure what I'm going to give, so you might want to get good at your anagrams!!!) ...whatever it may be! Since I found out I have extremely smart relatives...this should be fun...come on people...who will guess it first? If you actually guess the anagram...I will reply to you and let you know, don't give it away to other people...this is an "On Your Honor" kind of system!

Lots of Love, Shelle

Monday, April 21, 2008

Timeless Tuesday: Foolish Games-Tramp Time!

April 20, 2008

We MountainSport Man decided to get out and have some family time on the trampoline! So I gathered my camera and one lens...yes, sadly, still only the one lens...and headed out back to go and take some action shots...that I knew still wouldn't be to my satisfaction because guessed it, the one lens. Actually, we got some fun ones, and the exercise on the tramp didn't kill me, but I will admit that everytime I jumped I felt all the blood rush up to my head and instantly I had a I am getting old...but DCar was showing me his new "back-flip", which is kind of to the side, and then MountainSport Man showed me HIS back flip/ I couldn't be out and take notes ladies and gents!

Not bad...he went straight back on that one! Good job sweetheart!

Here he is jumping out of the tree...he just though that was the best thing ever!

Nice height honey! Impressive!

Where you attempting a layout here? on purpose? Hmmm...My turn now! I'm going to do what both of you can't do because you were blessed with MountainSport Man Flexibility...aka zilch!lol!

First I'll get the back flip out of the way!

Then I'll pop out of that into a Toe Touch! That's right...I haven't stretched at all yet...(I think I pulled some vital muscles in my legs...I don't recommend trying that again unless stretched!)

I thought to throw a herkie out there just because I was feeling the vibe...I was never a cheerleader so don't let me confuse you...I attempted...this is what we got...and that's that! (I love my cheering section...can't beat love and praise from two people that think you can do NO wrong and that you are the coolest ever, because they haven't really seen COOL yet!)

Song I wish I could play on the guitar and sing: Jewel "Foolish Games"

Lot's of Love, Shelle

I hope someone can find a cure...I have it bad!

As you can probably tell from the Element above my posts, I have fallen in love with these UNWORDS! I think they are hilarious. Well, I was looking for my F unword of the day and I came upon this one, which totally describes my condition, here it is and here is my story:

FIMS (fĭms)
a. (acro.) Foot-In-Mouth Syndrome.
Example: My boyfriend has a bad case of the FIMS

I can't wait until they find a cure for this disease, because I have it bad! I wrote this section in my "Why? I just don't get it...really I don't" article, and my most awesomest of friends...her, them, and especially them, and I know they would have, had they been able to make it, proceeded to quote this section out of the post, not word for word, lol:

"Through the 1st semester of classes I had noticed that she didn't have many
friends and so I decided that I would try to see if I could budge her wall she
had set up around herself. If you know me you'll understand I thrive on
challenges such as these. I really do LOVE to get to know people...I'm not just
saying that, I really do...I really, really do... especially ones that people
feel either intimidated by or think are to different to get to know...I love to
see if I can connect somehow with them and become their friend...Most of the
time I find people become mean out of fear of being rejected or seem shut off
because they are really just extremely shy...they want to talk to everyone, but
they just can't seem to physically."

So there is where I put my foot in my mouth...this example is not that extreme, but I have LOTS of, more extreme, experiences with this syndrome, and believe me, I have gotten to the point where I just keep my foot there, in my mouth, and though it is embarrassing when people stop me and say, "Hey, did you know your foot is in your mouth?" I just shake my head up and down furiously and hold up my sign that says, "Better this way, then people know what to expect right from the beginning, they won't be as surprised or offended, in some cases, that I said, what I said, to get my foot in my mouth in the first place". Then those people who made such an obvious observation as my foot being in my mouth just give me that---Wow, that girls messed up---kinda look and we go about our seperate ways. Believe's much better this way!

This is how the conversation went:

Them: "Shelle, we were laughing reading the one part where you wrote how you make it a challenge to become friends with those that don't have friends! My husband and I thought, 'Oh THAT'S the reason she became friends with us'! hahahaha!"

The rest of them join in: "Oh yea!" hahahah "we thought the same thing!" hahahaha!

Me: Jump up and down, hand in my mouth, little squeaks, and then, "Oh my gosh! I didn't even think about it that way!" my cheeks start to pinken, "that's totally how it sounded! I'm such a retard, I didn't even think that, of course, it would be taken that way!" hahaha! I think to myself, duh, Shelle, you are seriously such a dork when you try and explain yourself. (When trying to explain myself in my blog, is what I mean by that).

