Friday, April 18, 2008

A week ago this weekend

So last weekend I decide to hop a plane and fly up to see my niece Tae dance and practice action shots...which you all already I'm moving on. I also got to spend some FUN time with my sister and brother and niece and nephew...okay they are my in-laws, so MountainSport Man's lil' sis and her husband and kids, but I love them and feel close to them like they are my own flesh and blood. They were nice enough to let me have at it with taking pics of their kids...they are always so sweet when I drop in to stay at their hotel home last minute...always very accomodating! Thanks!

Beau fell asleep during lunch...those are always the best moments!

Knox wasn't sure about the hat...but I thought this was priceless...his parents are big fans of the team!

Love Tae in this photo...she is so GOOD at performing...natural!

After I arrived home we went to a baby blessing, love them, they remind me of the sweet and innocence a child has, plus I didn't have to make dinner...Wa hoo! DCar trying to give the elvis lip while wearing PeeP's glasses!

Then PeePs wanted to have me take her pics as I didn't have anything to wipe her face first to my shame!!!

Then we got to go swimming! IT was great...but I think we have failed with PeePs...the girl hates to go under water...its weird because when she was not even a year she would stick her face under the water and look up at me with her beautiful big blue eyes, with no she clings on to your neck like her very life depends on it!!! To answer your, she hasn't had any tramatic water experiences...that I know of anyway.

Speaking of blue eyes...that reminds me of a story my Mom loves to tell, we call it story #153, since my Mom is known to tell stories over and over, and for me, it's kinda endearing, and no matter how many times she tells it, we all still get a laugh! We're weird like that, my WHOLE family!

When I was about 2 or 3 and Rance was 4 or 5 we did everything together. Well my Mom came into the house one afternoon after doing outdoor stuff...yuck...and saw that Rance's hair had been cut, right in the middle, right in the front. My mom shocked says in a loud voice, "Rance! What happened to your hair?!"

Rance says, "Shelle cut it". I thought to myself...traitor.

My mom proceeds to say, "Why would you let Shelle cut your hair?" I bet there was a hint of, that was the dumbest thing I have ever heard, tone to her voice, but I don't remember much past yesterday so I could be betting wrong!

Rance looks up to her and begins to tell her why, which after you read this, you will agree with me how logical sounding his reason was...if I do say so myself :), "Well, Mom," Rance starts, "you are always telling us that if someone says, 'please' that we should be nice and do(or in this case, let them do) whatever they are asking us to do for them (I think that was primarily taught to us so that we could learn to be obedient slave children for my parents every need, such as, 'Shelle go get me a drink from the fridge, please', you catch my drift), well mom, Shelle looked at me with her BIG BLUE EYES and said, 'Rance, will you Pleeeaaase let me cut your hair?' So I let her". All my mom could do was laugh...really, she created the problem that is now me!!! :)

Yea! I'm in my EMO stage...what's it to ya? Actually I never wear waterproof mascara when it's convenient. But the Phoenix Suns Fans #1 and #2 had stayed in a hotel in town and we invaded their personal fun to take our kids on a cheap family swim yea, we pretty much pool hopped...but the kids won't pick up on that! :)

Never did get a pic of Phoenix Suns Fan #2, I think that she had something to do with that, but here is #1 in all his perfect teeth glory! Look at them pearly it! Oh and thanks for the invite patience to let us swim at the pool even though you were hungry, starving kinda hungry, where your insides were eating their way through to the outside kinda hungry! We love you guys!!!

I absolutely live for weekends like these! Family is so worth every test and trial thrown my way! Batters up as long as they are on my team!!! You'all have families like this right? I'm not the only one incredibly blessed!

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