Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kids-What goes on in their little minds?

***Update from last night: First of all, made it into work...second of all, I received happy news from a co-worker...
I'm just saying, I want to take one for the team and join this study...Because I have always had that "gut" instinct that chocolate might be GOOD for me and taste good also! Ya know...just saying! (Belgium chocolate is never bad right?) There also might be a wee problem because I'm not post-menopausal...can they tell that? lol!

11:27pm and I am up writing on my blog, seriously, I need help! I have to be to work in what?...3
1/2 hours?


But I wanted to post about this fun idea I had...Just roll with it here...

I was blog surfing like I do, and one of the things I love most to read on blogs is funny things that happen with kids and their parents. Like when kids say funny things or they do funny things. I just get a kick out of it!
My favorite age of a child has to be between 20 months to 3 or 4 years. When they are using more of their brains then we do, and are soaking up language, human behavior, and physical abilities and watching them try and make sense of it all. Their personalities are budding forth and all you have to do as a parent is stop for a bit and watch, and without a doubt, somehow you are entertained, or better yet, you are taught or reminded of a valuable lesson, forgotten in our adult state of mind!!! At least, that is how it is with my kids and us (my husband and I). Like when DCar reminded me of What Jesus Would Do...or like laughing at PeePs just the other day, here's how that went:

I'm holding her on my hip so that she can see into the cupboard...

Me: "PeePs what do you want for breakfast?"

PeePs: "Ummm..." then points to Raisin Bran.

Me: Knowing that last time she ate this cereal she wasted it because she didn't like how it got "mushy" so quickly, I said, "Oh that is Big people food. What about oatmeal that is kid food!"

PeePs: She gives me a sweet patient look that says, Parents just don't understand, proceeds to hug me and then says, "Mommy, I'ma not a Kid, DCar is a Kid, I'ma BIG GIRL!"

Me: Laughing, "What do BIG GIRLS eat?"

PeePs: Smiling mischeiviously, "Dat" and points to the Raisin Bran.

She ate oatmeal!

So I was thinking just yesterday that it would be nice to share some of the funny things I read on other peoples blogs...friends and family and fellow bloggers...because first of all they are way better writers then me and make me laugh out right when I read the funny things that happen to them with their kids...and second of all, I think a lot of you would enjoy them also! Plus I know that most of you don't post half of the funny things that let me!!!

Don't be surprised if I ask you in the near future if I can post your funny kid story on my blog for my personal enjoyment and maybe others...or even would be cool if you guys would send me some funny stories of things your kids say...or a funny story of you and your kids. Anything about kids that is just plain entertainment! I seriously love it! That means YOU...yes you...all ya'll that have a story...anybody, everybody...everyone! Get it? :)

You most definitely can remain anonymous...but if you would like, I will link the post straight back to you too! So write it as a comment or email me at and I will post them...hopefully if I start getting enough daily, like my UNWORDS, I can post a different one everyday, or randomly as I get them! So send me some stories especially with those of us that need a good laugh or a "aaahhh cute" moment! Someday, I'm sure, you will be thankful you you ask? I don't know...I just have a good feeling about this....hahaha!

So that's that...To help you out I thought I would post this fun clip of Art Linkletter's, "House Party" where at the end of the show he would interview kids and they would say, "the darndest things" cute and funny! It's about 7 minutes...but so fun to watch!

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