I couldn't explain myself properly when I was with them because I felt so sheepish to say the REAL reason why I was friends with them and, of course, I had my foot in my mouth so they probably wouldn't have understood me anway. Plus, they would have thought me a stalker...and I'm not...that bad anyway! :)

I would like to explain myself now. With these particular friends, and believe me, this applies to them and my friends who I would lay down my life for, to help them in any way, shape, or form...and YOU should know who you are! At least I hope you do! I want to say, you were a challenge to me but in a totally different way then the way I explained in my bully post!

There are some people you meet in your life that have this aura about them! It's beautiful and addicting and I am like a, bug drawn to the light, when I meet these people. I think everyone has the ability to see this about certain people, so let me try to explain...this is how it usually goes for me:

I see a person either at church, in the neighborhood, or a function where
I might see them quite a bit. I watch these people and,
in most cases, people are just attracted to them! They
give off this wonderful confidence or they give off a friendly and
encompassing vibe that can be so addicting! I am usually scared out of my
mind to go and introduce myself, but I can't help myself, I HAVE to get to
know them, it's like my spirit is telling me that I will benefit from being
friends with them...gosh, this is harder to explain then I thought it would
be. It may sound cheesy, but I actually believe I knew them before I came
to this earth and I believe also that we were I feel like I am drawn
to them! I will admit that I am a person that has been
blessed with A LOT of friends, but there are very few people that I
can really call my CLOSE friends. They are those people that you can be
gone from them for A LONG time and when you get together again, you feel like
nothing has changed, (besides a few wrinkles on my part anyway,and a few
more kids!
) They are those friends that you can call up last minute and
tell them you are going to the zoo and they try their darndest to come, and
some of them actually drop what they are doing and come with you, or they have a
really good reason why they can't...and you believe them because you absolutely
love them to death and know they would've been there if they could've come!

This definitely explains these friends I hung out with this last weekend! I LOVE them to death! I miss them terribly! And they have become a BIG part of who I am, even though some I have only known for a short time! Their shining examples of how to be gracious, kind, unjudgemental, and funny...oh most definitley funny...I am laughing my butt off most of the time I am with them...If I let them get a word in edgewise (wink, wink)!!!

So even though it may seem that I am trying to back track and make up for putting my foot in my mouth...I truly DO feel this way about them and those of you who hopefully know I hold dear to my heart...and the foot isn't going to come out anytime there is no use backtracking for me anyway, because it will get shoved right back in, in no time at all...which is another reason why I love my CLOSE friends...because they accept me for who I am...foot in mouth and all!!!

Lots of Love, Shelle

P.S. We flew up North for the day and went to go visit Grandma Viv and Grandpa Ty and found out that Grandpa Ty was in the hospital again for staff infection in his knee. He didn't like me taking pics of him sick in bed...but I got this great shot of my mother-in-law...isn't she beautiful!

Then we got to go to the zoo! Our main purpose of flying up for the day!
Here are the friends that came to the zoo with us! Then the others met us for dinner!
An albino alligator...not cute...these are one of my fears...drowning and dying from one of these yucky things...alligator or croc they both scare me!
This is one of the coolest animals the BLACK cool and they look so cuddly and gentle...but don't worry I have seen them in action on the Discovery Channel...they are powerful also!

DCar is so cute in his hate! He's such a boy now...crazy!

This is Pace...Isn't he handsome! Such a fun kid too...I love their family!

Here's Peeps looking at the Elephants on top of Dad's Head! That was her favorite spot because apparently, "My legs hurt mommy, I not walk!"

This is Tal...He's our friends second child...he is absolutely adorable...They kept saying that he was their terror child...but sorry to break it to you guys...he was an angel!!!

So we had a great time! I am posting some of the other pics I took on my Plush Moments site...when I get time...because as you know I had to take hundreds of pictures!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

A week ago this weekend

So last weekend I decide to hop a plane and fly up to see my niece Tae dance and practice action shots...which you all already I'm moving on. I also got to spend some FUN time with my sister and brother and niece and nephew...okay they are my in-laws, so MountainSport Man's lil' sis and her husband and kids, but I love them and feel close to them like they are my own flesh and blood. They were nice enough to let me have at it with taking pics of their kids...they are always so sweet when I drop in to stay at their hotel home last minute...always very accomodating! Thanks!

Beau fell asleep during lunch...those are always the best moments!

Knox wasn't sure about the hat...but I thought this was priceless...his parents are big fans of the team!

