Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kevy Jay--How much will you give me?

Isn't that a great question? For Kev...it is one of his favorites.

Let me start from the begining. Kevy J is my brother-in-law's younger brother. We met when my sister and his brother were dating...we were 12. Kev is an easy guy to get along with and we became friends. After a few years I started to get a small crush on him and he became my scape goat for EVERYTHING! If some boy I wasn't interested in asked me out I would always say that I couldn't go out with them because I had a boyfriend up North...it was great...Kev had NO idea!!! I should have recognized early on that I wasn't Kev's type (Kev likes blondes...and I have NEVER been a blonde, it just doesn't look good on me), but by then my crush had blown out of proportion and there was no room for practicality or sense...sooo I continued to dream and plan for our future together...(saved up on Hair bleach...okay I'm just kidding I didn't, but that would have been funny)...any chance I got to be the same place that Kev was I made sure I was there...it was a life or death situation you see. The more I hung out with him the more we got along, in more of a friend type thing...I hope that he felt the same way...but one never knows.

Anyhow, after I graduated from high school there were more opportunites to hang out with him and so I did, luckily for me he considered me a good friend and he came down to visit a couple of times along with me going up there. What I loved about him is he is always so much FUN, never a dull moment with him around! His favorite question of: What will you give me? Brought about a lot of good memories! Kev was also my very first kiss...and he made it such a yummy experience...thanks Kevy for that...unfortunately with me being Virgin Lips and he being a blonde bombshell seducer, I wasn't very much fun for him...but I appreiciate his patience with me! LOL!

Anyhow...he went on his mission...I met my one and only MountainSport Man...(our first kiss was also very yummy) and we have been great friends ever since. I truly truly love the guy...because even though he has matured somewhat with age, has met and is going to marry one of the most beautiful woman inside and out that I know, he still makes time to make memories and ask that question I love, even though he now only demands money: "How much will you give me?"

So this is roughly how this clip got started:

Kev: "Hey Shelle, how much will you give me if I drink all of this?" holding up a 5 oz bottle of Emeril's Pepper Sauce...HOT, HOT!

Me: "$3.00 because it's probably not even hot...here Tae taste this and tell me if it's hot", shoving the bottle to my 10 year old niece I abhor hot stuff...(now don't call protective services...she loves hot stuff and she is innocently honest so she was perfect for the job).

Tae: "It's not bad, I mean it's a little hot". Looking from Kev to me...I winked at her!

Me: "See it's not even hot...I'll give you $3.00. Just because I know it will do something awful to your stomach and that is worth it." I said smiling.

Miss H (Kev's Fiance): "No Kev don't do it..."not in a puny woman pleading voice, but in a I think your a dork sort of voice.

Kev: "Miss H you're messing up my negotiations" in that baby whiny voice, he smiled at her..."$5.00 and I'll do it"

Me: "I don't want to be on Miss H's bad side until your married..." everyone laughs cause they know I'm kidding...even Miss H whom I love so much!!! "but I'll give you $10.00 to drink that whole bottle and not take any drinks afterward...all night"

Kev: "I can't eat after?" This is a problem for Kev...He eats...or use to...ALL THE TIME...he comes from a family of 9 and 8 of them are boys!

Me: "Nope...you can't eat after or drink...at least not until you drive home!"

Kev: "Okay I'll do it"

Me: I'm thinking right now...WOW that was way easy...he used to be a tougher negotiator I would have totally given him $20.00 because I tasted that Pepper Sauce and it burned, BAD...he's softening in his old age!!!

So here is what happened next...don't mind my "oh my gosh's" every 5 seconds...I'm an idiot!

Well I was staying in one town and Kevy and Miss H were going back home to their town so I couldn't personally film the after math, but my brother-in-law was suppose to...so we will see!

Here is the texts I got from him throughout the night and the next morning...poor guy!

From Kev 12:57 am : "Well this night is not over for me. It was fun to go and you will be on my mind for another day. See ya in three weeks!" (That would be at his wedding!)

From Me: "Ur a cheap dare! I hope u don't suffer too bad! :)glad u both came to dinner with us...Made it way more fun and intersting...Night guys!"

From Kev 11:35am: "I am on the pot and my butt hole is burning"

From ME: "LOL! Was it worth $10!"

From Kev 11:39 am: "Yes it was. Making memories." Thanks for sacrificing so that we could all have a good laugh when we are feeling down!

From Me: "LOL...Gotta love memories...Ur the best"

I hope he's okay now! I am still laughing at his face when we were driving away...he was in "chest burning pain". SUCKA!!!

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