Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Word-Filled Wednesday (LDS does not = FLDS)

Since it is Word-Filled Wednesday...we have to fill this post up with words!!! That shouldn't be too hard for me...ya think? Anyhow, this article: "A Mormon View" written by Cassandra Handley...which I have also put on my right side bar so you can view it at anytime...was written for Vanity Fair Online and the author is witty and it's just a plain good read. If you have time you should also pop over to this blog A Ton of Authors and a Wannabe and read the post called, "Mormon Boys" Get Noticed Down Under...and not just because I am interested in all things Australian, but because it mentions more about the polygamist issue and the difference between the LDS and FLDS; then it gives a shout out for her book! Well it is a blog about Authors and one Wannabe...I wish that were me...I'm my own wannabe I guess.

I am always shocked about what questions that come up when I am traveling and people find out that I am "mormon". The first question is always, "So what wife are you?" (Okay, not always a question personally asked to me, but it has been asked) I just chuckle...I don't understand and am ignorant to other religions...so it is only fair that other people are ignorant to mine. My husband says, "there is no way I could handle more than one wife..." basically saying that I make the job of a husband a one woman job...yea honey, you remember that! I love how the author answers these frequently asked questions...another one, "Where are your horns?" If you have time you should read it, especially if you are not LDS, it might answer some questions you have had...do keep in mind the article is meant to be light hearted and not offensive.

Okay so I love this picture of Brandyn and Tal...thanks to PW Actions and some fine tuning this turned out so awesome...okay I'm proud!

ANAGRAM TIME sorry no extra $$$ this time...but still play...practice makes perfect and what else are you doing right now?:

Since Brilliant Jessica already received our prize for the month... I still wanted to post and do another Anagram just for practice for next month! It's 4 Words this time...so another phrase...and has to do with the article mentioned above...what's your guess???

Savored Hmm Honors No

I think I'll change the rules a little for next month. All of those who guess the Anagrams on a weekly basis will be put in the drawing at the end of the month for some cool prize (Anybody want the newest season of "THE OFFICE" out on DVD...just thinking not sure what I'm going to give, so you might want to get good at your anagrams!!!) ...whatever it may be! Since I found out I have extremely smart relatives...this should be fun...come on people...who will guess it first? If you actually guess the anagram...I will reply to you and let you know, don't give it away to other people...this is an "On Your Honor" kind of system!

Lots of Love, Shelle

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