Love Tae in this photo...she is so GOOD at performing...natural!

After I arrived home we went to a baby blessing, love them, they remind me of the sweet and innocence a child has, plus I didn't have to make dinner...Wa hoo! DCar trying to give the elvis lip while wearing PeeP's glasses!

Then PeePs wanted to have me take her pics as I didn't have anything to wipe her face first to my shame!!!

Then we got to go swimming! IT was great...but I think we have failed with PeePs...the girl hates to go under water...its weird because when she was not even a year she would stick her face under the water and look up at me with her beautiful big blue eyes, with no she clings on to your neck like her very life depends on it!!! To answer your, she hasn't had any tramatic water experiences...that I know of anyway.

Speaking of blue eyes...that reminds me of a story my Mom loves to tell, we call it story #153, since my Mom is known to tell stories over and over, and for me, it's kinda endearing, and no matter how many times she tells it, we all still get a laugh! We're weird like that, my WHOLE family!

When I was about 2 or 3 and Rance was 4 or 5 we did everything together. Well my Mom came into the house one afternoon after doing outdoor stuff...yuck...and saw that Rance's hair had been cut, right in the middle, right in the front. My mom shocked says in a loud voice, "Rance! What happened to your hair?!"

Rance says, "Shelle cut it". I thought to myself...traitor.

My mom proceeds to say, "Why would you let Shelle cut your hair?" I bet there was a hint of, that was the dumbest thing I have ever heard, tone to her voice, but I don't remember much past yesterday so I could be betting wrong!

Rance looks up to her and begins to tell her why, which after you read this, you will agree with me how logical sounding his reason was...if I do say so myself :), "Well, Mom," Rance starts, "you are always telling us that if someone says, 'please' that we should be nice and do(or in this case, let them do) whatever they are asking us to do for them (I think that was primarily taught to us so that we could learn to be obedient slave children for my parents every need, such as, 'Shelle go get me a drink from the fridge, please', you catch my drift), well mom, Shelle looked at me with her BIG BLUE EYES and said, 'Rance, will you Pleeeaaase let me cut your hair?' So I let her". All my mom could do was laugh...really, she created the problem that is now me!!! :)

Yea! I'm in my EMO stage...what's it to ya? Actually I never wear waterproof mascara when it's convenient. But the Phoenix Suns Fans #1 and #2 had stayed in a hotel in town and we invaded their personal fun to take our kids on a cheap family swim yea, we pretty much pool hopped...but the kids won't pick up on that! :)

Never did get a pic of Phoenix Suns Fan #2, I think that she had something to do with that, but here is #1 in all his perfect teeth glory! Look at them pearly it! Oh and thanks for the invite patience to let us swim at the pool even though you were hungry, starving kinda hungry, where your insides were eating their way through to the outside kinda hungry! We love you guys!!!

I absolutely live for weekends like these! Family is so worth every test and trial thrown my way! Batters up as long as they are on my team!!! You'all have families like this right? I'm not the only one incredibly blessed!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dance and Photography=Shelle in Heaven

So Dance has been a part of my life before I had a life. My Grandma taught my Mom Dance, who then taught it to her daughters! As a young girl it was something I got to dress up for. I got to wear pretty leg warmers and cute tutu's and it was an attention getter for my Mom when she had a camera...(If you haven't figured out I LOVE attention so this was a good thing). When I saw my mom with the video camera I would yell, "Mom, look at me" and she would zoom around to me and I would then begin to tap my feet and sing, "This is how we tap our feet, we tap our feet, we tap our feet", I would smile real big and my mom, never wanting to let me down, would always say, "Oh! That is So good Shelle, get your fingers out of your mouth", yea, I thought I was the bomb!!!

As I became a young adolescent it was just a thing I had to do after school and interfered with soccer practice and friend time. My parents conveniently forgot me at dance class 90% of the time and I would have to dial collect and the operator would say, "Please say your name so I can introduce you to the party to see if they will take your call" (or something similar to that). Then I would say, "Your late come pick me up from ballet" before the operator would cut me off. Then I would patiently wait for the operator to playback my plea to my parents, and then I would hear my Dad, "Hey, we forgot to get Shelle again". Then I would pray that someone would remember to actually come instead of thinking that someone else had already done the "easy to forget" job of picking me up!

