Wednesday, April 9, 2008

American're my!

Hey everyone,
There were some really good songs!
David Archuleta- I love the ANGELS song and so it was a winner for me! It was pitchy in some areas, but I just love his throaty sound!!! I think he could be an American Idol, but he's not the only one I think that about, it's hard this year!
David Cook- I'm sorry, but didn't know his song, and I don't think he sang it well at all! He seemed a big cocky last night to me, and the jacket needed to go...sorry guys! He is still one of my favorites though and I would be happy if he would win!
Michael- Didn't like him either! Or at least his song...but I could listen to him talk all day! His pants kept throwing me off...didn't think they worked with his outfit!
Kristy Lee - I love her song...or the song she sang. I thought she did really good! But she won't it's just time for her!
Brook White - Yea...ummm...didn't like her look, or the pouty face, or the outfit! I love how they were like..."well, that was pleasant"...she is one of my favorites when she does songs that are in her element!
Carly- I just don't know about this girl... great vocals but just can't get what it is she is trying to do. She seemed very angry in the song. Did not like it at all! The only reason Simon said she looked nice was that he got into trouble last week for insulting her. Her wardrobe stinks though. I agree with Christina here.
Syesha- I liked her song and how she sang it...the fact that Fantasia is her idol threw me for a loop...but she is not that is that!
Jason- I'm not usually into his songs, but I did really like this version he sang, and I love the Ukele so that was fun to see him play that! He did awesome for me and was one of my favorite of the night...if NOT my favorite!


Here was my favorite for the night:

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