Monday, April 14, 2008

This one's for you Roburto

April 15, 2008

I found out something about my Lil' Bro aka Roburto...he's a huge guy...played football and all...he doesn't like change...not in the least bit...not whatsoever! Let me give you a few examples, we have this SHAG red carpet in our house (it was there before we moved in 23 years ago, um, so it's old) the mini master bedroom. While he and his new wife found an apartment to live in...they lived with us for a while. His wife wanted to change the carpet...he went "freaked" on her, he said, "I love that carpet!" Among other things.

Oh and a recent example is, my Grandma gives us a Valentine's card every year with a $2 dollar bill in it. Well this year when "Roburto" got his card he set it on their kitchen counter and went about his business. Well his wife saw the card, took the money out, and ripped the card in half and threw the card away while cleaning. According to Miss Polka Dots (his wife), lil' bro had a conniption fit! He couldn't believe that she would "stoop so low" as to throw something SO precious away! (that one cracked me up because of Mrs. Polka Dot's face when she told funny!)

So the other day, Roburto came to the house and announced, "They have cut down the tree next door!", he was appalled, "I love that tree, I got kinda misty eyed seeing it cut down like that, I'm going to miss that tree." I'm thinking...the tree that spewed sap all over our cars when we parked on that side of the house, and the sap is impossible to get off? That tree? He's officially LOST it...that is what I thought! I said, "Oh yea, the tree that gave us shade while we walked under it?" I know...don't you wish you could have one-on-one discussions with me! :) We found out that they decided to tear down the house next door to us that has been there long before the red shag carpet was laid in the mini master suite!

The house belonged to someone we endeared to us and called, "Grandma Campbell" even though she was no relation to us. As kids we would go next door just to hang out with her and her husband...for no other reason then to just hang...she was so sweet, and I remember playing with her marble wood thing...I'm not sure what it is called, but I loved that wood it is a "wood thing", because I'm good like that, and can make up names for things I don't the house does have memories and they are planning on tearing it down to rebuild something new and big. It will be great for the neighborhood curb appeal because no one has lived in that house for years and the termites were getting at it...but according to Roburto and I...we will miss seeing it. I'm okay with the tree going down though...down with the tree sap!!! Sorry lil' bro!

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