As a Teenager dance defined who I was. When I met someone new it went something like this, "Hi, I'm Shelle it's nice to meet you", then I would get a reply back something like this, "Oh hey, you're the dancer right?" I use to hate that I was defined by my ability to dance. Dance did keep me out of trouble, I had little time to do anything else. I was on the dance team at my high school, as well as, taking dance classes, and practicing for solo's (someday I will tell you about those humilating experiences, but for now I just want you to get what a big part of my life dance is!)

Now as an adult, dance is something I get to do as an outlet. It is special because it bonds my sisters and my mom to me...its something we all enjoy together! It also allows me to use my creativity while creating dance numbers to my favorite songs. I get to escape for a few hours and teach my love to those younger than me. If I take a break from teaching, like I am now, I usually get asked to do some side choreography...Like, I just did a piece for a high school dance company in my home town to the song: "Love Today" by Mika! It was so fun to work with them and they were good enough, that I was able to really have fun with it! It's such a natural high for me! Having dance in my life also gives me the right to critically judge "So You Think You Can Dance"! lol! Yea, don't worry, I am obsessed...I can barely stand it having to wait another month for the new season...anybody want to have a weekly SYTYCD party...anybody? I'll make my special caramel popcorn, okay its not MY caramel popcorn recipe, I stole it from my older sis...but the taste is still just as!
So I am okay now with dance defining is as much a part of me as the color of blue in my eyes...I am lucky and blessed to be a part of the world that surrounds dance. I will never be famous for it, but its definitely something that I will never give up!

Now I have found a new LOVE that gives me the same natural high as dancing has! That is I'm not very good yet, but I love getting out there and makes me happy when I get 1 good shot out of 50...I'm sure the odds will get better in time...I love jumping on PhotoShop and doctoring up my amateur photos, to make them look somewhat better...I love getting on the computer and reading everything about Digital Photography...I know, NOT another reason for Shelle to sit her big tush in front of the computer...but I have SO much fun! So being able to watch dance while practicing some action shots was a's so great to be able to do both at the same time!

So I hope you enjoyed these shots I got from my new DSLR camera. I found out really soon that the lens I have (18-55mm) is not at all the best for shooting action shots in an auditorium ( I couldn't get enough light and zoom to make the moving limbs focused enough), but I adjusted and got some pretty fun shots!
As not to bombard you daily wiyh my favorite photos that I have shot and edited I have decided to just create a blog where you can link over to them if you would like to see them!
It's - there's more Dance Action shots and other photos I have taken of my kids and things! So hope you can jump over there...and feel free to give me any constructive criticsm to help me along the way...because the more I learn the better stats I I said before, right now I am at 1 good shot to 50 not so good shots...Thank Goodness for Digital!
Let me know what you think and if you like photography to and have someplace I can check you out...I would love to!!! I'm like a sponge soaking it all up!
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fathers/Dads-idiots or not?

Congrats Jessica in guessing the Anagram!, it was just WORD FILLED WEDNESDAY! I know I thought I was being tricky! Just shoot an email my way and tell me where to send your well deserved prize! Wow, you are good! I'm going to have to be more difficult next time!

And thanks everyone who voted on my pole poll, it made me feel better that I wasn't the only person that felt that way about yellow teeth! 85% of you agreed with me! Ha!

I was reading in my newly found google reader and came upon this article: "Advertisers: Men are Not Idiots" through one of the feeds I subscribe to called, "A Soft Answer". It's a good read. I love the fact that men are actually noticing, and have been for some time, that they are frequently shown as lazy, no good, dumb dads, because even though it might be the case for some fathers out there, it is definitely not the case for a lot of Dads that I know. (Yes, Yes, I know women have had their fair share of negative propaganda...but this article is about Dads, so let us step outside the box, which I rarely do...I like being inside the box, it agrees with me... but let's stop that and feel for them for the next minute while we discuss...then back inside the box as fast as we can!)

I studied this issue in a class at college. Even back then advertisers, TV shows, and movies, depicted fathers as something we can do without...that they weren't necessary to raise a child. I don't really agree with that...I do agree and acknowledge that there are husbands and fathers who are not good, who are how they are depicted in the commercialized world, but I don't think they are the majority.

I feel the Dad/Father is incredibly important to keeping a family together, and in my case an integral part of my family. I nurture and love my children which is extremely important to a well rounded child, but my husband has fun and is really active with them daily...when I am too tired after work and lay down curl up and try to fall asleep, the first thing MountainSport Man wants to do when he gets home from work is take the kids outside to play or go on a bike ride (this can be totally annoying when he insist I come with them, but I still look up to him for his energy).
I feel that as a partnership with my husband we both have a big responsibility in raising our kids and each of us has a definite role to play. No longer do we have the stereo types of mom's staying at home and dad's going to work barely involved with their kids, not because they didn't want to, but because it was a time issue and was more taboo.

My own Dad spent a lot of time outside the home working and providing for our family, but even though he didn't have a lot of time to spend with us, it was the quality of time spent that really mattered, my Dad and I had some great talks that helped me through my adolescent years while driving to the local grocery store together. I feel I know my Dad as well as I know my Mom, we have a great relationship!

Now we have Dad's staying at home because the Mom is able to earn more or works better with the schedule...these guys are a great example of how that can work!!!

Directly from the "Soft Answer" Post article it states:
  • While the advertising industry’s negative depiction of fathers certainly isn’t the cause of fatherlessness, it is part of the problem. In a TV culture like ours, the fact that the only fathers one can see on TV are buffoonish (at best) does influence young people’s perceptions of fathers."

Directly from the "Advertisers: Men are not Idiots" it states:

  • "For young men, it makes it less likely they’ll aspire to be fathers, see their own value as fathers or, as Mr. Pitts explains, want to do the “hard but crucial work of being Dad.” For young women, it means they’ll be more likely to be misled into thinking that their children’s fathers aren’t important, that divorce or separation from them is no big deal, or that they should, as is the increasing trend, simply dispense with dad altogether and have children on their own."

So sign me up for the picket line, where I can hold my sign that says, "Down with Negative Dad Propoganda". When they offend Dad's in general, in my mind, they are offending my man and I just can't have that...(I'm the only one that is allowed that pleasure! ha!)

"By divine design, fathers are to preside over their families in love and righteousness and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families."-The Family: A Proclamation to the World

Word Filled Wednesday-want some extra $$$?

I have changed the rules since this morning...I realized some stuff and some people mentioned things to come join the fun...ya know you want to!

While blog surfing I realized that lots of people have a WordLess Wednesday, but since I love listening to myself think and talk too much, that doesn't work for me, so I have a WORD FILLED Wednesday.

I have to tell you first of all what brought me to this idea before I say what it is. I am an avid watcher of "Oprah's Big Give", I LOVE it, I love the concept, I have loved watching the creativity of the contestants, and I am a sucker for feel good, heartfelt, hopeful shows, and "Oprah's Big Give" is definitely all of, it adds a dash of Reality Drama because real, unperfect, people are a part of it! Anyhow, I watch that show and I always wish I had more money, energy, and creativity to help people out, I do some, but not enough. The show has given me some great ideas though. I would love to walk into a gas station and tell the attendant that I will pay for the next however many cars to fill their cool would that be?

But in the spirit of giving I have decided to try and "pay it forward". I realize that with the thousands of blogs out there that this might not be very original, but I thought I would try it. I love how people hold contests on their blogs to give away money and things. I am a big believer of "free" stuff, plus I just want to do this because in reality I am a BIG word geek and this will make me happy. I LOVE anything that deals with words...spelling, puzzles, and games, and one of my FAVORITE word game/puzzle is doing Anagrams! That's right anagrams. I love having a word that has been mixed around and getting to figure out how many other words I can get out of the letters used and trying to figure out the actual word or phrase that was anagrammed...(not sure if anagrammed is a word...but it sounds good in this particular sentence, okay...just looked it up on and found out that indeed anagrammed is a word).

So we are going to have our own little anagram game, just for the heck of it, where I am going to give a VISA or MASTERCARD gift certificate away, because I know that you need a little motivation in order to make the effort to I right? It's only going to be a $25.00 value (start small)...but hey, if your good or just plain need $25.00 because you don't feel like giving plasma this week, or you need to drive to the other side of town and $25.00 will get you that far, or you need a money to help with going out to dinner to get away from it all, or you just plain need formula, wipes, or diapers then that's $25.00 extra dollars you didn't have before right? You can try to figure it out until it is solved, or until next Wednesday!

Here's the rules:
1. You can enter words until your heart's content! How many words can you come up with?
2. No profanity...the letters create a word, but not a very good one, plus my blog is family friendly!
3. You can't post the same word/phrase as someone else...well technically you can but whoever posted the word/phrase first will be counted. The second, third, and so on, won't.
4. It HAS to be an ACTUAL word, like scrabble, it has to be in the dictionary. I will be using to look up words I don't know.
EVERYONE IS INVITED TO PLAY: Just happened on my blog by some freak searching accident...guess what, your invited! An old friend from West Jordan, high school, church, blogger world, or just a friend...come on over and play! Very competitive family member...stay away, just kidding, you have an official invitation also! So ANAGRAM it up!

The game can end early if the anagram is guessed. If not, then it rides out for the duration and then the person that has guessed the most words will win, or I'll throw it into one of those random drawing sites...since I don't get alot of comments (jerks) :)...(that was said sarcastically) have a good chance of getting my gift certificate (don't worry I have others :) Don't confuse this with MadGab the game, this isn't like that...Here's an example of what we are doing...
Let's say I pick CHEESEBURGER as the word that I want you guys to guess...then I have this nifty site I found where I can enter the word in and it mixes the letters up and gives me an Anagram, I pick one out of the many choices that doesn't seem too obvious, like BESEECHER RUG. Then you would look at that Anagram and try to figure out the word by finding other you can get out of that Anagram; see, grub, breech, here, beer, chub, sub, cheese, burger...then you realize that cheese and burger use all the letters...and then you win! YEA!

Well have fun!

I'm starting with a's 3 words, and that's the only hint you all will here it is:

a sledded wild ferny ow

Don't get frustrated, it's suppose to be fun, so if you can't think of a phrase that includes all letters, then just do a word...remember, if the phrase isn't guessed then the person with the most words wins.

Lots of Love, Shelle
p.s. If no one plays...then that's okay...I'll keep doing Word Filled Wednesdays for my own fun and entertainment, because that's what it's all about...making me happy!!!

Thank you for helping me scramble my word to create the anagram!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Timeless Tuesday

April 15, 2008
Songs I would like to learn on the guitar!

I would like to thank my little niece for being such a great model!!!

Eeewww taxes have to be in today! Did you get yours in? Or do you have a party date at the post office today? For your sake I hope it's not the latter...I went to that party once, and it only took me one time to realize it sucked!

Well I have decided to start something new. Since I have danced since I was has been a BIG part of my life. If you read My Goals post, you would know that I am trying to learn how to play the guitar this year. Well I have a dream list of songs I would like to learn or teach myself once I learn how to play the Guitar. So every Tuesday I am going to give you a part of me by introducing you to my wish list of these songs! One at a time...don't worry my list is REALLY long and not very probable but that is why I call it my WISH list!

So this is the first one I want to post. "In your Eyes"-sung by Sara Bareilles

This one's for you Roburto

April 15, 2008

I found out something about my Lil' Bro aka Roburto...he's a huge guy...played football and all...he doesn't like change...not in the least bit...not whatsoever! Let me give you a few examples, we have this SHAG red carpet in our house (it was there before we moved in 23 years ago, um, so it's old) the mini master bedroom. While he and his new wife found an apartment to live in...they lived with us for a while. His wife wanted to change the carpet...he went "freaked" on her, he said, "I love that carpet!" Among other things.

Oh and a recent example is, my Grandma gives us a Valentine's card every year with a $2 dollar bill in it. Well this year when "Roburto" got his card he set it on their kitchen counter and went about his business. Well his wife saw the card, took the money out, and ripped the card in half and threw the card away while cleaning. According to Miss Polka Dots (his wife), lil' bro had a conniption fit! He couldn't believe that she would "stoop so low" as to throw something SO precious away! (that one cracked me up because of Mrs. Polka Dot's face when she told funny!)

So the other day, Roburto came to the house and announced, "They have cut down the tree next door!", he was appalled, "I love that tree, I got kinda misty eyed seeing it cut down like that, I'm going to miss that tree." I'm thinking...the tree that spewed sap all over our cars when we parked on that side of the house, and the sap is impossible to get off? That tree? He's officially LOST it...that is what I thought! I said, "Oh yea, the tree that gave us shade while we walked under it?" I know...don't you wish you could have one-on-one discussions with me! :) We found out that they decided to tear down the house next door to us that has been there long before the red shag carpet was laid in the mini master suite!

The house belonged to someone we endeared to us and called, "Grandma Campbell" even though she was no relation to us. As kids we would go next door just to hang out with her and her husband...for no other reason then to just hang...she was so sweet, and I remember playing with her marble wood thing...I'm not sure what it is called, but I loved that wood it is a "wood thing", because I'm good like that, and can make up names for things I don't the house does have memories and they are planning on tearing it down to rebuild something new and big. It will be great for the neighborhood curb appeal because no one has lived in that house for years and the termites were getting at it...but according to Roburto and I...we will miss seeing it. I'm okay with the tree going down though...down with the tree sap!!! Sorry lil' bro!

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